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The Chiltern Hills: 24 Interesting Places to Visit

One of England’s most enchanted places is the area of exceptional natural beauty known as the Chiltern Hills. One of the most well-liked day trip locations from London is only an hour’s drive from the capital city, and it’s easy to see.

There is a ton of various activities available in the Chilterns Hills. From exploring its villages—many of which are among England’s prettiest villages—to some of the best hiking trails close to London.

The Chiltern Hills are full of charming towns, many of which would make ideal commuting towns for London if you’re a huge fan of market towns. There are many things to do in the Chiltern Hills, like visiting the Chiltern Hills, stunning Chilterns countryside, historic villages, Chiltern Hills area of outstanding natural beauty, leisurely strolls, lush meadows, charming villages, natural play trails, and many more.

Places to Visit at the Chilterns Hills

Here is the list of 24 amazing places to visit at the Chilterns Hills.

1. Amersham

The Chilterns’ top tourist destinations? Amersham, a market town that is a part of the Chilterns region of Buckinghamshire, is perched on a raised plateau and looks down on Old Amersham, which is located in the Misbourne River valley. There are many medieval mansions and ancient inns on Amersham’s high street.

2. Berkhamsted

The Chiltern Hills, gateway town, Berkhamsted, offers an array of attractions as well as entertaining events all throughout the 12 months.

Tickets are available for outdoor musical performances and theatrical productions at Berkhamsted Castle during the summer. The castle’s vestiges include a sizable moat with lofty walls that allude to its Norman past.

The Crafts Market and the Farmers’ Market, both of which have advantages and reasons to exist, are located beyond the castle. There is always a market where you can buy the newest goodies, regardless of the season.

3. Marlow

Let’s begin with St. Peter Street in Marlow, one of the oldest cities of Mralow. The 19th-century St. Peter’s Church and the Two Brewers, a popular neighborhood tavern with a terrific atmosphere, are also nearby.

Go for a stroll to the Marlow Lock. It is not strange to find this vista on postcards, blogs, & travel guides as it is one that many travelers take pictures of while they are there. Usually, there are a lot of people & boats traveling through this bustling region.

This Marlow country fair is held every month on the initial Sunday, and the vendors fill Dean Street car park. When you come, plenty of things tempt you to open your pocketbook, like food and presents and items.

4. Henley-on-Thames

Looking for the best activities in Chiltern Hills? Henley-on-Thames in England is another market town located in the Chiltern Mountains and consistently ranks as one of the greatest places to live in the countryside.

Image by rcro from Pixabay

Since the town’s official town council website contains all of the town’s history and information, planning your self-guided tourist tour of Henley-on-Thames is pretty simple. Yet, nothing compares to a tour led by an experienced tour guide. You may reserve a variety of tours in advance online at Henley-on-Thames, including ghost tours.

5. Wallingford

Where should I go in the Chiltern Hills? Wallingford, which got its name and notoriety from its Ford, lets its visitors stroll the same Thames Walk that many other Chilterns towns link to. You can embark on your adventure to Benson Lock from here and continue through the town. Yet your wondering won’t finish there because you may take a leisurely boat excursion to Abingdon or Reading to continue your journey.

You just have to look at the news stories that have followed Wallingford to know for sure that it is a fantastic spot to visit. The town was ranked among the greatest places to live by The Times.

So, this Chilterns treasure is worth a visit if you’re seeking a fantastic commuter town close to London.

6. Royal Borough of Princes

Next, we’d like to introduce you to Princes Risborough, a town with a regal name and plenty of resources. Between Aylesbury and the Western Escarpment of the Chiltern Hills is Princes Risborough. Due to the chalk mountain carving that dwarfs the area, it is seldom a town that can be missed.

Many restaurants, bars, stores, and market booths keep this historic town vibrant. Princes Risborough is part of a tale that dates back more than 5000 years, which is why we call it ancient.

7. Rickmansworth

If you’re traveling to the Chiltern Hills, Rickmansworth is a worthwhile stopover due to its many top attractions. See a local play or show at Watersmeet Theatre first, then head to Buon Cibo or Zaza for some delectable Italian cuisine. Both eateries receive favorable reviews and are popular with visitors.

Speaking of food, The Cooking Academy is located in Rickmansworth and is the ideal destination if you want to take a special cooking class while you’re in the area.

8. Watlington

What are the top attractions in the Chiltern Hills? Watlington, the smallest town in England, is a Chilterns must-see place. You may be familiar with some of the structures from television because many sequences from Midsomer Murders are filmed there.

The Ridgeway National Trail and the Oxfordshire Way are just two of the popular hikes in the Chilterns that hikers enjoy this town for as a fantastic starting place.

Enjoy your day in the Chilterns by going to Watlington Hill or Spire & Spoke, two of the best cafes close to London.

9. Chesham

Many people travel to Chesham to visit its museum, which showcases several artifacts that tell the history of the town. Characters like Lewis Carroll’s Mad Hatter are among those that fall within this category. But Chesham offers more to see than only the town’s history, so take a short stroll to The Elgiva and enjoy live entertainment while you’re there.

Photo by Gabriel McCallin on Unsplash

If attending professional ballet, theatre, or music performances isn’t your thing or you’re seeking something a little more tranquil, there’s always the 10-mile Chess Valley Walk, which runs from Chesham through Rickmansworth and begins and ends at a station.

