List of Covered Patios In Toronto: 37 Best Patios For You

Here is the list of covered Patios in Toronto to check out when it’s raining or has bad weather. Nature seems determined to keep us locked this midsummer, pelting us with days of deluges and thunderstorms and putting a figurative chill on our outdoor plans. It’s not enjoyable to dine outside in the downpour, but fortunately, Toronto has a tonne of enclosed patios to keep you dry. Although you can’t always anticipate the weather, it might be best to reserve your lodging at a covered terrace in Toronto just in case it appears gloomy outside. These establishments have excellent coverage, allowing you to enjoy a delicious dinner, eating al fresco while remaining dry. What more could one ask for?

1. The List of Covered Patios in Toronto

1. Bar Raval

Image by: Bar Raval

At this classy spot, Bar Raval run by Chef Grant van Gameron, savour Spanish tapas and handcrafted beverages. It also has an enclosed, heated patio ideal for eating on rainfall intensity.

They offer a wide selection of house and traditional drinks, as well as regional beverages, ciders, and domestic and foreign European wines. Bar Raval is located near College & Bathurst and has a distinctive and charming atmosphere.

An interesting fact about Bar Raval: you have to stand while consuming your tapas and drinking your beverages because there is very little sitting offered.

They also earned the Bib Gourmand award in the Toronto Michelin Guide this year, which is fairly awesome!

Location: 505 College St., Toronto, Ontario.

2. Gusto 101

image by: Gusto 101

Located in the posh King & Portland neighbourhood, Gusto 101 is one of the finest eateries on King West. They are located in a vintage, industrial-style structure that was formerly a car garage. On their rooftop, heated patio, which has a retractable glass roof for rainy days, you can savour traditional Italian fare and vino.

Location: 250 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Ontario

3. Patria

image by: Patria

On King West, Patria offers traditional Spanish tapas and paella, and it has a pleasant terrace that is entirely enclosed. They purchase the finest components for their meals every day straight from Spain as well as the freshest seafood! Additionally, they have a significant wine selection with foreign Spanish wines that go excellently with all of your appetizers.

Location: 478 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

4. Score on King

image by: Score on King

An awning system at this King East patio serving coiffed Caesars covers one side of the outdoor area, while umbrellas keep things shady and dry on the other. An excellent place to get a drink and wait out the weather.

5. King Taps

image by: King Taps

The Financial District of Toronto is home to King Taps, a restaurant that serves some of the city’s finest pizza. Very First Canadian Place, they have a sizable two-story area, with terraces on the upper and lower levels that are both covered in large umbrellas.

Craft beverages and pizza are the specialties here – the BBQ Chicken and Stinging Bee pies are highlights! The Stinging Bee is extremely delectable and quite distinctive.  For any fan of prawns, the Prawn & Pesto Pie is a must-have.

They also have a sizable drink selection that is packed with options, whether you prefer fine wine, artisan drinks, or entertaining cocktails. If you happen to be in Kelowna, they now have a store there as well on the west coast!

Location: 100 King Street West, Toronto, Ontario.

6. Paradise Grapevine

image by: Paradise Grapevine

Go to Bloorcourt to locate this wine bar patio that has a structure overhanging it that is covered in grapevines and is entirely covered and partially not with a heated patio. Eat some snacks, drink some bubbles, and enjoy the peacefulness of the rain’s pitter-patter.

7. Crooked Cue Etobicoke

image by : crooked cue

This patio has areas with roof coverage and umbrellas all over. It also has a retractable roof in case it rains. With plenty of room, it’s the perfect location for gatherings while maintaining social distance.

8. La Paella

image by: la paella

The awning over this sidewalk patio in Leslieville allows you to concentrate on choosing which delectable Spanish meal to order from the menu.

9. The Goodman Pub & Kitchen

image by: The Goodman Pub & Kitchen

The restaurant, which has both covered, open, and heated patio seating, is situated just across the Harbourfront from General Assembly. While drinking beverages or indulging in some comfort cuisine, take in the waterfront views! The cabana-style booths have glass walls to keep you protected from the elements from all sides, and for the colder months, they even have heating. Location: 207 Queens Quay West in Toronto.

