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12 Amazing Ideas on How To Make Paper Flowers

Even though real flowers are beautiful, their beauty always fades quickly so you might want to know how to make paper flowers as with fake flowers, which these days can look incredibly lifelike.

Additionally, you will never need to worry about them drying out or watering them. The ideal low-maintenance option to spruce up a space, decorate for events, or cheer up your loved ones is using paper flowers.

We believe you know that you will never have enough DIY paper flowers on board if you enjoy spending hours creating lovely crafts and artwork. Paper flowers can always be used in craft projects in some form.

So we are going to tell you some methods of how to make paper flowers of different types what are you waiting for grab your notebook and start with us and learn how to make paper flowers.

How To Make Paper Flowers

1. Dahlia Wreath Paper Flower

how to make paper flowers
Image by Lyubmalee from Pixabay/Copyright2020

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. Cut the card stock papers into squares measuring 4 inches. For one dahlia, you’ll need about 50 to 60 squares. For this task, a paper trimmer will come in handy so we can learn how to make paper flowers.
  2. Dip your sponge into a small quantity of paint that has been added to a palette. Each square’s two corners should receive a sponge dab as indicated.
  3. To produce two-color dahlias, do this. Contrary to simply painting the corners, dabbing creates a more natural appearance.
  4. Use a dry brush if you don’t own a sponge to get that appearance. Let them air dry.
  5. In the upper right area of the square, place a line of hot glue. To form a cone, bend the left area of the square toward the center and wrap the right side around it.
  6. To each square, repeat the process. To start, make about 50 cones; you could always make more if you’d like.
  7. If you don’t have a plastic plate, you could also cut a cardboard piece to use as a basis. Put a line of adhesive on the cone’s rear portion and attach it to the plate’s back side, allowing an inch among each cone you attach.
  8. Apply glue in the shape of a V to the back of every cone and sandwich it between two cones from the first layer to ensure good adhesion.
  9. Repeat this procedure for the subsequent layers until the blossom is formed after the second layer has formed. Depending on the dimensions of the plate, this will occur in five to six layers.
  10. Once you’ve reached the point, it’s time to create the flower’s center. For this, grab the leftover portions (3″ X 8″) of cardstock sheet and cut 3/4 of it (lengthwise) in three to four mm width, leaving the remaining portion to fold. This will create fringes for the center.
  11. When you come to the end of the fringe paper, wrap it up, dab a little glue on it, and add another piece of paper to the roll. Continue doing this until the centerpiece is the appropriate size.
  12. At the bottom of the centerpiece, use hot glue to attach it to the petal. Voila !!! Be in awe of your magnificent creation. You can now hang your Dahlia on the wall. Use a cable hook or finger tack to hang the piece on the wall after adhering a thread to the rear of it.

2. Tissue Paper Rose

paper flower
Image by Mabel Amber from PixabayCopyright2018

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. Select sheets in pink, red, or cherry for a straightforward, timeless appearance. Grab a 2nd sheet in different colors for a two-toned rose so we can learn how to make paper flowers. Orange and tangerine , pink and ruby are a couple of color combinations that stand out.
  2. Cut a solitary 3.5 to 4 inch (8.9 to 10.2 centimeters) piece of tissue paper down the length for the primary flower petals. For an alternative accent color, cut a second strip that is 3.5 to 4 in (8.9 to 10.2 centimeters) long.
  3. Pull both strips in half with the accent color inside the fold, placing the accent color strip on top of the primary strip. The strips are then joined in an accordion fold by folding them alternately every inch (2.5 cm).
  4. The selvage edge of the tissue paper strip should be rounded using a sharp set of scissors. The result will be a petal-like shape. After you’re done, carefully unfurl the accordion-folded piece and set it out with the petals facing up.
  5. For a stem, slice a floral wire piece that is 6 to eight in (15 to 20 centimeters) long. After forming your stem, you could cut the floral wire to the appropriate length.
  6. Because they are more exact and leave less mess, glue dots work much better for this, but craft glue or hot glue can also be used. As the stem would come into touch with the petal strip, place the adhesive as close to the edge as possible.
  7. After placing the floral wire branch on the glue, start tightly winding the tissue paper strip. As you wrap, firmly press the base of the beautiful flowers and gather any slack from the earlier previous layer. To give your wrapper a flowering appearance, gradually relax it.
  8. Thread the tape diagonally along the stem after winding it many times around the base of the flower.
  9. To keep the tissue paper large rose intact, make sure the tape is wrapped securely enough and now you have learned the process of how to make paper flowers.

