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Bars Near Union Station: 13 Bars to Try Out

It isn’t easy to characterize the nightlife of bars near union station Toronto’s bars as anything specific. This huge metropolis of today is both a memorial to its traditional past and a birthing ground for its modern future, and this dual nature penetrates every aspect of the city.

The most populous city in Canada offers various options for selecting bars near Union station seats and placing an order for a beverage. Nor should you take note of the flourishing craft beer and cider industry and the world-class wine cellars, you should also set aside some time to experience some high-concept mixology and everything in between.

If you are searching for a few spots to knock back a few drinks on your next vacation, pub food, determining good pub food and where to begin your search will be the only difficulty you will have. You won’t have to waste too much time deciding where to go since the editors of this website have compiled a list of the best bars near union station for you.

1. Food of Bars Near Union Station

bars near union station
Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash/ copyright 2018

Food, art, culture, and entertainment are just some of the many different experiences like library bars, hand-crafted cocktails, library bar, rogers centre, sports bars, loose moose, piano bars, and Roy Thomson Hall that can be had in Toronto, which is consistently ranked as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

The city takes great pleasure in its active nightlife, which has many restaurants, pubs, and discotheques that provide nocturnal entertainment on Tuesday nights. If you find yourself in Toronto, there is no shortage of pubs and nightclubs where you may spend an evening that will live long in memory.

There is a great deal of variety in the city of Toronto’s nightlife industry, which ranges from opulent nightclubs with live music to bars specializing in mixology. After the sun goes down, the city provides many opportunities for fun, and the options available will leave you feeling spoiled.

If you’re searching for the greatest bars near union station, check out our rundown of the city’s top nightlife locations, which cover various preferences and provide something for everyone. The following is a list of the best 13 bars near Union Station that will make your night out on a Saturday night amazing and memorable:

2. Which are the Bars Near Union Station?

2.1. Sansotei Ramen

bars near union station
Courtesy: Sansotei Ramen

Originally from Kyushu and Hokkaido in Japan, Sansotei is a Canadian firm that makes traditional Tonkotsu Ramen.

Their closeness to Toronto’s Union Station and high level of service made them the top option. In 2012, Sansotei launched its first Canadian location in the heart of Toronto.

Since then, many critical and paying viewers have commended their originality and fresh perspective on art. Sansotei’s mission is to provide the finest ramen possible while encouraging a culture of hard work and devotion.

They provide a wide selection of delicious sides and well-liked Japanese alcoholic drinks to complement their exciting ramen; you may choose between thick and thin noodles; the pig bone broth is cooked from scratch daily. The restaurant’s tonkatsu is a fan favourite among diners with varying tastes and a rec room. This meal includes chashu, green onion, black fungus, and an egg.

We recommend Spicy Tantan to all extreme heat and spice lovers.  This dish includes chashu, ground pork, an egg, bamboo, shoot, and chilli. When you come back, don’t be afraid to explore new territory and give anything else a go in addition to the regal Alexandra theatres.

The restaurant space of Sansotei Ramen is elegant. The room is spotless, and the high ceiling gives it a contemporary feel. The side booths make it easy for customers to relax and enjoy their time at Sansotei. The helpful and competent wait staff is a major plus for patrons at this restaurant.

2.2. Ki Modern Japanese + Bar

bars near union station
Courtesy: Ki Modern Japanese + Bar

Sushi, small Japanese dishes, and wonderful shared meals are all on the fascinating and contemporary menu at ki king west modern Japanese bar and a new pub with a nice interior and serving drinks.

A clever and cutting-edge design integrates a high-profile bar and lounge area, two elevated dining rooms, and Toronto’s most dynamic sushi counter into the space.

It also has three stunning private dining rooms that can accommodate anywhere from eight to thirty people and outdoor bars near union station’s most important avenues.

2.3. Reign

Reign is a celebration of the wealth of Canada with three eating experiences, including a restaurant, a wine bar, and a bakery. It is a fitting homage to the timelessness of Fairmont Royal York.

2.4. Jump Restaurant

The aesthetic of Jump is a hybrid between traditional and cutting-edge contemporary eclecticism. The sky-high glass atrium provides the ideal setting for our globally inspired food, dramatic lighting components, trademark New York-style bar, and courtyard terrace.

Jump is well-known for its hand-made pasta, meat and seafood from local suppliers and seasonal vegetables.

In addition, the restaurant is always developing new, exciting recipes while maintaining its reputation for serving hearty, straightforward, and flavorful cuisine.

2.5. Canoe Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant and bar at the Canoe. Canoe has received widespread accolades for being one of the greatest bars in Canada and can be found near Union Station. Its extraordinary position atop the TD Bank Tower offers a stunning view of the city and Lake Ontario.

The style, which was first conceived by renowned designer Yabu Push Elberg and most recently updated by Solid design creative, is uncluttered and uncomplicated yet fashionable; it is an excellent representation of Canada’s diverse and raw natural surroundings.

The same genius is represented in the tastes and textures of Chef Ron McKinlay’s innovative regional Canadian cuisine, which he creates from ingredients from around the country.

2.6. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar – Esplanade

 bars near union station
Courtesy: The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

The steaks at The Keg Steakhouse & Bar are of the highest quality, having been dried-aged to increase their softness and then cooked to perfection.

The prime rib at Keg is famous for being slow-roasted, sliced by hand, and seasoned to perfection with unique spices that are only available at Keg.