10. By The Way Cafe

image by: By The Way Cafe

One of the best places in the area to people observe is By The Way Cafe, a fixture in the Annex. Enjoy this Latin and Middle Eastern-inspired cousin while you observe others battling the downpour.

11. Osteria Rialto

image by: Osteria Rialto

Take in a movie and then hang out at Basilio Pesce’s posh red sauce restaurant, Osteria Rialto, which is located next to the recently restored Paradise Theatre. While consuming house-made spaghetti dishes, fresh seafood platters, and gnocchi fritto topped with mortadella, guests are protected from the elements by a retractable terrace canopy.

12. Hemingway’s

image by: Hemingway’s

The well-to-do can watch sports, drink sangria, and chow down on nachos and other pub fare at this scenery institution close to Millionaire’s Mile. Hemingway’s restaurant also has several other levels with varying degrees of protection from the weather. For New Zealanders living abroad, the location is decorated with national pride (the restaurant is owned by a couple of Kiwis).

13. Miga Korean BBQ

image by: Miga Korean BBQ

Miga Korean BBQ in Mississauga has a beautiful ceiling of blooming flowers hanging from a weatherproof umbrella that shields diners from any inclement weather. Although the restaurant has Korean grilled chicken and bulgogi noodles, Korean Barbecue is the main attraction. If you feel so compelled, toss a portion to your animal’s patio. It is canine-friendly.

14. Bar’kada

image by: Bar’kada

Bar’kada serves breakfast, lunch, supper, and late-night bites with Filipino flavours like lumpia, deep-fried chicken bites, chicken adobo, and garlicky fried rice in a Queen West retail area.

Wines tend to be on the unusual side, and oysters are served on the half shell. Although there is a streetside scenario in front, if the skies are ominous, you ought to hit the back terrace.

15. Bandit Brewery

image by: Brewery

This west-end brewery recently added a fancy-schmancy retractable canopy to its terrace, which was previously unprotected. It resembles the SkyDome of nightclubs. Rainy or sunny, order the small-batch beverage and plates of beer-battered cheese curds.

16. Kabalen Toronto

image by: Kabalen Toronto

Get comfortable on the North York terrace of Kabalen Toronto and tuck into a kamayan feast that is portioned for one, two, three, or more people. Imagine grilled tilapia, calamari, milkfish, prawns, mussels, and vegetables laid out on banana leaves.

17. Lahore Tikka House

image by: Lahore Tikka House

Under the multicoloured canopy in Little India, devoted lovers of butter chicken can huddle over steaming dishes of biryanis and tandoori chicken prepared in the north, rain or shine.

18. Naru Izakaya

image by: Naru Izakaya

This spontaneous, fenced-in arrangement on the roadside accomplishes an important task: protecting you from the weather as you slurp piping-hot bowls of ramen, tuck into bento boxes, and nibble on karaage and takoyaki.

19. C’est What Beer Garden

image by: C’est What Beer Garden

A wide variety of drink consumers can be accommodated at the C’est What Beer Garden in the St. Lawrence parking lot thanks to its new canopies and well-stocked tap list, which features everything from Collective Arts sours to Revel ciders.

20. Bar Vendetta: 

Vermouth highballs, wine by the bag, and an abundance of pasta are offered at Bar Vendetta on its small rear terrace. Expect tomatoes and peas to take center stage right now, but dishes will fluctuate depending on what the region has produced. Italian cuisine relies heavily on the season.

21. The Pilot

image by: The Pilot

At this Yorkville institution, wind up a few flights of steps to reach the Flight Deck, the bar’s airy rooftop meeting spot. The majority of the tables are left aside for walk-in customers, and once you’re seated, cool pints of drinks, traditional cocktails (margaritas, mojitos, and Palomas), an extensive menu, and bar fare are the order of the day.

22. Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie

Cluny is one of the cutest and finest eateries in the Distillery District, and they have a lovely outdoor terrace that is partially covered and heated patios, which will keep you dry on wet days. Savour delectable French cuisine while taking in the European atmosphere.

It’s a really adorable terrace where you can hang out with your pals or go on a summer date. For those particularly cold nights at the end of summer, they even have heating. It’s at 35 Tank House Road, Toronto, Ontario.

