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Secure Your Future: The 8 Best Free Will Kits in Ontario

If you hire a lawyer, creating a will and testament that is legally legitimate frequently costs money.

And the reason for this is that since lawyers are generally expensive, your estate planning requirements may simply necessitate more work to set everything in place.

However, if your estate is simple, you can quickly draught a will using a web-based will-maker or even a complimentary will kit or just a template.

Let’s see the best free will kit in Ontario in the article……………………………….

1. What is Will’s kit?

You must comprehend what makes a valid Last Will as well as Testament in order to comprehend a Will kit. A Will has to be in written form, on paper as well as signed with the assistance of two witnesses in order to be considered valid. It is not necessary to draught a will with the assistance of a lawyer or have it signed or recorded. You only need a piece of parchment that says unequivocally that it serves as your Last Will as well as Testament. Ideally, it should name an executor, but at the very least, it should specify who will get what pieces of your “estate” (all of your assets, possessions, and financial assets).

Some provinces have no need for the Will to be duly signed by witnesses if the entire thing was composed in your own penmanship. This “holographic Will” exists. Be cautious, though, as some jurisdictions, most notably BC, still demand that a handwritten Will be signed in front of two witnesses.

2. 8 Best Free Will Kit Ontario

Some of the best free Will kits are listed below with their descriptions:

2.1 Canada Will

For more than 20 years, CanadaWill has offered free formal Will services to Canadians. also provides the service in question in the United States.

The platform allows you to make documents for your advance directive, health care of attorney, and living will in addition to your last will and testament.

On Canada Wills, these papers are completely free. They advise customers to make a voluntary donation to Proactive Western Enterprises Inc. via PayPal in order to maintain the service they offer for free.

Once you’ve finished composing your will, you may save it, print it, and add the necessary signatures.

2.2 LawDepot

With over 150 legal papers available in Canada, the United States, Australia, as well as the United Kingdom, LawDepot was established in 2001.

The procedure is not simple, despite LawDepot’s claims that you are able to utilize the website to create your own complimentary Last Will as well as Testament documents.

There are three methods for licensing it:

  • Free Trial: By registering for a free trial after making your will, you can view the documents for a week. After the trial period, a monthly cost of $39 will be charged.
  • One Year Pro: The cost of a one-year registration, plus GST, is $95.88. You can make, edit, and print as many papers as you want using this subscription over the course of a year. Until it is terminated, your subscription is automatically renewed each year.
  • Pay As You Go: Prices for individual documents vary between $7.50 to $49.The service could end up costing you a lot more compared to LegalWills or Willful, even though you can theoretically get your Will papers complimentary on LawDepot by joining up for an initial trial period as well as ending the membership within 7 days.

2.3 The Free Will Kit

This American business provides a free Will Kit, which might or might not be appropriate for Canadians.

You receive a package containing a Last Will as well as Testament, a Living Testament alongside Health Care Surrogate, as well as a Will Kit workbook after finishing the form on their website.

Your delivery will be scheduled by a local company representative, who may also attempt to upsell you on additional services you don’t require.

2.4 Free Legal Will Kit

Another American business, Free Legal Will Kit, provides its free Will Kit in the province of Ontario, the province of Alberta, the province of Prince Edward Island, as well as New Brunswick.

Similar to the Free Will Kit service mentioned above, a representative of this business approaches you to set up in-person or electronic kit delivery.

Although the Will designs you get are free, they might also attempt to market you other things.

2.5 Willful

This service provides standalone wills ($99) as well as combo packages ($189) that include a will, power of attorney, and living will to Canadians in a few provinces, including Quebec. The majority of couples appear to prefer the family package, which costs $329 for 2 adults. By using this strategy, you can designate a power of attorney for yourself and your family as well as wills that are legally binding. Every document is free to change whenever you like.

Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, and New Brunswick are all accessible.

Special characteristics: Provides a family blueprint (covers up to 6 people). Residents of Quebec can also access Willful, which many internets will tools do not.

Costs: $99-$329+


Outside of Quebec, this product is available to all Canadians and provides wills ($39.95 for an individual; $63.92 for a couple’s mirror will), powers of attorney ($29.95), living wills ($19.95), in addition to wills for Canadian ex-pats with assets in the United States or the United Kingdom. Within a year, the papers can be updated without charge; however, longer-term storage and updates will cost more.

All Canadians, with the exception of those who live in Quebec

Special features include living wills as an alternative and wills for ex-pats with assets in the UK or the US.

