Peace Arch Park 1921: A Monument of Triumph

The Peace Arch Park, British Columbia

The Peace Arch Park is one of the few locations on earth that has a lengthy history of conflict between two nations.

The Peace Arch was constructed to end the War of 1812 by accepting a peaceful resolution for a 200-year peace between the two countries.

In the Treaty, the desire to “end the war between Britain and the dispute over the US-Canada border on the principles of respect, reciprocity, and peace, to encourage the principle of prosperity and security beyond borders” was voiced.

The international Peace Arch is surrounded by Roberts Point, the Gulf Islands, the Arch historical state park, and Vancouver Island.

In this park, one can stroll, go bird watching, or picnic; both countries strive to make this park welcoming and not intimidating to visitors.

Peace Arch Monument

Image by Vlad Vasnetsov from Pixabay

The view of this international monument is something to behold. The peace arch is the main attraction of Peace Arch Park.

The Peace Arch was constructed in 1921 to honor the Treaty of Ghent and the Rush-Bagot Pact, which symbolized the peaceful decisiveness of the US-Great Britain conflict and an insecure US-Canadian border.

Where is The Peace Arch Park Situated?

The Peace Arch Park is situated on the border of Washington state and British Columbia, Canada. The area where the Peace Arch Park is located is also called the Peace Arch Border Crossing.

The Peace Arch Park consists of two international peace parks. The Peace Arch Park is situated on the Douglas Border Crossing, where British Columbia, Canada, and Highway 99 meet with Interstate 5, Washington State, USA.

Border Crossing Peace Arch

Image by Petra Šolajová from Pixabay

The Peace Arch Border Crossing is another name for Douglas Border Crossing. The peace arch park is divided into two international peace parks.

Peace Arch Provincial Park was established from the Canadian side in British Columbia on November 7, 1939.

In 1939, the state park on the American side of the border was established. Both parks are maintained by the International Peace Arch Association.

The Peace Arch is 67 feet tall and made of white, solid concrete blocks with reimposed steel and the longest border in the world.

1. Peace Arch Provincial Park

The Peace Arch provincial park is listed in the British Columbia parks. The northern part of the Peace Arch Park, which is about 22 acres, is managed by BCME or the British Columbia Ministry of Environment.

The peace arch and peace arch park are situated on a beautiful piece of grassland, which has a garden and playground for families and children.

One can roam the Arch historical state park and enjoy the view of Vancouver Island from the shoreline.

2. Peace Arch State Park

The Peace Arch State Park is listed in the Washington State Parks, which have taken control of the southern part of the International Peace Arch Association border, which is about 20 acres.

The Washington side Peace arch historical state is maintained by the WSPRA, USA.


The Peace Arch represents a symbol of understanding and dignity on both sides of the border. One side of the Peace Arch monument faces the Canadian side, and the other side faces the American side.

At first glance, the peace arch looks like a giant “lasting peace” gate with no doors. However, the Peace Arch Moumet is regarded as one of the first earthquake-resistant structures in the whole of Canada.

It was dedicated to celebrating the signed treaty of 1814–1914. The magnificent Peace Arch Park is a beacon of stability and non-violence. Visitors find it very amusing to stand in line at two international borders at the same time.

The interesting thing is that one can pass through the gate at a limited distance.



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