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St-Onge Unveil Measures for Safe Canadian Sports Practices!

Sport Canada posted a tweet today on the Canadian sports system. It emphasizes the need to put sports players’ physical and mental safety first.

Today, the Honorable Pascale St-Onge, Minister of Sport and Minister in charge of Canada’s Economic Development Agency, Quebec Regions, highlighted additional initiatives being taken by the Government of Canada.

These initiatives were to improve the governance of federally sponsored sports organizations, promote safe sports practices, and broaden athletes’ engagement in decision-making.

A screenshot of a Twitter post from Sport Canada stating that Minister St-Onge Unveils Measures for Safe Sport Practices.
Courtesy: Twitter

1. Measures to be Taken for a Safer Sport System

The following steps are part of an ongoing journey toward a more accountable and safer sport system in which the well-being of sports participants is prioritized.

  • The governance of the sports organizations has been improved.
  • This announcement also includes that NDAs will now be in the form of non-disclosure agreements.
  • Athletes are crucial and therefore should be considered in the decision-making structures.
  • Education and prevention of maltreatment are also a part of this.
  • Coaches must meet certain criteria and be certified.
  • Sanctions are listed on a public registry.
  • Nominations for the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada’s Board of Directors.
  • Sports initiatives that are abuse free.

2. What Has Pascale St-Onge Said?

The Honorable Pascale St-Onge, Minister of Sport and Minister is responsible for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for Quebec Regions and currently, she took to her Instagram to prioritize the safety of athletes and sportspersons and improve the safety of the sport system of Canada.

Good governance and transparency in the port organizations are critical to enabling the athletes to focus on what they do best.

A screenshot of an Instagram post from pascale.stonge stating it's important to strive to foster a positive sports environment for all.
Courtesy: Instagram 

She also added that sports can empower everyone, which is why it’s important to strive to foster a positive sports environment for all.

Athletes’ voices must be heard at the decision-making table to create a better sports system for everyone.

Sport Canada will also establish a new compliance section to monitor NSOs and support them in doing better for the athletes.

3. Jeremy Hall’s Thoughts on the Same

Jeremy Hall, a para-rowing athlete, who made his Paralympic debut at the 2020 Tokyo Games, was selected by his fellow council members as vice-chair of the Canadian Paralympic Athletes’ Council.

Also, Hall took to his Twitter handle and retweeted saying that the Canadian Paralympic Athletes’ Council applauds and supports today’s announcement, which is another step toward establishing a better foundation for safe sport.

A screenshot of a Twitter post from Canadian Paralympic Committee stating the statement from Jeremy Hall that the committee is in support of the announcement.
Courtesy: Twitter

Also, these initiatives will strengthen safety standards and increase compliance and support for a safer, more inclusive sports system in Canada, while also increasing athlete leadership across the board.

Athlete leadership is critical to building a stronger, better system for all athletes, and Paralympians must be involved in decision-making.

4. People’s Reactions to this Announcement

People are having mixed reactions to this news.

Moreover, a person commented on this announcement by tweeting,

“In other words, if we don’t like what you’re doing, we cut funding. Further metastasizing of politics into public life under the guise of ‘consumer protection’. So entitled and condescending. Go Canada!”

Another lady also tweeted questioning Pascale St-Onge.

A Twitter post from kristen worley stating about corruption in canadian sports and Pascal St. Onge not taking accountability of corrupted sports system.
Courtesy: Twitter

What are your views on this announcement by Pascale St-Onge? Please leave them in the comments section.

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