Costs: $19.95-$63.92


Wills, powers of attorney, and living wills are provided by this national service for $59 each, with updates available yearly through the “peace of mind” bonus. The FormalWill platform is adaptable and provides the majority of the tools required to draught a straightforward will. Even though this service (Willful) is less costly, it is also less comprehensive and provides fewer features that you might need.

Available everywhere in Canada

Unique Features: Wills are customized for the province or territory in which you reside. A lawyer can also review your will for an additional cost.

Costs: $39-$249

2.8 Epilogue Wills

For both individuals and couples, Epilogue Wills offers both Wills and Powers of Attorney. Prices for wills are $139 for an individual, $229 for a couple, and $179 for a will plus powers of attorney. A lot of useful information and educational resources are available on the website of Epilogue Wills, which was founded by two people with experience in estate planning and estate law. They also cover topics like beneficiaries, pets, executors, and more.

It is currently offered in every province that speaks English, including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island.

Added Bonuses: The sole and initial via the internet Will platform in Canada which enables users to designate a professional confidence company to serve as the administrator of their Will was established by two property lawyers with ten years of practical experience. It offers social networking Wills so you can choose what will happen with your social media accounts when you pass away, only via the internet Wills that have to do with RESPs, and deals with RESPs exclusively.

Cost: $139-$298

3. A Free Will Kit’s Benefits

By using a free legal Will Kit, you can avoid dying intestate and having no control over how your assets are distributed while also ensuring that your final wishes are honoured.

Free implies that you won’t have to pay a counsel up to $1,000 or more.

A valid legal Will can also spare your family time and stress after you pass away by preventing arguments over inheritance or the need to wait for the government to name an executor.

4. A Free Will Kit’s Drawbacks

An online free Will Kit has possible drawbacks similar to the free Will Kits as well as templates you can obtain at Staples Walmart, or Amazon, including:

  • You receive generic templates, which might not be adaptable to your requirements.
  • If your circumstances alter, you must start over and write a new Will from scratch. Your will cannot simply be updated online, printed, and resigned in front of witnesses.
  • Free might not be truly “free.” For instance, downloading LawDepot Wills is only free during the Trial time, during which you must enter your credit card information. You are unable to receive the Will you wrote without this information.
  • There is little to no assistance offered. There might not be anyone to pose questions to if you have any queries regarding the template.
  • If you have a complicated estate, such as assets overseas or children from multiple marriages, etc., free-will kit templates aren’t appropriate.

5. Online vs. Do-It-Yourself Will Kits

It is best to conduct some preliminary research to find a Will kit that best suits your requirements because there are many locations in Canada from which you can purchase one. Having said that, there are primarily two kinds of Will tools available:

5.1 Will Kit Online

Online Will packages are growing in popularity because they are easy and practical to complete. Online Will kits don’t need you to employ a lawyer, but they do give you the customization options that an estate lawyer would provide. In actuality, all the information, choices, and guidelines are set out for you; all you need to do is choose the appropriate provider. Additionally, you can complete the entire procedure online; you are not required to purchase your kit from a physical retailer.

5.2 Will Kit DIY

Before the development of online Will kits, Canadians used Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Will Kits, also referred to as “Blank Form Wills,” to formally execute their last will and legacy. Even though it’s a workable option that has been around for a while, the procedure might not be as quick or affordable as a web-based will kit.

The Takeaway!

This was all about the topic “Best Free Will Kits Ontario“.

Check this out What law differences does Canada have on its native preservation? if you want to know about what law differences Canada have on its native preservations.

Queries and Answers

Some of the most asked questions regarding the topic “Best Free Will Kits Ontario” are listed below:

1. In Ontario, are our free-will tools permitted?

In Canada, there is no set format for a last will and legacy. It will be legitimate as long as you have complied with the criteria for a legal will. This implies that you can create your will using any method, including internet wills or will kits.

2. Will Canada offer complimentary kits?

There isn’t a legitimate free Will package provided by the Canadian government. Nevertheless, some province governments offer Wills in the form of downloadable templates. Fortunately, there is no favoured DIY or online will template in Canada, in order to can select to purchase your will kit from a public or private business.

3. In Canada, what is the least expensive method to create a will?

Online wills are inexpensive and hundreds less expensive than using an estate attorney. You can create an online will at your convenience from the ease of your house. Online wills are quick and simple. Most tasks are finished in under 20 minutes.

4. What constitutes a void will in Ontario?

The testator (the deceased) did not write the will, or the signature on the will was not legible. The Will was improperly or not at all observed. The Will was revoked, for example, by a subsequent marriage (unless a will was expressly written “in contemplation of marriage,” it is void if you marry after signing it).



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