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A Guide to Winnipeg Folk Festival: Its 3 Interesting Facts

Winnipeg Folk Festival

Winnipeg folk festival is a folk music festival celebrated in the province of Manitoba, Canada. It is held during the summer season in the Birds Hill Provincial Park. It has charitable and non-profitable management which invites artists from the city and from all over the world to showcase their talent.

The festival was started by a group of three people Ava Kobrinsky, Colin Gorrie, and Mitch Podolak. This started in 1974 as a means of celebrating the hundredth anniversary of Winnipeg and became the fun festival of the city.

It is almost more than a four-day festival that begins in the second week of July that is from Thursday night stretching to the whole weekend. More than 70,000 people attend this festival every year and are one of the most successful events in the city.

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1. 3 Interesting Facts about Winnipeg Folk Festival

1.1. History of Winnipeg Folk Festival

The first ever Winnipeg folk festival was held in August from 9th to 11th 1974 at the venue Birds Hill Provincial Park. The first concert was free and was organized with the help of CBC and the Centennial Committee.

All year-round concert events are being held at various venues to bring in local artists and others to present their art. It is also a means of free publicity among the people for the festival. The work of every single participant was counted who volunteered for the event made the organizers form an association with the Winnipeg folk festival.

1.2. Winnipeg Folk Festival Program

There is a wide variety of music that is presented at this festival. A series of concerts are already happening in the city to hear all capable performers.

The people that perform at the festival are child artists, contemporary singers, and contemporary songwriters. The music played at the festival includes Folk rock, French Canadian, Bluegrass, Celtic, Blues, Roots, Indie folk, and Americana.

The local talent of the city of Manitoba includes Boniface, Begonia, The Bros. Landreth, John K. Samson, Living Hour, Richard Inman, Roger-Roger, Royal Canoe, Prince Williams, and many more.

Several genres perform at this festival. Some of the past artists that have performed are Oscar Brand, Elle King, Bahamas, Blue Rodeo, Ray Davies, Death Cab for Cutie, Pete Seeger, Sheryl Crow, The Shins, Mimi Farina, Feist, and many more.

A total of 70 artists participate in the festival from almost 10 different destinations like Australia, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, Colombia, and Niger. The majority of performers are from U.S. and Canada.

1.3. Winnipeg Folk Festival Tickets

There are many tiers available for the Winnipeg folk festival tickets whose information is available on the website.

The different avenues of Winnipeg folk festival tickets mentioned on the website are:

  • 4-Day ticket to the full festival
  • 4-Day ticket with the facility of festival camping (Includes picnic tables, fire pits, water taps, and charging stations).
  • 4-Day ticket with the facility of quiet camping (Includes water taps, picnic tables, fire pits, and charging stations).
  • Ticket prices for the individual days are there which differ in prices like Thursday tickets, Friday tickets, Saturday tickets, and Sunday tickets.
  • RV tickets

These different options of Winnipeg folk festival tickets are further divided into different tiers and hence the cost. All the details are available on the website and the timings are subject to change. So, it is advised to check the opening and closing times.

Winnipeg folk festival is one of the famous festivals of Manitoba, Canada. The festival is a great platform for music lovers and local and international artists.

These festivals are always the biggest source of enjoyment for the people of the city and the participants. May the pleasure continues and grows manifold.

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