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How to Get Rid of a High: 14 Awesome Tips

People often take marijuana to get high. After getting high one person may be comfortable and content, while another may be uncomfortable and uneasy. Some folks want to get ‘Un high’ as soon as possible. We must first understand why marijuana gets us high before discussing how to come down from our high.

This article will focus on how to get rid of a high.

1. What Causes Cannabis Consumption to Produce a High

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The psychoactive component THC increases the brain’s pleasure center, including eating and sexual pleasure. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter released when marijuana is used recreationally or medicinally, is released.

The THC in marijuana may reach your bloodstream quickly if you vape or smoke it, giving you a high in a matter of seconds or minutes.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance in marijuana, moves from the lungs via the circulation and the body to the brain. Instantaneous and varying potency are the effects.

THC effects can persist for one to three hours and often peak in roughly 30 minutes.

Whether you use alcohol or marijuana, it could take you many hours to feel completely sober. It is possible that you do not always know how strong your recreational marijuana is.

2. Typical Results of Getting High

In general, the normal consequences of getting high are desirable and pleasurable.

The results always vary. Even if you have experienced highs several times, there is always a chance that your next high may give you a different experience.

The following are the common effects of getting high-

  • Possessing a genuine sense of joy and tranquility
  • Increased appetite
  • Altered sense of time perception, seeing time as moving either extremely slowly or very swiftly
  • Improved hearing, sight, or touch perception

Like many other substances, using a particularly potent strain of cannabis might tip the scales of the negative effects.

3. How to Get Rid of a High

3.1. Do Not Panic

How to get rid of a high? The more you focus on these unfavorable emotions, the more you feed into them and worsen your experience.

Know that you won’t overdose on cannabis if your anxiety over doing so makes you feel anxious.

The part of the brain that regulates our respiration and pulse does not have enough cannabinoid receptors. High THC dosages won’t impact your ability to breathe.

3.2. Try to Relax

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Try to relax by finding a quiet spot to sit or lie down. You can relax by listening to music.

Choose a calm song and sing along if you want to listen to music.

This might assist you in maintaining your sense of the present. Even a little nap will be beneficial.

3.3. Get Some Food

How to get rid of a high? Generally speaking, it is terrible news if you do not eat enough before using any kind of medicine.

Putting food in your body could make you feel a little more normal. Your best option is to choose whatever is convenient and close.

3.4. Try Lemon

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Lemons feature soothing ingredients like limonene, which may help reduce the effects of high.

You can reduce some psychedelic effects by eating some lemon. Some find comfort in snacking and drinking fruit juices.

3.5. Focus on Something Else

How to get rid of a high? You may avoid fixating on your high by turning your attention to anything else.

What is the secret to using this advice? Ensure simplicity. Avoid watching scary movies or playing video games that might make you anxious.

3.6. Drink Water

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How to get rid of a high? Drink something when you need to recover from intoxication.

Alcohol may increase the quantity of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in your system, intensifying the high sense.

To stay hydrated and give your body time to flush the marijuana from your system, have a glass of water instead of coffee.

3.7. Try Black Pepper

Image by ka_re / Pixabay / Copyrights 2020

Black pepper, a popular household staple found in kitchens and restaurants worldwide, can aid if you are experiencing paranoia or anxiety.

Sniffing or chewing a few black peppercorns should provide almost instant relief.

Caryophyllene, a constituent of peppercorns, is a potent and specific CB2 antagonist. It has calming THC properties that might put you to sleep.

3.8. Pine Nuts

How to get rid of a high? Pine nuts could mitigate THC’s effects. Pinene, a substance present in pine nuts, is said to have calming and energizing properties.

One of the terpenes in cannabis, pinene, gives marijuana smoke a pine-like scent.

3.9. Add Some CBD to the Mix

THC-induced anxiety and paranoia can be lessened by cannabidiol (CBD), present in the cannabis plant. How to get rid of a high?

A recent 2013 research that was published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology indicated that CBD appeared to minimize the negative effects of anxiety and paranoia when combined with THC. The same receptor that THC binds to, beta-caryophyllene, and CBD may do the same, blocking THC’s effects.

3.10. Shower

How to get rid of a high? If you are at home, taking a relaxing shower or bath is a terrific way to unwind while you wait for the effects of too much marijuana to wear off. This underestimated item will surely make you feel better.

3.11. OTC Painkillers

If you have a headache, reach for an OTC pain reliever. You cannot go wrong with taking acetaminophen or ibuprofen for headaches. Be careful to take the right quantity and not exceed the suggested amount in 24 hours.

