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Ol’ Macdonald’s Campground and Resort: 10 Things to Know

Old Macdonald's Campground

Go no further than the amazing Ol’ Macdonald’s Campground and Resort if you’re searching for a family-friendly campsite with many activities for children and adults.

This amazing place in Alberta, Canada, is situated on the south shore of Buffalo Lake and has everything from unserviced tent sites to fully serviced RV sites with free wireless internet.

But what makes Ol MacDonald’s resort stand out is its extensive offering of amenities and activities that are sure to keep the whole family occupied for the duration of their stay. 

1. First Impressions of Old Macdonald’s Campground and Resort

I’ll now tell you the tale of how people initially perceived Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort. Similar to Sylvan Lake when the protagonist first went to Alberta, Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort received probably too much publicity.

Having spent summers at Carson’s Camp, a family camping institution, and the magnificent Sauble Beach on Lake Huron, Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort never really stood a chance.

Upon arrival, the entire campground seemed neglected, with several of the public structures looking virtually derelict and covered with dust. Some amenities weren’t functional, and those that were appeared shoddy.

The main character had a strong impression that Old Macdonald’s Resort was a wonderful location that had been abandoned and allowed to degrade.

Ol' Macdonald's Campground
Courtesy: Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort

On their first stay, a particular instance seemed to support their presumption.

A huge, shiny horse trailer driven by a matching semi-tractor rolled up and parked in front of them as they were ambling around the grounds in front of the museum/arcade. The cab door’s stenciled printing listed names that all ended with MacDonald.

The main character was certain that it was either the campsite proprietors or, at the very least, their family, and the next generation of MacDonalds had acquired a once-proud campground and was using it as a cash cow for their amusement.

This caused the resort itself slowly withered away and they believed as they turned back to their campsite after taking in the amazing setup and the protagonist realizes that their initial assessment of Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort was premature and completely baseless.

Ol' Macdonald's Campground
Courtesy: Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort

They had a skewed perspective because it was based on a small sample of data and their nostalgia for their younger selves. They didn’t visit the resort again in consecutive summers, either, as their initial experience was so negative.

The weekend wasn’t entirely disappointing, though, despite this.

An older daughter and a younger son from a family of four staying at the nearby campsite were similar in age to the protagonist’s children. The grownups ultimately joined the four children in their play as their example spread.

2. Ol’ Macdonald’s Campground Hires Local Young Kids

One of Ol MacDonald’s Campground and Resort’s distinctive features is its dedication to recruiting young local children to assist in the management and services offered there.

Ol' Macdonald's Campground
Courtesy: Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort

This not only gives the kids good work experience and a paid job, but it also gives the campground a welcoming and friendly staff atmosphere.

You’ll feel at home among the young workers at Ol’ Macdonald’s Campground, from the kids as the welcoming personnel at the check-in desk to the adolescents running the store, mini golf course, and petting zoo.

3. Group Sites for Large Families or Friends

Ol Mac has several group sites that can accommodate numerous travel trailers or tents for families or groups of friends.

Ol' Macdonald's Campground
Courtesy: Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort

For people who want to spend and be near one another but still want some privacy, these sites are ideal.

Thanks to features like fire pits and picnic tables, there will also be many opportunities for you and your group to enjoy the outdoors together.

4. Activities for Kids

Old MacDonald’s Resort is undoubtedly a haven for any family with kids.

There is no lack of activities for young children, from the mini golf course to the petting zoo, the playgrounds to the train that runs every morning.

The merry-go-round, a wonderfully restored historic carousel sure to please kids of all ages, is possibly the most well-known attraction.

The beach, where kids may splash in the lake and create sandcastles to their heart’s content, is also close by for those hot summery days and beach days.

5. Activities for Adults

Not only do children get to enjoy themselves at Ol’ MacDonald’s Campground and Resort but the numerous events and facilities on site are also open to parents and adults.

There is a neighboring golf facility that provides discounts to Ol Mac visitors for those who enjoy a play of golf.

6. Other Facilities

There is also a comfortable library with books and board games for those who prefer a more leisurely activity, as well as laundry facilities and showers for those who need to catch up on some duties.

Ol' Macdonald's Campground
Courtesy: Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort

And if you want to take a break from cooking, visit Grandma’s Kitchen, a nearby eatery that offers delectable meals for breakfast, noon, and dinner.

7. Campsites Suitable For Different Needs

There are numerous campsites in Ol MacDonald’s Campground and Resort to accommodate various needs. Unserviced sites are offered for campers who prefer a more primitive setting.

There are fully serviced RV sites with some extra large stalls and sewage hook-ups for those who require a little more room and more comfort.

8. Partial Campaign

Additionally, there are partially serviced sites with water, sewer, and electricity for people who fall halfway in the middle.

Ol' Macdonald's Campground
Courtesy: Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort

If you need a rest from your work you’re likely to find the kind of camping experience you’re searching for at Ol’ Macdonald’s Campground.

9. Making Reservations

Reserve a spot at a family-oriented campground in advance if you’re considering going. In the height of the season, particularly over the long weekend in August, the campground can quickly fill up.

10. Online Services

You can make reservations over the phone or online, and the helpful staff will be pleased to assist you in choosing the best campsite for your requirements.

Ol' Macdonald's Campground
Image by chulmin park from Pixabay

So remember to book your family camping spot in advance to avoid disappointment, especially during peak.

Final Note

In conclusion, for family camping and a great picnic table that is both fun and memorable experience life forever, Ol’ MacDonald’s Campground and Resort in Alberta, Canada is an amazing campground for a weekend getaway with family and friends.

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