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Breakfast in Ottawa: 13 Great Restaurants

There is no doubt about Canadians’ love for options when it comes to dining. Canada’s restaurants are bursting with variety, blending different racial groups, culinary regions, and cultural traditions into scrumptious (often fried) mashups. And few people have second thoughts about their preferred go-to places when it comes to the most significant meal of the day. You may have an egg-cellent start to your mornings in Ottawa, which is home to a variety of mouthwatering brunch spots.

1. 13 Great Places for Breakfast in Ottawa

There are many restaurants for breakfast in Ottawa that serves the food you’re craving, whether it’s sweet pancakes, a traditional egg breakfast, or something unique. If you’ve tried a few of these breakfast restaurants in the city, you might consider yourself to be quite the foodie.

When visiting Ottawa, be sure to pack an appetite because the city’s delectable cuisine is legendary. The city is a foodie’s paradise, offering a wide variety of affordable international and Canadian cuisine. The next day you might try an exotic new meal while eating a fresh vegan diet, but if you’re craving comfort food, you won’t have to travel far.

1.1. Elgin Street Diner

A fantastic location with delicious food that is open 24/7, offers breakfast all day and has excellent milkshakes. However, the one feature that distinguishes ESD from the rest is the option to upgrade your breakfast to a side of poutine rather than home fries. Or simply place your order for the hangover breakfast.

Elgin Street diner, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Elgin Street Diner

It will undoubtedly eliminate your hangover! In the early morning hours, this diner is also fairly busy, but on Saturday and Sunday, business is pretty much nonstop. In my experience, the service has always been quick, so if you’ve never tried poutine before, you should try it out.

1.2. Zak’s Diner

This restaurant or brunch spot is fantastic with amazing breakfast; Zak’s Diner offers an all-day breakfast, is open 24/7, and serves excellent milkshakes. One can genuinely state so if you’re searching for what some people like to refer to as “Drunch,” or Brunch while Drunk.

Zak's, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Zak’s

This site is crowded in the early morning, but if you have some patience, you’ll be alright. This diner in Ottawa describes itself online as “locally world-famous” and is essentially a city institution. Omelettes, breakfast burritos, pancakes, hash browns and more items are available on the extensive breakfast menu.

1.3. Wilf and Ada’s

The ideal time to go to Wilf and Ada’s, a great breakfast place, is early on a weekday because it’s super fresh and always has a line-up. Put your name on the list if there is a wait and grab a coffee at Arlington 5, their sibling establishment across the street. Try their frittata for the day.

You should arrive early at this charming cafe because they only serve breakfast and lunch and do not accept bookings. Classics like french toast and egg dishes as well as breakfast burgers and other breakfast sandwiches are available on the menu.

1.4. Bramasole

Bramasole is by far people’s favourite spot to eat breakfast. It’s a charming small dive with quick service and consistently great food. It is exclusively focused on breakfast yet has everything else that they have.

Similar to Ada’s, it is only open and serves breakfast from 7 or 8 am to 3 pm, and if it is busy, there may be a wait. Usually, there isn’t a long wait! The cuisine at Bramasole’s rarely varies and it is not a chain. However, Bramasole’s is the place to go if you’re looking for a quick and simple breakfast with just the proper amount of grease to cure that hangover. Those who enjoy a large breakfast should try the Bram-Slam.

1.5. Kettleman’s

The top bagel shop in Ottawa! Try one of their bagelswiches or some Montreal-style bagels with cream cheese. You can always rely on Kettlemans because they are open 24/7/365.

Montreal Bagels, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Montreal Bagels

Even if it isn’t a true brunch, you may still enjoy many of your favourite delectable breakfast items. One should try their everything bagel with red pepper cream cheese next time you visit.

1.6. The Vanitea Room

This exquisite tearoom serves brunch and afternoon tea and has a variety of egg benedict options, including some in vibrant colours like pink and purple. Along with delicious scones and dessert, the location also serves afternoon tea.

