Fire Pits in Australia: Top 10 Amazing Options

Outdoor activities are common with fire pits in Australia. Summer barbecues and campfires provide occasions for people to get together. Fire pits on expansive decks, patio furniture, or lawns in backyards provide both ambience and an excuse to spend time outdoors.

Adding fire pits to your backyards will give you an opportunity to cosy up next to a roaring fire in the evening. A fire pit is a great addition to your outdoor entertaining area and is perfect for creating a homey atmosphere for afternoon hangouts or an evening of drinking.

They not only keep you warm but will also improve your mood and add to the ambience. You don’t have to stay inside anymore when it is chilly; a fire pit might be the solution to all of your cold-weather woes.

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A fire pit is a great idea whether you want to upgrade your outdoor spaces, need a small fire stove for camping, or have kids who constantly want to stay around a fire, grilling marshmallows.

There are numerous types of fire pits in Australia, ranging from substantial ones in the shape of tables that will last a lifetime to portable ones in the shape of bowls that can be used anywhere.

Fire pits in Australia come in both permanent and portable varieties. Get a fire pit, and you’ll always be prepared to host a grill or barbecue party. Fire pits in Australia foster a warm environment, offering plenty of heat on cold nights, and actively encourage social interaction.

Many Australian families enjoy spending time together unwinding, cooking, playing board games, participating in sports, and chit-chatting by a warm fire.

A fire pit is a great reason to host parties at your house. Summer’s pleasant weather only lasts three months in Australia. And as the summer draws to a close, the nights become a bit chillier.

However, the weather shouldn’t prevent you from going outside and missing out on the joys of interacting with others.

You can enjoy having a good time. You can enjoy hosting frequent outdoor gatherings in your back garden or other public spaces. Invite your loved ones and friends over to spend joyful evenings by a fire.

Here Are the Top 10 Amazing Options to Consider When You’re Getting a Fire Pit:

1. Ember Fire Pit by Cane-line

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Shop now at Cane-line

The tagline of this Danish business, “Life Made Comfortable,” says it all. The company specializes in producing high-quality patio furniture which will not only last for years but is also timeless and classy and will remain fashionable throughout.

A cast iron construction makes the free-standing fire pit strong and long-lasting even if it were left outdoors at the mercy of the elements.

It is super convenient because of its small size and retails for $1,200. That’s why it is considered one of the most amazing fire pits in Australia. If you want the complete campfire experience, a cast-iron lid, as well as a wire cooker grate, are also available for purchase separately.

2. Ozpig Series 2 Wood Fire Stove

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Shop now at Ozpig

The Ozpig company itself says that this is a smart Aussie innovation made by a family who enjoys being outside. Hearty appetites and a love of travel motivated the Shepherd family to create a one-of-a-kind, multipurpose kind of fire pit in Australia that provides convenience and limitless cooking options.

This fire pit is perfect for you if the campground is your preferred place to be. This portable charcoal barbecue can be used where an open fire is not allowed. This wood-burning stove is very versatile as the legs and chimney can easily be stored inside its belly. This camping fire pit is robust and long-lasting because it is made of pressed steel and is robot-welded. Retailing for $370, this one is definitely a steal!

3. Firebowl Console by Ivyline

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Shop now at Ivyline

Warm up your outdoor space with this stylish iteration from Ivylie. This option is perfect for rustic residences or outdoor areas that require a little personality. It is made of cast iron and created to look like a sizable fire pit bowl along with a fire poker.

Any outdoor space will look great with a traditional matte black fire pit, and this design is timeless and uncomplicated. It retails for £229.99 and will fit perfectly in any home, as its geometric look of it makes it an extremely versatile product.

4. Ercole Rainforest Green by Barazzi

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Shop now at Barazzi

This Scandinavian brand makes timeless modern pieces for the garden and home with exquisite simplicity at its core. The whole fire pit table is equipped with everything you need and is made of rubbed stainless steel and is considered one of the most amazing fire pits in Australia.

This campfire is one of the best because it has a grate for grilling and burning wood, a shelf next to it for stacking firewood, and a top that serves as a seat for food, beverages, and snacks in the backyard.

This is a fantastic option if you have space for a large-sized pit. This design is a timeless fire pit and a fine choice for a charcoal barbeque party. It is tall at 70 cm with a retail price of €51,400. The height allows you to stand next to it with a fire poker while remaining warm. It can serve as a beautiful accent piece if complemented by proper decor.

