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Graduating from high school is a crucial turning point in an individual’s life. Some may consider it as turning into an adult, while others see it as a path to freedom. While opinions may differ, high school graduates have to make an essential decision in choosing their college. Usually, students dream of getting admission to Ivy League schools or colleges with good reputations. While it’s good to be ambitious and aim for top-tier colleges, the sad truth is that such colleges’ acceptance rate is low, making it difficult to get admission to such universities. In some cases, students settle for a two-year associate degree.

But if you are one of those students who attend school regularly and have decent grades, then it won’t be too difficult to get admission to a four-year private university. A college that should be on your list is Naropa University.

One such college that high school seniors can consider is Naropa University. Located in Boulder, Colorado Naropa university was set up in 1974 by Buddhist monk Chogyam Trungpa. The university gets its ‘Naropa’ name from the Indian Buddhist sage Naropa. It is the first Buddhist-inspired university in the United States. In addition to academics, Naropa University encourages activities like meditation. As of 2022, Naropa university was ranked 57 in social mobility.

1. The City Of Boulder

The university is located in the city of Boulder, which is an ideal spot for students. A small and peaceful town unlike its metropolitan counterpart – Denver. From scenic locations like Chautauqua park and Boulder creek to shopping destinations like Pearl Street and ‘The Hill’. The best part is, you can explore Boulder by renting a bicycle without burning a hole in your wallet.

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2. Admission Requirements

Naropa university is one of the least selective schools with an acceptance rate of 100%. The institute has a rolling deadline and a nominal application fee. The college does not require SAT and ACT scores, however, they give some weightage to high school CGPA. For a student pursuing an associate degree, there are no requirements for college transfer.

3. Academics

Like other universities, Naropa has a wide range of subjects. Most of the majors include subjects related to humanities like psychology and visual arts. Also owing to its Buddhist heritage, the topics mainly focus on areas like art, mental health, yoga, and the environment. Some of the most popular majors, the college offers for bachelor’s include environmental studies, psychology, visual arts, religious studies, and even yoga studies. Popular majors for masters include clinical health counseling, somatic counseling, creative writing, and poetics.

4. Cost

The tuition fee at Naropa university is moderately low. The tuition fees, however, are well below the national college fees average. If we include the cost of the room, transportation, books, supplies, and personal expenses then the total cost is slightly higher than the tuition fees.

The university also provides need and merit-based financial aid. The need-based aid is evaluated on the student’s family background. The amount of scholarship is usually calculated by the Free Application For Student Aid or FAFSA. If we calculated the average scholarship from first-year students at Naropa university, then the amount was about half of the total tuition fees.

Like most other colleges, Naropa University also offers merit-based scholarships. The criteria for such scholarships include academic performance (GPA), community service, or leadership activities. The university also provides merit-based scholarships (excluding athletic scholarships) for first-year students.

Students of Naropa University also have access to loans from reputed banks. The average student loan debt is lower than the national average.

5. Student Life

As mentioned in the beginning, Naropa university does not have any specific admission criteria for undergraduate courses. However, there is a limited number of seats for students (undergraduate and graduate courses). Out of the total students on campus, there are more females than males. While the campus does offer residential facilities for students, most students live outside the campus. The residential facilities available on campus include coed dorm rooms, themed rooms, and wellness rooms. There are also special apartments for married students.

The students of Naropa university can participate in events like art exhibits, films, leadership development workshops, speaker and panel presentations, celebrations, performances, and community dialogues. The college also hosts weekly community events like yoga classes, meditation, wellness sessions, and other classes related to contemplative practices.

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The university also provides student support through events, services, and programs. Some available student resources include:

a) Counselling Centre

The counseling center at Naropa university is dedicated to providing full support for students’ mental well-being.

b) Academic Coaching

The academic coaching program offers coaching for students who want to excel in their academics.

c) Naropa Writing Center

The Naropa writing center is a space that assists people in improving their writing abilities and making informed decisions with any piece of writing.

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6. Career And Life Development

Naropa university supports its students for life after college. The support comes in the form of helping students discover their purpose, find a job, or apply for further studies outside Naropa.

The university offers guidance through the following methods

  • Internship
  • Field Placements
  • Job search strategies
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Workshops that help students in finding their direction, core values, and beliefs.

7. Alumni Relations At Naropa University

Graduating from Naropa University provides students with a diverse range of opportunities. The university has a lot of graduates who are founders, entrepreneurs, and leaders in their fields. Alumni of Naropa visit the college annually and share their knowledge with the current batch of students.

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Naropa University is a premier college for those who want to make their career in art, psychology, and yoga. In case students want to take a break from college, then they can explore the beautiful city of Boulder. As a bonus, the university has one of the most effortless admission processes for students.



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