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British Royal Family and Gambling

British Royal Family and Gambling

Queens and kings have consistently been devoted supporters of the arts across history. They invest a lot in many sorts of recreation, from the theater to thoroughbred racing and gaming, bringing income and reputation to their preferred causes. Long before there became a lot more options for gambling, like online casinos (read more here), British monarchs were making wins and losses via gambling.

The world followed their lead wherever they chose to invest their time and resources, and many kings have been adamant in their pursuit of pleasure. It should come as no surprise that many of history’s kings had a fondness for wagering in particular because they were thrill-seekers of the highest degree.

While many famous kings and queens have indulged, a few have taken it a step further, becoming among the most lavish spenders in history. 

Notable among the times when the royals were on the radar for gambling is the incident known as The Tranby Croft Affair, also referred to as the Royal Baccarat Scandal, which was a British gambling controversy of the late nineteenth century that included the Prince of Wales, the then heir to the throne, Edward VII. A Scots Guards lieutenant colonel named Sir William Gordon-Cumming was alleged to have cheated at the game of baccarat at a home dinner in September 1890, which is when the scandal began.

Case study 1: King Henry VIII

Another good example of a British monarch with a penchant for gambling is King Henry VIII; This flame-haired monarch was notorious for being a wasteful spender and was an avid player of the medieval card game brag and the game known as “tables,” which was an early variant of backgammon.

Despite being notoriously unfortunate, he played not just against officials of his cabinet but also several foreign rulers. He lost £3,250 in just two years, which is equal to £1.58 million in modern currency.

There is no doubting the Royal Family’s immense fame and popularity, not just within Britain but throughout the world. Gambling, for example, is something people simply cannot be connected to because it doesn’t fit the stereotype of the Monarchy and its striking heritage.

Despite this, everyone is aware of the Royal Family’s protracted affiliation with horse racing. It would represent a great injustice to gambling if we failed to acknowledge the wide spectrum of qualities that have prevailed and even still abound in the Royal Family. Online gambling is incredibly popular now and has its benefits, making it a highly alluring choice for anyone who wants to play privately!

Horse racing

Image by B Snuffleupagus from Pixabay

Horse Racing is regarded as the pastime of kings within the UK and generates close to £5 billion in wagering revenue annually. Horse racing betting remains one of the most common sports betting options in the UK, even though this number is lower than it was ten years ago.

It’s not very clear if any current members of the Royal Family participate in horse betting, but it’s certain that the Queen had a sizable number of remarkable and high-performing jockeys in her stables. Over the past three decades, these horses have earned her about £7 million in winnings, and they continue to do so.

The visit of Prince Harry to Sin City

Image by D Thory from Pixabay

While he was in the US for military training in 2011, Prince Harry made his first trip to Las Vegas. One Saturday night, he found a way to squeeze a trip to the Tryst Nightclub into his busy schedule. The prince partied, drank, and played slots at a VIP area for a few hours. Amazingly, while he was there, no one saw him because he appeared to be a regular partygoer looking for some joy and entertainment.

Prince Harry arrived just before midnight, dancing and enjoying himself with his buddies while making the occasional bet and chatting with his security detail. He gave off the impression of being a jovial person who was totally at home. It’s difficult to imagine another Royal who might be pictured in a physical casino in that manner.

With time running out, the prince was eventually hidden away at a table in the corner as he began to draw a little less attention and eventually went to sleep in his hotel room around three in the morning.

Final thoughts

There has historically been some type of link between royalty and gambling, even though they can’t be said to adore poker, blackjack, or slots in particular. Whether we discuss the late Queen’s love of horses or the public’s fascination with betting on royal weddings, it’s obvious that royalty and gambling share a much more profound link than first appears!



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