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Outdoor Bars in Los Angeles: 10 Fantastic Places

Sunshine drinks, elevated attitudes, delectable snacks, and a different perspective on the City of Angels: everything is available at a Los Angeles rooftop bar. From sky-high downtown LA rooftop bars to quaint oceanside terraces, we’ve compiled the best in one definitive guide. All you need to know about the best outdoor bars in Los Angeles, including opening hours, dress code, images, maps, and much more.

This is a magnificent rooftop city with a fantastic ambiance and environment, featuring a large selection of outdoor bars in Los Angeles and LA rooftop pools. So, which outdoor bars in Los Angeles are the best? Just scroll down to find the finest outdoor bars in Los Angeles for you.

1. Top 10 Outdoor Bars in Los Angeles

  • Perch
  • The Rooftop at The Standard, Downtown LA
  • The Bungalow Santa Monica
  • EP & LP Rooftop Bar
  • Mama Shelter
  • Takami Sushi & Elevate Lounge
  • Cork & Batter
  • Spire 73
  • Grandmaster Rooftop
  • The Slipper Clutch

1.1 Perch

Outdoor Bars in Los Angeles
By Perch / Copyright 2023

Perch, a frequented rooftop bar nestled within the bustling downtown district of Los Angeles, California, is an establishment renowned for its breathtaking panoramic views of the city’s dynamic skyline and the neighboring mountainscapes.

Elegantly perched atop the historic Pershing Square Building, this idyllic spot boasts an inviting ambiance that radiates an aura of warmth, relaxation, and conviviality, thanks to its inviting outdoor bars in Los Angeles seating arrangements replete with snug fireplaces, verdant foliage, and comfortable lounge furniture that provides ample space for socializing.

Beyond the atmosphere, Perch’s drink menu is a cornucopia of specialty cocktails, beers, and wines that are augmented by a selection of small plates and entrées tailored to elevate the drinking experience. From the refreshing Perch Spritz, an invigorating cocktail infused with Aperol, prosecco, and soda, to the lobster roll that tantalizes the taste buds with its delectable serving of brioche bun, avocado, watercress, and tomato, the menu is an epitome of gustatory delight.

Amidst the scenic vistas and delectable libations, Perch – an esteemed establishment – has garnered considerable repute for its vivacious live performances. The bar plays host to a cadre of native minstrels and disc jockeys, all the while maintaining an effervescent ambiance on its dance floor.

Whether one seeks to alleviate the tedium of post-labor ennui or indulge in a pulsating nocturnal revelry, Perch presents itself as an unequivocal oasis of indulgence.

1.2 The Rooftop at the Standard, Downtown LA

Behold, ye urban denizens! The rooftop bar and lounge located atop The Standard hotel, nestled in the beating heart of downtown Los Angeles, has risen to the apex of notoriety as one of the most famed outdoor bars in Los Angeles. From its vantage point above the bustling metropolis, it offers patrons stunning panoramic views of the city’s iconic skyline, ensconced within a setting of refined revelry and playful escapades.

This elevated oasis is replete with a bevy of amenities, such as a temperature-controlled swimming pool, an undulating dance floor, and a generously stocked bar that boasts a plethora of libations, ranging from artisanal cocktails to refreshing beers and wines.

A variety of plush seating areas and lounge chairs provide ample opportunities to luxuriate and repose whilst beholding the breathtaking panorama.

The rooftop also hosts a cavalcade of eclectic events, ranging from immersive pool parties that transport guests into a realm of aquatic splendor, to live music performances that envelop visitors in a sonic embrace, to movie screenings that evoke an ambiance of cinematic grandeur.

Whether one seeks a serene respite to unwind after a frenzied day of sightseeing, or an exuberant venue to revel with a coterie of friends in celebration of a special occasion, the rooftop at the Standard, Downtown LA beckons with open arms.

Thusly, it can be opined with great conviction that the rooftop at the Standard, Downtown LA stands as a requisite destination for any individual who yearns for a stylish and entertaining rooftop experience amidst the captivating landscape of Los Angeles.

1.3 The Bungalow Santa Monica

Main Bar Image with dimly lit lounge, comfy couches, nice furnitures and decors
By Santa Monica / Copyright 2023

Nestled within the heart of the illustrious city of Los Angeles, California, lies a widely renowned establishment – the Bungalow Santa Monica – regarded by many as one of the most popular outdoor bars in Los Angeles.

With its enthralling ambiance and chic, sophisticated decor, this stylish bar that resides in a converted historic bungalow stands out amongst its peers and offers an unparalleled drinking and dining experience that has captivated the hearts and minds of countless patrons.

The Bungalow Santa Monica offers its patrons a unique and sophisticated lounge atmosphere, situated within an exquisite historic bungalow that has been skillfully transformed into an ultramodern, trendy hotspot. The bar’s outdoor space, festooned with eye-catching and vivid décor, features an array of comfortable and inviting seating options and is illuminated by strings of warm and welcoming lights, creating an ambiance that is at once both intimate and inviting.

