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Apple Picking in Toronto: 10 Best Spots to Explore

If you love picking your greens, you must go apple picking in Toronto now that the weather is turning colder before they’re all gone.

Also, it’s essential to phone the farms you would like to visit in advance to see whether the kind you’re searching for is still present because trees are swiftly plucked. And if you’d like to skip the wait, bring cash!

Apple Picking in Toronto: 10 Best Spots to Explore

A yearly tradition for many Toronto residents is apple harvesting where you get to pick your apples.

It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to pick fruits straight from the tree, shop at farmers’ markets during the height of harvest, and breathe in the crisp rural air.

Take a look at our 8 favourite apple-picking spots near Toronto during this fall season!

1. Albion Orchards

Image by lumix2004 from Pixabay

Empire apples are on the menu at Albion Orchards, where apple production is still in full swing.

Currently, a 10-pound bag of apples costs $20, and a 20-pound bag costs $40 (although we’ve heard that Albion gives discounts if you wait until the close of the harvest when pickings are few).

Celadon is where Albion orchards are, making it the ideal short excursion for a relaxing weekend. The farm changes its Facebook page more regularly than its website, so be careful to check that page before you visit.

More information about Albion’s current kinds can be found on their website.

Where to find this spot of apple picking in Toronto: Innis Lake Road, 14800, Caledon, Ontari

2. Pine Farms Orchard

Red Delicious, Jonah Gold, Ginger Gold Apples, Golden Delicious, Spartan, and more types are now being harvested at Pine Farms Orchard in the King township from the end of September until the middle of October.

You must pay $5 per person for admittance, and the farm costs $2 per pound. While you’re there, take advantage of Pine Farms’ bakery and café during this harvest season.

Where to find this spot of apple picking in Toronto: King City, Ontario, 2700 16th Sideroad

Image by lumix2004 from Pixabay

3. JC Agri Orchards

Macintosh, Silken, and Tydeman Red are now being picked at King City’s JC Agri Orchard, and Honeycrisp and Royal Gala will be ready later in the season.

You’re urged to bring your bag of apples as they cost $2 per pound (or you may pay $0.50 for every bag).

The easiest way to be sure the apples you want are also still available is to check the farm’s website before you go.

You may drive through the field to reach each apple type on your own, and the entrance costs $5 per person.

Where to find this spot of apple picking in Toronto: Canada: 3105 16th Sideroad, King City, L7B 1A3

Image by Mircea Ploscar from Pixabay

4. Organics Family Farm

The little organic farm Organics Family Farm in Markham is now harvesting a few different kinds of apples.

The farm does close while waiting for fresh crops and is regularly selected out. It’s recommended to check the farm’s often-updated Facebook page for information before visiting.

Image by Ralph from Pixabay

A 5lb bag of apples is included in the $15 admission charge per person at Organics farm, and any extra bags cost $12 for a 5-pound bag, $24 for 10 pounds, and Half a bushel, or 20 pounds, costs $48.

Where to find this spot of apple picking in Toronto: Markham, Ontario, Canada, L6B 1A8, 7550 19th Ave

5. Pingle’s Farm Market

The highly sought-after Honeycrisp apple prefers cooler climates, however, at Pingle’s, Honeycrisp apples are available for picking beginning in September.

Wait until later in the month to purchase other apple varieties such as Spy, Ambrosia, Empire, Red Delicious, and Mutsu apples.

Source: Pingle’s

You may also pick Macintosh, Royal Gala, and Cortland apples. Apples are $24 for 10 pounds and $39 for 20 pounds, while farm admission is between $10 and $20.

Access to the farm’s harvest festival, which has a corn maze, wagon rides, and more, are included with tickets, which must be bought online before visiting the farm.

Where to find this spot of apple picking in Toronto: Hampton, Ontario, 1805 Taunton Rd.

6. Downey’s Strawberry and Apple Farm

At its facilities in Breslau and Celadon, Downey’s is still collecting apples in the old-fashioned authentic way.

There are still many types available at Downey’s, and no appointments are required to go to the apple orchard. Apples cost $25 for a bag weighing 10 pounds and $40 for 20 pounds.

To find out which types are in season, look at the farm’s picking list.

Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

Where to find this spot of apple picking in Toronto: Caledon, Ontario 13707 Heart Lake Road

7. Dixie Orchards

Dixie Orchards is now harvesting Macintosh & Royal Gala apples, and its farm market sells the renowned Honeycrisp (pre-picked).

A bag must be purchased in advance, and reservations are advised, especially on weekends, before visiting the farm.

