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How to Take Oakville Drive Test: A Quick Guide!

In Oakville, you can register for a driver’s license if you’re not less than 16 years old. You have to practice driving as a new driver and accumulate expertise over time for clearing the Oakville drive test.

An Ontario driver’s license is a blue plastic document that includes your name, address, date of birth, picture, and signature. The license’s duration of legitimacy is limited. Before it expires, it must be renewed.

1. How to Take an Oakville Drive Test?

In order to take an Oakville drive test and complete the necessary knowledge tests. You need the following things:-

  • A DriveTest location (no reservations necessary).
  • Original documentation showing your legal name as well as birthdate is required.

2. Valid Identification Papers

  • Passport for Canadian citizens (Canadian or foreign)
  • Photo-based Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Secure Card of Indian Status Certification
  • Ontario Permanent Residents Photo Card Permanent Residents (PR) Landing Card Record (IMM 1000)
  • Proof of Permanent Residency (IMM 5292), along with a current passport from the applicant’s place of origin.
  • Photo Card for Ontario.
  • For temporary residents, a study permit or student authorization is required.
  • Record of Visitors.
  • Temporary Resident Permit.
  • Obtaining Refugee Status.
  • Immigration Act Report (IMM 1442) alongside Photo and Ontario Photo Card.
  • Form IMM 7703, Acknowledgment of Intent to Apply for Refugee Status with Photograph.

The Takeaway!

This was all about the Oakville Drive Test. To take the Oakville driving exam, simply adhere to the above instructions. Make sure to keep the documents ready and be confident at the time of the driving test. It will be a piece of cake for you if you are well prepared.
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Queries and Answers

Some of the most asked questions regarding the Oakville drive test are listed below:-

Q1. Are Oakville Drive Tests difficult?

According to Google Maps, Oakville possesses a number of the most significant driving exam rates of failure in Ontario for users getting their G2 (43%) as well as one of the highest rates for drivers taking their G (45%).

Q2. Where in Ontario can you pass your driving exam the quickest?

SSM is at 11% and Kenora is at 7%. This indicates that the likelihood of failing your exam if you take it in one of the aforementioned locations, is extremely low. Similar to this, Espanola or Kapuskasing in Ontario will give you the best opportunity of passing your G license exam. Espanola had a 7% failure rate and Kapuskasing had a 9% failure rate.

Q3. Where is the driving exam that is the hardest?

In China, you must memorize 1,000 facts for the 100 questions that make up the theory exam. Then, two different practical evaluations are conducted, and finally, a final theory exam is given. Before taking their exam, newly licensed drivers in Croatia have to complete 70–100 hours of required driving instruction.

Q4. Is the Ontario driving exam difficult?

The G1 exam can be challenging or simple. How much time and effort you invest in the preparation will determine everything. If you carefully read and comprehend the MTO instructions, you’ll be successful.

Q5. What is the most difficult driving exam in Canada?
Statistics for people who attempt the examination despite having taken lessons indicate that Montreal is the most difficult place to pass, with only 47 percent passing on the first try. Gabrielle Rimok, 18, was interviewed by CTV Montreal after passing her test on the first attempt this week.



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