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Shoulder Length Haircuts: 21 Best Haircuts

You want a haircut that isn’t short, but you don’t want it to be too long, either right? Let’s talk about shoulder length haircuts.

Shoulder length haircuts come in a huge range of diverse styles, from a lengthy bob to just above the collarbones. The style can be adjusted to fit every occasion, from when you need an elegant and professional look for work to a seductive and fun look for a date night. The cut flatters every face shape. Check out our collection of shoulder length hairstyles for some salon-inspired ideas.

The category of haircuts known as shoulder-length is arguably the most adaptable of all of them. Shoulder-length hair is defined as having a length that is less than the chin but longer than the collarbone.

You can draw your hair up into a topknot without it being too heavy or causing you a headache, but you also have the freedom to create many styles. There is no way to go wrong with this length since it flatters most people wearing it.

1. How to Try a New Haircut?

Shoulder Length Haircuts
Foto di Nathanel Love da Pixabay/ copyright 2016

You have arrived at the perfect location; however, if you want to spice things up a little and personalize your new haircut in some way.

Clyde Elezi, the International Creative Director at The Drawing Room New York Salon, Stephen Thevenot, a hairdresser at David Mallet New York, and Aaron Grenia, the Co-Founder of IGK Hair, to determine which shoulder-length hairstyle is the most complementary to each of the different facial shapes.

But remember that any skilled hairdresser may adapt a style to suit your features if you see something you like but it doesn’t work with your face. “In modern hairdressing, we tend to break those rules, mix and match face shapes and hairstyles to create a unique identity that reflects each client’s personality, lifestyle, and fashion sense,” by Elezi. “This allows us to create a look that is truly one-of-a-kind.”

It may be nerve-wracking to go into a hair salon without having a certain look in mind, and it takes some effort to figure out which hairstyles work best with your particular face shape. Some hairstylists believe that cuts make for more attractive hairstyles since they highlight your natural qualities (or bring out others if you aren’t the greatest lover of your face shape).

Although you can wear whatever shape or style you like, some stylists think certain cuts make for more pleasing hairstyles. There are instances when a fail-safe, risk-free approach that you are certain will be successful is the best way to go.

2. How to Begin?

Shoulder Length Haircuts
Foto di Rodger Shija da Pixabay/ Copyright 2017

You have arrived at the perfect location if you are unclear about how or where to begin. You will likely discover a hairstyle that suits you and your face shape, whether you are looking for a long bob, textured shag, or side-swept pixie.

Please continue reading for their expert advice and some inspirational photographs you can bring to the salon on your next appointment. Moreover, continue reading for some celebrity-inspired hairstyles that will make you look amazing, and may be found below.

2.1 Frame Cut

Shoulder Length Haircuts
Foto di Mark Mook da Pixabay/ Copyright 2016

According to Korab, people with square faces often have prominent jawlines and broad foreheads for medium-length hair. It’s possible to seem more attractive by giving these characteristics a softer appearance with a layered haircut that falls just below the chin.

Shoulder-length, layered cuts with loose waves are another great option for rounding off a square or rectangular face.

Additionally, Cleveland proposes adding side portions to counteract the squareness and soft layers with thick hair to conceal the more acute angles. The ideal mix of the two is the frame cut in thin hair, which consists of a medium-length haircut with a deep side part.

2.2. Diamond-Shaped Faces

Shoulder Length Haircuts
Foto di ralf21cn da Pixabay/ Copyright 2018

If you have a diamond facial shape, like the model and fashion designer Alexa Chung, then you have the ideal canvas for rocking one of the most popular hairstyles for mid-length that are now occurring, which is curtain bangs.

“Curtain bangs balance a diamond-shaped face by elongating the face and widening the forehead,” Elezi informs us about the benefits of having this kind of hairstyle. It is crucial to design a style with a shoulder-length cut that balances the sharper characteristics that tend to come with a square face shape since this face shape itself.

“A diamond style helps offset a square face with wavy hair,” says stylist Edward Tricomi, referring to Olivia Wilde’s haircut. “A diamond style helps offset a square face.”

Because the front is cut shorter than the rear, a diamond-shaped haircut creates a striking contrast between the two sections of the hair. Additionally helpful are the gentle waves. When you’re in the chair, ask your stylist for soft face-framing layers that gradually become longer as they go toward the nape of your neck.

2.3. Chin-Length Hairstyles

If you decide to cut your hair, what length should you aim for? Chin-length hair, heart-shaped might be confident and daring; it will undoubtedly draw attention. How can you discover the ideal appearance for you? You’re in the correct place, then! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of chin-length hairstyles available to you.

According to Grenia, chin-length hairstyles are perfect for diamond-shaped faces because they soften the face’s harsh angles and complement the rounder features.

2.4. Curtain Bangs

Williams outgrown curtain bangs are a method to soften the face while highlighting the powerful features of a square face.

Some people are self-conscious about their prominent cheekbones and jawline like choppy layers, so having side-swept bangs or wispy curtain bangs is the best way to hide a square-shaped face.

