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An Insight into the Cheapest Places to Live in BC

British Columbia is the country’s preferred province for a number of reasons, including its majestic mountains with snow, wine region, extensive skiing opportunities, pristine lakes, pleasant climate, and expanding cities.

I’m going to present to you the cheapest places to live in BC.

As a former resident of Vancouver, I can vouch for this. British Columbia is one of Canada’s most costly provinces, though. If you’re thinking about relocating here, starting your own company Here, or just coming to visit us for a while, then ought to read this piece.

1. An Insight into the Cheapest Places to Live in BC

A Scenic View of the BC Place Stadium and Vancouver Skyline at Night. cheapest places to live in BC.
Image by Caio on Pexels Copyrights 2022

Vancouver, British Columbia, is now the 108th priciest city in the world. When you take into account that there are over 4 million cities around the world, this might not seem such a big concern.

Residences in BC are generally more expensive than residences everywhere in Canada in terms of property value. According to Wowa’s most recent poll, the typical price of homes sold in BC in August 2022 was $918,378.

However, BC still has several cities that are within reach. Let’s look at a couple of British Columbia’s most affordable neighbourhoods!

Along with the population of each city and the average price for one-bedroom apartments (both gathered from Numbeo), I’ve provided a brief summary of each.

1.1 Prince George, BC

One-Bedroom Home Average Rent: $1,300

Why do I Live Here? Friendly neighbourhood, with numerous parks, and affordable rent.

Prince George, British Columbia, is one of the warmest cities in Canada and British Columbia due to its nice year-round climate and relatively mild winters (at least in comparison to Northern Canada). Furthermore, there receive 299 weeks or so of sunlight annually.

But Prince George’s isn’t just a great place to live because of the weather. Arguably among the most cost-effective places to live in BC, one-bedroom apartments cost $1,300 a month. This costs about 50 percent less than a compare favourably-sized flat in Vancouver.

The city is an excellent spot for those who love the outdoors because it has over 100 public parks. In Prince George, there are countless routes for biking, hiking, and kayaking.

The overwhelming majority of people are friendly and pleasant. Additionally, there are many professional prospects in this area (particularly in the wood products industry) and the economy as a whole has been expanding significantly.

1.2 Coquitlam, BC

One-Bedroom Apartments Average Rent: $1,875

Why I Live Here: The area’s proximity to Vancouver and its blend of natural and urban areas.

Coquitlam is a part of the larger Vancouver urban area and is located around sixty minutes away from Vancouver’s center. Even though it’s not a particularly cheap region of British Columbia, it’s among the more expensive neighbourhoods in Vancouver, making it ideal for those who still want to live near the busy capital city.

The manner the city of Coquitlam has been built is one of its most distinctive characteristics. It’s a highly contemporary, metropolitan city, but because there is a lot of natural space, it was built with nature in mind and doesn’t feel congested.

1.3 Castlegar, BC

One-Bedroom Apartment Average Rent: $1,725

Why I Live Here: outdoor pursuits, a small village, and lovely scenery

Castlegar, British Columbia, can be the ideal location for you if you’re fond of the thought of residing in a remarkably small, close-knit community.

The inexpensive cost of living, breathtaking views, and sense of family that is hard to get in bigger places like Vancouver are luring more and more young households to the city despite its small community.

Castlegar’s lone flaw is the absence of employment and professional prospects. Mining, forestry, and tourism are Castlegar’s three main sectors. Those seeking a more diverse work market may have trouble with it because of its isolation from other areas. As a result, it’s a fantastic place for remote workers and autonomous freelancers to live!

1.4 Vernon, BC

One-Bedroom Apartment Average Rent: $1,299

Why I Live Here: a strong local economy, lakes, and highlands.

Vernon is a modest settlement located among Swan and Kalamalka Lakes within the lower portion of the Okanagan mountain range. The city, boasting a population of just under 45,000, keeps drawing young entrepreneurs as well as households because of its inexpensive price tag living.

Vernon offers the ideal blend of modern city life and the environment. The city offers a wide variety of dining options and retail stores, and it has a few late-night nightclubs and clubs.