3. Tulip Paper Flower

paper flowers
Image by Ewa Kunicka from Pixabay/Copyright2022

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. The 8″ x 11″ (20 cm x 28 cm) piece of paper is folded into a triangle.
  2. Cut off the extra paper that was left over after the fold. (You’ll have to use it later.) Set it aside. You ought should have a right triangle remaining.
  3. The triangle should be unfolded and folded the other way. A square of paper with just an “X” across it should be available.
  4. Folds should be creased so that the “Center “points upward.
  5. The bottom sheet of paper is folded up and together at the top.
  6. Open up the paper. Reopen the folded sides after folding.
  7. The sides should be joined before being flattened.
  8. Curl the flaps down so they meet at the corner after turning the triangle over so that you can learn how to make paper flowers.
  9. Flip a flap toward the right after flipping the paper over again and repeating the process on the other side.
  10. Turn a flap toward the right once more after flipping the paper over.
  11. Take the flap’s opposing ends, and tuck one flap’s corner inside the other so that you can learn how to make paper flowers.
  12. Hold it with your thumbs holding the outside and your index fingers on the inside of the folded flaps.
  13. Pull on the folded flaps to allow air to enter while blowing into the hole that is facing you. You might need to insert a pencil into the hole and press the sides out if the paper won’t fill up with air.
  14. Using a pencil or pen, fold or twist the flower petal downward, Set the tulip head away and take the extra paper that was previously trimmed off.
  15. Fold this sheet of paper three times in length. This produces the stem of the tulip paper flower.
  16. Your tulip paper flower is complete once the stem is inserted into the opening in the paper flower’s head.
  17. You can make a bouquet of beautiful paper flowers and gift them to a baby shower and tell people that you have learned how to make paper flowers.

4. Giant Flowers Carnation

Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay/Copyright2012

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. Tissue paper is stacked in multiple layers. Utilize at least five sheets, but you can use more to make fuller paper flowers. According to how you desire your flowers to appear, the sheets can be a variety of colors or all the same hue.
  2. The tissue paper’s edges should be straight. Continuing to work with a rectangular or square shape is required.
  3. The tissue paper should be folded into an accordion or perhaps a fan. The width of every fold should be between an inch and an inch and just a half (2.5 to 3.8 centimeters) so that you can learn how to make paper flowers.
  4. By applying pressure on the tip of the folded paper, crease the paper securely. To assist fix the folds, if necessary, lay a thin cloth over the tissue paper as well as press hard with a branding iron.
  5. Around with a pipe cleaner, fold the crumpled paper in half. To join the layers, twirl the pipe cleaner just below the fold. It can also act as the paper flower’s shaft.
  6. To create the petals, slice the paper flower accordion’s edge. On the folded piece of paper, cut either point or curved edge with scissors.
  7. The folded paper should be unfolded on both sides. Pull every paper sheet one at a time toward the center of the flower to split the sheets. Continue until every sheet is brought to the middle.
  8. Pull each paper sheet one at a time up and toward the flower’s center. This will give it a three-dimensional appearance, and your beautiful flower carnation is now ready and can be gifted at bridal showers tell your friends that you have learned how to make paper flowers.

5. Mexican Paper Flower

Paper flower
Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay/Copyright2016

