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Brunch Spots in London: 19 Amazing Places to Start your Day

Brunch Spots in London

Brunch, which is eaten between breakfast and lunch, is a very cosy meal. You all put in a lot of effort during the week, so you deserve a relaxing and quiet weekend brunch.

The most important thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “brunch menu” is a nice meal selection and exploring new cafes.

Weekend mornings are for having a good time, enjoying bottomless brunches, and discovering all the hidden treasures in the city.

London boasts a wide variety of brunch options. London may legitimately be referred to as the brunch capital. It also offers all of the world’s cuisines, depending on your taste preferences.

On your plate, you can put a little bit of everything. So let’s check out various Brunch Spots in London.

Best Brunch Spots in London

Image by E. Dichtl from Pixabay

Brunches on the weekends are a pleasant activity to enjoy with friends and family. The experience is fantastic when people are together and exploring restaurants.

Some of the Best Brunch Spots in London are listed here.

1. The Good Egg, Soho

The Good Egg, a Stoke Newington popular restaurant that is now located in Soho, is renowned for its brunch menu with Tel Aviv influences.

What could be cosier than deliciously sweet French toast, challah buns, cornbread, a staple of Israeli cuisine, pita, hummus, tahini shakes, all-time classic za’atar fried chicken, and their legendary shakshuka and chocolate babka?

It’s a dish that everyone should try.

Address: Kingly Court, Ground Floor, London, W1B, 5PW

2. Cafe Murano, Covent Garden

Covent Garden is a leisure and shopping centre and home to numerous restaurants that have won awards.

A simple yet homely brunch meal is offered at this Michelin-starred eatery with an Italian flavour.

The best bruschetta, spaghetti, dishes, and smoked cheese toasties are served at Cafe Murano. Their ricotta pancakes with berry compote and tiramisu are to die for.

The quaint setting, leather banquette seating, and moderately priced brunch menu are ideal for couples or family outings.

Address: 36 Tavistock Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 7PB

3. Mr Bao, Peckham

For brunch bao? Sound lovely. The restaurant Mr Bao serves delicious bao buns in a Taiwanese-style setting.

Everyone’s favourite is their bao benedict with slow-braised pork, which is their variation on the well-known British breakfast dish, eggs benedict.

Mr Bao is a nice location to hang out with friends. However, it is frequently booked.

Courtesy – Mr Bao

The Full Taiwanese is a must-try dish; it comes on a plate with sausage, spring onion pancake, smoky bacon, Asian beans, a bao bun, and spiced eggs.

Ginger & garlic edamame and salmon onsen egg bao are more delicacies. They have a great list of cocktail menus in addition to the cuisine.

All you need is their plum wine, negroni and wasabi mary, their take on a bloody mary. You might even claim it’s the best brunch you’ve ever had.

Address: 293 Ryn Ln, London, SE15 4UA

4. Rovi, Fitzrovia

Who would have imagined that meat-eaters would find vegetarian food so delicious?

Rovi is one of those places that can help you in transforming a meal into something magical.

Rovi, a restaurant by Yotam Ottolenghi, is a place to go on a gastronomic experience. Thanks to the cosy atmosphere and carefully crafted beverage menu, you’ll want to visit again and again.

Jalapeño cornbread, a refined avocado toast with scrambled eggs, a banana bread sandwich, and manouri grilled cheese are among the items you must try.

Poached eggs with za’atar are some options you can try.

5. The Mandrake, Fitzrovia

For a vacation with your buddies to enjoy a tropical brunch menu, head to Jurema Terrace at The Mandrake.

It has a brunch offering and is tucked away in one of Fitzrovia’s unique lanes. With a hanging garden of Jasmine and Passionflower, the interior is magnificent.

You get the ideal holiday vibes from it.

Image Courtesy – The Mandrake

If you enjoy eggs, try their eggs benedict, royale with house-smoked salmon, or the classic Mexican breakfast dish huevos rancheros.

It consists of tortilla, guacamole & tomato chipotle salsa, on top of fried eggs. You can also choose fresh fruit salad. The traditional British breakfast is served well.

Their Scottish smoked salmon and streaky bacon are an absolute favourite.

For the main dish, you should try their brioche french toast and buttermilk fried chicken bun.

Address: 20-21, Newman Street, London, W1T 1PG

6. Where The Pancakes Are, London Bridge

Where The Pancakes Are everyone’s favourite spot, this is the place for you if you are vegan or following a gluten-free diet.

They use buckwheat flour and buttermilk in their regular recipe, which results in the fluffiest pancakes.

