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Are Nicotine Vapes Illegal In Australia: 7 Facts To Know

Nicotine is used to make various items like cigarettes, electric vapes and other smoking substances. It harms the body and is also very bad for the environment.

Tobacco and nicotine consumption is harmful to health and should be left as early as possible.

Nicotine Vapes is illegal in many parts of the world. Let us find out whether nicotine vapes are illegal or legal in Australia.

Facts About Nicotine Vapes In Australia

Here are some of the facts about nicotine vapes in Australia. Read the article to know more.

1. Nicotine Vapes Are Still Not Secure

There’s no doubt that vaping exposes you to less hazardous chemicals than smoking conventional cigarettes, according to Blaha, even if we don’t know exactly what chemicals are in e-cigarettes.

Aerosol is a substance that is produced when nicotine vapes are heated. Inhaling aerosol, along with other components, can be harmful to our health. Regular tobacco cigarettes also contain around 7000 harmful compounds.

Nicotine Vapes have, however, been linked to an increase in lung injuries and fatalities. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 2,807 vaping or e-cigarettes-associated lung injuries (EVALI) in February 2020, along with 68 fatalities linked to the ailment.

2. It Is Illegal To Possess Nicotine Without A Prescription In Australia

It is illegal to possess nicotine without a prescription in Australia, although a registered medical practitioner can prescribe it.

Nicotine is a Schedule 7 poison in Australia and comes under the Poisons Standard (Schedules of the Poisons Standard). It means that it has no known therapeutic value and will cause death if taken by mouth or inhaled into the lungs through smoking. The substance may be taken as an antidote for tetanus, but this would have to be done under close supervision by a doctor.

It is not illegal to obtain nicotine or other forms of nicotine products such as e-cigarettes from pharmacies in Australia; however, you should always check with your doctor before taking any new medication/supplemental product as there could be side effects associated with these substances which may not be listed on packaging labels.

3. The Approval Supply Of Nicotine Liquid Is Specific

The TGA has a specifically approved supply of nicotine vapes and liquid via various approved pharmacists.

Pharmacists are the only legal way to supply nicotine liquid in Australia, and they can only do so if the TGA has approved them. It means that it’s illegal for anyone but a pharmacist to sell or supply tobacco harm reduction products (THRP) such as e-cigarettes and other products that contain nicotine without first going through this process.

In addition, people under 18 years old cannot buy THRP from any source other than their doctor or care provider; however, if you have an existing prescription from your doctor for such products, then you’ll be able to purchase them from pharmacies without needing any further identification information about yourself or where exactly on earth this transaction took place!

For pharmacists not just to sell but also to make sure these products are legal under Australian law then, there needs some special handling between themselves and government agencies such as Customs, who must approve their importation into Australia before being sold here legally enough so as not only does everyone agree upon what type(s) will fit into our current regulatory framework (which includes age restrictions), but also ensure how much product must be available per person before each individual gets to access them again later down

4. Document Contains Rules About Liquid Nicotine Supply In Australia

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is the Australian Government’s regulatory body for therapeutic goods. It was established in 1997, replacing the former National Poisons Centre, which had been responsible for regulating all types of poisons in Australia since 1946. The TGA regulates the supply of nicotine liquid in Australia and prohibits its sale without a prescription or approval.

TGA regulates medicines, vaccines, blood products, and medical devices to meet safety standards. The TGA’s regulatory activities are focused on ensuring that all therapeutic goods supplied in Australia meet strict quality, safety, and efficacy standards.

The rules around nicotine vapes and nicotine are quite tricky. The Australian Government makes sure that the vaping industry is safe.

The TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) is the regulatory body that ensures that products are safe for consumers. They have been working on updating their regulations on e-cigarettes since 2016, so this cannot be very clear for people who aren’t used to reading complex legislation like this one!

The TGA has said that there is not enough evidence yet about whether e-cigarettes are harmful or not—which means it’s still illegal until further research takes place into what effect vaping has on your health over time. However, some countries require doctors who prescribe medication for their patients’ conditions get special training before prescribing any nicotine replacement therapy such as patches or gums. So if you’re planning on starting up again soon after quitting cold turkey, then maybe consider doing some research first.

5. Possessing Nicotine Vapes Is Illegal In Australia

Possessing nicotine vapes and liquid nicotine is illegal in Australia. The amount of nicotine found in a container will determine whether it’s considered too much or not enough. The maximum amount allowed by law is 20 milligrams per millilitre (mg/ml).

Suppose you’re caught with more than this amount. In cases like these, you will have to face five years imprisonment under Section 18C of the Tobacco Advertising Prohibition Act 1994, which makes it an offence for people under 18 years old or holding any mental health condition such as depression or anxiety disorder(s) due to their smoking habits – even if they’re using e-cigarettes!

This law applies even if your e-cigarette doesn’t contain tobacco but has cartridges filled with something like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). However: If you’re buying UK cigarettes online through Australian suppliers, they’ll likely ship them directly from abroad.

Below are some tips on preventing yourself from getting caught out by police officers when purchasing these products illegally online.

6. Buying Nicotine Products Online Is Illegal

Although nicotine vaping products are available through pharmacies in Australia, buying them online is illegal. In some countries and states across the USA, it’s still legal to buy nicotine vapes from a pharmacy but not import them into another state.

In other countries and states across the UK and Canada, it’s legal for individuals aged 18 years or older to purchase e-cigarette refills on their own if they’re purchasing less than 10 cartons per month (or 5 kilograms). However, this doesn’t apply if you’re an adult using these products on behalf of someone else (for example: as part of a vape club).

