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A Guide to the Algarve Beaches- 22 Amazing things to Know

Algarve Beaches

The greatest draw of the Algarve is, without a doubt, its beaches, known as Algarve Beaches. Although they are the primary driver of the Algarve’s annual influx of millions of visitors, they are by no way the only ones. The Algarve offers a wealth of attractions, hiking paths, and delectable cuisine.

The top Algarve beaches, from Odeceixe to Vila Real de Santo António, are the subject of this article. Some are completely formed, while others are less so; some are well-known over the world, while others are well-liked at home. There are other extensive lengths of sand in addition to the well-known little Beaches close to the cliffs. Consequently, a small amount of everything.

With the Adriatic, & Black Seas, Europe is not short on beautiful beaches, but the Algarve may have some of the nicest on the continent and ranks among the top destinations in Europe. The beaches in the Algarve region feature the best water quality, surf, and scenery. And to top it all off, the Algarve enjoys 300 days on average of sunlight every year!

When the rest of Europe starts to get a little gloomy in the summer & shoulder seasons, it’s a fantastic place to visit. Forget about the October gloom; it’s still warm & sunny in the Algarve. You considered where to go in Europe for November because the winters there aren’t typically known for their ideal weather.

Algarve Beaches

Portugal is a year-round holiday spot where tourists and locals may both be seen body surfing, parasailing, fishing in deep waters, water skiing, and surfing. The Algarve’s top beaches were our playground throughout November and December and you made the most of each day of sunshine.

There is little doubt that the beaches in the Algarve are among the most stunning in the world. Numerous Algarve beaches have received honours and recognition from publications like TripAdvisor, Vogue, the Michelin Guide, and the Condé Nast Traveler.

The Algarve has over a hundred beaches. Some are small and may perhaps only be reachable by boat, while others are lengthy and frequently crowded with sunbathers from all over due to their closeness to well-known resorts and coastal towns.

There is a beach on the Algarve that is perfect for you, whether you’re looking for one that is close to your hotel or one that is so secluded that few, whether any tourists, know about it.

Many of the Algarve’s beaches have enormous, breathtaking cliffs. However, you must warn that these cliffs pose a risk for landslides and stone sliding off. You should remain a safe distance away from the cliffs, as advised. At the entrances to the beaches, these areas are typically clearly marked.

Best Algarve Beaches

1. Beach at Odeceixe in Aljezur

One of the attractions of the Fishermen’s walk is Odeceixe beach, a monument and landmark of Portugal. It is not simply one of Portugal’s and the Algarve’s most stunning beaches. The Seixe stream’s mouth is located only 3 kilometres from the town of Odeceixe in the province of Aljezur.

Since Ribeira de Seixe serves as a natural boundary between Alentejo and the Algarve, Odeceixe beach is the initial beach visitors arrive at when travelling from the north.

Due to the Seixe stream bathing Praia’s north and east, Odeceixe beach has the oddity of being both a river and a maritime beach. Therefore, Praia de Odeceixe is without a doubt one of the most spectacular beaches in the Algarve, with the stream meandering through the valley and the beach tucked between the sea, its stream, and the cliffs & gorges all around.

Unfortunately, as one might anticipate, in this region, the water is typically extremely chilly. In any event, this beach is unquestionably beautiful and makes for a great Portugal postcard.

2. Beach Amoreira in Aljezur

A few kilometres south of Odeceixe, Amoreira Beach is similar to it in several ways. The Aljezur river, which has a tall bluff on its south side and permits bathing in both the river as well as the sea, is where it is also situated.

Although the water typically has large waves, On the river beach, the low tide creates lagoons that are both beautiful and kid-friendly. However, when the tide is going out, be aware of the stream’s powerful currents. This beach has a lot of sand, and the opportunity to take in the river environment while being surrounded by the picturesque rocky slopes of the valley gives it even more allure.

However, the cliff to the north isn’t tall enough to adequately shield the beach from the wind. In our perspective, it is less dramatic & hence less remarkable than Odeceixe, despite some parallels.

