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Guide to Camping in Portugal- 15 Best Campsite Locations

Camping in Northumberland

Portugal is a fantastic place to go camping. Everywhere that is crowded, and a lot of places that are peaceful have a good selection of campgrounds.

Camping in Portugal is fairly common. Around the beaches, particularly along the Atlantic coast, there are a lot of undeveloped regions.

1. Camping in Portugal

Small blue & white signs that point to approaching campsites are fastened to signpost poles. Almost all campgrounds require you to submit a form of identification and show your passport while checking in.

You were astounded at how accommodating Portugal is to camping. Honestly. Camping in Portugal is awesome, whether you’re taking a campervan, a car and a tent, or something else.

During the off-season, you spent two weeks driving a campervan all across Portugal. It was an incredible experience.

It’s difficult not to have a pleasant time camping in a gorgeous nation like Portugal when you combine sunny days, lovely beaches, and positive sentiments.

Portugal’s high level of safety is one of the key factors drawing so many people to camp there.

The Global Peace Index rates Portugal as one of the world’s safest nations, so you don’t really need to worry about savage animals or catastrophic natural events.

The safety we had while camping in Portugal was unlike any other experience we’d had. It seemed like there were constantly other campers around us, even in the slower months, which made it cosy and pleasant.

Below, we share all we observed about camping in Portugal, as well as suggestions for places to stay while exploring this stunning nation. You can enjoy wild camping in Portugal camping trip.

Additionally, there are many favourite campsites within walking distance where you can stay overnight. Plan after saving money for camping serrão.

2. The Correct Season for Camping in Portugal

The entire country is still relatively warm in late September or early October. Given that it has had the entire summer to warm up, the water is not so frigid.

And our favourite aspect of camping at around this time of year is how much less crowded all campgrounds—both free and paid—and all the tourist destinations are.

In fact, the days still were warm when you tented along Portugal’s Silver Coast for over two weeks at the beginning of November. The fact that the nights were so chilly is what grabbed us.

Camping in Portugal
Image from Euro Camping

So, from October to late Spring, it might get pretty cold at night if you’re camping or travelling in a campervan. If you can travel in late September, it would be ideal.

While still busy, places will be safe. Without the influx of people that the summer brings, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the treks, vistas, and other picturesque sites.

3. Things to Take Into Account when Camping in Portugal

Now, there are 3 things we strongly urge you to think about before beginning your camping vacation in Portugal, and they are as follows:

Ensure that you have a driver’s license that is valid for the entirety of your journey. Verify this before you go.

Your passport with you. Even though this may be obvious, we wanted to mention it. When picking up your vehicle and in the event that something were to happen to you, you will need this.

Insurance for travel! Make sure you are protected while travelling and find out if that insurance also covers the vehicle. If not, you may wish to think about getting good insurance for the vehicle you buy or rent.

Consider purchasing SafetyWing’s Nomad Insurance if you currently have trip plans but lack travel insurance.

3.1. Driving in Portugal While Using Toll Roads

In the modern era, we only need to select “avoid toll roads” on Google Maps to have our phone direct us to a toll-free route.

Although the free roads are typically slower, they are also the more picturesque routes through Portugal’s lovely countryside.

Take the toll-free routes to admire Portugal’s splendour if you’re not in a rush.

3.2. Finding Restrooms and Showers when Camping in Portugal

When it relates to camping in Portugal, there are a few options you can consider! Most grocery stores and restaurants offer free restrooms that you can use if you’re free camping.

If you want to take a good shower, purchasing a day ticket to a gym or pool is a fantastic alternative.

Nearly all of the paid campsites, including Ericeira Camping, feature restrooms, showers, and laundry rooms on-site.

One thing we enjoyed doing was spending one to two nights at a paid campsite & then one to two nights at a free or wild location. Freedom and the ability to maintain one’s cleanliness were nicely balanced.

4. Camping Sites in Portugal

Are you looking for campgrounds in Portugal? The best campsites in Portugal were put together after extensive research on our part.

These are individualized suggestions organized by region. As you keep camping Portugal from north to south, we anticipate that this list will continue to expand.

With bases in Lisbon, Porto, and Faro, the top provider of campervan rentals in Portugal and are well-versed in the territory.