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. A green tissue paper sheet should be set aside. Take one of the corners and roll it tightly into a cylinder. Roll on, applying pressure on the paper to make it as snug as you can. You now possess the flower’s stalk.
  2. Round the last edge of the paper “stem” with a tiny piece of tape.
  3. 4 sheets of crepe or tissue paper should be stacked. Two or three brightly colored sheets of paper work best for this. For a medium-sized flower, cut the paper at 20 × 30 cm (8 x 12 inches), though you can experiment with other sizes.
  4. Curl the stack of papers by about 2.5 cm, beginning from the short side (1 inch). Fold the paper once more in the opposite way after creasing it and turning the stack over. Continue to fold in opposite directions as if you were building a paper fan. Repeat until the stack is folded into an accordion shape.
    • Trim the ends if desired into a tip, rounded end, or V-notch. As a result, rather than a fluffy carnation, a flower with defined petals is produced.
    • You may even create a second layer out of green paper by making sharp points out of it to resemble leaves.
    • Control the size of the hem if you are utilizing paper that is significantly smaller or greater than the size specified above so that you can learn how to make paper flowers.
  5. The paper’s center should be creased. Arrange the paper in a stack that is 1 inch wide. So that the two ends meet, fold it in half.
  6. Mark the center with a crease, then unfold it once more so that you can learn how to make paper flowers.
  7. Wrap the stem with tape in the middle. Set the stem up with the crease mark in contact. It should touch the paper on the opposite side after being folded over. Use tape to affix the stem. If you wish to hang the flower, wrap a ribbon or piece of wire around this instead. To secure it, make two little notches in the center first.
  8. The accordion folds are spread out. The tissue paper layers should be gently separated. To create a rounded flower, extend them out widely on all sides.

6. Tissue Paper Poppies

paper flowers
Image by JR from Pixabay/Copyright2022

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. Lay out 3 pieces of tissue paper in one of the following colors: red, orange, yellow, pink, or gold. If you desire a fuller poppy, add more tissue paper layers. Use multiple colors to add depth and diversity, if needed.
  2. On the upper edge of the pleated tissue paper, place a round plastic lid, similar to the lid from a margarine or cottage cheese container. After using a pencil to draw the lid’s perimeter, cut off the circles with scissors so that you can learn how to make paper flowers.
  3. On your workpiece surface, arrange 3 pieces of black or brown wrapping paper. As a pattern, use a tiny cup or another item with a diameter of around 2 inches (5.1 cm). After drawing a circle, tear the black tissue paper away.
  4. Put the stack of little black circles in the middle of the larger stack of circles. Insert a green pipe cleaner into the stack’s center. Leave the pipe cleaner sticking out over the paper by approximately an inch. Pull the pipe cleaner‘s bent end through all the paper so the loop is hidden in the poppies.
  5. Curl the pipe cleaner so it resembles a hook. Use a small amount of white craft project glue to the pipe cleaner to attach it to the paper flower poppy.
  6. To create a ruffled poppy, spread the tissue paper layers out. The poppy paper flowers should be placed in a pitcher or other attractive container. For every tissue paper flower design you want to make, follow the same procedure of how to make paper flowers.

7. Book Page Paper Flowers

Flower papers
Image by Mia Ganzenberg from Pixabay/Copyright2019

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. Remove a few pages from the book. Then, after drawing a spiral, cut along those lines. Trim the curve’s bottom edge to make it sharp.
  2. Start wrapping a pen around at the sharp end.
  3. Kindly work with a hot glue gun to affix everything together once you’ve reached the bottom so that you can learn how to make paper flowers.
  4. A bamboo skewer can be used as the “stem” if you’d like. To wait for the adhesive to set, you must grasp the skewer for only about a minute. You may add a little bead as well as a button to the center.

8. Rolled Paper Flowers

how to make paper flowers
Image by Trang Nguyen from Pixabay/Copyright2019

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. Circle-cut the paper. Cut a spiral from the outer border toward the center. An imperfect-looking flower will look more natural if the margins are slightly scalloped.
  2. Roll the paper firmly toward the center, starting from the exterior.
  3. To make a flower, let the paper coil release.
  4. To seal the coil’s end, add a little hot glue.
  5. From scrapbook paper, cut a leaf-shaped form.
  6. In the middle of the leaf, bend it in an accordion style, then glue it down.
  7. To cover the bottom of the leaf, bend one end of a piece of wire, adhere it with glue to the bottom edge of the flower, and repeat.
  8. Your rolled paper flowers are done and you can make them in different sizes, and colors and add them to your home decor.

