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Fish Creek Provincial Park: A Complete 101 Guide!

One of Canada’s largest urban parks, Fish Creek Provincial Park is situated in Calgary, Alberta and it offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as camping, over an area of about 13 square km. Let’s examine the camping choices offered at Fish Creek Provincial Park in this article.

The T’suu Tina Reserve at 37th Street and the Bow River’s banks in the east make up most of Canada’s largest urban park, which spans about 12 miles and separates older and newer suburbs.

The artificial Sikome lake and bathing area are located at the extreme east and southern ends. The Fish Creek, Environmental Study Center, hosts educational programs at the western end.

East of the property is where the Bow Valley Ranch Visitor Center and The Ranch, a classy sit-down restaurant, are located. There are many places to visit in Fish Creek Provincial Park like the Valley ranch visitor center, Bow valley ranch area, Fish creek flows, Environmental learning center, Valley rancher restaurant, Sikomi Park, Shannon Terrace, and different trails.

Lafarge Meadows, which was a gravel pit but is now a wetland habitat, is a section of Fish Creek Park. The Bow River boat launch, one of Alberta’s largest, is situated within the provincial park. This recognized trail runs through Fish Creek Provincial Park’s western section.

1. Fish Creek Provincial Park

There are several side paths that hikers can explore in addition to this excellent option for a concrete path. Being surrounded by so much wilderness and wildlife on this path makes it simple to forget you’re in a city.

With so much wilderness and wildlife nearby, it’s simple to forget you’re in a city when walking along this trail.

With a total area of 3,300 acres, Fish Creek Provincial Park is one of Canada’s biggest urban parks. The park, which is located in the center of Calgary, Alberta, provides visitors with a range of recreational possibilities, such as camping, hiking, biking, fishing, and picnics.

The park is a great place for lovers of camping because it has two campgrounds with a combined capacity of more than 300 campsites.

2. Location of Fish Creek Provincial Park

Image by Beverly Buckley from Pixabay

Access to Fish Creek Provincial Park’s amenities and trails is simple, thanks to entrances off of main highways in Calgary. The park is accessible through public transportation.

Reach 37th Street S.W., and travel west on Anderson Road. To get to 130th Avenue S.W., take 37th Street S.W. South. Then make the first turn right on Woodpath Road S.W. After turning left onto 130th Avenue S.W., Drive straight through the Park until you reach the foot of the slope, and to the right is the Environmental Learning Center.

Woodbine serves this center stop on Route 56 in Calgary. The Bow Valley Ranch Visitor Center, which may be reached through the Bow Bottom Trail, is situated at the eastern end of Fish Creek Provincial Park near Calgary, Alberta, T2P 0Y8.

Bow Bottom Trails South may be reached by taking Deerfoot Trail South. Until you enter Fish Creek Provincial Park, continue south on Bow Bottom Trail. At this point, the route has shrunk to two lanes & the speed limit has been reduced to 30 km.

Take the first right turn into the Bow Valley Ranch neighborhood after entering the park. Drive into the parking area, park, and then walk over to the visitor area. The Bow Valley Ranch Visitor Center is not accessible from Sun Valley Blvd.

3. Things to Do in Fish Creek Provincial Park

Image by Arul from Pixabay

Visitors to Fish Creek Provincial Park can choose from a variety of activities. Along with camping, you may go hiking, biking, fishing, & watching animals. The park has several simple to challenging paths that provide breathtaking views of the Bow River & the surrounding area.

So, if you’re looking for a wonderful place to camp in the Calgary area, check out Fish Creek Provincial Park. Visitors of all ages are guaranteed to have a fantastic camping experience at this location thanks to its two campgrounds, extensive amenities, and variety of outdoor activities.

Regardless of age or physical capability, Fish Creek Provincial Park offers a variety of recreational possibilities all year long. – Map

There are other picnic spots throughout the park with fire pits and restrooms, & Glennfield is the only place with picnic shelters that may be leased.

Fishing is allowed in the Bow River and Fish Creek, as well as wading, swimming, and playing on the beach in Sikome Lake. Other activities include rollerblading, which is not allowed inside buildings or on paved trails within Sikome Lake for the safety of other park visitors.

Fish Creek Provincial Park
Courtesy: Alberta Parks

The west end offers cross-country skiing paths appropriate for beginners and more seasoned skiers, as well as snowshoeing (optimal conditions in the west end) and walking/hiking on paved trails. In the park, tobogganing is not recommended.

Visitors can learn about and engage with the park’s 8,500-year human history at the Archaeological Interpretive Centre located inside the Bow Valley Ranch Visitor Center. Visitors get the opportunity to explore ancient and historical artifacts unearthed from sites throughout the park in this area, which features a variety of interactive archaeological displays & a working laboratory.