Many of the campgrounds in Portugal that are included on this list will provide Siesta Campers clients with a discount.

Unless you prefer to camp on the spot, it is preferable to research campsites in Portugal from the luxury of your couch before you leave.

Although reservations are not often necessary, some of the most well-known campsites in Portugal can get full during the summer months.

Camping locations in Portugal
Image from Camping Portugal

To make a reservation before you come, speak with them directly or utilize practical applications like Pitchup.

Have no fear if you are already in Portugal & wondering if there’s a campground or camping nearby. This camping guide for Portugal covers almost the entire nation!

4.1. Olho Campground

A 30-minute drive east of Faro, this roomy campground is distinguished by its abundance of huge trees that provide lots of shade and access to beautiful natural environments.

It’s a fantastic option for nature lovers & foodies because it’s near Olho and situated on the edge of an unspoiled natural reserve.

If you like delicious seafood, go to the well-known outdoor fish market & grill afterwards. A tennis court, playground, restaurant, and mini-market are all included on the property.

If your road trip starts or concludes in Faro, Olho Camping is one of our recommended campgrounds in the Algarve for the initial or last night’s stay.

4.2. Tavira’s Algarve Motorhome Park

A tranquil campground located east of lovely Tavira in a little seaside community. The amenities and the property are kept up, tidy, and clean.

The motorhome welcome area is situated at Tavira’s eastern gate, making it simple to walk to the city centre and the beach.

The motorhome servicing area is furnished with electricity and water and has a capacity for 120 RVs with a minimum area of 70 m2.

4.3. The Ria Farmosa Camping

The Parque Natural da Ria Formosa, a genuine natural wonder, is a short distance from the campground. There are 350 individual plots in all, and each one has free WiFi and electricity.

This campground is excellent, complete with a swimming pool, store, restaurant, playground, BBQ area, or an artificial lake!

The facilities are spotless and efficiently laid out. This location is on our list of the best campsites in the Algarve because of its surrounding natural beauty and close access to the natural park.

4.4. Falésia’s Algarve Motorhome Park

Portugal camping usually boils down to location & cost, and this one is tough to beat on either front.

This tidy, reasonably priced campsite is close to Praia da Falésia, and offers only the most basic amenities.

4.5. Silves’ Algarve Motorhome Park

Conveniently situated on the outskirts of Silves, a medieval city known for its quirky little streets, charming eateries, and tiny art galleries and boutiques.

Another excellent, affordable camping! You should go to the yearly medieval fair in August if you can.

4.6. Camp Salema Eco

This is a great starting point for exploring the southwest because it is tucked into the forest and emphasizes natural camping.

The drive just takes an hour if you pick up your wheels from campervan hire Faro, but that isn’t the reason we adore it.

The preferred campsite for those who enjoy slow living & surfing is Salema Eco Camp.

Salema’s dedication to minimizing environmental effects across all services & activities by putting a special emphasis on renewable energies & consumption reduction gets them our recommendation as the best campsite in the Algarve.

Customers can fill their refillable water bottles at any water point across the property thanks to the use of flow reducers & coal filters in all faucets.

Water is heated using solar energy, and the sale of bottles and other items with plastic packaging helps to reduce plastic consumption.

Plus, the majority of the ingredients utilized at their restaurant are produced by small-scale local businesses!

4.7. Turiscampo Village, Yelloh!

This large campground is located 5 kilometres west of Lagos and offers a wide range of services, such as pubs, restaurants, fitness centres, and Jacuzzis.

It is also a beautiful campground with a pool.

There are many campsites that are upscale sites with water and sewer connections as well as bathing buildings. The entire year is open!

4.8. Observer Sagres

Across Portugal, this chain of 17 campgrounds is owned by France. This stunning campground has recently updated amenities and a welcoming environment.

It is located 1 kilometre from the beach and is tucked away amid pine trees.

4.9. RV Park Serro

This large campsite has numerous trees and is well situated just to the north of Aljezur in the region known for having some of Portugal’s best beaches. It also has all the necessary amenities.

It is in a great location for individuals who appreciate good seas and participate in water sports because it is close to fantastic beaches like Praia da Amoreira & Praia da Arrifana.