5. Fireside Portable Popup Fire Pit by BCF

Image by Ginny Sweeney from Pixabay

Shop now at BCF

This option serves as both a grill and a fire pit, allowing you to keep warm and guarantee that your stomach is satisfied while you’re out for your next outdoor adventure.

Because of its inventive construction, it is extremely easy to pack, and the carrying case makes transporting it a breeze. This product is definitely a camper’s best friend. It is affordable and retails for $149.99.

6. Fireglobe Fire Pit by Eva Solo

Image by Lynda Vincenti from Pixabay

Shop now at Eva Solo

Although the brand has been around since 1949, Eva Solo focuses on new ideas and styles. Henrik Holbaek and Claus Jensen, the two leading designers, claim that their approach to design is to always include “something extra” in the creation of each new product with the best prices.

The design is a novel twist on the traditional outdoor fire pits in Australia. The pit is both sculptural and avant-garde; it is portable thanks to an integrated handle that retails for € 399,95. The back shield provides wind protection, keeping the fire safe from the elements with ample space.

7. LeisureMod Mace Wicker Fire Pit Table by Walmart

Shop now at Walmart

The above open flame pit is best suited for a seating area outside. Crystal Hardscapes is ideal for placing near an exterior sofa or armchair since it keeps you warm and creates a sombre atmosphere.

It is handcrafted from fibreglass as well as a concrete block for stability and durability, and it comes with a 12-kg bag of 2-inch volcanic rock for the pit’s bottom. It comes with a retail price of $1,099.00.

8. Prism Hardscapes Fire Pit by Amazon

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Shop now at Amazon

Prism Hardscapes Tavola 6 Concrete Gas Fire Pit is the perfect way to spruce up your backyard with its sleek and modern design that adds a timeless and stylish look to any outdoor living space.

The Tavola 6 will be the perfect addition to any backyard, providing you with a stunning centerpiece for your gatherings and special occasions.

The fire pit is easy to assemble, providing you with a beautiful, functional feature that will bring your outdoor entertainment dreams to life. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows with the kids or hosting a dinner party, this fire pit is a great way to add a touch of style and sophistication to any outdoor space.

9. Jumbuck Round Steel Fire Pit

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Shop now at Bunnings

This outdoor fire pit has an extra-large bowl that emits heat in all directions, keeping you warm wherever you are. It is one of the most durable fire pits of most fire pits in Australia. Whether you have custom-built bucket seats or an exterior lounge area ice bucket, the low pit is the perfect focal point for an outdoor entertaining area.

Sustainable and clean burning, Ecosmart fires are the most environmentally friendly fires you can have because they use e-NRG bioethanol fuel. They provide a clean burning spark that can be utilized indoors with no soot or ash left behind that’s why it is considered one of the most amazing fire pits in Australia. It has a retail price of $89.

10. Lakeview Creekwood Gas Fire Bowl 

Lakeview Creekwood 48-Inch Oval Propane Gas Fire Bowl - Shale - SC-590LP-SHL
By BBQGuys Original

Shop now at BBQGuys Original

This BBQGuys pit will give your patio a dramatic touch along with warmth. It is the ideal addition to your entertaining area to give it a touch of pizazz. The fire pit is 60cm long with a retail price of $1,249.00.

The smokeless, corrosion-resistant eco-friendly flame creates a cosy, welcoming outdoor centrepiece that is ideal for a variety of events and seasons and is considered one of the most amazing fire pits in Australia. The heater is versatile and movable due to the lack of hard utility connections.

What Kind of Wood is Best for a Fire Pit?

The best kind of wood to heat inside an open-air fire pit is hardwood. Hardwoods like oak burn more thoroughly and produce fewer fumes than other types of wood. They also much more effectively conduct heat, resulting in a hotter and more powerful fire.

However, they are more difficult to begin a fire with, so if you’re a novice, you might want to start with softwood.

Are Fire Pits Permitted?

The laws governing outdoor fires vary by state and council, so be sure to do your research before purchasing. For instance, the Brisbane City Council’s Health, Safety & Amenity Local Law permits the installation of fire pits (off of the floor) in residential neighbourhoods as long as the smoke does not disturb nearby residents and the fire poses no danger to property or individuals.

Fire pits are permitted in NSW as “similar outdoor activities” even though they are not explicitly stated in the Protection of an Environment Operational processes (Clean Air) Regulation. Checking your local ordinances and remaining vigilant when a fire pit is present is our best advice whenever it arrives to fire pits Australia.

