Revelstoke Restaurants: Top 5 Restaurants in Revelstoke

Revelstoke Restaurants

Canada’s Revelstoke, a city in British Columbia’s southeast. It is situated 415 kilometres west of Calgary, Alberta, and 641 kilometres east of Vancouver.

But are you confused about finding the best Revelstoke restaurants?  Then you need not worry. We have got you covered.

The city is located along the Columbia River’s banks. Revelstoke, a mountain town, draws adventurous travellers who want to spend quiet, private time against a beautiful backdrop of pristine wilderness and snow.

This Victorian town is a must-visit because of the cozy atmosphere and sense of serenity. It seems as though you are residing in a snow globe.

The restaurant culture in Revelstoke punches above its weight despite its small town size; in other words, there are some genuinely fantastic and popular restaurants in Revelstoke for tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Revelstoke restaurants have every type of comfort food, from fine dining to food trucks, Mexican to Asian cuisines, and local brews, and you won’t be disappointed if you try any food from these restaurants in town.

1. Top 5 Restaurants in Revelstoke-

1.1. Old-School Eatery (For Absolutely Delicious Food)

Old School Eatery is one of the best restaurants in Revelstoke, BC, if you’re seeking a warm place to greet you after hours of travelling across snow-covered roads.

As you can see from here, this is a Revelstoke mountain resort. You eat essentially inside a piece of history because it is a real old school that has been turned into a restaurant.

This is an amazing place for dinner and great food. From steaks, laksa, jambalaya, veggie,e and regular burgers to polenta fries with spicy kimchi ketchup, all the food is absolutely delicious, fresh, beautifully presented, and makes mouths water.

All these great meals get paired with craft cocktails and British Columbia-centric wine and craft beers, which makes them even tastier. You could believe that their only claim to fame is historical, but you’d be wrong.

One of the delectable healthy foods that clients greatly recommend is Caesar salad. This cafe is a charmingly small spot with lots of charm. The fact that it is housed in an ancient building and exudes artistic charm only adds to its attraction.

The menu, which focuses on breakfast and brunch fare in addition to lunch and coffee, is difficult to choose from because everything on it is so good. Customers cite the fried egg and Bahn Mi as two excellent dishes.

The Big Brunch, Huevos Rancheros, and crepes are must-order meals. Your reaction to their dinner would be euphoric. They are fresh, delectable, and beautifully presented. Even their insides reflect the passage of time.

The high ceiling, for example, and the antique piano bring back memories of your school days. The floors and decorations are also excellent!

What to Eat: Bao Buns, Rainbow Salad, Huevos Rancheros, Caesar Salad, and Crispy Brussels Sprouts

Address: 616 3 St. W., Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S1, Canada 

1.2. Emo’s Pizza and Steak House (One of The Famous Restaurants in Revelstoke)

Emo’s Pizza and Steak House
By Emo’s Pizza and Steak House

Emo’s Pizza and Grill is one of the best restaurants. The saying “not all pizzas are made equal” is best exemplified by Emo’s Pizza & Steak House.

Don’t forget to eat tasty pizza whenever you visit Revelstoke. Their pizzas are arguably among the best in Revelstoke, with enormous amounts of flavour and mouthwatering presentation.

This formula is everything that emo is, plus more! The menu items also reflect the chef’s preference for Greek cuisine. Their spaghetti and meat are cooked perfectly and as tasty as their pizzas.

So be sure to taste their souvlaki wrap, baked margarita, and pizza featuring Emo! Lunch is best served at this restaurant.

This is one of the most well-liked restaurants, so you can count on friendly staff service. You must have come upon this fantastic restaurant!

The meal is fantastic, and the portion sizes are excellent here. You alone can finish your food with ease and without wasting it. The staff is super friendly, and these Revelstoke restaurants have a great atmosphere!

The kids’ menu includes a colouring sheet and a good number of options. The kids’ lunch does not include drinks.