9. Crepe Paper Flowers

paper flowers
Image by Meliora from Pixabay/Copyright2019

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. As we cut 36″ of crepe paper per flower, trim your crepe paper into 1 long length for larger flowers. Cut longer strips of paper for larger blooms.
  2. Crepe paper should be folded into a 3″–4″ wide strip before being folded a final time.
  3. The paper was cut with a zigzag edge along one edge. This will make it easier for the crepe paper to spread out and give the flower edges a lovely artistic appearance. Unfold.
  4. Cut a piece of floral wire that is about 6″ long. One bead at a time, and weave it through the wire, leaving a 1″ tail on one side.
  5. To hold it in place, bend the wire over through the bead and afterward, twist it through the opposite side of the wire.
  6. Take your “stem” and spread some glue around its twisted base. With the crepe paper that has been cut and trimmed, start wrapping it. Squeeze the crepe paper’s bottom and carefully fold it as you wrap, spreading out the zigzag edges, now must be understanding how to make paper flowers.
  7. Fold and pinch again, as you squeeze the base, add glue at regular intervals to keep the outer petals of the paper flower together.
  8. Pinch the base of the stem firmly together once the crepe paper has indeed been completely wrapped around it. To tighten the flower’s center around the bead, gently tug on the stem so that you can learn how to make paper flowers.
  9. Cut a length of flowery tape that is about 12″ long, and start looping it around the paper flower’s base as well as the stem. Since the base is what binds the paper flower together, you need it to be as snug as you can get it there.
  10. Keep wrapping the tape around the floral wire to create a meaty stem from top to bottom.
  11. You’re finished and now in an hour you can do not have to wonder how to make paper flowers as now you can know how to make more of these types and can gift them at baby showers.

10. Frilly Paper Flowers

Image by Beverly Buckley from Pixabay/Copyright2019

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. Any kind of paper can be used. We advise the use of colored notebook pages.
  2. Cut out four circles by tracing around a sphere. (Use whichever many circles you’d like.)
  3. Make haphazard slits all over the rings.
  4. The circle in your hand should be broken so that you can learn how to make paper flowers.
  5. Then, re-spread them, leaving them a little rumpled.
  6. Make a smaller, colored circle of a different size.
  7. Also, break it into pieces.
  8. Another sheet of paper should be crumpled, then with your thumb form a hole in the center for beads.
  9. Place each layer on top of the others and secure it with glue.
  10. Place a button or several beads there with glue. Use this paper flower to make cards, scrapbooks, fridge magnets, and other crafts as you know now how to make paper flowers.

11. Hyacinth Paper Flowers

Image by Metin İ. from Pixabay/Copyright2016

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. Choose your preferred color for the stems and the color of the flowers first. You can use a total of 4 sheets of construction paper to make 3 flowers.
  2. After that, begin connecting the stems. Trim green construction paper into 1-inch-thick pieces (long side). Each strip should be rolled into a tube and adhered to with glue. Set apart for drying. The tubes might have to be held together with clothes pins while the glue dries.
  3. Your paper should be broken up into 4 strips (short side). Each strip should be folded in half (long side). Beginning at the folded edge, make slices, allowing about a centimeter of room on the opposite end. Slices’ widths might vary; we started with thinner thin strips for the paper flower’s top and add large petals later.
  4. Glue one end of the strip into position at the head of the stem and roll then glue into position around till you reach the other bottom of the strip. Replicate with the following three strips.
  5. A handcrafted Hyacinth paper flower bouquet is now complete and you have learned about how to make paper flowers type of Hyacinth.

12. Giant Paper Flower Hats

Image by Svklimkin from Pixabay/Copyright2015

Steps on how to make paper flowers:

  1. Crepe paper is cut into two sections. Make a ball out of one of the construction paper pieces. Then use the other piece of paper to cover it. The bottom should be twisted to create a sizable stamen. The wire is wrapped around the head of the stamen to hold the crushed paper in place.
  2. Crepe paper should be cut into ten or more largest petal shapes.
  3. To carefully pull and mold the crepe paper, utilize your thumbs.
  4. Start by arranging the sized petals in a circle around the paper flower’s ball base. When you’re happy with how the paper flower looks, you may fasten the petals by wrapping a strand of wire around them.
  5. Create your party hat using this pattern, and then cut out an “x” with an X-acto knife.
  6. Put the base of the cap through the x.
  7. On the interior of the cap, adhere to the paper flower’s base with glue, and your steps on how to make paper flowers are done, and your paper flowers hats are ready to wear.


We hope now you have learned how to make paper flowers and can make them in different sizes, types, and colors.

Let us know in the comment section which was your favorite paper flowers to make and also if have any queries kindly let us know we will try to help you the best we can.

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