Their buttermilk pancakes served with maple syrup, are made with organic rice, dairy-free milk, and aquafaba. They are incredibly healthy.

Savoury pancakes can be ordered with baked beans, fried eggs, or poached eggs.

In addition to being healthier than wheat pancakes, buckwheat pancakes are much tastier.

7. Abuelo, Covent Garden

Earthy tones and warm colours dominate the interiors. It isn’t easy to find places that give off an old-school vibe. When it comes to the food menu, Abuelo does an excellent job.

Their vibrant brunch menu will transport you back to your childhood. The menu is inspired by South American-Aussie fusion food.

This establishment is run by an Australian mother-daughter team who are proud of their Argentinian heritage.

Their most popular dish is huevos divociados de Turco, a spicy version of baked eggs served with labneh, salsa Roja, chimichurri, smashed avocado, and crisp sourdough.

They also have vegan options.

Their coffee menu is worth checking out. It’s strong and plentiful.

Address: Abuelo, 26 Southampton Street, Convent Garden, London, WC2E 7RS

8. Dishoom, Covent Garden

Dishoom has revolutionized the perception of Indian Eateries in London.

People are attracted to this place due to its sweet gingery flavour combined with cream cheese and chilli jam.

Traditional Indian dishes are served at this eatery with a Bombay-style decor. Londoners enjoy Dishoom best for their bacon naan roll.

Image Courtesy – Dishoom 

Kejriwal, a fried egg on chilli cheese toast, is another excellent meal. To wash it down, lassi is offered.

You can choose between the bloody mary and the double from a small range of cocktails.

Visit this location for a pleasant Sunday brunch.

9. Aqua Shard, London Bridge

Can you think of anything better than having food with a breathtaking view? Brunch here is quite enjoyable, with various starters and main dishes.

The dinner menu is thoughtfully curated. One of the best brunches and London’s best brunch.

Their moist and juicy roast Hereford beef sirloin or grilled pork rib eye are great options for main courses.

You can begin with smoked mackerel mousse or sweet potato & cornish crab hash.

White chocolate parfait with mango and yuzu is the best choice for a sweet ending.

10. Sunday In Brooklyn, Notting Hill

Sunday in Brooklyn is famous for offering a lovely atmosphere along with friendly service in the American way. It serves American-style pancakes.

This restaurant is your top pick if you are craving pancakes made in a New York manner.

Try their famous buttermilk pancakes and crispy chicken sandwich if you are heading for brunch.

Also try the apple crumble made with granny smith apples, whisky, mixed nut crumble, and clotted cream for dessert.

11. Duck & Waffle, The City

Duck & Waffle is a must-visit when looking for a brunch spot in London.

The 24-hour restaurant at the top of Heron Tower offers a spectacular sunrise view.

You may have heard of Duck & Waffle from your friends and think it’s overrated because it’s a London Cliche, but don’t pass judgment until you have visited the restaurant.

Their spicy ox cheek doughnut and barbeque-spiced crispy pig ears are well-known.

Along with your choice of the main course, you can order a side of roast tomatoes and victorian sausage.

Address: 10 Bishopsgate, Liverpool Street, EC2N 4AY

12. Aqua Kyoto, Soho

If you have experienced Italian, Middle-Eastern, or Mediterranean cuisine, it’s time to broaden your horizon in terms of cuisine.

You must try Japanese cuisine if you want your mouth to explode with flavours.

One such spot is Aqua Kyoto, where you can try everything on the menu and still not grow bored. Another one of the best brunches in London.

Image Courtesy – Aqua Kyoto

There is something for everyone on the carefully designed menu of this Japanese restaurant. All sushi connoisseurs should visit this paradise.

The prices on the brunch menu are lower than those on the regular dinner menu. It’s an experience to eat here.

It would be best if you tried miso soup, tempura, chicken kara-age, sushi platter, and omakase sashimi.

Yuzu chocolate yoghurt mousse with matcha green tea is a must-try.

Address: 240 Regent Street, Soho, W1F 7EB

13. The Black Penny, Covent Garden

In terms of setting, mood, music, and, most importantly, the food, cafes are always cheery.

The food chilli is the core part of any café since it is how you show your love and joy. There are coffee varieties, french toast, toasted granola, chilli and garlic king prawn.

Their breakfast menu is extremely nice and features items like bubble and squeaks, grilled pork and sage sausage with barbeque sauce, rocket, and a fried egg, as well as eggs of your choice on toast with grilled halloumi and sauteed spinach for vegetarians.

