How to Be Indie: 5 Tips to Embrace the Indie Spirit

In our ongoing reality where we are constantly assaulted with images of being cool, stylish, or famous, fabricating your own character can be troublesome. This is especially legitimate for youngsters who are endeavoring to explore the complexities of adolescence while also endeavoring to find their spot in the world.

One strategy for advancing toward this challenge is by embracing an indie lifestyle. In this article, we will explore the journey of Indira “Indie” Mehta, the protagonist of the female-centric tween comedy “How to Be Indie,” as she learns to explore her personality while dealing with the expectations of her traditional Indian parents, school and the clash of modern life.

1. Indie’s Journey: A Female-Centric Tween Comedy

How to be Indie
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Before we dive into the tips on how to be indie, we should investigate Indie’s journey. Indie, short for Indira Mehta, is the fundamental person in the Canadian tween comedy, How to Be Indie. She is a 13-year-old girl with Indian parents who are very traditional and hold traditional Indian values. Her journey to becoming a free and sure person is not without its obstacles. Indie has to explore the challenges of being a typical Canadian teenager with modern life often clashing with traditional Indian social expectations.

1.1 Friends and Family

Indie’s friends, Abi and Marlon, assume a significant part in her life. Her supportive best friend Abi pushes her to take on difficulties and supports her as she explores her talents. She has a crush on Marlon, and the two of them get along oddly yet brilliantly.

Her family, especially her mother, brings humor to the program. Her family, especially her mum, adds a humorous part to the show. Her mum’s obsession with “mum’s number” and keeping up the standing of the family at any cost makes her life miserable.

1.2 Indie’s Style

A significant aspect of Indie’s personality and what makes her stand out from the crowd is her sense of style. She enjoys combining diverse patterns and textures, and she isn’t afraid to consider eye-catching colors and prints. Her wardrobe is loaded with fun realistic tees, beautiful skirts, and statement accessories like stout necklaces and brilliant headbands.

Notwithstanding her fashion sense, Indie also has a cool and certain mentality that sets her separated from her peers. She will not hesitate to speak her cerebrum and stand up for what she believes in, and this assurance is reflected in her style.

1.3 Indie’s Videos: Crazy and Fun

Another aspect of Indie’s personality that shines through in “How to Be Indie” is her reverence for making videos. She creates videos for school projects, as well as fun videos with her companions, and these videos often showcase her idiosyncratic and creative personality.

her videos are crazy and fun, featuring everything from strange dance routines to over-the-top cosmetics tutorials. Her videos are an impression of her nonconformist and her desire to express herself in creative and noteworthy ways.

1.4 Hobbies and Interests

Indie is a creative individual who likes to research different types of craftsmanship. She enjoys dancing and attends karate lessons. She also makes films where she talks about her love of cooking and handicraft. Indie loves music, and her varied taste in music shows her adoration for it.

2. Various Challenges Faced by Indie

“How to be Indie” is a female-centric tween comedy that follows the life of Indira “Indie” Mehta. She faces various challenges in her journey to discover her remarkable personality and track down her position on the planet. From her traditional Indian parents to her struggle to fit in at school, her journey is loaded up with both endearing and testing moments.

2.1 Parents’ Traditional Indian Values:

Indie’s parents hold traditional Indian values, which often clash with her modern Canadian lifestyle. Her parents have specific expectations about how she should behave, dress, and the hobbies she should pursue. Indie finds it trying to oblige her sense of self with their expectations, prompting tension between her and her parents.

2.2 Struggling to Fit In:

As a typical Canadian teenager, Indie also struggles to fit in at school. She often feels torn between being consistent with herself and tracking down a spot among her peers. This struggle leads to moments of loneliness and isolation, as she feels as if she doesn’t precisely belong anyplace.

2.3 Emotional Intelligence:

Indie’s journey also includes struggling with the ability to appreciate individuals at their core. She finds it trying to express her feelings and explore complex social situations. However, as she matures, Indie learns to process her emotions better, prompting more positive interactions with others.

2.4 Navigating Relationships:

Indie’s crush on Marlon Parks adds one more layer of intricacy to her life. She struggles to express her feelings to him, and he often misunderstands her intentions. Indie also has to explore her relationships with her close ones, Abi and Chandra. As opposed to compromising her sense of self, Indie learns to strike a harmony between her desire for opportunity and the requirement for friendship and companionship.

