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Descanso Beach: 7 Incredible Activities to Do

A day spent at the Descanso beach is unmatched. It is incredibly reviving to spend time swimming, relaxing, and sunbathing while being surrounded by a refreshing ocean breeze. Catalina Island has long been a favorite holiday destination in California and is well-known among beach lovers worldwide for its upscale boutiques and tranquility on the island.

There may be magnificent beaches, thrilling activities, and tranquility of the kind that can only be found on an island. Descanso Beach is one of Catalina Island’s busiest tourist destinations as it is absolutely beautiful.

Each year, thousands of visitors flock here to stroll along the glistening white sand, unwind on padded chaise lounges, and go swimming in the crystal-clear waters.

Descanso Beach
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What to do at Descanso Beach Club on Catalina Island

As you will enter Descanso Beach Club, on your left, you will find a rental kiosk, where you can book a variety of activities that you want to do.

For four hours, you can rent kayaks (single or double), paddle boards, snorkel gear, and swim fins.

Additionally, they sell soft ice chest coolers, dry bags, shoes, wetsuits, and windbreakers that you can take on your excursion. Both of these options—renting them at the beach stand or booking them in advance online—are available.

Items to Pack for the Water

1. Water Shoes

They are a good item to pack. While the beach is stunning to view from the plush chaise loungers, entering the water can be difficult. They are a necessity at Descanso Beach Club due to their uneven terrain.

2. Water-floating Toys

The water is lovely and tranquil at this popular spot for snorkeling and snooker enthusiasts on the Pacific Ocean shore.

3. Pouch for cell phone

Cell phone pouch that is sand- and water-resistant. It’s usually a good idea to protect your technology while having fun if you’re going to be playing in the sand or getting wet.

4. Beach towel

If you prefer to bring your own quick-drying, sand-free towel, you are more than welcome to do so. Descanso Beach Club provides towels to patrons renting chaise loungers or cabanas.

7 Fun Tips

Here are the 7 great suggestions to make the most of your island getaway.

1. Collecting Sea Glass

One of the great works of art created by the ocean is sea glass. Glass fragments from shattered bottles, dinnerware, and shipwrecks make their way to the ocean floor where they form sea glass patterns.

This broken glass is rolled by the water over years, expertly shaping it into a frosted design with round edges. Its delicate and seductive arrangement has earned it the label “mermaid tears,” which is a clever moniker.

Sea glass is a fantastic illustration of how something broken can be turned lovely. Because of this, visitors to Descanso Beach like collecting the various hues and compositions that can be seen there. Include it on your day trip to Catalina Island; it’s a very distinctive pastime.

2. Snorkeling

The beach and water of Descanso Beach are both perpetually white and blue. As a result, tourists like packing their snorkeling equipment and going on adventures among exotic fish.

The best place to go snorkeling is the point to the left of the bay. Snorkelers can find a variety of fish, including garibaldi and calico bass, in these waters since they are so clean. Even sea lions run into people occasionally!

If you or a buddy don’t already have snorkeling gear, it’s easy to rent some close by. Don’t forget to bring your water shoes, as there are a lot of rocks on the beach.

3. Board Paddling

The finest location for those looking for a weekend escape is Catalina Island because of its exuberant combination of beach, sunshine, and beauty. Descanso Beach Club is among Catalina’s top spots for a day of recreation. It will give you the private Island feels.

Due to this, tourists adore renting paddleboards and taking in the breathtaking scenery. There are beautiful coves where you can paddle about and discover marine life like sea lions, sting rays, and other species.

4. Kayaking

Catalina’s coastal communities provide numerous kayaking spots. However, because there are no boats or other forms of traffic in the sea, Descanso Beach club provides an amazing kayaking experience. There is a facility nearby where you can rent kayaking equipment, and the courteous staff is always eager to answer your concerns and offer assistance.