Among their enticing hashes are the salt beef hash with green tomato chutney, spinach, and a poached egg, crispy duck hash with sweet potato and chilli, and wild mushroom & polenta hash with salsa verde, rocket, and poached egg.

You can also choose fresh juices. Here, you can spend hours relaxing with friends or even yourself without getting bored and unquestionably the best brunch in London.

14. Pavilion Cafe, Victoria Park

It would be best if you considered eating at this adorable Pavilion Cafe with a view of Victoria Park on your to-do list.

Due to the popularity of vegan cuisine, many customers are drawn to this restaurant’s intriguing plant-based menu. Its delicious baked goods are excellent.

It would be great if you tried their Cardamom Buns; the Sri Lankan hoppers are delicious.

15. Korean Dinner Party, Kingly Court

Korean Dinner Place is the place for you if you’re in the mood for a hearty meal.

It offered the finest Korean and Mexican fusion cuisine and was inspired by Koreatown in Los Angeles.

The best KDP special corn dog, hot and deep-fried with mustard, and al pastor, which is pork neck served with ssamjang, Asian slaw, and chilli relish, make it so good.

Every Saturday and Sunday, they provide bottomless brunch and bottomless prosecco, along with a round of Jinro soju.

Address: Top Floor, Kingly Court, W1B 5PW

16. Dipna Anand At Somerset House, The Strand

Dipna Anand is the place for you if you want a modern version of traditional Indian cuisine. The refined versions of Punjabi cuisine must be tried.

Image Courtesy – Dipna Anand

Drool-worthy dishes include vada pav, a Bombay favourite, and chicken tikka naan with masala fries.

There is also masala and bhurji (scrambled eggs) with crushed paratha. The beverage menu is pretty upscale. Please visit this location if you want a Punjabi spin.

17. 14 Hills, City of London

With its decorated décor and panoramic city views, 14 Hills is undoubtedly the best restaurant in London.

Brunch at 14 Hills, located on the 14th floor of Fenchurch Street, is incredibly excellent.

This contemporary European restaurant serves brunch with a two- or three-course menu with superb appetizers, entrées, and desserts.

Desserts that you absolutely must try include dark chocolate tart with creme fraiche or custard with salted caramel ice cream.

Sea bass, tartare, and salmon are all as delicious.

Address: 120 Fenchurch Street, City of London, EC3M 5BA

18. Bombay Bustle, Mayfair

It is worth experiencing the Bombay Bustle version of some famous Bombay cuisine.

Bombay Bustle is the absolute epitome of its name. Their cuisine is a celebration of flavours, rich in colour and flavour.

Their lamb keema with scrambled egg and sweetcorn, naan with black truffle shaving, and Sarah keema pao are to die for.

Desserts like an extravagant sundae with pineapple and cherry ice cream and an Indian-style tiramisu with gulab jamun are available. You’ll feel nostalgia for the food.

19. Megan’s, Kings Road

It’s difficult to determine whether customers enjoy Megan’s floral décor or Australian-inspired menu more.

If you go to any Megan’s location in London, you will see floral decorations everywhere.

Among the interesting options on the menu are the Piri Piri roasted cauliflower wings, the Turkish brunch fondue with bacon or sausage, the braised lamb hummus with flatbread, the shakshuka baked eggs with halloumi or chorizo, and the calamari with scotch bonnet mayo.

They feature an elaborate dessert menu; you may choose from a baklava sundae, lemon tart with blueberry compote and pistachios, Nutella and sea salt cookies, and half-baked cookie dough with pistachios, salted caramel ice cream, and Nutella.

Address: 571 Kings Road, London, SW6 2EB


When a city makes you feel at home, it’s because of the friendly locals who welcome you.

Think of London, and the first thing that comes to mind are probably the food, the shopping, the sightseeing, the city’s rich culture, and its history.

London is renowned for its variety of cuisines. London has a diverse community, and each cuisine is unique.

The eagerly anticipated weekend brunch is something that all Londoners look forward to. You can now enjoy brunch on a weekday as well; it’s no longer a weekend activity.

London seems to have become everyone’s favourite regarding the quality of services offered, and it might surprise you in many ways.

Londoners appear to have an endless desire for everything from avocado toast to shakshuka to sushi. It’s a big deal to eat brunch on a Saturday morning.

Make sure your brunch is wonderful because it can affect how you feel.

Nothing could surpass eating corn fritters & drinking mimosas while seated at a rooftop cafe on a bright day.




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