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Ontario Golf Courses: 15 Amazing Golf Courses

This province has a reasonably robust tolerance for winter, Ontario Golf Courses, but when the sun comes out, its residents spend as much time as possible basking in it. This explains why Ontario’s golf courses are packed to the gills with smiling Ontarians on the few occasions when the sun shines.

Golfing is excellent because it lets you spend a few hours in the fresh air, and while you’re playing, everyone understands if you don’t respond to their messages immediately. The most excellent aspect of playing golf in Ontario at the national golf club is that it is a great way to spend a day away from the office. You zone out of the world and try to perform well. There’s always alcohol to make you feel better if you have a terrible round.

Current conditions have resulted in a boom in golf in Ontario. As such, we thought it would be helpful to provide a rundown of the top Ontario golf courses so that you may choose the finest ones. A golfing vacation in Ontario is a great option for a summer getaway.

1. Best 15 Ontario Golf Courses

1.1. St. George’s Golf and Country Club

The golf course at St. George’s, among all golf courses, located in Etobicoke, is undoubtedly regarded as one of the finest in the province of Ontario’s many different courses.

The course that the one and only Stanley Thompson built has only received more and more acclaim throughout the years. It’s hard to think that a course of this calibre can be found so close to the heart of Toronto.

1.2. Hamilton Golf and Country Club

Ontario golf courses
Image by Pexels from Pixabay/ copyright 2016

Located in Ancaster, Ontario, and perched above the Niagara Escarpment, the illustrious Hamilton Golf and Country Club is an impressive facility. Even professional golfer Justin Rose said, “It’s as lovely and as terrific as among all Ontario golf courses.” after playing here. Those craters and cracks and crevices are all so appealing to everyone.

Some of Ontario’s most avid golfers have even gone so far as to call it the greatest course in the province, even though it was Harry Shapland Colt’s last major design effort in meadows golf.

1.3. Devil’s Paintbrush

Regardless of how you feel about the course, it’s difficult to dispute that this isn’t the golf course with the greatest name on the list. And if that weren’t enough, just next door in Caledon lies another course known as Devil’s Pulpit.

Chris Haney and Scott Abbott are admired for creating the renowned Devil’s Paintbrush and Devil’s Pulpit. You won’t find a better dual-course club in all of Canada.

1.4. Muskoka Bay Club (Public)

Created by architect Doug Carrick, the course is renowned for the dramatic variations in altitude, providing a wealth of stunning vistas. Muskoka Bay Club has been called the “greatest new Canadian golf course” by many in the Ontario golf courses all golfing community.

1.5. Westmount Golf & Country Club

With a tagline like “historic, dynamic, unrivalled,” you know you’re unstoppable. The Westmount Golf Club in Kitchener, Ontario, will play host to the 2022 edition of the Canadian Women’s Amateur. St. George’s isn’t the only Stanley Thompson masterpiece; this one is, too.

The sloping landscape at Westmount means you never have to hit from a flat lie. Since 1931, it has consistently placed among Canada’s top 10 or 15 golf courses.

1.6. The National Golf Club of Canada

They refer to themselves as “Canada’s finest private golf club,” and I don’t believe you’d come across many individuals who would disagree with that statement. Cabot Cliffs, located in Inverness, Nova Scotia, is the only other course that might compete with the National Golf of Canada for the title of the best golf course in Canada.

The best golfers in the nation and the world go to this course because it is the archetype of a tough one, and they want to “test themselves against greatness.” As Mike Weir pointed out, this is the ideal course for you to play if you want the challenge of competing on a course that calls for a great deal of strategic planning to be successful.

This is one of those Ontario golf courses we would consider a success if we could play it once. Nevertheless, we are not going to hold our breath! There is a perfect chance that, out of all the Ontario golf courses that are mentioned here, this one would place first in both the national and worldwide rankings.

Because so many of these courses are challenging, it is reasonable to assume that you won’t spend much time on the fairway. Christopher Mitchell is credited for the photograph.

1.7. Bigwin Island Golf Club (Public)

The Bigwin Island Golf Club may be found in the Lake of Bays area of the city. Another one of Doug Carrick’s shining achievements is in the same league as Muskoka Bay Club. During our research for this piece, we had conversations with several golf professionals in Ontario, and Bigwin Island emerged as a consistent favourite among these individuals. Everyone who had tried it out had a positive reaction to it.

This is a golf course that is regarded not just on the rankings in Ontario golf courses but also on the rankings at the national level. The same may be said for a significant portion of the other classes on this list. It is famous for the one-of-a-kind panoramas and views of the lake that it offers, especially those that can be seen from the 18th hole.

1.8. Glen Abbey Golf Club (Public)

Ontario golf courses
Image by Markus Spiske from Pixabay/ copyright 2016

A point that needs to be brought to your media exposure here is that Glen Abbey is a course that is very accessible for the casual golfer, and it does not include any of the doorway hurdles that some of the other training on this list may have. The renowned golfer Jack Nicklaus was responsible for creating the Glen Abbey course, which has been the site of several PGA and Canadian Open competitions.

You may play here for a fee of fewer than one hundred dollars, which is an incredible bargain for a golf course of this level in Ontario. An afternoon or morning spent here during the summer would certainly be quite enjoyable at this location.