Why Are Fire Pits So Well-Liked in Australia?

The following reasons hint at why Aussies love outdoor fire pits.

They light their fire pits to set a romantic mood. Traditional dating conventions simply cannot match the romantic ambience created by the stars glinting above, the comfort of an elegant flame and the high temperatures that help to stay warm.

Australian couples spend hours conversing in front of the warm fire pits in Australia while cooking food and sipping cocktails, bottles of beer, or cups of coffee. And when you add barbecue and cooking, you have a memorable date.

One of the best ways to watch the big game in Australia, a country that is passionate about sports, is to start taking one TV outside and gather with your friends around a roaring fire pit.

Spending time with loved ones while watching a Friday night cricket or football game with friends is magical. Inside an open backyard, the jubilation, yelling, tension, but also celebration all come together to create an unforgettable experience. And in the middle of it all, there is always a warm fire.

Australians use fire pits to start creating light for parties as well as gatherings both inside and outside in addition to heat. Fire pits in Australia are indeed a familiar occurrence in backyards all over the country because they add a lot of atmospherics to the space.

We want our gatherings to last well into the night. Even when the sun sets, visitors prefer to remain longer.

However, it’s not always possible to have lighting outside, particularly if the party is being held away from home. To add on to the ambience created by natural daylight the use of fire pits in Australia, mostly in the backyard, is common.

Numerous families light backyard fire pits in Australia on chilly nights to heat their homes, gathering or no gathering.

Australians are acutely susceptible to the cold in the winter because Australia falls in the temperate zone. As a result, every home will have a fire pit that is ready for use. The soothing effect of a warm fire makes can make you feel relaxed and closer to your loved ones.

You might imagine that fire pits are only used in Australia during the colder months. No, they aren’t. All year long, Australians savour the warmth and light of fire pits.

Similar to adults, kids take pleasure in lighting fire pits in Australia. In the summer or the winter, both adults and children enjoy some snacks like toasted pancakes and hot dogs, and some more by the fire pits.

Even the straightforward task of assembling wood again for a fire pit can turn into an enjoyable activity. We love sports just as much as our parties. Whether it’s football, handball, or netball, young people can have fun next to a large fire in a public area or by the sea.

They can continue because the fire pit’s light is sufficient. The fire pit’s light allows them to keep playing into the night while also keeping them warm on chilly nights.

During the summer, insects like mosquitoes can be a major issue. So, to keep mosquitoes away from camping grounds or backyards, fire pits in Australia are frequently lit. In Australia, it’s also typical to burn and discard dried leaves and twigs using wood-burning fire pits.

Every chance they get, Australians explore their entire nation. All year long, they set up camp near various sites, including parks, mountains, and seashores. They always have portable fire pits in Australia with them when they go camping or RVing.

These mobile fire pits in Australia are portable and lightweight. Fire pits in Australia are powered by wood or propane. Because they are excellent for roasting food in addition to providing heat and light, people tend to favour wood-burning fire pits.

For use outside and to keep their RV warm on chilly nights, numerous RV travellers maintain portable fire pits in Australia. Although they may be smaller than typical fire pits, these still have enough heat and light to comfortably accommodate a small number of people.

In addition to preventing insects and animals from entering the campsite, these fire pits in Australia are useful for safety. Animals generally avoid fire. These are thus also employed for protection.

The campers don’t need to bring extra kitchenware like a foldable stove because fire pits in Australia are extremely versatile, and some models can be used to cook food as well. This minimizes excess baggage.

The adaptability of handheld fire pits is admirable in Australia. Whenever you go camping,  always remember to bring one. Australians have expansive backyards, great nighttime weather, and a sincere passion for grilling.

Often, most people cook over wood-burning fire pits in Australia during their late-night gatherings. It’s good to always have grilling supplies on hand, including grill grates, pots, pans, sticks, tongs, and tinfoil.

We either put a grill rack or wrap the food in foil paper to cook it on the fire pits in Australia. The aroma of barbecue and charcoal makes gatherings all around the fire pit even more enjoyable.

People devote their evenings around fire pits in Australia, celebrating various occasions with beer bottles and barbeque. Due to their love of cooking over open flames, Australians commonly invite their acquaintances over for any occasion.

However, because they prefer the true flavor of barbecue, they are not big fans of using propane fire pits to cook their food. In this area, wood-burning fire pits are the most common type of fire pits in Australia.



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