However, if you decide to obtain bangs with a curling iron, you should remember that styling them might take a little effort. Invest in Velcro rollers or a heat-styling brush to add more volume to your hair.

2.5. Heart-Shaped Faces

A long bob, sometimes known as a “lob,” is an excellent option for someone with a face shaped like a heart with damp hair.

When it comes to giving your hair some breadth, he and Thevenot advocate adding soft layers towards the bottom or even lengthy bangs swept to the side.

Thevenot, the appearance of a heart-shaped face may be made to seem more balanced by giving it a larger bottom. Consider Selena Gomez as a model for your next hairstyle.

2.6. Butterfly Cut

This hairstyle draws inspiration from vintage looks, particularly the ’70s shag haircut and the ’90s blowout. Lots of wispy, descending layers are dragged outward, rather than within, in the butterfly haircut. This effect imitates the fluttering of a butterfly’s wings.

The small layers create the appearance of a shorter style that frames the face; thus, the haircut can be seen as a two-look. You can continue to wear your long hair, though.

You may simply knot off the back piece of your hair and let the shorter layers in front hang loose whenever you want your hair to look short.

2.7. The Farrah Fawcett Cut

Shoulder Length Haircuts
Foto di kaleido-dp da Pixabay/ copyright 2015

People who have oval face shapes may experience feelings of insecurity regarding the lower half of their face at times, so styling their hair in a way that frames it upward and outward is the best idea.

Although this style depends more on styling than a haircut, cutting long, shaggy layers to play around with volume helps you channel your inner Farrah even more. This is because the layers mimic Farrah’s signature appearance.

2.8. Face-Framing Shag

Among medium length haircuts this is amongst the best haircuts. ” At the moment, recommend always going on the longer side for heart shaped faces with mid length hair,” says celebrity hairdresser Glenn Ellis, referring to shags with longer face frames hair length as a great example.

” At this point, recommend always going on the longer side for heart shaped faces,” says celebrity hairstylist Glenn Ellis. “It really elongates the face and balances it out with fine hair.”

2.9. Sideswept & Layered

Heart-shaped faces typically have a wider forehead and a more pointed chin. Oval faces tend to have a more rounded chin.” A shoulder-length haircut with long layers and bangs swept to the side might help harmonize these proportions.

The appearance of breadth at the bottom of the face may also be helped by using soft curls and waves in the hair.

2.10. Oval-Shaped Faces

Oh, how fortunate is the person who has an oval facial shape! If this describes you, know that we are officially green with envy since it indicates that you can rock almost any hairdo.

Do you have an adventurous and courageous spirit? Try a blunt haircut with all your hair the same length and a center part, like Kim Kardashian’s hairstyle in this picture.

2.11. Round-Shaped Faces

Elezi and Thevenot agree that a shoulder-length or slightly longer hairstyle best complements this particular facial shape. Grenia claims this style, which is a little bit longer, will make a face seem longer.

2.12. Square-Shaped Faces

A softer and more disheveled hairstyle will look great if you have a square facial shape. Thevenot suggests maintaining “all ends soft and more textured at any length” and steering clear of “any hard lines.” He says, “Tousled waves are great for square faces—they add texture and softness.”

To draw attention to your cheekbones, Elezi recommends styling your hair in the middle part and using a face-framing approach, much as Jennifer Aniston does.

2.13. Triangle-Shaped Faces

We know how to emphasize your distinctive triangular facial structure. We don’t want you to feel constrained to a few conventional hairstyles while determining which one best suit your face. Your face is shaped like a pear, which is the complete opposite of a heart and has a narrow forehead and a wide jawline.

Working with the broad jawline can help you locate the ideal hairstyle because this face type is heavy at the bottom. The ideal solution for these looks is to balance out the narrow forehead. Without further ado, read on to see which hairstyles complement your distinguishing traits.

2.14. A Universally Flattering Cut

This is the one cut that seems to complement the majority of people’s features well. Some call it the “perfect haircut” because it looks well on various head shapes and hair types.

It may also be fashioned to reflect your individuality and how you live your life. This cut, usually considered attractive, falls somewhere between the chin and the shoulders. It looks great whether air-dried, blow-dried straight, curled, or worn in a straight position.

2.15. Choosing Bangs

A standard haircut may be updated with the addition of bangs. They can erase years from a person’s appearance while also drawing emphasis on their eyes.

Even better, bangs complement the majority of different types of facial structures. Again, the objective is to get bangs that will give the impression that your face is more oval.

2.16. Medium Pastel Pink Bob

Although the pink hue of the medium-length hairstyles is the element that draws the most attention, the cut itself is rather lovely.

The razored, jagged extremities of the layers are highlighted by a voluminous side sweep used to style the angled bob haircut. There has never been a time when straight hair with layers looked more stunning.

2.17. Medium Cut with Feathered Face-Framing Layers

The round face seems narrower, and the neck appears longer, thanks to the face-framing elements that are piled and brushed forward.

You will seem even more put together if you compliment your new haircut with lengthy curtain bangs. This particular-shaped cut gives a larger face the required degree of sharpness.