23. Café Cactus Club

image by: Café Cactus Club

This popular restaurant, which is situated in the center of downtown Toronto, has a stunning rooftop terrace with a detachable cover, and heated patios so you can choose to dine there whenever you like. That means you can use this terrace all year round! There is fantastic cuisine available, including many vegetarian choices.

24. Sky Yard Drake

image by: Sky Yard Drake

A staple of the west end is the rooftop terrace connected to the Drake Hotel. You can go and enjoy a delicious brunch, lunch, or meal without having to think about the weather because there are large umbrellas covering the area. Just remember to make a reservation because this location fills up quickly!

25. Ascari Enoteca

image by: Ascari Enoteca

A Leslieville neighborhood establishment known as Ascari Enoteca was originally named after the legendary Formula 1 race car driver Alberto Ascari. This fantastic eatery has an enclosed terrace so you can take advantage of the delectable menu choices whether it’s sunny or rainy.

26. Bellwoods Brewery

image by: Bellwoods Brewery

Check out Bellwoods Brewery if you’re looking for a calm spot to hang out with friends and unwind. There is a tonne of different drinks available on draught, as well as some tasty treats. The brewery’s front terrace can be enclosed and heated patios in order to keep you safe during inclement weather.

27. El Pocho

image by: El Pocho

Taco night, did someone mention that? This delicious Hispanic restaurant is exactly what your night needs. Everything on the menu is gluten-free and made with fresh products, so there is something for everyone. While you’re there, don’t neglect to quaff on some tequila cocktails.

28. Atomic 10

image by: Atomic 10

Want a different taco option? Observe Atomic 10. This eatery has sizable roll-out awnings that can cover your beverages, comfort food, and tresses. Don’t overlook the neon signage either; they make for fantastic picture opportunities.

29. Baro

image by: Baro

What a stunning rooftop terrace! This is the place to go if you want to surprise a visitor. You and your meals are protected at all costs by a glass covering. Enjoy a superb meal created by Chef Steve Gonzalez and continue the evening with some alcoholic beverages.

30. Pancho Y Emiliano

image by: Pancho Y Emiliano

You shouldn’t ever have to overlook your Baja fish tacos, and this vibrant Kensington terrace guarantees you’ll be able to remain dry while finishing your margarita under a large awning.

31. Queen’s Pasta Café

image by: Queen’s Pasta Café

On its terrace in Bloor West Village, Queen’s Pasta Café offers some relief from the elements. This enclosed and heated patio is the place to go if you want Italian cuisine without worrying about getting wet.

32. BlueBlood Steakhouse

image by: BlueBlood Steakhouse

The eating areas at this upscale restaurant, which is situated at Casa Loma, are now enclosed, heated patios with enormous clear awnings, so your view need not be obstructed even if Mother Nature should have the temerity to ruin your party.

33. Harbour 60

image by: Harbour 60

You won’t be troubled by the weather’s erratic maneuvers at Harbour 60, an old-fashioned eatery close to the Harbourfront with a lush terrace and a breezy white cover.

34. Superfly

This Parkdale terrace offers Korean fried chicken from Kaboom Kitchen and cocktails. It is completely covered by the weather and has heated patios, so you can dance even when the atmosphere is cloudy.

35. Gerard East Market

GEM, a partnership between several local clubs and eateries, is unquestionably a bright spot after COVID. Real sand is even present in this beach-themed beer garden, which also offers Hand Drawn Noodles, 241 Pizza, and La Cubana.

36. Terroni Queen 

image by: Terroni Queen

Dine-in service is now available at the Cosimo Mammoliti location on Queen Street West. The restaurant’s famously genuine Italian fare can be enjoyed by patrons on the terrace while they continue to be outside. This restaurant blends rich culinary offerings with the lively neighbourhood.

37. NiceNice

In addition to a fantastic wine selection and a perfect menu of gourmet burgers, a Nice Nice wine bar also has a stunning terrace with heated patios, and an enclosed area.

Additionally, the establishment has added two new Californian red wines to its selection. It also provides a complete selection of bar appetizers, such as marinated olives and pecorino cheese, which are excellent for nibbling.

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