There are lots of pasta choices on the menu along with other items, but pasta and mushroom pizza are the foods for which you should definitely come to Emo’s Pizza and Grill.

The service is friendly and efficient. Portion sizes are large, which is the only complaint made by the customers, and prices are very good.

What to Eat: Baked Margarita and Emo’s Special

Address: 418 1 St. W., Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0, Canada.

1.3. Paramjit’s Kitchen (For Amazing Food)

This is among the most popular restaurant in Revelstoke, BC, and is known for its delicious food and impeccable service.

Few restaurants would be brave enough to attempt a fusion of German, Indian, and Thai food, but Paramjit’s rose to the occasion and made it their trademark! The fascinating menu is filled with unique and delicious foods that you won’t find anywhere else.

The chefs at Paramjit are experts at transforming traditional cuisine into brand-new menu items. They combined three different cuisines into one that the Canadian palate may appreciate, using their exceptional talent and expertise.

If you don’t have a tremendous amount of diversity in cuisine at home, this restaurant would be perfect for getting Indian fusion food. This place is amazing. energetic, warm ambiance and friendly staff are here to serve you food as per your order. The food is amazing.

Trying to get your Indian fix? The eatery claims in-house-produced, authentic Indian food. The aromas are pleasant and welcoming as soon as you enter this eatery.

There is a tonne of vegetarian and meat alternatives available; the locals’ personal favourite is Chana Masala.

restaurants revelstoke
Photo by Marvin Ozz on Pexels

They really claim to adore their samosas, and this restaurant executes Indian food exceptionally well. They staff their kitchen with skilled cooks who are familiar with Indian cuisine, which results in food that is so delicious you’ll want to try everything on the menu. Many have experienced it, and they did not let you down.

You won’t believe how delicious their butter chicken spätzle, chana masala, beef keema, and fresh mango lassi are until you try them, so get ready to fall in love!

Do not forget to order the German chocolate mousse cake for dessert. Everybody in the area recommends this as one of the top restaurants in British Columbia.

While the food is already exceptional, Paramjit goes above and beyond with its hospitable staff. After a friendly chat with the owner and cook, Goldie, customers may savour the delectable fare.

The visit itself is a complete experience from beginning to end, leaving you with the impression that you just left your friend’s house with a belly full of food and joy.

Address: 116 1st St. W., Revelstoke, BC, Canada

1.4. The Village Idiot Bar and Grill

This restaurant is situated in Revelstoke’s downtown core. This restaurant is one of Revelstoke, British Columbia’s, most well-liked eateries. You’ll notice a relaxed atmosphere as soon as you walk into The Village Idiot Bar and Grill.

The restaurant decorates its interior with various pieces of ski equipment in honour of the town’s modest snowfall. The Village Idiot offers an unforgettable dining experience, whether you choose to dine inside or on their patio.

Miss out on their Kitchen Sink Burger, created with a handmade patty, bacon, chicken breast, and a delicious combo of ingredients. Pizza baked from scratch and cooked to order is another must-try dish.

You can’t help but be in amazement when the sauce, dough, and toppings are so expertly made! The tribute poutine is beyond delicious! Pour some local beer on top to make the whole thing go down.

What to Eat: The Kitchen Sink Burger, Pizza, Poutine, and Beer

Address: 306 MacKenzie Ave., Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0, Canada

1.5. Terra Firma’s Kitchen (For Fresh and Delicious Food)

This restaurant is popular among locals. A tiny, organic farm owned and operated by Terra and Rob is about 5 kilometres away from the restaurants in Revelstoke.

They focus on growing heirloom veggies, and they use sustainable and environmentally friendly methods to raise their harvests.

Nearly every day, the restaurant receives deliveries of freshly selected organic veggies and eggs. Naturally leavened bread produced with freshly milled flour processed from organic BC grains may be found in Terra Firma’s Kitchen.

Every day, they prepare fresh sourdough bread, which is both available for purchase at the front and an essential component of their cuisine.