1.9. Toronto Golf Club

Ontario golf courses
Image by Bedrck from Pixabay/ copyright 2017

Curiously enough, the location of the Toronto Golf Club is not in the city of Toronto itself but rather in the neighbouring city of Mississauga. The situation is quite unclear at the moment since the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) seems to grow in size each passing day while simultaneously accounting for around 20% of the total population of Canada.

In any case, let’s go back to golf. Two golf courses in Quebec predate the founding of the Toronto Golf Club in 1876. As a result, the Toronto Golf Club is the third-oldest golf club on the whole continent. From what we have gathered, being a member of the Toronto GC may be compared to joining a covert organization in several ways.

In light of this, we want to wish you the best of luck in getting access, and we are keeping our fingers crossed that you’ll have the opportunity to play this course, which is the gem in the crown for the English golf architect H.S. Holt.

1.10. Beacon Hall Golf Club

The Beacon Hall Golf Club is widely considered to be among the nation’s most illustrious private clubs. Because Beacon Hall is a private equity club with 260 members, among all Ontario golf courses, this indicates that each member is also a stakeholder in the company.

They claim that because of their concept, all members are guaranteed “open access to the first tee.” When we talk about the first tee, it is mentioned that this course almost always makes it into the top 10 lists of the best Ontario golf courses in Canada, regardless of whose list you choose.

When it comes to Beacon Hill, one thing that was mentioned time and time again was how drastically different the front nine and the back nine are from one another. The first nine holes are said to be evocative of what you could find in the southern United States, while the second nine are said to be much more reminiscent of something you might find in Scotland.

1.11. Coppinwood Golf Course

This golf course in Goodwood, Ontario, which Tom Fazio designed, has been referred to as a “golfer’s dream.” Playing a round of golf at Coppinwood is a pleasant and pleasurable experience, particularly on their remarkable collection of pars 3 holes, which are also gorgeous.

The fact that golfers of all abilities may enjoy themselves on this course in Ontario is one of the reasons why so many people recommend it. To summarize, simply because a programme is on the list of Ontario golf courses, the does not indicate that you will automatically feel excluded from the group or that it will be an extremely trying experience.

1.12. Eagles Nest Golf Club (Public)

Eagles Nest Golf Club may be found in the lovely-sounding town of Maple, which is located in Ontario. If the ranking of the Ontario golf courses were to include Eagles Nest, Doug Carrick’s name would be added to the list for the third time.

Eagles Nest is renowned for how it integrates natural elements into its layout, and many golfers who have played there have remarked that it is entirely comparable to any other Ontario golf courses they have experienced. The unending variety of undulating fairways is something that one may particularly like.

It is also important to note that this course is somewhat less exclusive than the others on our list. As a result, you will probably be able to schedule a tee time to play here if your phone is far enough in advance, and the fee will be a little less than two hundred dollars.

1.13. Cobble Beach Golf Links (Public)

Ontario golf courses
Image by Ray Miller from Pixabay/ Copyright 2013

The Cobble Beach Golf Links, which has its home in the town of Kemble in Ontario, has steadily built up a respectable amount of notoriety in the context of the golf scene in Ontario.

This is undoubtedly the most prestigious golf resort in the Georgian Bay region. There is no competition. Have you given any thought to the person(s) charged with creating this lesson plan? You guessed correctly; this is the fourth edition from Doug Carrick, whose designs have undeniably made an unforgettable imprint on the golfing landscape in Canada.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a links course is essentially a classic and traditional form of the Ontario golf courses initially constructed in Scotland. Imagine a landscape with undulating hills, abundant vegetation, and dunes along the shore.

1.14. TPC Toronto at Osprey Valley (Public)

Osprey Valley is located around forty-five minutes’ drive north of Toronto. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to play golf, as it provides you with three different courses to select from, all of which were developed by Doug Carrick, our resident architect. Yes, again.

It is said that the “Heathlands course” was the first links course to open in the province of Ontario golf courses when it initially debuted in 1991. The “Hoot Course” is renowned for its extreme elevation shifts and incorporates the surrounding pine forest throughout its layout.

In conclusion, the “North Course” is significantly more rural, features rolling fairways, and is slightly more playable for golfers just starting their careers. All three are consistently rated inside the top 100 in Canada, so you don’t have much chance of making a poor decision here.

1.15. The Mississauga Golf and Country Club

They are not joking around when they tack “country club” onto the end of their name at this place; they mean it. They include curling equipment with six sheets, tennis courts, and what seems to be a reasonably busy club for bridge players. The Mississauga Golf and Country Club was established around the start of the 20th century, meaning it has a significant amount of history to its name.

Some of the unique features of this old golf course in Ontario are. To begin, it is renowned for being somewhat of a gem when one considers the urban environment in which it is situated. Although both Mississauga and Toronto are close to the venue, several players have said that they get the impression that they are located in another universe.

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2. Conclusion

Recent events have resulted in a golf boom in Ontario. Because of this, we decided to list the top golf courses in Ontario so you could choose which ones are best for you. Indeed, you might even want to use this summer’s golf excursion as an excuse to stay in Ontario.

It is a challenging course played by some of the greatest players of all time; nevertheless, it has undergone a few renovations throughout the years that have helped it remain highly relevant. The finishing hole, in particular, is sometimes referred to as “one of the finest closers in Canada.”

At Ultimate Ontario, we can surely appreciate the reason. When you play golf, people appear to completely understand why you didn’t respond to their emails, calls, or texts because you get to spend several hours outside.



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