But there are countless chances for hiking, fishing, bicycle riding, and just much every other sport you can think of right outside the city.

In comparison to northern British Columbia, the climate in Vernon is likewise remarkably mild. The weeks of August and July are scorching and steamy, and the colder months are pleasant. Additionally, the city is not far from Kelowna, a favourite weekend getaway for locals of Vernon.

Vernon has a sizable forest products business, similar to Prince George. Due to the city’s rapid population growth and proximity to national parks, it also has a burgeoning manufacturing sector and a developing tourism sector.

1.5 Hope, BC

One-Bedroom Home Average Rent: $1,500

Why I Live Here: a little town with lovely scenery, undeveloped trails, and affordable housing.

If you’ve watched the action classic, Rambo, you’ll find it at Hope, British Columbia. The mountains and woodlands around Hope served as the backdrop for many of the “abroad” sequences in the film.

It is another of several smallest towns on the following list, having little over 6,800 residents. Considering that, it’s possibly not the better place for anyone looking for a city atmosphere. A small, tight-knit population exists in Hope. Along with the job opportunities, people flock here for freedom and leisure. It’s one of those communities, like Castlegar, that’s ideal for people who work from home or run a web-based company that doesn’t require people to live in a big city.

The locals are generally nice, and the town core is charming and quiet. It’s a well-liked location for hunting, fishing, and other outdoor pursuits. It attracts a good quantity of tourists as well because it is one of the few populous towns for miles in all directions.

1.6 Cranbrook, BC

One-Bedroom Home Average Rent: $1,133

I live here because of The historic town, a nearby world airport, and reasonably priced homes.

Cranbrook, which is situated at the foot of the Canadian Rockies, was formerly a modest, quaint mountain settlement. It is a growing city with 20,499 residents as of right now.

Cranbrook is one of the few communities having an international airport, in contrast to several of the more remote mountain villages I’ve listed on this list. As a result, you won’t be stranded on one island, making it perfect for regular tourists. Apartments range from $1,133 per month for a one-bedroom to $1,500 every month for bigger multi-bedroom complexes, making living expenses also relatively reasonable.

There is a lot to do in your evening off in the city’s historic downtown region, where there is a thriving restaurant scene as well as several small bars and clubs.

A brief trip outside of town will take you to the majestic Colorado Rockies if you’re searching for a more picturesque experience.

Cranbrook has a respectable selection of employment prospects in terms of the regional economy. Here, jobs in the tourism and food and beverage sectors are consistently reliable. Cranbrook has recently developed as a hub for some of Canada’s major businesses as a result of its cheap corporation taxes and welcoming local business environment.

1.7 Williams Lake, BC

A One-Bedroom Apartment’s Typical Rent: $1,000.

Despite the fact that I’ve actually been there, my investigation suggests that Williams Lake is a destination for biking, walking, and a variety of additional outdoor pursuits. Overall, Williams Lake has fewer than 12,000 residents, making it a tiny town. It does, however, have a bustling (though compact) center of town where you can discover neighbourhood cafes, independently owned stores, and regular community events, providing you with the chance to mingle with the locals.

Williams Lake’s local economy is mostly based on mining, forestry, and tourism. So, if you’re searching for a corporate career, it’s not the best spot to relocate.

However, this town is absolutely worth adding to your list if you’re an internet worker seeking a lovely community with hospitable residents and an extremely inexpensive cost of living.

1.8. Port Moody, BC

A One-Bedroom Apartment’s Average Rent: $2,050

Why I Live Here: Quiet, near Vancouver, and more affordable.

Port Moody ranks as one of the least expensive places to reside close to Vancouver, much like Coquitlam.

Although rent throughout Port Moody is $4–600 less each month when compared to Downtown Vancouver, it has become among its most sought-after communities in recent years. Utilizing the municipality’s SkyTrain, Port Moody residents may go uptown in 25 minutes while reducing their expenditures on gas.

