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A Guide to The Laurier University: 7 Amazing Facts

Laurier University

A public university in Ontario, Canada, is called Wilfrid Laurier University. Both Milton and Bradford are home to campuses for the institution. According to US News and World Report’s rating of the best global universities for 2023, Wilfrid Laurier University is ranked #1271. More than 20,000 students, including 977 from abroad, are now enrolled at Laurier.

The university’s co-op programs are well-known. At WLU, admissions are handled internally. There are three intakes: fall (September), spring (May), and winter (January) (September). The undergraduate admittance rate at Wilfrid Laurier University is 89%. After graduating, 97.5% of Laurier graduates find work or enroll in graduate school.

The Evangelical Seminary in Waterloo first opened its doors in 1911, more than a century ago, and is where Laurier University got its start. Since then, we have undergone a number of changes, including the change of our name from Waterloo Lutheran University to Wilfrid Laurier University in 1973. They inaugurated their Brantford facility in 1999.

The Evangelical Lutheran Seminary, which was established in Waterloo in 1911 and opened its doors that same year, is where Laurier got its start. The first seminary in Canada was eagerly desired by the Evangelical Synod of Canada to educate the Lutheran clergy.

The Waterloo Board of Trade proposed to buy and contribute seven acres of property outside of Waterloo, despite the fact that it was initially planned to be in Toronto. You may experience Canadian traditions
at Laurier university.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

1. About Sir Wilfrid Laurier

From 1896 to 1911, Sir Wilfrid Laurier was Canada’s seventh prime minister. For individuals affected by the choices made under his leadership, his complicated legacy has a range of interpretations.

2. Aim of Wilfrid Laurier University

A Laurier education aims to develop the entire person—mind, body, and soul. They think that a successful university education should result in more than just a job; Laurier develops active and informed citizens in a setting that encourages lives of leadership & significance.

With the help of the Brantford campus, the city’s downtown has become a vibrant student neighborhood home to about 2,700 undergraduate & graduate students.

3. City’s Finest

Brantford has a flourishing business community that is home to various international corporate operations. Its location just on the historic Grand River & proximity to the major industrial & consumer markets of North America has shaped the city’s economy.

Programs in business, social service, liberal arts, and trades are available on the Brantford campus as diplomas, certificates, and graduate degrees. Select trade certificates are administered by Conestoga at the Brantford Municipal Airport.

Students can also complete both a graduate certificate and a degree in four years thanks to a collaboration with Wilfrid Laurier University’s Brantford campus.

4. Wilfrid Laurier University Campuses

Image by Nikolay Georgiev from Pixabay

The colleges of human & social sciences & liberal arts are on the Brantford Campus. University administration, a university stadium, an associations department, a football stadium, an athletic complex, and food bank, and three gyms are all located on Toronto Campus. The campus classroom gives a unique identity.

The Toronto location, provides a weekend MBA program and has a multipurpose room for hosting events, is located in the Exchange Tower at King and York Streets.

4.1. Laurier’s Brantford Campus

The Brantford campus is braided throughout the downtown area with its buildings dispersed throughout. With the help of the Brantford campus, the city’s downtown has been turned into a vibrant student neighborhood that is home to about 2,700 undergraduate & graduate students.

The Brantford campus is braided throughout the downtown area, with its buildings dispersed throughout. Brantford campus also provides residential services, including housing, apartments, and the premier destination the students.

5. Laurier University Education

It can accommodate over 19,000 students. The institution conducts extensive research and includes more than 20 institutes & research centers. It accepts a sizable number of international students each year and has a number of excellent student exchange programs to offer.

It collaborates with a number of foreign universities, including the University of Ghana, the University of Botswana, Georgia Southern University, & Istanbul Sehir University.

Additionally, the university has a strong record of placement, with 98% of the class of 2017 graduates finding employment or enrolling in graduate school. Many well-known and accomplished individuals are connected to university education.

Each year, more than 1,000 employers offer co-op recruitment opportunities to students at Wilfrid Laurier University, which has more than 105,000 alums living in more than 100 countries.

Coops in business and economics experienced a 99.5% employment rate in 2020. Four thousand four hundred twenty-three university graduates were polled within a year following their convocation ceremonies via postal and online surveys. Overall, 95.2% of UG and PG students were placed, while 4.8% of all workers were unemployed.

5.1. Laurier University Class Profile

The percentage of Ontario high school students who responded favorably to the entrance offer letter for full-time, first-year study at the university made up the largest first-year class the university has ever had.