Enjoy Artisan Gardens, a place that pays tribute to Alberta’s history, nature, and art in a special and culturally relevant way by incorporating First Nations history, family, and the surrounding landscape. On full moon nights, have a romantic evening.

The Fish Creek Ecological Learning Centre and Bow Valley Ranch Visitor Center provide a variety of educational and public events.

4. Camping at Fish Creek Provincial Park

There are two campgrounds in Fish Creek Provincial Park: the main campground & the group campground. The group campground is situated on the park’s west side and is only open from May to October, whereas the park’s main campground is situated on its east side and is open all year.

There are 242 total campsites in the main campground, both serviced and unserviced. The unserviced campsites are in the center of the campground & provide a more basic camping setting. The serviced sites are scattered throughout the campground’s perimeter and come with water and electrical hookups.

Along with other amenities, the primary campground features restrooms, showers, fire pits, grills, and a playground. Along with access to the Bow River, the area has cycling and hiking paths.

Fish Creek Provincial Park
Image by Dennis Larsen from Pixabay

The group campground, which can house up to 200 people, is situated on the park’s western edge and is perfect for bigger groups or families that want to camp together. There are ten total campsites in the group campground, including two which are wheelchair accessible. Additionally, there are nearby restrooms, fire pits, and picnic shelters.

Both campgrounds accept reservations via phone or online via the Alberta Parks website, and you should book well in advance, especially if you intend to go during the busiest time of year.

Bow Valley & Canyon Meadows are the two campgrounds in Fish Creek Provincial Park. Both campgrounds include a variety of amenities and services, such as fire pits, picnic tables, and restrooms with hot showers. Canyon Meadows features 105 campsites compared to 160 at Bow Valley Campground.

There are both serviced and unserviced sites available at both campgrounds, and one can make reservations over the phone or online.

5. Hiking in Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park has more than 80 km of hiking routes, from short strolls to strenuous treks. Numerous interpretive paths in the park offer details on the history, flora, and animals of the area.

Fish Creek Provincial Park
Image by StarSilver from Pixabay

The Sikome Aqua Trail, the Bebo Grove Trail, & the Creekwood Trail are a few of the well-liked trails. The park’s paths are a fantastic way to discover the natural beauty of the area and are open all year.

6. Cycling in Fish Creek Provincial Park

With more than 30 km of concrete paths winding through the park’s natural parts, Fish Creek Provincial Park is a well-liked location for bikers. Walkways are a common resource for joggers, walkers, and bikers.

They are a terrific way to see all the things the park has to offer, and tandem bikes, child trailers, & mountain bikes are among the different types of bicycles that can be rented at the park.

7. Fishing in Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish from many species, including pike, brown trout, and rainbow trout, can be found in Fish Creek Provincial Park. The Bow River & Fish Creek are two of the approved fishing spots in the park where it is legal to go fishing.

Fish Creek Provincial Park
Image by Jörg Vieli from Pixabay

Fishing licenses must be current to be used in the park, and they may be obtained in several places there.

8. Picnicking at Fish Creek Provincial Park

Various picnic spots at Fish Creek Provincial Park are great for family outings and group meetings. There are picnic tables, fire pits, & restrooms at the park’s picnic grounds.

Visitors have the option of bringing their meals or shopping at the park’s concession stands.

9. Watching Wildlife in Fish Creek Provincial Park

Deer, coyotes, and beavers are among the animals that live at Fish Creek Provincial Park. Visitors have a fantastic opportunity to see & photograph these creatures in their natural settings in the park’s natural sections.

The wildlife is cautioned to remain at a safe distance from people as well as respect their natural surroundings.

10. Programs for Interpretation in Fish Creek Provincial Park

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Visitors to Fish Creek Provincial Park can participate in a variety of interpretive activities, such as led hikes, nature walks, & educational programs.

These initiatives aim to educate tourists about the history, geology, & ecology of the area, and the programs are available all year long. They are led by skilled and qualified interpreters.

11. Wintertime Recreation at Fish Creek Provincial Park

Image by Sung-Chan Kim from Pixabay

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing are just a few of the winter sports available at Fish Creek Provincial Park, which is open all year.

The winter paths in the park are groomed & maintained for user safety and enjoyment. Visitors are urged to bundle up for the cold weather and to be alert to any potential risks involved with outdoor winter sports.

12. Nearby Trails of Fish Creek Provincial Park

Over 80 kilometers of well-maintained, clearly defined trails may be found in the park. The trails are accessible all year round, & each season offers something unique. The park is alive with the sounds of birds and other wildlife in the spring when the trails are covered in wildflowers.

The park is a well-liked location for picnics and color door activities in the summer, and the fall foliage offers an amazing display of colors.

Cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and various other winter sports are available to tourists on the paths, which are converted into a winter wonderland in the winter.

12.1. The Trail to Glenmore Reservoir

Take a look at this 15.3-km loop path close to Calgary, Alberta, and it typically takes 3 hours and 43 minutes to accomplish this trip, which is thought of as being simple.

