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Famous Art Gallery in Saskatoon

art gallery in Saskatoon

The art gallery in Saskatoon is a sight to behold.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, is a vibrant city known for its rich culture, diverse community, and stunning natural beauty.

One of the city’s thriving art scene highlights is its famous art galleries that showcase a diverse range of artwork from both local and international artists.

Art galleries in Saskatoon provide a welcoming environment to explore and appreciate contemporary and traditional art.

Let’s take a look at some of Saskatoon’s best art galleries, including the renowned Remai Modern, commercial and artist-run galleries.

Art Gallery in Saskatoon

1. Exploring Modern Art at Remai Modern Gallery

Exhibition In Remai Modern Art Gallery.
Photo on Remai Modern Art Gallery

Remai Modern, which opened in 2017 is located in the River Landing district of Saskatoon.

It is a world-renowned new art museum with an impressive collection of contemporary and modern art.

With its striking modern architecture and stunning views of the South Saskatchewan River, the museum’s design is a work of art.

The museum opened in October 2017 with the support of a donation from the Ellen Remai Foundation.

The contributions to the Ellen Remai Foundation support the museum’s collection and programming

A Comprehensive Collection of Western Canadian Artists

Remai Modern’s permanent collection includes over 8,000 works of art by renowned international and Canadian artists.

The collection emphasizes contemporary art from around the world, with a particular focus on Indigenous and Canadian art.

The museum’s collection, including paintings, sculptures, photography and media art provides a broad look at the evolution of contemporary art over the years.

Among Remai Modern’s collection is a set of linocuts by Pablo Picasso, the renowned Spanish artist.

collection of Picasso linocuts is on display at the museum, offering visitors a rare chance to see these original works of art up close.

The Art Scene in Saskatoon: From Local to Global

Remai Modern hosts a variety of temporary and group exhibitions that feature emerging artists from all over the world.

The dedication of Remai Modern to promoting contemporary art and providing a platform for emerging artists makes it an important part of the Saskatoon art scene.

Remai Modern also features innovative and functional interior design, making it a welcoming space for visitors to explore.

The museum also offers a range of amenities, including a gift shop, cafe, and free Wi-Fi for visitors.

Remai Modern’s world-class collection, stunning architecture, and commitment to promoting emerging artists make it a true gem in Saskatoon’s art scene.

2. Invest in Art: The Best of Commercial Art Gallery in Saskatoon

Saskatoon commercial art gallery offers a venue for both emerging and established artists to display their work and their exhibitions.

It also allows visitors to purchase original pieces and support the local arts community.

People looking to invest in art or add to their collection will find a diverse range of works from both local and international artists at commercial art galleries.

Let’s take a look at some of the commercial art galleries in Saskatoon:

(a) Darrell Bell Gallery

Darrell Bell Gallery is a highly regarded commercial art gallery in Saskatoon that exhibits works by some of Western Canada’s most prominent contemporary artists.

The gallery exhibits a various styles and mediums, including paintings, sculpture, photography, and mixed media works.

Visitors to the Darrell Bell Gallery can expect to be dazzled by the impressive collection of original and unique pieces on display.

(b) The Art Placement

The Art Placement Gallery, Saskatoon.
Photo on Art Placement

Art Placement is another high-end commercial art gallery in Saskatoon that has been a part of the Saskatoon art community for over 40 years.

The gallery’s aim is to exhibit the work of established and emerging artists across Canada, focusing on contemporary art.

(c) The Collector’s Choice Art Gallery

The Collector’s Choice Art Gallery in Saskatoon is a hidden gem in Saskatoon’s Riversdale neighbourhood.

The gallery focuses on original works by local and regional artists, such as paintings, sculptures, pottery, and other unique pieces.

The Collector’s Choice Art Gallery is well-known for its warm and inviting atmosphere, and also its dedication to showcasing the best of Saskatchewan art.

(d) The Gallery/Art Placement Inc.

The Gallery/ Art Placement Inc.
Photo on The Gallery/ Art Placement Inc.

The Gallery/Art Placement Inc. is a joint venture of two of Saskatoon’s premier commercial galleries, Art Placement and The Gallery.

This innovative collaboration of art galleries brings the best of both galleries together, showcasing a diverse range of contemporary and modern art in a beautiful setting.

The Gallery/Art Placement Inc. visitors can expect to be impressed by the extensive collection of works on display including sculpture, and mixed media pieces by some of Canada’s most exciting artists.

