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How to Clean Gua Sha: 5 Essential Tips

Gua Sha

These days everybody has a skincare routine whether it’s day or night. However, one step is a must you need to clean your face as well as your tools. In this article we will learn about how to clean gua sha just like any other tool. It may not seem necessary since it uses only cleaning your face with some face oil. but it is crucial to have it clean if you are not using Gua sha.

Learn more about it – it’s a facial device made up of glass-like stones, often in the form of quartz, typically used to provide facial massage. It helps in penetrating the products. Relax your face by assisting with lymphatic drainage just like Jade Gua Sha.

It has become a popular tool coming from traditional Chinese medicine. It is now famous in almost all parts of the country for the last 5 years. Gua Sha is used to clean your jawline and cheekbones. By applying moisturizer facial oils and other beauty products.

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1. How to Clean Gua Sha: Essential Tips

Gua Sha is a tool that helps in the natural sculpting and contouring of the face. You must have heard about washing your makeup brushes, but the cleanliness of other skin care tools is equally as important. Even if you don’t believe that there is any build upon go, Gua Sha, it is very environmental to think that you can clean plastic bags dirty from the atmosphere.

Most people leave their products in the bathroom with other skin care products that can be dirty and can grow bacteria over time. If you don’t want any infection-causing products in your skincare, read the best ways to clean your beauty tools. Here are some of the following tips on how to clean Gua Sha tools.

1.1. Wash Properly

We all use Gua Sha by hand so according to experts the best way to clean it is to use your hands with lukewarm or warm water first. And dilute some soap in your hand to create a form, apply soap and gently massage it with your Gua sha tool for 30 seconds then you should wash it with hot water and clean it dry cloth with soft cloth microfiber is great for this.

Most Gua Sha are slippery and like glass so be careful while applying soap and hold it gently and be mindful about this. It’s just a stone and if you drop a few drops, it will break so be careful, it is a great way to clean your Gua Sha tools and wooden Gua Sha tools as well.

1.2. Keep it Soaked in Water

If you have time and you want to clean it more safely. Take a bowl of warm soapy water and a clean towel and spray it using antibacterial liquid and soap spray and drop it in boiling water in that bowl. Leave it for some time you can use this method to clean other products and brushes as well.

By rubbing alcohol on the socked Gua Sha tools and then letting it air dry is a way to properly clean your Gua Sha tools. Always store Gua Sha in a cold place or a beauty cabinet.

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1.3. Use a Clean Brush

Many Gua Sha is curved shaped but there are some other Gua Sha’s that also exist so for those you can use a clean brush or small toothbrush to clean the edges and remove the oil and dirt building up on the Gua sha tools.

1.4. Have Some Knowledge About Its Material

Cleaning the Gua sha tool is important but first, we must know that its material questions are porous and can be thoroughly cleaned. Good quality stones like jade roller and other quartz are non-porous, which is not porous, and give you a deeper clean with little room for error if a wash is kept.

We mostly use Gua sha for spreading the product on the skin by gliding it, which means that more products will absorb into the skin rather than its tool. Gua Sha exists in two forms: one is a full Gua Sha dry wooden Gua Sha and the other is a stone Gua Sha.

Be careful with the wooden Gua Sha because it is generally used for spreading the face oil on the face to increase its texture and because of the porous nature of wood the oil often stays inside the Gua Sha. Wash the wooden Gua Sha properly and lubricate it well otherwise, the wood will crack.

1.5. Daily Commitment

Even if your Gua Sha is made up of stone, you need to commit to cleaning. Make a habit of cleaning the tools after applying them. The longer the tool sits with the oil and other products on it, it has the chance of developing a bacterial layer on the tool. If this residue is absorbed into the tool it will create skin irritation.

How to Clean Gua Sha
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2. Conclusion

Gua is not some fancy tool, it has a history of use in Chinese culture dating thousands of years. So, after using it to massage it increases the circulation in the treated area. And it gives face-lifting benefits. Medical or body Gua Sha should be stored properly and cleaned after use. Because it can have many effects on the body. This regular maintenance helps prevent the buildup of oils and skincare products.

Finally, don’t forget to store your Gua Sha device in a smooth, dry vicinity far away from direct daylight and moisture. This can further shield it from microorganism increase and keep its quality for a prolonged duration.

Using following these hints, you can revel in the blessings of a clean and hygienic Gua Sha device, selling wholesome skincare practices and maximizing its effectiveness in your self-care habitual. Don’t forget, an easy Gua Sha device no longer best enhances your skincare experience but also guarantees the toughness of the tool itself, allowing you to obtain its benefits for an extended length of time.

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