This restaurant is well-known not just for offering delicious seafood but also for its tempting appetizers, fresh salads, and decadent desserts. The Keg Steakhouse & Bar is known for having a relaxed atmosphere, a kind and welcoming staff, and being very knowledgeable.

Guests may take advantage of the outstanding wine selection, distinctive Keg martinis, and freshly squeezed juice drinks available at the bar, which is located in a lively and upscale setting. The dining area has a very comfortable and fulfilling ambiance.

2.7. Bymark

Bymark, which can be found tucked away in the atrium of Mies Van der Rohe’s ultra-modern TD Towers, is the ideal representation of the vibrant spirit of Toronto’s thriving financial sector.

During the day, the bar is bathed in sunlight and decorated with a combination of leather and wood; during the night, the atmosphere is transformed into a striking contrast of candlelight and the surrounding skyline.

The sparkling dining room dazzles with a design by Yabu Push Elberg that has stood the test of time, and it serves as both the focal point and the stage for an unforgettable dinner.

The fresh and ambitious menu that Chef Brooke McDougall has created features elevated versions of comfort food made with premium ingredients. The menu has a variety of meals, some of which are considered hallmark items, such as butter-braised lobster poutine and the traditional Bymark burger.

Other options include miso-roasted sea fish and hand-made pasta. Bymark’s vast wine selection skillfully complements the cuisine’s flavour profile with choices hand-picked by the sommelier to complement every meal or event. The cocktail menu is always being updated, and it now features delectable new concoctions that the best ingredients and our team of award-winning mixologists have inspired.

2.8. Stratus

One of the best-kept secrets in Toronto is the high-rise condominium complex known as Stratus. Since it opened its doors more than a decade ago, Stratus Restaurant has been delighting diners with its outstanding food and unmatched level of service.

While your visitors enjoy the amazing views of the city, harbour, and islands, we encourage you to try some of our outstanding meals from all over the globe.

These dishes are sure to wow and awe your guests. Your time spent eating with us will be unparalleled, thanks to the efforts of our wait staff and chefs. The possibilities are endless at Stratus.

2.9. Clockwork

This is the best among all bars in union station; it also accommodates lunch bookings and weekend afternoon tea reservations.

Clockwork Mont Royal York is a stylish, easy luxury — a place to see and be seen and watch lobby life develop. They provide sparkling beverage offerings, as well as elegant urban cuisine.

2.10. Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill, Yonge & Front

Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill, Yonge & Front, is a destination site for the tastemakers of Toronto, the movers and shakers of Bay Street and neighbourhood residents alike.

It is only a few steps from the Scotiabank Arena, Meridian Hall, and the Financial District. The enormous dining area has been subdivided into many intimate corners and furnished with a combination of high tops, leather banquettes, and community tables.

This downtown establishment’s chic “see and be seen” bar, lounge, and wraparound terrace provide the ideal setting for after-work cocktails, informal group dinners, and romantic evenings for two.

2.11. Harbour Sixty

The iconic Harbour Sixty Steakhouse can be found in the city’s historic Harbour Commission Building. It is known as “the steakhouse that defines Toronto.”

In August of 2009, Harbour Sixty underwent significant remodeling, resulting in a timeless, exquisite interior, contemporary, and abundant amenities.

2.12. Bar Le Germain

The Butcher Chef, located at 8 Harbour Street and just across the street from the Scotiabank Arena, is the epitome of what a boutique fine-dining steak restaurant should be. This restaurant takes its cues from traditional butcher shops and serves up some of the best cuts of meat and fish, along with an extensive wine selection.

There are choices for both à la carte and tasting menus available, and both will be served to your table by a service crew that is both very experienced and careful. The atmosphere is prepared for a one-of-a-kind experience with plush brass accents, deep, rich black walnut wood, cozy banquettes, marble surfaces, and crystal chandeliers.

The Butcher Chef will undoubtedly satiate even the most discerning of your senses. Making reservations in advance is strongly encouraged, and guests should dress appropriately for the occasion.

2.13. The Butcher Chef

Prepare yourself for a surprise! Chef Johnson Wu is excited to invite you to sample the one-of-a-kind flavor Pro flavour has created for his most recent fusion menu.

This will be an evening out that you won’t soon forget, especially when you pair one of our unique cocktails with our prime location in the middle of Maple Leaf Square.

3. Conclusion

The residents of Toronto are big fans of both alcoholic beverages and wine.

If you are the kind of tourist who enjoys kicking back at a bar while sipping on some delicious wine or cocktails, you should promptly create an agenda for your trip and make it a priority to stop in as many bars as possible.

Attending Barcode Saturdays is an absolute must. If you want most of the experience and the chance to party like a star, you should obtain a VIP bottle service. In Toronto, you won’t have any trouble finding a spot to drink, whether looking for a quaint watering hole, a lively brewery, or a plush hotel lounge.

The city has a wide variety of drinking establishments. The city’s nightlife culture teems with inventive bartenders, cutting-edge cocktail menus, and surroundings that make you want to remain after the sun has set. There are a lot of great bars in Toronto, and many of them encourage you to bring both your thirst and your hunger since they have excellent food menus that give you a choice to remain for a meal.

Continue reading OpenTable’s recommendations of the best restaurants in Toronto to visit for low-intervention wine, created with little involvement from the winemaker, flawlessly crafted old-fashioned cocktails or locally brewed beers.

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