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Bars in Edinburgh : 6 Amazing Bars You Must Try Out

bars in Edinburgh

In addition to its stunning architecture, historical treasures, and astounding natural beauty, Edinburgh has a lot to offer food and drink enthusiasts.

You might spend an entire day trying out different recipes and combinations at the city’s numerous pubs and best bars and yet haven’t even begun to touch the surface of this emerging scene.

Best Bars in Edinburgh 

A drink with breakfast? An ingredient vending machine? a selection of more than 400 gins? Edinburgh has everything.

Take our suggestion and visit one of these Bars in Edinburgh and you can be sure that you’ll have a fantastic evening (or day) out.

1. Voodoo Rooms 

In Edinburgh, there is a pub, a restaurant, and a live music venue called The Voodoo Rooms.

It has plush chesterfield seats and beautiful gold-leaf walls. It also serves boozy ice cream and award-winning classic cocktails.

The Voodoo Rooms embraces its distinctive and stunningly beautiful vintage décor. The bar being created is truly unlike any other in Edinburgh.

Try their “Curious Cucumber Party” for one of the greatest drinks in the city. It is delicious.

This bar has the best drinks, the best food, the best service and a wide and varied selection of craft beers, and also a huge whisky selection and cocktails on the menu.

This is a favourite date spot among locals.

If at all possible, try to go on a weekend when they frequently have live music. Simply reserve a table in advance if you want one.

2. City Cafe

This American diner’s flash and glitter reflect the 1950s American style. With a jukebox, neon signage, burgers, pale ales, and a fantastic celebration of the All-American Diner throughout the day.

In classic American Diner fashion, the menu is reasonably priced, but somewhat surprisingly, it also tastes good. Amazing venue with one of the best party atmospheres in town.

By night, when the lights are dimmed, a genuinely cool pre-party atmosphere takes the place of the rockabilly aesthetic.

The City Cafe sets the mood for the evening and prepares you to head out into a great night by hosting guest DJs on the weekends with the best cocktails in the city centre and lots of delicious drinks.

3. Hanging Bat

It’s not as frightening as it seems! On Lothian Road, a small and quaint pub called The Hanging Bat is gradually becoming one of Edinburgh’s best beer and brewing establishments.

Visit this location to sample one of their famous cocktail bars with a Scottish twist. The majority of bar-like features interfere with enjoying a fine beer.

It was a cosy tavern that is quickly rising to the top of Edinburgh’s beer and brewing bars.

This cosy bar serves some extremely wonderful gin that is distilled and filtered in Scotland, in addition to being pretty cool.

Local gin blends are just so delicious, especially those from Scotland, which we always imagined being mostly whisky.

A lot may be learned about the craft of gin as well.

4. Panda and Sons

Panda & Sons, has quickly established its name as one of Edinburgh’s top tasty cocktail places. There is also a record shop and a label housed there.

Courtesy – Panda and Sons

Come inside and order from their wine club or one of their “Life is Peachy” drinks. They have a sizable assortment of delicious cheese and crisp wines.

When seeing Edinburgh, most tourists miss this area, which is kind of like a hidden gem.

This prohibition-style speakeasy combined with a vintage barbershop serves some of the most inventive cocktails in the city under the direction of award-winning mixologist Lain McPherson. 

5. Devil’s Advocate

A sophisticated and charming Edinburgh bar.

This Victorian pump house-turned-historic city structure is tucked away on Advocate’s Close, a hidden gem off the royal mile, and has been renovated into a hip, cosy, and contemporary pub.

This whisky bar is a sought-after location for an evening cocktail. It is tucked away down an alley just off the royal mile.

After checking out all the greatest things to do in Edinburgh bars, it’s the ideal spot to go for a late lunch and cocktails. The top mixologists in the city may be found at the Devil’s Advocate.

The Devil’s Advocate is the place to go for whisky and cocktails lovers who value quality in Edinburgh.

When we started conversing with the highly competent bartender, he revealed that all of the cocktail syrups are hand-made, making them incredibly fresh. One of Edinburgh’s top bars for a martini is this one.

You must sample some of the available Scottish whiskies, whether you’re a whisky expert or a novice. This is what makes this location well-known.

6. The Dome

The Dome
By The Dome

One of Edinburgh’s first significant bars, coffee shops, and Edinburgh restaurants is The Dome.

Despite being in the fancy bars, it exudes maturity and a vintage vibe that is difficult to replicate.

The structure is beautiful, with gigantic outside and interior pillars, chandeliers, an open bar, and a space for light bites in the main room with the enormous glass dome above.

The entire establishment not only has a stunning appearance but also a top-notch drink menu. Once here, be sure to stop by for their afternoon tea and cocktails about lunchtime. 

A more formal eating space with a good reputation is also located inside the main dome.

There is a sidebar that was formerly known as Frazers and has been updated to look more contemporary.

A terrific cocktail bar, Frazers had a wonderful collection of shakers on display.

Despite the lack of the cocktail shaker collection, it’s still a lovely place, and they still produce a great cocktail menu.


The greatest bars in Edinburgh are now at the top of our list!

These locations are perfect for grabbing a drink, whisky rooms after work, or clinking glasses at happy hour, whether you want some malty beer, mai tais, or Sauvignon Blanc.

If you want to know more best-hidden gems for bars and clubs in Edinburgh:- OLd Town, Cold Townhouse, Last Word Saloon, ( 44 St Stephen Street ) Princes Street Gardens, Bon Vivant, Paradise Palms, and Raging Bull are some of the other best options that you can check out. 

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