It is also renowned for its liveliness and exuberance, featuring a lively ambiance that attracts a bustling crowd of locals and tourists alike, complemented by frequent live music performances that infuse the atmosphere with a palpable sense of energy and excitement. Moreover, the bar offers a breathtaking view of the ocean and is located within walking distance of the Santa Monica Pier – making it a prime destination for anyone seeking unforgettable outdoor bars in Los Angeles.

1.4 EP & LP Rooftop Bar

By EP & LP Rooftop Bar / Copyright 2023

L.P. Rooftop Bar, located in the centre of West Hollywood, has one of the largest roof terraces in Los Angeles, stylishly adorned with flora, fire pits, and cosy nighttime lighting. The terrace offers a beautiful and broad view of the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Strip.

The rooftop bar serves delicious hand-crafted drinks by the glass or pitcher. There are also frozen creations and a good assortment of beer, sparkling wine, and sparkling wine.

The street food selection, which complements the beverages, covers anything from small plates and burgers to excellent tacos. Go one story down to the wonderful E.P. Restaurant, which serves a showcase of American food.

L.P. Rooftop provides a terrific environment in addition to amazing views and cocktails. Vibrant, entertaining, and welcoming, with a lot of people yet plenty of room. This guide’s ideal LA rooftop bar for some excellent mingling with pals.

While the rooftop bar does not accept table reservations, simply drop by and hope for a table on the terrace; otherwise, just hang out in the bar.

The Melrose Rooftop Theatre, located on the same site as L.P. & E.P., shows cult classics and new releases every week from May through November. Our advice is to combine a rooftop supper, a beverage, and a movie.

1.5 Mama Shelter

By Mama Shelter / Copyright 2023

Mama Shelter, the globally renowned and in-vogue hotel chain, has successfully established its presence across various locales across the globe, one of which being the highly frenetic and bustling metropolis of Los Angeles. Within the City of Angels, Mama Shelter emerges as one of the most sought-after and favored outdoor bars in Los Angeles, captivating the attention and winning the hearts of locals and tourists alike.

The rooftop bar, perched at a towering height above the city, affords a haven of leisure and recreation, an oasis where one can bask and indulge in an untroubled and unhurried milieu. 

The bar presents an enticing and alluring selection of beverages, including an eclectic mix of tantalizing cocktails, beers, and wines, all crafted with a unique and creative flair that will amaze everyone. From the classic and timeless margaritas to the exotic and unfamiliar Moscow mules, the Mama Shelter bar tantalizes the taste buds and satisfies the palates with an extensive and diverse range of flavors. The “Smoking Sunset” cocktail stands out as a particular and noteworthy favorite, comprised of an intriguing and delightful combination of mezcal, watermelon, and chili.

This outdoor bars in Los Angeles area is a celebration of art and culture, replete with an eclectic mix of colorful string lights, graffiti-style murals, and potted plants. This aesthetically pleasing amalgamation of elements creates a vibrant and fun ambiance, a visual feast for the senses. The live music events and DJ sets hosted by the bar on some evenings only add to the already energetic vibe.

1.6 Takami Sushi & Elevate Lounge

Fabulous restaurant and bustling lounge with unrivaled views of Los Angeles.

A unique and dual rooftop experience awaits 21 stories above Downtown Los Angeles’ Financial District, featuring both a restaurant and a club designed for spectacular and elevated nights. It is one of the most famous outdoor bars in Los Angeles.

Takami Sushi & Robata Restaurant is a modern and sophisticated facility that combines an open and beautiful inside dining area with a wrap-around outside terrace. All are surrounded by breathtaking vistas of downtown Los Angeles’ most magnificent high buildings.

With three kitchens, you may enjoy high-quality Sushi, specialty Robatas, and Japanese-influenced meals. The meal is accompanied by one-of-a-kind and freshly created creative cocktails, a selection of Sake alternatives, and a great selection of wines and champagnes.

Takami Sushi is a premier place for elegant and memorable events high above Los Angeles, offering one of the most unusual restaurant ideas Southern California has to offer.

The rooftop transforms into a high-energy venue for bright and elevated nights when the weekend arrives, courtesy of the Elevate Lounge. Featuring VIP tables, an enticing dancefloor, live DJs, and three bars, this is a nightlife hotspot that combines a high-rise ambiance with breathtaking vistas.

1.7 Cork & Batter

By Cork & Batter / Copyright 2023

Inglewood’s most spacious, contemporary, and multi-level venue.

Cork & Batter is in the center of Inglewood’s entertainment and sports area, immediately across from the SoFi Stadium and LA Forum, and close to the LA Clippers’ future home, the Intuit Dome. It is one of the most popular Outdoor bars in Los Angeles.

The sleek, 10,000 sq ft, three-level facility is located at the Sonder Lüm Hotel and will open in 2022, including a restaurant, bar, and rooftop experience.