1.7. Mati

This contemporary European restaurant, Mati offers brunch in addition to its expensive supper plates and seafood choices. The menu offers great food such as steak and eggs and vegetarian poached eggs in addition to sharing appetizers like lobster grilled cheese and maple bacon.

1.8. Fresco’s

It’s not the most costly, but it is a little more expensive than some, and the price is justified by the high calibre of the good breakfast here. Only the weekend brunch is offered here. Everyone can find something on the menu they enjoy, and if you prefer coffee, there are tons of great coffee selections! Local and fresh bread is used extensively in this place.  This is also a great place for dinner, appetizers, and late-night beverages! It makes total sense that they would execute brunch well!

1.9. Chesterfield’s Gastro Diner

Chesterfields, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Chesterfields

This charming breakfast eatery has unique furnishings that give it a vintage feel. You can choose from a variety of flavorful dishes, good food accompanied with sides, including Apple Cinnamon French Toast Crunch and Pan Rancheros with great service.

1.10. Soca Kitchen

If you like the thought of oysters for breakfast, you’ll like the raw bar options at this Latin restaurant, which also serves weekend brunch. In addition to various entrées like french toast and avocado toast, this great spot serves a classic Venezuelan breakfast.

1.11. Pubwell’s

Many people who have lived in Ottawa might not be familiar with this bar. It’s one of those locations that you probably haven’t seen unless you’ve been there or know someone who has. It’s a little-known secret that if you want some breakfast by yourself and have a book or newspaper, you can enter with them and the server—usually the only one for breakfast—will make you feel totally at home.

Pubwells, Website Screenshot
Courtesy – Pubwells

On the other hand, this particular pub breakfast deviates greatly from the norm. Many choices are available on the menu. You won’t probably ever have to wait to obtain a seat, which is the best part. It is quick, affordable, and convenient. It’s not that this eatery is unpopular or that Ottawans are breakfast snobs; it’s just that those of us that visit it like to keep it a secret! Only on weekends, and only until 2 pm, breakfast is offered.

1.12. Jax

Jax cozy bistro in Centertown uses regional food. Since there is limited room, arrive there earlier. Their specialties are sandwiches and the Don Fran Eggs Benny. In a cozy bistro, you may eat breakfast made with regional ingredients. Fried egg sandwiches, a veggie-packed hash, traditional eggs benny, and banana bread french toast are among the alternatives available in Jax.

1.13. Lexington Smokehouse and Bar

This smokehouse and bar launched a pop-up brunch where you may choose from a variety of menu items. Different egg sandwiches and bennies are available, as well as specialties like the Breakfast at Tiffany’s meal with smoked meat and sausage and home fries.

2. Other Facts About Food in Ottawa

Image by cattalin from Pixabay

In Ottawa, you may find food from all over the world on the menu, including Indian, Asian, Mexican, French, Middle Eastern, and fusion. With so many delicious bites to choose from, you can’t possibly try them all. But you shouldn’t skip Ottawa’s well-known cuisine.

The Obama cookie is a delectable treat not to be missed when it comes to Ottawa’s most well-known cuisine. The former US President visited Ottawa’s Moulin de Provence in 2009 to pick up some sweets for his family. Following his visit, the shortbread cookie in the shape of a maple leaf with the word Canada and red icing decoration gained fame and was given the new name “Obama cookie.” You can tell it tastes as good as it looks after taking one bite. Many travellers stop by to sample this edible keepsake.

In many spheres, including culture, entertainment, fashion, tourism, nightlife, and food and drink, Ottawa is a trend-setting, creative city that never stands still. To take full advantage of Ottawa’s culinary offers as soon as you land, arrange a food tour before you visit. Once you’ve identified your favourites, you may be sure to eat plenty of them while on vacation. Ottawa is famous for cooking food with fresh ingredients. Maple Bacon Donuts, Fried dough pastry at beaver tails, Breakfast tacos, Moo shu ice cream, baked goods, poutine and pancakes are amazingly famous in Ottawa.

3. Conclusion

Breakfast restaurants are a great hype in Ottawa. Make sure next time you visit this town, try these amazing breakfast places.



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