3. Beach Bordeira, Aljezur

The beach in Bordeira is much larger than the “immense stretch of sand” in Amoreira. This is a beach where, despite its popularity, you will always be able to find space for yourself because of its large size. The access is excellent, with parking as well as a network of walkways, and Bordeira beach is close to Carrapateira (thus why it is occasionally referred to as Carrapateira beach).

The most effective route to Praia da Bordeira is along the cliff (where there are parking spots), followed by the beach pathways. The beach is also beautifully visible from the top of the cliff, and it is from there that you’ll truly appreciate its size.

This beach receives a stream that is relatively modest and frequently does not even reach the ocean, creating a kid-friendly little lagoon. The beach includes decent access, a park, a bar, restrooms, and informational panels, among other amenities.

Despite this, there is not a large stream of bathers at the beach. However, it is primarily well-liked by fans of kitesurfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, and surfing.

4. Lagos’s Dona Ana Beach

Dona Ana is the beach just next door & is much more well-known than Camilo beach. The larger beach can accommodate many more tourists, but it does not necessarily make it any simpler to find a spot for your blanket.

It is possible to walk there from the heart of Lagos, which is only 2 km away, but if you’re driving a car, access is very simple, and there is parking available. Finding a location, however, can be much harder. Naturally, it includes all of the necessary support tools.

One of this beach’s most notable features and a source of motivation for everyone who visits it are the usual cliffs & rock formations of the area. Additionally, it has frequently been rated as one of the most beautiful places in both Europe and the entire world.

5. Beach at Alvor in Portimo

Alvor beach, which is located in the expansive bay of Lagos and is a portion of the dune cordon of Alvor estuary, features a stretch of sand that extends beyond what the eye can see. It creates sand barriers that allow for an internal lagoon with marsh banks across a length of more than 3.5 km. It serves as a refuge for several bird, fish, and mollusc species.

SUP, windsurfing, and kitesurfing enthusiasts can all benefit from the calm seas of the Alvor estuary. It is now possible to access the beach and the pier with ease, thanks to the recovery of the entire dune system and the construction of a network of roads and walkways.

It immediately established itself as a wonderful location for family treks, offering vantage points, places to rest, and the chance to see the typical estuarine habitats.

The area is completely encircled by hotels and other lodging options, has a robust support system, and has several bars and restaurants with sailing, water skiing, and windsurfing equipment.

Consequently, the beach is ideal for all kinds of vacationers, from adventurers to old people and their families. For all of that, it is one of the nicest beaches in the Algarve, and Alvor is one of our favourite vacation spots if you’re searching for a place with a little bit of everything.

6. Three Brothers Beach, Portimao

Alvor beach continues to the east as 3 Irmos beach. It closely resembles Praia do Alvor and has some of the same traits, but it also has certain rock formations that provide it with a more protected environment than Alvor. A beautiful beach, and it is also very well-liked.

The Alvor estuary’s marshy section and 3 Irmos beach are connected by walkways. Additionally, there is a parking lot, easy access, support bars, and massive infrastructure, including a number of hotels and lodging options, that supports the beach.

It is possible to investigate rock formations and perhaps reach a small undiscovered beach during low tide.

7. Beach Rocha in Portimo

One of the biggest and most well-liked beaches in Portugal’s Algarve is Rocha Beach. Numerous people can visit Praia do Rocha since the beach there is huge, both in width and length.

One of the most recognisable beaches in the Algarve is made up of fine, roomy sand, typically peaceful, turquoise, safe waters, as well as other desirable characteristics. It is a very developed urban beach with buildings all around and every type of infrastructure imaginable, including basketball, football, and aerobics, as well as a casino and thriving nightlife. It really is a beach vacation community.

Algarve Beaches
Image by Alfred Derks from Pixabay

Praia da Rocha is among the top beaches in the Algarve and one of Portugal’s tourist attractions because of all of these factors. Thus, it is among the top beaches in the Algarve for travellers seeking a bustling location with a thriving nightlife and endless activities. It is not the best beach for individuals seeking adventurous or subdued wild travel.