Aljezur’s Parque do Serro is a protected setting that allows visitors to come in intimate contact with nature while also offering opportunities for exploration and adventure in the context of the natural world.

4.10. Ericeira Camping

We truly adore Ericeira, as well as the fact that the camping experience there was so wonderful only added to how much we enjoyed our time there.

It’s clean, reasonably priced, and convenient to the downtown. Additionally, Ericeira’s beaches and coasts are quite stunning.

In Ericeira, we initially searched for free campsites and discovered a few; you could have electricity, water, and other amenities. There is no doubt that Ericeira Camping is close to some of the best beaches and the city.

Therefore, you are free to leave anything inside the guarded campsite and travel to the city or go surfing if you so choose. In addition, we frequently visited Surf 58, a charming tiny coffee shop directly adjacent to the campsite.

4.11. Obidos Castle with Breathtaking Views

The app features a tonne of fantastic campsites, many of which have recent evaluations that describe their actual conditions. There might be a cheap campsite you can find that is really ideal.

The campsite is really a tiny dirt plot that has been transformed into a tiny camper van parking lot, but the views around it are of a relaxing atmosphere. Then, in the distance, is Obidos Castle, which is amazing during a beautiful sunset.

Seashore in Portugal
Image by Michaela from Pixabay

It’s a fun and incredibly affordable area to park the camper van for just a night or two while visiting Portugal, despite the fact that it’s not free.

An “honesty fee” is charged for spending the night inside the parking lot. A small envelope is typically left on your dashboard by a morning visitor.

4.12. Free Camping Near the Sea in Nazare

Again, without the aid of all these applications, you probably would not have discovered this campsite. Who knew Portugal was such a sanctuary for free campgrounds, in all seriousness? Our favourite!

But in essence, this campsite is located near the well-known Nazare Lighthouse at the very extremity of the island, where you may surf huge waves.

There is a little parking lot where automobiles & camper vans can park at the edge of Nazare, yet it is conveniently located close to everything.

You were fairly fortunate to get a site because, even in the off-season, the high waves make it extremely congested with cars & camper vans.

It may take a little bit of luck and patience to score this free camping area in Nazare.

The sunsets just outside the “campsite” are spectacular, plus you’re close to all of the cafes, restaurants, & vistas, so it’s absolutely worth it.

4.13. EasyCamp

Portugal Easy Camp is a platform that connects local owners of farms and vineyards with RV enthusiasts rather than a stand-alone campground.

Their goal is to provide motorhome enthusiasts with upscale, secure settings where they can sample the regional fare and benefit from Portuguese friendliness.

Due to their rapidly expanding network of partners, you will discover the ideal accommodation. Please be aware that your RV must be self-sufficient, have a bathroom, and have a place to store both water and trash.

Each of our RVs has a bathroom. In our campervans, we provide complimentary portable restrooms upon request.

4.14. Orion Foz do Arelho

Lagoa de Obidos and the Atlantic form the northern and southern boundaries of Foz do Arelho, respectively. Visit the thermal hospital, cathedrals, chapels, and museums to get your culture fixed when camping in Portugal, or look for traditional ceramics.

If you want, you can play sports on Lagoa de videos, the biggest lake on the Portuguese coast, or you can explore the beaches at Salir do Porto and Foz do Arelho.

4.15. Observer Vagueira

The famed surfing and bodyboarding beaches of Vagueira & Areo are 1.5 km away from this pine forest property. The region’s traditional fishery cannot be missed.

Additionally, we suggest that you visit the military tower in Vagos as well as the pilgrimage churches of Nossa Senhora do Misericordia and San Antonio.

Final Note

We have made this detailed guide on Camping in Portugal. We hope you like it.

Porto is a must-see on every vacation to Portugal because it maintains the ideal balance between the natural and cultural worlds. From Porto, the location is only ten minutes distant by vehicle.

Additionally, the swimming pool offers unending views of the Atlantic Ocean, which is very fantastic! This is an excellent location from which to organize trips inland or along the coast to explore north Portugal’s pristine nature reserves.

You will have a terrific time touring Portugal no matter where you go.



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