This is one of the best restaurants. They use organic cane sugar as well as local butter, cream, milk, and eggs. Their muffins, brioches, scones, and bars will have seasonal tastes that highlight the fruits and vegetables grown nearby. It is basically a modern bakeshop.

The best of both worlds in a cafe, breakfast, and bakery! The restaurant is so clean and comfortable to sit in and enjoy our meals. Friendly service and a perfect atmosphere As you sit in the dining room, you can see how efficient,  organized, and detail-oriented the staff are.

Sweet and sour sourdough toast, breakfast skillet, bacon breakfast sandwich, fresh veggie breakfast sandwich, cheese toast, drip coffee, and French toast are all popular dishes at these Revelstoke, British Columbia restaurants.

What to Order: breakfast sandwich and sourdough toast; coffee

Address: 415 Victoria Road, Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0, Canada 

2. Some Restaurants & Bars to Enjoy Beverages

2.1. Taco Club

Restaurants, in my opinion, are all about indulging, but if you’re looking for something a little lighter, the grilled alternatives are very delicious and totally fresh.

One of the favourite settings in town, it features a lot of original artwork from the area, is colourful, and has helpful, pleasant staff who are familiar with the menu.

Taco Club serves up tasty tacos and burritos that are packed with incredibly fresh ingredients. It combines thoughtful, but occasionally unexpected, pairings with traditional Mexican flavours and flavours you’d expect from a taco shop.

Some of the customers’ favourites, like avocados, shrimp, and fish tacos, offer grilled and crispy choices. Usually, they choose the crispy because, yum.

restaurants revelstoke
Image by josé vanegas lópez from Pixabay

If you’re going to stop by, say hello to their wet burrito, guacamole, fried wild cod, and beef birria enchiladas.

What to Eat: Beef Birria Enchiladas, Guacamole, Wild Cod (Crispy), Wet Burrito

Address: 206 MacKenzie Ave., Revelstoke, BC, Canada

2.2. La Baguette

This restaurant has evolved from its humble origins as a coffee shop serving pastries and filling snacks into one of the most well-liked eateries, and for good reason.

This restaurant offers fantastic breakfast and lunch options, and thanks to a very recent expansion, they now also serve amazing dinners.

Customers usually choose a Bree LT with a chai latte on top. The lattes are fantastic, and the ingredients dance on your tongue, but what’s best is that La Baguette has some of the best value in Revelstoke! Both the cost and the portions are really affordable.

Finish off your dinner with one of their incredible gelato flavours, all of which are produced in-house from scratch by one of their many wonderful, welcoming staff members.

The convenience of placing an order at the cash register is combined with some of the tastiest meals at this restaurant.

2.3. Killa-B’s Grilled-Cheese

Killa-Grilla-Cheese, B’s, Revelstoke’s renowned red food truck, is well-known for its exceptional grilled cheese. They are incredibly well-liked by tourists because of their excellent food and cool atmosphere.

Killa-Grilla-Cheese B’s is the real deal, as evidenced by the owner serving you directly and the staff’s constant grins. Additionally, they will gladly bring your order to you if you are waiting in your car. They had a complete understanding of the task. Kudos!

Their grilled cheese is expertly toasted; it is neither mushy nor overcooked but rather has the ideal amount of softness to envelop the cheese in a cozy embrace. Hand-cut fries are used to create poutine. Just…wow!

You will never regret ordering cheese curds and a sandwich. Don’t forget about their buffalo wings, which are a flavour explosion in every bite!

What to Eat: grilled cheese, poutine, cheese curds, and buffalo wings.

Address: Fresh Cannabis, 427 2 St. E., Revelstoke, BC, Canada 

2.4. Chubby Funsters Kitchen and Cocktails

Chubby Funsters, a family-friendly restaurant ideal for any occasion, is situated in the heart of Revy. You will be able to tell they are authentically Canadian if they have blankets covering their windows.

Chubby Funsters is the peak of achieving the trio of tasty food, an inviting environment, and helpful service! For lunch, après, or dinner, you must try one of their many inventive concoctions!