8. Lagoa’s Carvoeiro Beach

The beach at Carvoeiro is tucked away between the settlement of Carvoeiro, the sea, and some ocher-coloured cliffs. Although it’s not a large beach, it is a medium-sized beach that can accommodate numerous visitors. Undoubtedly, the white settlement of Carvoeiro stretches along the cliffs and creates a stark contrast to the beach.

There are many restaurants, pubs, and terraces near the beach because the settlement finishes directly on the shore. This little fishing community is now mostly a tourist destination with lots of enjoyable activities. The boat tours around the coast that reveal some caves, as well as other rock formations, will likely be the most well-liked, though.

Of course, there is a beach with easy access, plenty of parking (which fills up quickly), and all the necessary amenities like restrooms, showers, and recreational areas. Be aware that there is a wonderful beach nearby called Paraiso beach that is less popular and accessible than Carvoeiro beach (Paradise beach).

This tiny sand shell is tucked between two tall rocks. A long, steep road leads to Paraiso beach, with small and twisting stairs. When you get there, it’s like walking into a rocky pool in which the air is thick with salt.

9. Lagoa’s Carvalho Beach

The sand of Carvalho beach is quite wide yet narrow, and it is surrounded by rocky, ocher-coloured walls. The closing aesthetic flourish is provided by the enormous lei xo in the sea in front of the beach.

Although this beach is lovely and enjoyable, its accessibility is what really sets it apart. To reach the beach, you must pass through a tunnel that was manually dug into the rock wall. On the cliff, a bar was also dug in addition to the access tunnel. This beach offers a truly unique experience.

Since there aren’t many parking spots along the beach, it’s probably best to park higher up and then down the wooden stairs to the location where the aforementioned access is located. Please be aware that this isn’t typically a beach with security or amenities.

Taking the seven-hanging valley route and taking some time to relax on this magnificent beach may be one of the greatest ways to get to Carvalho beach.

10. Lagoa’s Benagil Beach

One of the obvious selections for this list of the top beaches in the Algarve is Benagil Beach. The glory of it, though, is also his biggest issue. The attraction of Algar is Benagil beach, which is fairly small and barely visible at high tide.

The Algar de Benagil as well as other rock formations are right in front of us, and boats are entering & leaving the beach all the time from the marinas of the larger cities. You can also hire kayaks and SUPs right there on the beach. Just say that it becomes crowded.

Algarve Beaches
Image by Ddzphoto from Pixabay

Therefore, although having all the necessary components for an idyllic beach, it ends up being a little uncomfortable. Don’t get us wrong, though; the caves are a magnificent natural landmark and very well worth the trip. However, if all you want to do is visit the beach, there are alternative options that are equally as beautiful and devoid of Benagil’s mess.

Benagil Beach is conveniently located near a sizable parking lot, restrooms, a restaurant, a bar, a place to rent kayaks and SUPs, and more. In essence, it has everything—possibly too much, as we have mentioned.

11. Praia Da Marinha

Although it is difficult to choose, Marinha beach would undoubtedly rank among the Algarve’s most stunning beaches. It possesses each quality that a great beach should have. Blue-green water. Surprisingly long and spotless sand. Massive rock structures. Excellent vistas and lovely accesses. Several perspectives from various angles. Marine life is astounding and wonderful.

A stairway provides entrance to Marinha beach, which initially looks to be a modest beach before surprising us by spreading into a much wider area. The entire beach is surrounded by warmly coloured, deeply fissured cliffs. There is a tonne of different types of rock formations, such as ledges, arches, caverns, and sinkholes.

The beach has an accessible underwater trail that makes it simple to explore the homes of vibrant urchins, anemones, several fish species, octopus, squid, and even seahorses. All you need is a snorkel.

The one drawback that comes to mind is that all of these positive attributes draw a lot of visitors, which makes it extremely congested during the summer. On top of the cliff, there is a sizable new parking lot, there is a bar/restaurant with restrooms on the beach, and there are also some picnic tables.

The Sete Vales Suspenso Track, the most picturesque trail in the Algarve & one of the top trails in Portugal, begins at Marinha Beach.