Once you’re on the water, you’ll enjoy one of the nicest kayaking trips ever. All that is present is the crystal-clear ocean and the beautiful cliffs of Catalina Island. If you’ve never kayaked in the ocean before, here is the place to start.

5. Zipline Eco Tour

The neighboring zip line trip is for those who desire an adrenaline rush! You can glide safely across the intriguing, entertaining, and thrilling Catalina Island sceneries when you take this well-liked adventure holiday. You’ll discover interesting details about the island’s past and ecological system while flying at great altitude.

A Catalina Island trip that is both educational and full of lighthearted fun is offered by each guide, who has a kind disposition. The instructors will do a fantastic job of easing your worries and putting you at rest if this is your first experience with zip lining. This is one of the most talked-about activities on Catalina Island, and tourists of all ages have a great time doing it.

6. Libation on the Sand

Because this is one of the few beaches in California where alcohol may be served, this tiny price has significant advantages. That’s accurate, Descanso is now regarded as a private beach due to the fee. As a result, you can have the best beach holiday of your life while bringing your favorite drinks on the sand. The friendly staff at Descanso will provide you with excellent recommendations if you’re not sure what to drink. Excellent food and beverages are served.

One of the most well-liked beverages is the Cabana Colada, which is Descanso’s version of the Pia Colada. Alcohol from your supply is also OK. On Descanso Beach’s nicest lounge chairs, you can unwind after finishing your beverage of choice while taking in the scenery.

7. Casino on Catalina Island

Catalina Casino was built in 1929. The Catalina Casino has been exquisitely restored to its former splendor. It serves as a breathtaking reminder of Catalina’s illustrious past and is a symbol of the island’s history.

Locations for Food and Drink at Descanso Beach Club

You don’t even have to leave the beach to have lunch because there is a restaurant and bar on site. When spending time at Descanso Beach Club, quality and signature food and drinks are a must, and this venue more than meets that requirement.

Walk-in customers are also welcome at the restaurant and bar. There are vegetarian selections on the lunch menu, which is seasonal and diverse.

Descanso is one of the few spots in California where you can drink alcohol on the sand. As a private beach, Descanso has easy access for large groups. They serve wine and beer, and for larger groups, they even provide ice buckets of bottled beer.

Sleepy Avalon, Catalina Beach Town

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When visitors arrive at the island port, they are greeted by the charming harbor town of Avalon. Along the boardwalk leading to the beach and up into the island’s hills are vibrant stores. The harbor is lined with rows of neatly parked yachts that are dazzling white under the California heat.

Along with the abundance of lodging options, dining establishments, and gift shops, the harbor and the boardwalk’s benches and mosaic-tiled fountains make for great photo opportunities.

The Avalon Casino, a storied ballroom and theater from the 1920s, is Catalina Island’s crown treasure, standing like a pillar at the far end of the bay. Although there is a beach in front of Avalon’s boardwalk, Descanso Beach Club is a beach haven that can be reached by going just past the Casino building.

Rent Beach Cabanas and Lounge Chairs at the Descanso Beach Club

Private beach Descanso beach club offers day rentals for chaise lounge chairs. Parking oneself on the sand and just taking in the ocean sights is extremely relaxing and amazing.

The greatest option is the presidential cabana, but there are also other options, like the hillside and beachside signature cabanas, which are off the beach but still feature views of the ocean.


Descanso Beach is one of the top beaches in the world for a family vacation. There are so many things to do there that can be as leisurely or active as you like. Great food, novel beverages, stunning views, beaches, and activities like Catalina aerial adventure are all featured there.

The cost of renting the beach/ club area is worth it(a small entrance fee) to eat delicious meals and get drinks delivered while taking in views of the ocean.

It is highly recommended for groups or those searching for something unique for an anniversary or birthday because the presidential cabana was a true heaven. But the chaise loungers are more reasonably priced and come with the same fantastic beach service.

Overall, it will be a fantastic site and experience. The beach is kept immaculately clean. The attentive staff is extremely amiable.

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