2.18. Soft Medium Length Waves

If you have a round face, do not be afraid to experiment with various hair textures while choosing a medium haircut that complements your face shape. The most flattering haircuts for round faces let the hair’s natural texture shine visually appealingly.

With a cut that ends at the chin, these waves would seem too full on the sides, which is not desirable for a round face. On the other hand, with a longer cut like this one, you would look stunning and feel assured.

2.19. Shaggy Comb-Over Lob

A combover that brushes the collarbone is perfect for women with round faces who have hair that is shoulder length or slightly shorter.

The hazy part line and the texture that seems like the wind blowing it are charming and fun; your hair begs to be let loose in an open-top automobile. Even in the dead of winter, the lob’s milk-chocolate hair color with brilliant blonde highlights gives it a beachy vibe!

2.20. Soft Layers

In hair, various layering techniques serve various functions. For instance, larger layers make your hair appear longer while shorter layers give the impression of volume. Layered hair, when done correctly, is sleek but also gives your hairstyle depth as opposed to hair that is just one length without any layering.

Moreover, the oval face shape typically features narrower forehead and jawline. Many haircut styles may bring out the best in a person’s facial features.

Adding soft layers to long hair may create a more proportionate appearance and help balance the breadth of the cheekbones. You may create layers through the length of the hair or focus on adding them around the face.

2.21. Any Form of Bangs

The greatest hairstyles for your face shape do not always need a complete makeover of your existing look; in some cases, all that is required is a simple trim: Frederic Fekkai, a famous hairdresser, bangs are a very appealing and feminine option for women who have a broad forehead.

If you have thick or highly curly hair, get the look of bangs. May getting the case for you may not be easy; consider a style with shorter layers around chin-length instead or play up your texture by styling your bangs with waves and texture as Rihanna does.

3. How to Figure Out What Kind of Face You Have?

Shoulder Length Haircuts
Foto di Claudio Terribile da Pixabay/ Copyright 2016

There are many different facial shapes among humans. In general, they may be broken down into one of six shapes: oval, long, square, round, diamond, or heart shaped.

A method of measuring the face may guide the proper path if you cannot determine your form just by looking at yourself in a mirror. Suppose you attempt that and are still unsure about your face shape.

In that case, it likely doesn’t matter—beauty advice on face shapes is mostly meant for women with prominent characteristics they wish to minimize, such as those with noticeably round, square, long, or heart-shaped faces. If you try that and are still unsure about your face shape, it likely doesn’t matter.

Women with oval or diamond-shaped features tend to have the greatest variety; rather than concentrating largely on making their facial shapes seem more attractive, these women may perhaps pay more attention to the texture and thickness of their hair.

Perhaps how you carry yourself or the length of your hair is more significant to you. Investigating various attractive cuts for your particular hair structure, such as very fine or highly curly hair, is likely the path you should pursue.

Remember that you are unique and do not need to adhere to every beauty guideline in the book. You first need to determine what your face shape is so that you may look for the haircut that will complement it the best.

You must take a picture of yourself facing the camera with your hair pulled back to do this. Then, take a pencil and paper and sketch around the perimeter of your face to see which of the three shapes it most closely resembles.

To determine the appropriate proportions for your face, you may also take measurements of it, concentrating on the widths of your brow, cheekbones, and jawline, as well as the length of your face from your forehead to your chin.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to determine which form is the most suitable for you. For instance, if the length and breadth of your face are the same, this indicates that your face is either square or round. Alternately, if your face widens from the top of your head to the bottom of your chin, you most likely have a triangle-shaped face.

4. Do the Thing That Brings You the Most Joy

When you read articles on different hairstyles and facial types, you could get the impression that there are a lot of rules to follow. These appealing haircut recommendations are simply suggestions, even though they are guidelines. The attitude that one projects to the world is the most important factor in one’s appearance. Getting a new haircut that makes you feel like a different person is the last thing you want to do.

If you prefer a haircut that doesn’t adhere to the “rules” of your face shape, you should get that haircut. There is no harm in doing so. How you feel about yourself is more important than what the beauty industry considers to be pleasing at any one time. Any haircut will look good on you if you have the appropriate mentality.

5. Don’t Let Yourself Get Discouraged

The good news is that almost all fashionable hairstyles may work well with various facial shapes. Bobs do. Shoulder-length cuts are the most appropriate. Even the fairy works well on a variety of different face types.

There is a possibility that some aspects of each of these variations of cuts might look better on you than others. Tell your hairdresser if there is a particular kind of haircut that you have your eye on.

You and your friend may collaborate to determine which of the available cuts and styles complements each of your facial features the most.

6. Conclusion

The contour of your face is one of the primary considerations to make if you’re selecting a new hairstyle, and you should always do so.

After all, even if you choose the trendiest new style for your hair, the result will not live up to your expectations if it does not compliment your features. Therefore, you should choose a cut appropriate for your facial structure rather than the most recent fashion.

It doesn’t matter whether your face is in the shape of a rectangle, oval, square, circle, triangle, heart, or diamond; the appropriate cut will skillfully frame and balance it while presenting your finest features for a look that is attractive and complementing.

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