Entry is $5.30 per person, except for children under two.

Where to find this spot of apple picking in Toronto: Caledon, Ontario, 14309 Dixie Road

8. Watson Farms

Macintosh is being harvested here right now, and when the weather cools off, many other types will follow. No reservations are necessary, and fresh apples are offered at $2.75 per pound.

However, admission costs $5 ($3 for children). On the weekends, you may also take tractor and wagon rides. Check before you leave because it constantly updates its webpage.

Where to find this spot of apple picking in Toronto: Road 2, Bowmanville, Ontario 2287

Some additional apple orchards in and around Toronto

9. Chudleigh’s

At Chudleigh’s in Halton Hills, Silken, Macintosh, Ginger Gold, and Wealthy apples are waiting for you.

In addition to apple picking, there is also a pumpkin patch and wagon rides available.

Playgrounds, farm animals, and natural paths may all be found on the farm. It is necessary to buy tickets and make reservations before touring the farm, so do so in advance.

The entrance fee is $16 per individual to enter, or $14 for children and adults. Bring your cards as they do not accept cash!

Image by Marco Roosink from Pixabay

Where to find this spot of apple picking in Toronto: 25 Regional Road, Milton, Ontario 9528

10. Carl Laidlaw Orchards

At Carl Laidlaw Orchards in Brampton, you may get fresh produce of delicious apples like Macintosh, Ginger Gold, Royal Gala, and many other types.

Reservations are not required as the farm runs on a first-come, first-served basis.

Source: Carl Laidlaw Orchards

The price of the entrance at Carl Laidlaw Orchards is $13 for seniors and $9 for children, while apples cost $20 for a bag weighing 10 pounds.

Where to find this spot of apple picking in Toronto: Brampton, Ontario, 9496 Heritage Rd.

Some tips for this apple-picking season

  • Avoid littering
  • On the stroll, avoid eating apples. The majority of individuals violate this regulation, which reduces the farmer’s revenue.
  • When allowed, dogs must be leashed if you bring them.
  • Avoid throwing apples! We don’t understand why some people find this amusing because it’s really risky and just plain disrespectful.
  • While you select, keep other plants and animals alone. If there is another fruit on the farm, only pick it if you have been specifically told to.
  • Observe warnings and recommendations.
  • The staff does a lot for you, so be courteous to them.

How to Pick your Apples?

There are several methods for choosing apples. Picking apples starts with choosing your favourite apple type, followed by choosing the best apples on the tree.

When apple picking, be sure to twist them slowly while holding the base and turning them upward (the “eye in the sky” approach).

You don’t want to break the limb because doing so might harm the tree and reduce the yield the next year.

Hold on to the fruit firmly. The apples are likely to get damaged and lose some of their delicious crunchiness if they fall to the ground.

What to Wear during Apple Picking?

  • On the fields, your favorite footwear might not work!
  • Rain boots are boots made of leather that can get dirty or wet.
  • If you’re visiting in the mornings, bring a knit sweater and scarf for warmth and aesthetics.
  • For the chilly October days, make some mitts.
  • A stylish pair of leggings or jeans.
  • When searching for apples, you should wear clothing that covers your legs to prevent cuts from branches as you move about. In addition, hay stings on exposed skin!
  • A leather cap to assist you to block the sun’s rays and control your hair in the wind.

How to Store your Apples?

Keep the excess apples that won’t fit in the crisper in a cold, dark location, such as a pantry or closet, away from the oven.

Although apples may be left out, they last much longer in the refrigerator.

Apples should not be frozen unless you want to bake and cook with them. A fresh apple has more flavour and crispness than a defrosted apple.

Wagon Rides

To transform this itinerary into a fall road vacation, you’ll need to rent a car to achieve.

Renting a car will provide you with more flexibility as you visit these magnificent Toronto apple-picking farms that are decorated with fall foliage.


Be sure to visit the Toronto apple-picking farms in Ontario in September and October so you can purchase your fresh produce.

Bring your pals along for an unforgettable day’s adventure!

Take a look at the 10 best fun bars in Toronto, for your next read.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best month for apple picking?

Where you live will determine the types of apples that are ripe for picking as well as the busiest time of the apple-picking season. However, the best picking season often lasts from early September to mid-October.

2. What is the meaning of apple picking?

Apple farms offer the activity of apple picking. The public is allowed access to apple orchards so they can pick their own apples.

3. Is apple picking a tradition?

A long-standing fall activity that many people look forward to every year is apple picking. It’s the entire experience, not simply the abundance of apple kinds at your disposal or the ability to choose your own apples.



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