7. Nicotine Is Sold Under “Not For Human Consumption”

For several reasons, you might be interested in buying nicotine liquid from an Australian retailer. For example, suppose you’re an Australian resident who wants to access the legal products available on the market. In that case, it can be difficult to navigate the process without knowing how to get around some of the restrictions imposed by law enforcement.

Many people do this by purchasing online and shipping their orders overseas rather than locally. It allows them access to what they need while keeping their costs down since most sellers will ship internationally free of charge (though additional fees may be involved).

by YuriArcurs / Unlimphotos

Australia is the strictest country regarding nicotine vape laws. Nicotine vaping products are available through pharmacies in Australia but buying them online is illegal.

Nicotine vapes can be used as a smoking cessation aid and are not considered illegal under Australian law (with some exceptions). One can buy these products from their local pharmacy or an online retailer if they are based outside of Australia.

If you’re planning on purchasing any nicotine vapes, e-liquid or accessories from abroad, make sure that they meet Australian standards before committing yourself to them; otherwise, there may be legal and financial repercussions when crossing international borders with such items in tow!

The TGA Facts on Nicotine Vapes in Australia

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The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has suspended the licenses of 13 cannabidiol (CBD) products containing nicotine and warned that people who use these products are breaking the law.

The TGA is the government agency responsible for regulating therapeutic goods in Australia. It did this by suspending the licenses of 13 cannabidiol (CBD) products containing nicotine, which means they can no longer be sold or imported into Australia.

The TGA does allow e-cigarettes with nicotine for therapeutic purposes to be sold. E-cigarettes containing nicotine are only approved for use in Australia if the TGA has approved them. If a product is not approved, it is illegal to sell or import into Australia. The TGA has warned about using these CBD products containing nicotine and said anyone who does so could face prosecution.

The TGA has approved e-cigarettes with nicotine for therapeutic purposes, so long as they are labelled and can only be sold by a registered pharmacist or authorized retailer under certain conditions. The TGA did not approve e-cigarettes for therapeutic purposes that do not contain nicotine. It is illegal to sell or import these products into Australia.

Must-Know Rules in Australia

The rules are complicated, but you should know whether you’re breaking the law before vaping nicotine liquids in Australia.

  • You can buy nicotine e-cigarettes with or without a prescription, depending on what type of product it is, but they’re not legal for use by non-smokers.
  • Nicotine vapes and products are available through pharmacies in Australia but buying them online is illegal.
  • Australia is the strictest country when it comes to nicotine vapes laws: if caught using any form of electronic cigarette containing tobacco-derived substances—even as a “replacement” for cigarettes—you’ll face fines up to $5 million and five years in prison under Australian federal law #1532; this includes e-liquid containing any amount over 0mg/mL!
  • It’s illegal to sell nicotine vape products in some states but not in others. In Queensland, for example, you can buy e-cigarettes with nicotine if they contain no more than 20 micrograms per milliliter (mcg/ml) of liquid nicotine or 2mg of total dry weight per cartridge; however, this amount isn’t enough to cause any serious effects on your health or wellbeing.

Electric Cigarettes

by jarek78 / Unlimphotos

Electric cigarettes are not a new phenomenon, and since their introduction, many companies have emerged to produce the best e cigarette on the market.

Electric nicotine vapes are a great alternative to smoking, as they provide users with an alternative that is healthier than tobacco smoke and less harmful to their lungs. They can also help eliminate tobacco cravings by providing smokers with what they may be craving: nicotine e-cigarettes.

How To Legally Purchase Nicotine Vapes

Nicotine is a poison under the Poisons Standard (October 2018). It’s also listed as a restricted substance under Section 9 of the Poisons Act 1964 and section 5 of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989.

But in Australia, you can legally purchase nicotine for personal use, like cigarette smoking. However, there are some restrictions on where to purchase it and how long.

  • You must be 18 or older to buy nicotine from a pharmacy or retailer (not an online store).
  • You also cannot buy any nicotine products if a doctor has prescribed them.

1. Cannot Purchase Nicotine for Electronic Cigarettes or Nicotine Vapes

You cannot purchase nicotine for electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizers without a prescription from your doctor in any state.

You may be able to purchase nicotine vapes if you have a prescription from your doctor. You can only do this if:

  • Your age is 18 years or above.
  • Your condition limits your ability to use standard treatments such as patches, gum or sprays.
  • Your condition is severe enough that these standard treatments would not work for you.

2. You Can Purchase Nicotine for Your Use

If your age is 18 years and above and you have been smoking for at least 6 months, you can purchase nicotine vapes for your use to treat your tobacco product addiction. It is only available if you have a valid prescription from a doctor. You must also:

  • Try to quit smoking without success (at least three times) in the last 12 months; or
  • Use patches that contain no more than 7mg per day of nicotine and have failed at least twice within 3 months; or
  • Use other methods such as gum, lozenges or inhalers for 6 weeks without success.

How Can One Get Nicotine Vapes

It is legal to buy nicotine vapes or liquid nicotine from a licensed pharmacy in Australia. If you have a prescription from your doctor for buying liquids containing nicotine, and is above 18 years of age, confirm that they have prescribed you nicotine.

If you are buying online, the website must be in Australia (or another country recognized by Australian authorities) and have an Australian website address registered with Australian authorities. The product must also be sold under an approved brand name or trademark owned by an Australian company so that consumers can recognize it as being made by someone other than the person selling it illegally on the black market.


Vaping can be a contentious issue, but with the correct information, you should be able to make an informed decision. If unsure about anything, you must seek professional advice from a qualified medical practitioner or pharmacist before vaping nicotine vapes or other nicotine products.

There has always been a conflict about whether to smoke cigarettes, e-cigarettes or nicotine vapes. It is advised that you keep yourself away from all these types of smoking habits to lead a healthy lifestyle.



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