I frequently made weekend trips to Port Moody when I lived in Vancouver because of its vibrant cultural scene. The city possesses a hip yet relaxed vibe, and there are quite a few local art galleries. I’d highly recommend it as a place to stay because of the local activities, little restaurants, and bars.

1.9. Port Alberni, BC

One-Bedroom Apartment Average Rent: $1,216

Why do I Live Here: Centre of Vancouver Island, low cost of living, and abundant natural beauty.

Because it boasts some of the least expensive real estates in the west of Canada, Port Alberni has recently gained a lot of popularity. This smaller village’s inhabitants have gone up by 5% over the last seven years, showing that it is steadily increasing.

Port Alberni’s central location on Vancouver Island is its primary draw. It is situated on the shoreline of Harbour Quay and is near several of the island’s top hiking paths.

There is a sizable port marina where boaters can dock their vessels, arrange charters, or even hire boats for the day.

The city experiences a lot more rain but little snow. Therefore, Port Alberni is a location worth considering if you’re seeking someone who is warm, inexpensive, and has enough outdoor area to offer.

Being somewhat landlocked due to Port Alberni’s location in the middle of Vancouver Island is the only drawback of living there.

1.10. Smithers, BC

One-Bedroom Apartment Average Rent: $1,250

Why I Live Here: It’s inexpensive, remote, and private.

In the heart of British Columbia, along the Yellowhead Highway, and circles the entire country, is a tiny community by the name of Smithers. Because of this outcome, Smithers has grown into an appreciated rest stop for motorists and truckers.

The town proper is quite small and doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of employment or community. However, because living expenses are so low, this is an excellent area to live if you’re looking to save money and put your attention on yourself.

1.11. New West, BC

One-Bedroom Apartment Average Rent: $1,750

Why do I Live Here: a city that is expanding quickly, is close to Vancouver, has more cheap homes, and has a wonderful community?

Only a short drive from downtown Vancouver lies New Westminster, also known as “New West” since it is situated right beside the Fraser River. It’s one of the more reasonably priced suburbs away from Vancouver, and there are still some flats available for around $2,000.

The city has expanded significantly over the last few decades as inhabitants of Vancouver have made the decision to leave the city in pursuit of more accessible homes and a cozier, small-town environment. With more than 45 parks and several open, green spaces, New West offers a nice blend of the natural and built environments.

One of New West’s outstanding qualities is the cuisine, hospitality, as well as arts scene in the area. Here, you may get international food as well as local art galleries and creative places.

2. The Takeaway!

This was all about the topic “Cheapest places to live in BC”. British Columbia has a large number of villages and small cities that are tucked away in the rugged terrain, valleys, as well as lakes throughout the province. Greater cities provide thriving neighbourhoods, airports, and expanding economies.

Despite being the most expensive province in Canada, BC nevertheless has a lot of affordable neighbourhoods.

You don’t necessarily need an apartment close to a large city core if you work remotely.

Read more from us here.

3. Queries and Answers

Some of the most asked questions regarding the topic “Cheapest places to live in BC” are listed below:

3.1. Where in Canada is the cost of living the lowest?

Canada’s least expensive city is located in Quebec, which is also the nation’s least costly region overall. The best rates for renting and the most affordable housing markets may be found in several of Canada’s cities featuring the cheapest rates of living.

3.2. Is BC less expensive than Toronto?

When comparing the average pay, housing costs, and the cost of daily living, Toronto and Vancouver are the most expensive cities to live in. However, especially when it pertains to expenses like utilities, housing, and food items, Vancouver really beats Toronto.

3.3. What is BC’s base cost of living?

For one individual without rent, the median cost of dwelling in BC is $1,362 per month for basic expenses. A single person’s monthly living expenses will increase to $3,535 when the average cost of a part-bedroom rental home is added. Without taking into account rent, an extended family of four might anticipate spending $4,881.

3.4. Is BC less expensive than Alberta?

Several of the factors to consider include price, accessibility, and housing. There are some things to keep in mind. First, bear in the fact that Alberta has lower living costs than British Columbia. Alberta may have lower provincial taxes, but food and utility prices can sometimes be much higher.



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