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Explore Kingston upon Hull: 3 Fascinating Facts

Hull, also referred to as the City of Kingston upon Hull, is a city in the English county of Yorkshire’s East Riding. It is the 4th city in Yorkshire and the Humber region, with a population of about 260,000. Hull has a long history, a thriving arts community, and a robust economy.

The city of Hull, including its history, culture, & economics, will be thoroughly examined in this article.

1. History of Kingston upon Hull

Hull has a lengthy and colorful past that dates at least to the 12th century. The monks of Meaux Abbey established the city as a port in 1293 and swiftly developed into a significant commerce hub. Hull developed as one of the most significant ports in the 14th century.

Hull served as a crucial Parliamentarian bastion during the English Civil War. A lengthy war began when Sir John Hotham, the city’s governor, forbade King Charles I from entering the city in 1642. Although the city suffered significant damage during the war, it was soon rebuilt and kept expanding.

Ships from the city of Hull traveled all over the world in pursuit of whales throughout the 18th & 19th centuries, becoming a center for the whaling industry.

Since many of the ships used to carry slaves were built in Hull, the city also played a significant part in the Atlantic slave trade. However, the city’s participation in the slave market also caused it to become a hub of the movements.

2. Culture of Kingston upon Hull

Hull has a thriving cultural scene, with numerous theatres, music venues, & festivals happening all year round, including the very well-known Hull International Festival.

The festival presents performances of music, dance, theatre, and other genres by performers from throughout the world.

Hull’s annual Freedom Festival, which honors human rights and freedom, is another well-liked cultural celebration. It takes place in September. Together with a variety of seminars and discussions, the festival offers music, dance, & other performance opportunities.

The Hull Marina, a sizable marina that is home to several boats and yachts, is another notable landmark in Hull. The marina is a well-liked attraction for both locals & tourists because stores, eateries, and bars surround it.

The Hull Maritime Museum and the Hull & East Riding Museum are just a few of the city’s museums and galleries. For anybody interested in knowing more about Hull, these museums and galleries are a must-visit as they reflect the city’s rich history and culture.

3. Places to Visit in Kingston upon Hull

Along with numerous music venues, including the Hull City Hall & the Welly Club, the town is also home to several theatres like the Hull Truck Theatre and the New Theatre. From plays & musicals to concerts & comedy acts, these venues feature a diverse variety of activities all year round.

3.1. Bridge at Humber

humber bridge
Image by darkalfar from Pixabay

One of Kingston upon Hull’s top attractions is the Humber Bridge. The Humber Bridge, the fourth-largest solitary suspension bridge in the world, is situated in Kingston upon Hull, England.

The bridge connects Yorkshire and Lincolnshire and is more than 2,000 meters long.

From the ground, the bridge is gorgeous, and it provides a feeling of returning home.

3.2. The Museum Quarter 

The Hull Maritime Museum is a crucial component of the city’s Museum Quarter and is housed in the former Dock Offices. It uses replicas of paintings, sculptures, & fishing gear to explore the city’s marine heritage.

The museum’s collections cover Hull’s history of Arctic whaling, North Sea fishing, and maritime trade, and they range from the Bronze Age to the present.

Inside the Museum Quarter, you may also visit the Arctic Corsair, the Spurn Lightship, and Hull’s final sidewinder trawler.

Another well-liked cultural event is Hull’s yearly Freedom Festival, which honors human rights & freedom. It occurs in September and offers possibilities for music, dance, and other performances in addition to various seminars and conversations.

The town is also home to several theatres, including the Hull Truck Theatre and the New Theatre, in addition to various music venues, including the Hull City Hall & the Welly Club. These venues offer a wide range of events all year long, from plays and musicals to concerts and comedic performances.

3.3. Hull Maritime Museum

kingston upon hull
Photo by 43 Clicks North on Pexels

The Maritime Museum in Hull is open to visitors for free if you’d want to learn more about the city’s maritime history. The museum is located in Queen Victoria Square’s Victorian Dock Offices.

Designed by Christopher G. Wray, these offices with a nautical theme first opened their doors in 1871.

From the end of the 18th century until the present, the museum shows Hull’s maritime history. Together with magnificent ship models and spectacular artifacts of Hull’s whaling, fishing, and commercial trade, learn about the whaler’s craft called Scrimshaw & see a full-sized whale skeleton.

An active waterfront district, Hull Marina offers a wide selection of eateries, pubs, and stores. The marina is open for visitors to meander along or eat a meal while admiring the yachts.

3.4. Ferens Gallery of Art 

The award-winning Ferens Art Gallery, which was founded in 1927, combines famous permanent holdings with a lively schedule of traveling shows.

The gallery offers a variety of educational programs and events, including lectures and workshops, and the exceptional permanent collection of artwork at the gallery includes works from the middle ages to the present.

They include British modern and contemporary art, including video, portraiture, maritime paintings, and particularly Dutch & Flemish artists. The works of Frans Hals, Stanley Spencer, David Hockney, Helen Chadwick, and Gillian Wearing are among the highlights.

3.5. Hull Cathedral 

Courtesy: Unlimphotos

A place for worship, enjoyment, exploration, and belonging, Hull Minster is both a magnificent structure and a thriving, ethnically diverse congregation of God’s people.

They adore being able to offer a variety of worship styles, from traditional to contemporary, both on Sundays and during the week.

If you’re in the area, stop by the café, Minster Kitchen, which is open whenever the Minster is open, and savor a delicious array of homemade soup, scones, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods.

3.6. Skidby Museum and Windmill

An operating four-sailed tower windmill with excellent views of the Wolds, Skidby Mill is situated on more than an acre of ground. It is remarkable for the mill to have all of its original outbuildings still.

3.7. The Deep

Hull is home to the renowned aquarium known as The Deep. More than 3,500 fish live there, including sharks, rays, & turtles.

In addition to interactive exhibits, the aquarium features a glass tunnel leading visitors into a 10-meter-deep tank.

3.8. Old Hull Town

hull old town
Photo by Angela Baker on Unsplash

A historically significant area of the city, Hull Old Town, was first settled in the middle ages.

It has several stores and cafes, as well as old buildings and narrow streets. Hull Minster, as well as the Hull Maritime Museum, are a couple of the Old Town of Hull’s noteworthy landmarks.

It has several stores and cafes, as well as old buildings and narrow streets. Hull Minster, as well as the Hull Maritime Museum, are a couple of the Old Town of Hull’s noteworthy landmarks.

4. Final Note

There are many places to visit in Kingston Upon Hull like visiting the river Hull, Hull city council, east Hull, west Hull, Hull city center, Hull ferry terminal, Queen’s Gardens, Queen Victoria Square, King’s Town, Hull College, Pearson park, Junction dock and many more.

Kingston upon Hull offers tourists a wealth of sights and a long cultural history. These are but a few of Hull’s numerous attractions where everyone may find something to enjoy in this dynamic city, regardless of their interests in history, art, or nature.



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