12. Beach Falésia in Albufeira

Falesia beach, one of the most well-known in the Algarve, is located immediately close to the marina in Vilamoura. Along with the beach itself, this location is known for its famed sunset celebrations, which draw thousands of visitors each year. Due to this, it is a well-liked beach among young people and gangs of friends.

The vast beach, however, stretches for many kilometres, so it’s always feasible to find spots with less noise. The reddish-yellow colour of the sand on this beach, which emanates from the cliffs with such vivid colours, is one of its peculiarities.

Of course, there is a tonne of support infrastructure, including pubs and restaurants, all along the beach. During the summer, the beach is patrolled, and walkways almost completely surround it.

13. Culatra Island’s Farol (Lighthouse) Beach in Faro

On Culatra Island, Farol Beach is only reachable by boat from Olho and Faro throughout the year (in summer). It is a typical fishing community situated at the westernmost point of the island. Long lengths of white sand, warm waters (albeit not as warm as the next beaches on the list), and crystal-clear water make it a classic Ria Formosa beach. Be very careful because the currents close to the bar are frequently strong.

The island and beach here are incredibly serene. Even though there is a village, there aren’t any motorised vehicles, which makes it a serene and tranquil setting for people seeking a lovely beach to unwind on. There are always going to be secluded areas, given the vastness of the beach, especially to the east. Just go for a long enough walk.

Locals, as well as some connoisseurs, love Praia do Farol, although there aren’t many foreign visitors there. It has a strong support system.

14. Beach Barril, Tavira

The anchor cemetery at the beach’s entrance is another eye-catching aspect of Barril beach. Access to the beach, which is on the island of Tavira, is possible through a short walking route or a tourist train that runs between Tavira and Santa Luzia.

To put it mildly, the route and experience are intriguing and very well-liked by both kids and adults. Although there is a parking lot close to the mini rail stop, it is rather modest in comparison to the volume of visitors the beach draws.

Barril beach features a number of eateries and cafes that provide the opportunity to comfortably have lunch and a snack despite being on a secluded island. Despite everything, this is one of the top beaches in the Algarve and is among your favourites for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing.

If you go west from Barril, you can arrive at the Homem n (Nude man, although that’s just a moniker) beach. If you walk east from Barril, you will arrive at the island of Tavira beach, after that, a naturism beach. Since there is no physical barrier between them, in actuality, this is one very long beach that extends for several kilometres. In fact, the best way to go to the naturist beach is to first go there Barril beach and afterwards head west.

15. Vila Real de Santo António’s Cacela Velha Beach

Another beach in Ria Formosa is Cacela Velha, which is in the Barra da Cacela neighbourhood. There is a beautiful sea and a long sandy beach there. The Algarve region’s unspoiled beach is perhaps the closest thing to a wild beach you’ll encounter. There are no lifeguards, no infrastructure for support, and no car access.

Whenever the tide is high, entrance to the beach from the settlement of Cacela Velha requires a boat. Undoubtedly, it is an unusual method to get to the beach, but because of this, it is not a beach that is best for families with young children or those who are less mobile. even though it’s common among kids.

Algarve Beaches
Image by Ddzphoto from Pixabay

A stunning view of the Ria Formosa may be had from the town of Cacela Velha’s highest point, which is close to Fort D. Paio Peres Correia. Additionally, it is the ideal way to appreciate the region’s beaches and all of its natural beauty.

16. Vila Real de Santo António’s Manta Rota Beach

Manta Rota beach is close to Praia da Cacela Velha & “just” about 2/3 km to the east, despite the entrance being entirely different. This beach, in contrast to Cacela Velha, is developed and urbanised, with a sizable parking lot, pathways, numerous beach bars, restaurants, etc.

The beach in Manta Rota is very well-liked by Portuguese people seeking a beach getaway with warm water as well as a place to unwind. The saltwater is among the warmest on the Portuguese mainland, and the sand is white & fine.

It is one of Portugal’s most popular beaches and undoubtedly one of the greatest beaches in the Algarve, particularly for young families. It is a really cosy location because support services are available there.