Both mountain bikers and hikers will appreciate the Glenmore Reservoir track because it is a respectably lengthy, moderate multi-use track. Users of all skill levels will love the nature & natural experiences that the area offers because this path along the reservoir is close to the city, especially when people don’t want to drive far to get there.

There will be numerous access spots to the river throughout the trail as it travels through fields, forests, bridges, and next to meadows.

Fish Creek Provincial Park
Courtesy: Calgary

Fifteen km of track near Calgary is mostly paved and split, making it possible for cross-country skiers, snowshoers, hikers, and runners to use them all year. The track splits off at a few more congested locations, allowing bikers and walkers to travel separately. This greatly improves everyone’s enjoyment of the experience.

Visitors will enjoy the views of the reservoir, rivers, and surrounding Heritage Park, thanks to the numerous viewpoints that provide excellent opportunities to see the breathtaking landscape. There aren’t many spots where the elevation changes are problematic, but there are a few sections that are a little steeper than one might anticipate, given the terrain.

There are many options to park or access this loop. However, this proven route does begin close to the nearest sizable parking lot with access to all amenities.

12.2. Trail of Oxbow

The nicest part about this region is the several options of trails to add on or subtract, depending on your needs. This loop in Weaselhead Flats provides a terrific day for adventures in the Weaselhead area plus the reservoir area, but tourists will want to note that the loop gets busy.

Fish Creek Provincial Park
Courtesy: Unlimphotos

The paved path that locals refer to as the ‘trunk’ and is a favourite of road cyclists is followed by this verified loop, with the major ‘branch’ veering right shortly after descending downhill and passing the bridge. There are other minor “branches” that follow that can lead in a variety of directions.

It’s crucial to be aware that dogs are only permitted on leashes on the Regional Pathway and are never allowed on any other Weaselhead routes.

12.3. The Bow Valley Trail

The Bow Valley Trail, which runs along the Bow River from the vicinity of Sikome Lake to the park’s western border, is one of the most well-liked routes in Fish Creek Provincial Park, and all ages and physical fitness levels can enjoy this flat, simple trail.

Fish Creek Provincial Park
Courtesy: Alberta Parks

Along the route, tourists can take in breathtaking views of the river and the park’s wildlife. The Bow Valley Trail is a terrific alternative for families experiencing young children or anyone with mobility issues because it is accessible for wheelchairs and strollers as well.

12.4. Bebo Grove Trail

The Bebo Grove Trail offers a more difficult walk with a more rugged and varied landscape. Visitors can travel along the river, through the forest, and up to a picturesque viewpoint point on this 6-kilometer circle walk.

Because of the trail’s moderate rating, hikers should prepare for some steep inclines & rocky terrain.

The reward for the exertion, though, is the trail’s breathtaking vistas of the park & the mountains in the area.

12.5. Hull’s Wood Trail

Image by Joe from Pixabay

Hull’s Wood Trail, which leads visitors through an established aspen grove and along Fish Creek’s banks, is another well-liked trail in Fish Creek Provincial Park.

This trail is suitable for families without young children or persons who want a leisurely walk because it is classified as easy. Visitors may see a variety of wildlife, including deer, beavers, owls, and coyotes, throughout the route.

12.6. Few Other Trails

Several shorter trails in Fish Creek Provincial Park provide quick and simple access to the park’s splendor.

For instance, the 1.6-kilometer Sikome Lake Trail loops tourists around the artificial lake in the park. All ages & fitness levels can enjoy this walk, which also provides an opportunity to see a variety of ducks and other species.

The Votier’s Flats Trail is another short trail that leads travelers through a wetland area that is a haven for numerous bird species and other wildlife.

Fish Creek Provincial Park
Courtesy: All Trails

Fish Creek Provincial Park offers a wide range of outdoor pursuits outside from hiking, including cycling, horseback riding, & fishing.

While horseback riding offers a special viewpoint of the area’s natural splendor, cycling around the park offers a chance to see its beauty at a speedier pace. Fish Creek is a well-known fishing location because it has many ponds & streams that are home to many fish species, including trout and pike.

Final Note

In summary, Fish Creek Provincial Park is a great place for campers to come since it provides a variety of recreational possibilities for visitors of all ages. The park offers activities for everyone, whether you want to take a tranquil nature walk or go on an exciting bike excursion. Therefore, prepare your belongings and travel to Fish Creek Provincial Park for an unforgettable camping trip.

Nature lovers & outdoor enthusiasts should visit Fish Creek, Provincial Park. The park caters to all interests with its vast selection of routes, breathtaking natural beauty, and numerous activities. Fish Creek Provincial Park is the ideal location for exploring and enjoying the great outdoors, whether you’re searching for a casual stroll or a strenuous hike.



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