2.5 Beat Father Time:

Perhaps the biggest obstacle Indie faces is the fight against time which was a beat father time. As she grows and matures, Indie finds herself questioning her personality and her position in the world. She has to explore the ups and downs of adolescence while endeavoring to stay aware of her indie spirit. However, through the total of her challenges and obstacles, Indie grows into a specific, kind, and cool person who ultimately has the last laugh.

3. Tips for Being an Indie

How to be Indie
Photo by Luana Azevedo on Unsplash/copyright 2020

Indie is passionate about karate and wants to enroll in courses against her parent’s objections. Yet she fights up for herself and eventually persuades her parents to let her follow her hobbies. Whether it’s karate fight, dancing, music, or workmanship, find something that you’re passionate about and pursue it with your entire being.

3.1 Embrace Your Unique Style

One of the essential elements of being an independent artist is embracing your individual style. As a result, you shouldn’t ever be afraid to express yourself, whether it’s through your voice, your films, or your wardrobe. Indie’s fashion is frequently outrageous and entertaining, yet it always reflects who she is as a person.

Start by researching several genres to see what appeals to you before embracing your own flair. Choose anything that inspires you and incorporate it into your life, whether it be music, a movie, or a book. This can entail evaluating a different leisure activity or experimenting with different clothing trends.

3.2 Build Strong Relationships

Her relationships are a significant piece of her journey. Her bond with her best friends, Abi and Marlon, is unbelievably strong, and they’re always there to help her when she needs it. For sure, even her relationship with her parents, while sometimes testing, is finally based on veneration and respect.

To manufacture strong relationships, focus on being a good person to those around you. Be smart, listen to others, and be there for your friends when they need you. It’s also essential to remember that relationships take work, so set forth sure you’re putting in the endeavor to stay aware of them.

3.3 Be Confident

Indie’s conviction grows all through the show, as she learns to embrace her kind style and voice. While she may not always feel certain, she never gives up on herself.

To be sure, start by believing in yourself and your abilities. Focus on your standard talents and find ways to redesign them, while also addressing areas that require improvement. It’s also basic to remember that assurance takes time, so be patient with yourself.

3.4 Stay Consistent with Your Values

Her struggle to adjust her parents’ traditional Indian values with her life is a significant piece of her journey. While it’s not always easy, Indie stays consistent with her values and beliefs, regardless, when it’s troublesome.

To stay consistent with your values, start by perceiving what means a ton to you. Whether it’s family, surroundings, or a specific cause, ensure you’re focusing on what matters most. It’s also imperative to remember that your values could change over an extended time, and that is totally fine.

3.5 Have Some good times

Finally, possibly the most significant clue on how to be indie is to live it up. Indie’s journey may be stacked with challenges. However, she always finds a technique for having a great time. Whether it’s hitting the dance floor with her close ones, investigating new places, or assessing one more side interest, Indie knows how to celebrate the good life.

To live it up, start by doing things that satisfy you. Whether it’s spending time with friends, watching your number one TV show, or assessing another recipe, ensure you’re reserving an edge for yourself and valuing life.

4. The Cast of “How to Be Indie”: A Diverse and Inclusive Gathering

Something that makes “How to Be Indie” such a great show is its diverse and inclusive cast of characters. The show features actors from various ethnic backgrounds and explores themes of social character and diversity in a fun and happy manner.

The primary person, Indie, is of Indian descent, and her home a significant piece of the show’s storyline. However, the show also features characters from many backgrounds, including Abi, who is of Jamaican descent, and Marlon Parks, who is of African descent.

The show’s obligation to diversity and inclusivity is a significant piece of what makes it so interesting to audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

5. Review of “How to Be Indie”

“How to Be Indie” is a TV series that much of the time deals with subjects connected with viewing oneself, socializing, and personal turn of events. A fantastic choice for youthful viewers is seeking a drawing in the show because of its charming characters and unconventional humor. Despite the fact that the program is pointed fundamentally at a young crowd, it can still be beneficial to viewers considering current circumstances.

The show’s themes of embracing your own personality and flair and standing up for what you believe in remain relevant and timeless for viewers given the current state of affairs. Assuming you’re searching for a fun and interfacing show that celebrates diversity and inclusivity, “How to Be Indie” is positively worth checking out.

6. Conclusion

Being Indie means embracing your own writing voice and expressing yourself in ways that are true to who you are. No matter if you’re trying to win over your parents, keep your ideals constant, build solid relationships, and have faith in yourself. Remember to partake in the journey and track down the happiness en route.

With these tips, you’ll be well en route to becoming the best version of yourself, just like Indie did.

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