  • The professor-to-student ratio was 1:25.
  • There were 20,094 students enrolled in undergraduate programs overall.
  • At the institution, 3,916 students were enrolled in part-time UG courses in addition to 16,178 full-time UG students.
  • There were 2,360 people enrolled in graduate programs in total.
  • At the institution, 1,145 students were enrolled in graduate courses full-time, and 1,215 were enrolled in graduate courses part-time.
  • There were 572 full-time faculty members and 463 part-time faculty members in total.

5.2. Employment Profile for Laurier University

The response rate for this component, which covered the occupational profiles of students and post-graduates, was 64.4%.

67.2% of students reported having a job, while 27.4% intended to continue their studies. 4.8% of the graduates were still looking for work. Undergraduate students had a placement rate of 95.3%, and the jobless rate was 4.7%.

5.3. Placement Statistics for Laurier University by Degree

Business Administration (BBA), with a 75.1% employment rate, appears to have the highest employment rate of any degree, according to placement statistics. Business technology management (BBTM) & bachelor of social work (BSW), with respective employment rates of 72.2% and 63.6%, came in second and third.

Bachelor of Kinesiology (Bkin) graduates had a poor employment rate of 40.8%. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFAA) program had the lowest employment rate, which was 33.3%, and the highest unemployment rate, which was 50%.

Support for Laurier University Campus Placements

The top ranking among post-secondary institutions in Canada is held by Wilfrid Laurier University, which is ranked first nationally in student career service. The university’s career center offers all the tools needed for its students & graduates and allows them to speak with professional counselors to determine their next course of action & career paths.

The center is available to students for academic and career guidance from their first year through their final semester.

Students can network and have job-related conversations with possible employers at a variety of career fests, interactive sessions, and workshops. Through these experiences, students frequently learn about their hidden talents and ideal careers.

Business Administration (BBA), with a 75.1% employment rate, has the highest employment rate for graduates of any degree. Business technology management (BBTM) & bachelor of social work (BSW), with respective employment rates of 72.2% and 63.6%, came in second and third.

The position with the highest average salary for WLU graduates as of 2022 was finance control & strategy, with a value of $89,000. Data came in third at $59,000, followed by financial services at $87,000. Sales & Business Development was the position that paid graduates the least on average.

5.4. Post-Graduation Study Options

You can determine whether or not to pursue a master’s degree after graduation by making an appointment with a career counselor. Interdisciplinary studies are one of the many academic disciplines that provide master’s degree programs. After earning your degree, the knowledge you would have gained would help you land a career you’d enjoy.

Graduate Certificates: You must have a university degree or a college diploma to enroll in these post-graduate post-graduate certificate courses. These credentials are offered in numerous academic fields, allowing students a wide range of alternatives. Additionally, a student can choose to change their course of study or pursue a field of study that does not offer a graduate certificate.

5.5. Scholarships at Laurier University

The Walter Metzger Bursary Fund, the Students’ Union International Student Awards, the Farouk & Dawn Ahamed International Scholarship, and the Inspiring Lives Scholarships are just a few of the scholarships at Laurier University.

Specifics of these Scholarships:

First-year students who show leadership characteristics that motivate the university are awarded Inspiring Lives Scholarships.

Entrance Scholarships are automatically offered depending on the admission application and are merit-based. One of the esteemed annual rewards in this category, is worth 5000 CAD.

The 40,000 CAD New Laurier Scholars Awards must be applied separately and distributed over 4 years in equal increments.

6. Alumni of Wilfrid Laurier University

More than 100,000 former students from Wilfrid Laurier University can be found all over the world. Here are a few famous WLU graduates.

  • Olympic gold medalist John Morris
  • Professional wrestler Lance Storm
  • Actress Kristen Gutoskie and Canadian TV personality Chris Van Vliet.

7. Ranking of Laurier University

One of the most reputable sources of rankings for Laurier University’s business schools & MBA programs is Bloomberg Business Week. Students frequently consult ranking magazines when choosing colleges. The MBA rankings published by Bloomberg Businessweek are much more reliable because the publication conducts its own polls of MBA graduates to learn more about their educational experiences and corporate hiring practices.

In 1988, Bloomberg published its first ranking of top business schools. They have modified their rating approach for 2019–20, though. Every year, Bloomberg publishes two different lists of the best full-time MBA programs. The US schools are on one list, and all other schools are on the other. The technique is the same for both rankings.

Final Note

In order to determine if pursuing a degree at Laurer University should be their next move or not, students can make an appointment with a career counselor at Laurier University. Interdisciplinary studies are one of the many academic disciplines that provide master’s degree programs. After earning your degree, the knowledge you would have gained would help you land a career you’d enjoy.



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