With so many high-quality commercial art galleries in Saskatoon, it’s no surprise that the city has become an oasis for art lovers.

3. The Hidden Gems of Artist-Run Galleries in Saskatoon

The artist-run gallery in Saskatoon is often run by the artists themselves and focuses on showcasing the works of emerging artists.

The exhibitions of artist run galleries can be innovative, thought-provoking, and even controversial.

Artist-run galleries allow artists to experiment and take risks without the pressure of commercial success.

Check out some of Saskatoon’s hidden gems in the world of artist-run galleries.

(a) AKA Artist-Run Centre

AKA Artist Run Centre, Saskatoon.
Photo on AKA Artist Run Centre

AKA Artist-Run Centre is a place of creativity and experimentation that exhibits the work of emerging artists from across the country.

The AKA Artist-Run Centre promotes critical discourse in the arts by hosting regular talks and workshops that encourage visitors to interact with the art community and explore new ideas.

(b) PAVED Arts

Paved Arts, Saskatoon.
Photo on Paved Arts

PAVED Arts, another significant artist-run gallery in Saskatoon, providing a platform for artists working with new media such as video, audio, and digital art.

The gallery’s focus is on the intersection of art and technology, with exhibitions and events highlighting the most recent innovations and creative techniques.

PAVED Arts visitors can expect to be inspired by the works on display and gain a better understanding of how technology is shaping the art world.

A visit to this gallery can be a rewarding experience as you get to see truly original and innovative works.

Visitors can also interact with artists who are passionate about their craft.

4. Exploring Saskatoon’s Other Prominent Art Galleries

While Saskatoon’s Remai Modern and commercial and artist-run galleries receive much attention, the city also has several other notable art galleries worth visiting.

These galleries showcase a variety of styles and mediums, ranging from contemporary to traditional Indigenous works.

(a) The Void Gallery

The Void Gallery, Saskatoon.
Photo on The Void Gallery

The Void Gallery in Saskatoon is yet another gem that provides a venue for local artists to exhibit their work.

The gallery’s primary focus is contemporary art, with exhibitions that are frequently experimental, thought-provoking, and engaging.

The Void Gallery also hosts regular events, such as artist talks and performances, that allow visitors to interact with the art community.

(b) The Kenderdine Art Gallery

The Kenderdine Art Gallery, Saskatoon.
Photo on Kenderdine Art Gallery

The Kenderdine Art Gallery is located on the campus of the University of Saskatchewan which features a mix of local and international works, with a focus on original Saskatchewan art.

The Kenderdine Art Gallery in Saskatoon is known for its extensive collection of works by prominent Indigenous artists such as Norval Morrisseau and Allen Sapp.

Visitors to the gallery can expect to be amazed by the collection’s diversity and depth, and also gain a deeper appreciation for Saskatchewan’s artistic heritage.

(c) Hand Wave Art Gallery

The Hand Wave Art Gallery, Saskatoon.
Photo on Hand Wave Art Gallery

Hand Wave Gallery is a unique art gallery located in Meacham, Saskatchewan, that focuses on showcasing the works of Western Canadian artists.

What sets the gallery apart is its emphasis on promoting the art of functional pottery, including tableware, vases, and other utilitarian pieces.

In December, the gallery transforms into a winter wonderland for its annual Holiday Exhibition, which also features an array of unique gift ideas.

The online presence of Hand Wave Gallery through its website and social media pages allows art enthusiasts to view and purchase their favourite pieces.

(d) The Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery

Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery
Photo on Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery

The Saskatchewan Craft Council is another notable gallery exhibiting the work of local artisans and craftspeople in pottery, glass, jewelry, and woodworking.

Visitors can explore and buy unique pieces created by local artisans, as well as learn about the history and techniques behind each craft.

Regular exhibitions and events are also held at the Saskatchewan Craft Council Gallery which highlights the work of both established and emerging artisans.

Art Galleries in Saskatoon: An Artistic Adventure

The art gallery in Saskatoon offers a welcoming space for children and provides engaging presentations to introduce kids to the world of art.

Visitors can easily browse the websites of art galleries to learn about current exhibitions, upcoming events, and their permanent collections.

With a focus to preserve and to promote the art and culture of the city, the art galleries in Saskatoon are a must-visit to explore the vibrant and thriving art scene in Western Canada.

So, spend some time exploring Saskatoon’s galleries, supporting local artists, and marvelling at the beauty of their works.

With so much to see and appreciate, you could find yourself lost in the never-ending wonder of Saskatoon’s art scene.

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