17. The beach at Monte Gordo

One of the Algarve’s early tourism innovators is the beach at Monte Gordo. The main draws of this beach were always its warm, tranquil waters and its crystal-clear sand. In reality, according to our observations, this is the beach on the Portuguese mainland with the warmest water.

The west side of Monte Gordo, which was once a fishing community and still has some of that charm, is now primarily a tourist destination and provides everything a visitor may need. They have plenty of garden areas, tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, and other business buildings on the bustling waterfront and have plenty of rental umbrellas and chairs on the sand.

The Monte Gordo hamlet and beach receive a large number of visitors throughout the summer, which can be uncomfortable, particularly in the central parts. The beach at Monte Gordo is truly enormous, so keep in mind that you may always travel a little further & find a more private area.

18. Rea Do Tonel

One of the most visited beaches inside the Algarve and among the top beaches in Portugal is Praia do Tonel. The beach area is big enough that you may easily visit in the thick of the summer & still have your own space.

A flight of stairs leads to the shore. There is a tonne of parking close by, and the Sagres citadel is surrounded by a few cafes & surf stores. Restaurants, restrooms, and a surfing school may all be found on the beach throughout the summer. This area appears to have gentle waves that would be ideal for beginning surfers to practise on.

19. Beach at Figueira

It takes a little bit more work to get to Praia da Figueira beach than most, but it’s still not much! To get to the beach, visitors must park about a kilometre away and trek through a peaceful valley. There are fewer people and no overbearing cars or engine noises due to the area’s accessibility.

The beach is surrounded by warm-coloured rocks, and to the east are ruins from the 16th century if you take a stroll. This beach is arguably the least frequented of all those on this list, making it a straightforward addition to the list of the top beaches in the Algarve.

20. Beach at Zavial

In our opinion, Praia do Zavial Beach seems to be the best beach in the entire Algarve. Vila Do Bispo, in which the chilly Atlantic Ocean meets the hot Mediterranean Sea, is home to Zavial. With limestone tiers clothed in Mediterranean vegetation, the cliff towards the west is majestic & enormous.

You would have a good time here and even name Zavial as one of the top beaches in the world after spending the day enjoying the warm weather.

There are a few trails that you may take to get around these cliffs, and if you want a quieter experience, you must go to the eastern end of the beach.

While you originally came here to sunbathe, the real entertainment began around 4 o’clock as the sun started to set as well as the surf picked up with a lineup of surfers. It is highly regarded for having some of the Algarve’s best surfing!

21. The Amado Beach

Another well-known Algarve beach in Portugal and around Europe! The biggest beach you saw in the Algarve was Praia do Amado. The lengthy beach at Amado, which is south of Aljezur, spans three valleys and has warm red cliffs. Another great area to surf in the Algarve is right here since the waves are continuously changing.

Although you were unaware of it when you were there, this beach is renowned for hosting surf championships. There is a surfing school right on the sand. There is a year-round pizza place nearby the very sizable parking lot, with picnic tables and seats. Although this beach is well-liked, it’s small makes it simple to stow away.

22. Camilo’s Beautiful Beaches

One more of the top beaches in the Algarve, Praia do Camilo, is just a short stroll from Praia da Balança. This beach is crowded in the summer, but if you visit in the off-season, you might be lucky and have the place to yourself (like us). This beach offers stunning views and swimming opportunities amidst towering calcarenite cliffs.

To reach this heaven, take a lengthy wooden stairway. From there, you’ll discover that there are two basic beaches that were once split in half by a huge cliff, but a tunnel that has been manually built has been created to allow access.

Final Note

Over four million tourists visit the Algarve Beaches each year, drawn by its towering cliffs, sea caves, scalloped coves, golden beaches and sandy islands. The Atlantic Ocean encircles it on two sides, making it a surfer’s paradise, especially along the west coast’s pleasantly unspoilt portion. You may find the best beaches in Algarve, like the Praia da Marinha with its golden sand, Praia Dona Ana, Praia Da Fuseta, Praia Da Luz, Praia Da Falesia, Ponta Da Piedade, Faro Marina



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