Floor-to-ceiling windows provide a bright and friendly atmosphere on the first two levels, which feature an internal bar, lounge, and restaurant. The open-air rooftop lounge (with retractable cover) on the roof is furnished with comfortable loungers and is surrounded by flora and panoramic views of the environs.

Cork & Batter is open all day and night and has a diverse and informal cuisine that includes everything from tacos, smash burgers, and flatbread pizzas to Pasta Primavera and Atlantic Fish.

The bar program is overseen by seasoned bartender Devon Espinosa, and the drink menu includes special custom drinks, a’margarita tree,’ and a large range of beers on tap.

Cork & Batter’s rooftop is ideal for drinks, snacks, and views before or after attending a game or performance at one of the nearby venues. Nevertheless, with so many Televisions around, you don’t even need to leave to watch any of the big games.

1.8 Spire 73

Outdoor Bars in Los Angeles
By Spire 73 / Copyright 2023

The Western Hemisphere’s tallest open-air bar is perfect for elegant nights and city vistas.

Spire 73 rooftop bar and lounge is located on the 73rd story of the magnificent InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown. This is the tallest rooftop bar in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the tallest in the world.

The sky-high rooftop deck provides breathtaking views of Los Angeles. Everything from Hollywood to the beaches.

Up here, sleek fire pits provide a comfortable atmosphere among the variety of various fashionable sitting alternatives. Everything from comfortable lounge sofas to traditional bar stools and rockers right on the terrace’s edge.

Spire 73 is well-known for its superb bar, in addition to its spectacular outlook. Signature and traditional cocktails, a large range of champagne, spirits, wine, and beer, as well as a decent selection of bar nibbles and a few entrées, are all available on the vast drink menu.

Spire 73 is the rooftop bar for you if you want elegance with a spectacular view and premium drinks. The hotel is also one of the nicest in downtown Los Angeles, with a pool on the 7th level, so if you want the complete package, book it.

1.9 Grandmaster Rooftop

Outdoor Bars in Los Angeles
By Grandmaster Rooftop / Copyright 2023

The historic recording studio has been transformed into a restaurant, bar, and rooftop.

Grandmaster Recorders, located in the center of Hollywood, is a classic recording studio that was transformed into a sophisticated and multi-level restaurant and bar in 2021. It is one of the most famous Outdoor bars in Los Angeles.

The facility, which spans 15 000 square feet, features an amazing and industrial-chic interior restaurant serving upgraded coastal Italian and Australian-inspired meals, as well as the 71 Studio Bar, a sultry lounge providing tailored drinks and live music. The Grandmaster Rooftop, which is located on top of the building, is the gem in the Grandmaster Recorders crown.

The stunning rooftop comes with equally beautiful views of the Hollywood skyline and the Hollywood Hills, as well as a huge and trendy bar with a combination of dining tables and soft lounging spaces.

The Grandmaster Rooftop, which has its own menu, features specialty cocktails named after songs and albums produced by artists in the former studio, as well as spritzes, artisan beers, and wine. There are also lots of alternatives for satisfying hunger, ranging from antipasti to wood-fired pizza.

While reservations are advised for the Grandmaster Recorders restaurant, the Grandmaster rooftop is first come, first served. So simply come up, choose a space, and enjoy the fantastic views, food, and beverages (during the Sunday to Friday 4-6pm Aperitivo Happy Hour served at extra good deals).

1.10 The Slipper Clutch

By Slipper Clutch / Copyright 2023

The Slipper Clutch Outdoor Bars in Los Angeles, a distinctive drinking spot that commands a sizeable following, lies nestled in the bustling heart of the illustrious metropolis of Los Angeles, California.

Renowned for its singular character and unparalleled ambiance, this outdoor bars in Los Angeles boasts a commodious outdoor patio area where patrons can relish their choice of drinks while socializing in a relaxed, inviting atmosphere.

The aesthetic is decidedly retro-inspired with a conspicuous motorcycle theme pervading the décor, complete with vintage motorcycles and helmets on display, giving the patrons a sense of nostalgia and the feeling of cruising down Route 66 on a chopper. The bar is also famous for its crafty beers and cocktails. 

Thus, whether you are a local looking for a new haunt to frequent or a tourist searching for a one-of-a-kind bar experience, The Slipper Clutch Outdoor Bars in Los Angeles is the perfect destination that promises to satiate your thirst for fun and memorable moments.

2. Conclusion

Los Angeles is known for its cool nightlife and its outdoor culture. These are things that make Los Angeles a go-to destination for those who want to enjoy the night life. That’s where outdoor bars come. As mentioned above there are a lot of outdoor bars in Los Angeles. That makes it for people to enjoy drinks, and talk to each other with the best view of the city.

Outdoor bars in Los Angeles have a range of rooftop bars from where one can enjoy the stunning views of the city and also the ocean views. Outdoor bars in Los Angeles are the go-to destination for all nightlife lovers ad also for those who want to enjoy drinks with friends and loved ones.

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