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Is Jasmine Rice Healthy? 7 Surprising Health Benefits

Jasmine rice

Is jasmine rice healthy? Most people want to know what exactly is white rice and what are its health benefits. Is it healthy? What is the difference between white rice and jasmine rice? What are white jasmine rice and brown jasmine rice?

In this article, we will look into such questions. So, keep reading this article till the end to find out the answers to all your questions.

1. What is Jasmine Rice?

Rice is considered a prominent food grain in almost 100 countries. Rice is served with numerous flavors and is used in many dishes. Jasmine rice is one such type of rice which is also known as Thai Fragrant Rice.

The best part of jasmine rice is that it comes in various types of colors and has a sweet flavor and light texture. It is often termed fragrant rice and aromatic rice. Most people don’t know that jasmine rice is not whole grain rice rather, it is refined grains.

After cooking, it takes the beautiful white color and is often used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. It is mostly served with cooked vegetables, meat, and even kinds of seafood. There was a time when jasmine rice was meant only for wealthy people. However, it is highly affordable now and everyone can consume it.

According to various research, it was found that one cup of jasmine right contains approximately 181 calories, 40 gm of carbohydrates, 1 gram of fat, 5 grams of protein, and some amounts of iron and potassium. It contains fiber in high quantities which makes it a healthy choice for people. However, it is low in vitamins and essential minerals. Jasmine rice is found to be a healthier option in terms of nutritional value.

2. Health Benefits of Jasmine Rice

Is jasmine rice healthy? Let’s look at the answers by knowing the health benefits of eating jasmine rice.

2.1) Improves Immune System

Jasmine rice is packed with beneficial phytonutrients which have proved to be very helpful in protecting your body’s cells. As a result, it improves your overall health by improving your immune system.

2.2) Better Digestive Health

Jasmine rice offers high fiber which helps to normalize and soften bowel movements resulting in a better digestion system for your body.

2.3) Promote Healthy Pregnancies

Folic Acid has been found in jasmine rice which is responsible for a happy and healthy pregnancy. It is advisable to eat jasmine rice before conceiving and during the first trimester.

Is jasmine rice healthy
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Folic acid is necessary for mothers as it is very important for the development of the baby inside the womb. It also prevents birth defects such as defects in the brain or spine if folic acid is consumed before the cycle of pregnancy. The presence of folic acid in jasmine rice makes it the best option for mothers.

2.4) Increased Iron Intake

Iron is one of the most important nutrients needed for a body for energy and development as well as in fighting diseases. As already stated above, jasmine rice is a great source of iron. It is also a low-fat food.

The presence of iron leads to the development of red blood cells in the body. Iron is also linked to healthy skin and hair and even nails. Lack of iron in the body can cause many diseases such as anemia.

2.5) High in Fiber

During the research, it has been found that brown jasmine rice contains insoluble fiber which is an important nutrient for the body. Consuming brown jasmine rich in a healthy quantity can prevent you from overeating which will also be helpful in solving the problem of constipation.

The fiber which is present in jasmine rice helps to make stools softer and thus improving the digestive system of the body as well.

2.6) Helps You to Gain Weight and Energy

If you are someone who is trying very hard to increase your weight but remains unsuccessful every time? Well, jasmine rice is the answer for you as it helps one to gain weight as well as energy.

By Nghia Le/ Unsplash

The number of calories present in jasmine rice may help you gain healthy weight and the starch present in the right will break down to provide you with instant energy for a longer period of time.

2.7) Other Health Benefits

There are many other health benefits of consuming jasmine rice. It provides us with a mineral that plays a very important part in the development of our body. This is the food item that can be included in the diets of athletes or people who do high-intensity workouts or maybe just work and makes jasmine rice a healthier option. Is jasmine rice healthy? Now, it would be easier to find a solution to this. 

3. Disadvantages of Jasmine Rice

It is true that jasmine rice has many benefits for the human body. However, it is also true that it has some disadvantages too which should not be ignored in any case.

There are a few risks when it comes to consuming jasmine rice. So, which is the healthier alternative for the human body? Well, you should decide this after knowing the advantages of consuming jasmine rice. So, let’s take a look at the different disadvantages of consuming jasmine rice.

3.1) Increased Blood Sugar Level

Jasmine rice grains have a high glycemic index which can lead your blood sugar levels to spike. It increases your blood sugar spikes. This is the reason diabetic patients should avoid the consumption of jasmine rice.

3.2) Arsenic Levels

The main disadvantage of jasmine rice is that it contains high levels of arsenic. Research suggests that rice contains approximately 10 times more arsenic which might prove to be dangerous for your health. So, try to reduce the consumption of jasmine rice, in particular, rice varieties. Don’t forget to wash the rice before cooking it.

3.3) Other Disadvantages

It has been found that it lacks essential mineral which is very important for the development of the human body. It has also been found that it might lead to chronic diseases. It is not a healthy option for people who are suffering from diabetes. So, people who have been diagnosed with diabetes should avoid eating brown or white jasmine rice in any case.

4. Brown Jasmine Rice

Brown rice is rice whose husk is removed. It is a whole-grain jasmine rice with more fiber and refined carbohydrates. It also contains all the essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Long brown rice and jasmine brown rice are two different varieties of brown rice. It is also gluten-free and it is considered the best diet for people who are suffering from celiac disease.

So, is jasmine rice healthy? We will leave this to you to decide.

5. Difference between White Rice and Jasmine Rice

Anyone can tell the difference between basmati rice and jasmine rice just by looking at their color and texture. Jasmine rice is light beige color while white rice is normally ivory in color and less sticky in nature. On the other hand, jasmine rice is highly sticky in nature. As already stated above, jasmine rice has a floral aroma while basmati rice does not really have any aroma.

Another major difference between these two rice is their place of origin. White rice is majorly grown in Southeast Asia, India, and Pakistan. On the other hand, Jasmine rice is grown mainly in Thailand and Vietnam.

One difference also lies in the way they taste. Cooked jasmine rice tastes sweeter and are softer and are of fluffy texture. Basmati rice has a less nutty flavor than jasmine rice.

6. Ways to Use Jasmine Rice

There are different ways for jasmine rice to be used and cooked. It can also be used in a variety of dishes, especially in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. However, the best part of jasmine rice is that t can also be used in dishes such as curries and stir-fries. It also makes a perfect ingredient for sushi as it is light flavored and light in texture. Many people like to consume it as a side dish too. However, it does not go well with Asian dishes.

Jasmine rice is also easy to cook as there are no compulsive steps. All you have to do is to rinse the water and drain it to remove the extra starch. After this, transfer the rice to a pot and cover it with water. Now, let the water boil. Remember to put the flame on the sim.

After 15-20 minutes, you can check if the rice is cooked. It becomes a slightly sticky texture after it is cooked. If yes, take out the pot and drain the excess water. Your jasmine rice is cooked to be served!


Is jasmine rice healthy? In conclusion, white rice and jasmine rich have their own health and nutritional properties. Choosing rice requires you to research a lot about different rice varieties. It is only you who can decide which rice to consume. However, it is also true that consuming rice in more quantities will have severe health issues.

So, one should avoid consuming any type of rice more than the desired quantity. If you are facing any health-related issues, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible and seek the required medical attention.

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