3.12. Try Going for a Walk

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How to get rid of a high? If you find it difficult to switch off your mind, occasionally some fresh air to get your blood flowing may help you feel more calm.

Please keep in mind to stick close to your nearby area and bring a friend. And if you are too lightheaded to stand, avoid walking.

3.13. Notify a Friend

The effects of consuming too much THC are only temporarily alleviated in these ways, and how long they persist depends on your metabolism and the amount of THC you have consumed.

Tell a buddy if the effects are growing worse. Having a sober person nearby might sometimes help you relax, but they are also accessible if you need further assistance.

3.14. Professional Assistance

How to get rid of a high? Sometimes using cannabis has horrifying adverse effects, and people may require immediate medical care.

Emergency room personnel may be able to help you vomit to relieve your symptoms if you are experiencing adverse effects due to a high. They might give you a sedative to keep you quiet and calm.

4. Prevention Tips

4.1. Maintain A Schedule

At the same time every night, get ready for bed. Maintaining a regular schedule might help you avoid experiencing a marijuana hangover the next day. Thus, consider going to bed at midnight rather than staying up all night.

4.2. Consume Slowly

When utilizing new items, go slowly. When attempting a new cannabis product for the first time, it is hard to predict how your body will respond because cannabis comes in various strains and potencies.

When first starting, always keep to a fairly low dose to prevent getting a marijuana hangover.

Many beginners new to edibles also make the mistake of taking another bite soon after the first one, thinking that the edible was not potent enough. When the effects finally kick in, they are left reeling from the impact of potent THC levels.

If you are new to weed, start with a low dose and go slowly, or it will ruin your whole experience.

4.3 Avoid Drinking

Avoid using both at once and stick to either booze or marijuana. There is a very big possibility that you will get a hangover the following morning if you consume a lot of alcohol and become high. Moreover, drinking and using drugs have many dangerous negative effects.

4.4. Surround Yourself With Your Knowns

While THC’s side effects can be somewhat unsettling, surround yourself with reliable companions and make sure you are in a secure environment. If something horrible occurs, your reliable pals will take care of you.

It also assists to be aware of the cannabis strain you are utilizing. You may get a sense of the strain’s anticipated effects by reading reviews.

Do not let the people around you pressure you.

Stop if you feel like you are becoming too high. Know your boundaries, especially if outsiders are around.

5. Can Edibles Cause a Bad High

The highs brought on by edibles are stronger and stay longer since various physiological systems process them differently.

The length and intensity of an edible height are mostly caused by THC’s passage through the liver during digestion.

You might need to experiment with various sobering up techniques because an edible high is more pronounced.

A hearty lunch to maintain your metabolism can also help, as can drinking water, staying composed, and finding something to occupy your attention.

Taking a sleep could also help if your high is really bad.

6. Marijuana in the Body: Duration

When you consume marijuana, THC is taken into circulation and is momentarily stored in various fatty tissues and organs.

These metabolites are found during a marijuana test because they linger in the body longer than THC and are metabolized by the liver, which contains more than 100 metabolites.

THC is eventually eliminated from the body through natural biological processes, and how much and how frequently you consume cannabis affects how long it takes for your body to do so.

The time it takes for THC to leave your body increases with the amount of cannabis you consume.

It also depends on a number of variables. Several of these variables, including body mass index (BMI), affect how the body metabolizes and processes marijuana even if they are unrelated to the drug itself.

The marijuana substance and your method of consumption are other important aspects.

As was already established, a lot depends on how much marijuana you ingest and how potent it is.

7. How to Get Rid of Red Eyes After Smoking Weed

How to get rid of a high
Image by agnesliinnea / Pixabay / Copyrights 2015

Naturally, using several over-the-counter eye drops made to treat eye allergies, redness, and itching is the most popular technique to reduce your red eyes.

Tetryzoline (sometimes called tetrahydrozoline), an alpha agonist that constricts dilated blood vessels, is present in nearly all varieties.

The eye drops work by reversing the action of THC, which causes our blood vessels and capillaries to widen, directly contributing to the redness.

Taking these kinds of medications is normally safe. Certain substitutes for eye drops might likewise narrow our blood vessels, including coffee and chocolate.

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8. Final Note

There is no real rapid recovery method if you consume too much cannabis.

Being very high may feel uncomfortable at first, but after the THC’s effects wear off, you will quickly come down from your high.

If you can not take it anymore, use the advice we have given above.

You may manage the unpleasant side effects of THC using these secure methods.

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