A fantastic selection of beers is also available! They always have delicious cheese curds, beef dip sandwiches, PB&J burgers, and cheese curds!

The PB&J sandwich is simply stunning, while the beef dip sandwich is a lovely, delectable mess. Am I right? Who would have thought to implement this gimmick on hamburgers?

What to Eat: beef dip sandwiches, PB&J burgers, and cheese curds

Address: 114 MacKenzie Ave., Revelstoke, BC, Canada

restaurants revelstoke
Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels

2.5. Big Eddy Pub

A massive Caesar, locally produced beer and coffee, a tasty handmade burger, and flavorful chicken wings are all available at The Big Eddy Pub. After a day spent hiking or on the trails, you can stop here for a quick beer and remain for a few pitchers.

Every type of eater will find something to their liking on the menu, which includes vegan, gluten-free, and meat options. Customers are in love with the wings, and they stated that it is “the best hot sauce ever.”

If you’re looking for a late lunch but can’t find anywhere open to serve food and drink, cross the river to the Big Eddy bar. The cheese and onion beer dip was fantastic with fresh pretzels.

Smokehouse Salad will be the ideal mashup of greens and meat with a kick of heat. Another fantastic main dish would be a Spicy Veggie Burrito Bowl.

The Mt. Begbie on-tap service is excellent. It’s off the beaten path for tourists over the Big Eddy bridge, and people adore the location for its authenticity. Families love it.

If you’re hungry and want some traditional Canadian food, you’re going to adore this location because the menu has so many delicious options, like salads, burgers, poutine, steaks, wings, and more!

Excellent beer and cocktail menus as well! The Big Eddy Caesar, The Burt Reynolds, and The Shaft Shot are highly recommended!

Address: Canada, at 2108 Big Eddy Road, Revelstoke, BC V0E 3K0.

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Are there any family-friendly restaurants in Revelstoke?

Ans. There are many family-friendly restaurants in Revelstoke, like Emo’s Pizza and Grill, Old School Eatery, etc.

Q2. Are there any gluten-free restaurants in Revelstoke?

Ans. Yes, Nico’s Pizzeria, the village idiot bar and grill, and many more restaurants are gluten-free.

Q3. What is the number one restaurant in Revelstoke?

Ans. The number one restaurant is Old School Eatery.

Q4. Are there any dog-friendly restaurants in Revelstoke?

Ans. La Baguette restaurant welcomes dogs.

Q5. Are there any vegan restaurants in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada?

Ans. Chubby Funsters Kitchen and Cocktails and many other restaurants serve tasty vegan food.

Q6. Does Revelstoke have an Indian restaurant?

Ans. An Indian restaurant is one of Paramjit’s most well-known kitchens.

Q7. What is the best sushi restaurant in Revelstoke?

Ans. Twilight Bite; Frisby Ridge Sushi serves the best sushi among all restaurants in Revelstoke.

Q8. What is the best cafe in Revelstoke, British Columbia?

Ans. Dose Coffee, Main Street Cafe, and Conversations Coffee House are the best.

Q9. What is the new roadside food truck in Revelstoke for?

Ans. The Wandering Root and Twilight Bites food truck hit the roadside in Revelstoke, BC, Canada.

Q10. Is Revelstoke, BC, a good place to stay?

Ans. Yes, it is a perfect place to stay for a great experience.


After a day of biking, skiing, or hiking, you’ve worked up quite an appetite. It’s time to eat now. The town’s outdoor lifestyle attracts top-notch chefs who have grown weary of city life and have brought their expertise to the Kootenays, so finding a fantastic Revelstoke restaurant is fortunately not difficult!

The variety of restaurants in Revelstoke will prevent you from getting bored with your food while you’re visiting, from casual burger eateries and artisan bakeries to sushi bars and hip bistros. We have a wealth of options! Examine some of the top locations to satisfy your palate and fuel your activities.

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