Why THC-O Capsules are Incredibly Popular

THC-O is one of the most popular ‘new’ cannabinoids on the market. It produces a high of about triple the strength of the delta-9 THC associated with marijuana. As the compound has only been available for a short period, a handful of products exist.

THC-O capsules are among the most popular as consumers clamor for an easy way to consume the cannabinoid. One interesting thing to note is the possibility that THC-O could provide health benefits, although further research is necessary.

The ease with which THC-O capsules can be taken is one of the key factors in their appeal. For those who have difficulties swallowing pills or don’t like the flavor of other THC-O products, capsules are a fantastic alternative because they are simple to consume and may be mixed with water or a beverage of choice.

THC-O capsules are a popular option for people who want to consume the compound on the go. Let’s delve deeper into why so many people want to try THC-O in capsule form.

Reliable Dosing

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The accuracy of their dose is a huge factor in the popularity of THC-O capsules. You benefit from precise dosing when you use the compound in pill form.

Given the high potency of the compound, this is quite necessary. Individuals unused to the strength of THC-O might find that the high borders on psychedelic. Indeed, it is probably best if novices steer clear of the cannabinoid and try something less intense, like HHC or delta-8.

The THC-O capsules by Premium Jane contain 25mg of the compound. This is the equivalent of 75mg of delta-9 THC. For the uninitiated, 75mg of D9 is considered a very high dosage, best used by regular marijuana users with a high THC tolerance. If you want to try a lower amount, consider using a THC-O tincture, vape liquid, or gummies.

Possible Health Benefits

A school of thought suggests that THC-O capsules could have certain health benefits. After all, it is technically a THC, even though it is a synthetic cannabinoid. Therefore, it may have similar benefits to delta-9 THC.

For instance, people often use marijuana to ease anxiety, alleviate depression, improve sleep, and reduce the impact of pain. Indeed, a growing number of people view marijuana as a viable alternative to opioids, particularly as a painkiller.

Yet, there is little research into the potential health benefits of THC-O. Therefore, we must wait for researchers to study the compound more intently. Even so, some users claim that THC-O capsules provide stress relief and even help alleviate pain. Moreover, the effects of the cannabinoid can be felt for hours.

Potent High

Apart from the precise dosage and potential health benefits, THC-O capsules are also popular amongst frequent marijuana users because they are extremely potent. Remember, THC-O is three times as strong as delta-9 THC. Those who have used the so-called ‘spiritual cannabinoid’ say that the high is mildly psychedelic. Certainly, if you enjoy the standard D9 high, you may find the unique high associated with THC-O quite appealing.

Of course, the potency of the cannabinoid means that caution is recommended when using it for the first time.

Final Thoughts on Why THC-O Capsules Are So Popular

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In conclusion, the ease of use, accuracy of dosage, and potential health advantages of THC-O capsules are major reasons why they are so popular. They are an excellent option for people who wish to consume the compound while traveling because they are simple to swallow, discrete, and convenient to carry. However, we should point out that because the compound is so potent, you should never use it before work or when operating heavy machinery.

Additionally, many people now view THC-O capsules as a product capable of helping to reduce stress, alleviate pain, improve sleep, and elevate their moods. Little research into the effects of THC-O on humans has been conducted at the time of writing. Nonetheless, the list of anecdotal reports highlighting the benefits of the compound is getting longer.

Ultimately, THC-O capsules are a quick and easy way to consume what is a highly potent cannabinoid. If you haven’t used it before or have a moderate THC tolerance, consider using gummies or a tincture first, as these consumption methods enable you to start with a small dose.

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