10. Wendover

Searching for the top towns in the Chiltern Hills? Wendover provides a little more than just a sleepy town with an interesting past. Because of its location, it is referred to be the Chilterns’ entrance, and if you’re traveling into the hills, you’ll pass through it.

There is Wendover Woods beyond that. In addition to a Go-Ape setup for any children you may have with you when visiting, these woods feature their café. Because there are so many naturally entertaining activities for kids, it’s undoubtedly one of the more family-friendly towns in the region.

Tring has much to offer, even though it might not seem like much when you first get off the railway station platform. A place where aficionados of architecture may learn about construction methods is the town’s medieval church, located in the heart of the community. Yet, there are other things to discover when you go.

Visit the local museum to be awed by the wonder of Tring’s past and the array of items housed there. Many opportunities exist due to the thousands of animal species on show.

Chiltern Hills must-see attractions in Hitchin? Although there aren’t many things to do in Hitchin, the town is charming, and the surrounding area is tranquil and lovely not to mention the incredibly breathtaking view of the sky at night that results from the absence of light pollution.

People travel to Hitchin for its cobblestone streets, Hitchin’s lavender fields, and the abundance of independent businesses and cafés.

11. Hambleden

The Chiltern Hills villages are gorgeous. Moreover, Hambleden should be on the Chiltern’s bucket list and is one of the most beautiful places in the Chiltern Hills, surrounded with brick and flint houses.

Image by Philip Miles from Pixabay

Hambleden, one of its 14th-century churches with a bell tower, and several other interesting buildings.

12. Thames Goring

The Chiltern Hills include numerous towns and villages that are connected to the River Thames, & this region is no exception.

But if you want to explore the Thames and appreciate the river without the noise and bustle of nearby towns, goring on the Thames is perhaps the finest spot to go. It’s a serene location that would be ideal for a quick trip.

13. Bradenham

With a beautiful manor and church, Bradenham seems to be similar to Hambleden in the Chiltern Hills. If you want to see as many of the Chiltern Hills locations as you can during your trip, Princes Risborough is conveniently accessible from this village.

Despite being categorized as a hamlet, the region is barely more than an estate, and there aren’t many things to do there.

14. Aldbury

Searching for the Chilterns’ most picturesque villages? At the base of the National Estate of Ashridge is the lovely village of Aldbury.

Everything a beautiful British hamlet needs to have is present, including a church, a few pubs, and a large number of dwellings made of wood. A small duck pond right amid the village completes this charming Chiltern destination.

15. Little Missenden

Little Missenden is a charming community tucked away adjacent to the Misbourne River with a few attractions for visitors and falls under the Chiltern Hills pretty villages. .

Visit during the Little Missenden Festival to get a true sense of the village’s culture in addition to the fresh air, greenery, and quiet. Long Crendon is a wonderful village to visit for architecture and wildlife because of its Saxon heritage.

The courthouse in the village was built in the fifteenth century, but it’s only accessible to the public from April to September. The National Trust, which maintains several structures and locations in England, is the owner of the property.

Visit The Mole & Chicken when you are there if you want to eat something. A short distance north of Long Crendon, it has a great climate.

16. The Chalfont St. Giles

In search of the Chiltern Hills top attractions? Chalfont St. Giles is one of the most distinctly British sites you’ll see; it is a village in the Chilterns Hills with access to the River Misbourne.

Chalfont St. Giles is the village to visit if you feel that English vibe, thanks to the historical sites, the century-old Sarcens stone, and the numerous tea houses.

The Chiltern Hills contain West Wycombe’s beautiful spots. West Wycombe is tucked away in the breathtaking Chilterns countryside and is just waiting for you to come and explore its cottages, inns, and richness of 16th-century grandeur.

Even though this village serves as a more historical stop, ideal for purchasing gifts for family and friends when traveling through the Chilterns, there is still enough charm to keep visitors interested.

To add as much to your stay, take a meander down into West Wycombe Park. The Wildlife Trust site served as the home of a Dashwood family for some hundred years and is nestled among 45 acres of beautiful grounds.

17. Haddenham

Where in the Chiltern Hills are some nice locations to go? Haddenham, located in the Vale of Aylesbury, is one of the nicer settlements in the Chilterns and consistently ranks high on lists of the greatest places to live in Britain. Despite Haddenham possessing characteristics more typical of a town than a hamlet, the residents are opposed to it becoming a town.

In Haddenham, there are four different duck ponds where Aylesbury ducks can breed and live their lives. It’s undoubtedly a fascinating feature.

Chiltern Hills’ smallest best villages? Near High Wycombe is the village of Fingest. For visitors looking for a broad Chilterns experience, its position makes it simple to visit multiple areas of the Chilterns Hills on the same day.

The village’s principal draws are the twin-gabled chapel with its Norman tower, The Chequers (the neighborhood tavern), and the abundance of Georgian homes that line the streets close to the church.

18. Fingest

Fingest is a great place for hikers due to the numerous walking and hiking routes that pass through the village, even though there isn’t much else to do there. Let Fingest Village serve as your starting point if you’re seeking the top Chiltern hikes with pubs.

Dorchester on the Thames is a picturesque village with a long history that is only a few miles from Wallingford and Oxford. A day trip is ideal for this place, but given the abundance of hotels and B&Bs, there’s no reason you couldn’t extend your stay.

If you appreciate looking at medieval history and magnificent buildings, we suggest visiting Dorchester Abbey. Dorchester on the Thames, on the other hand, is located directly on the Thames Walk, allowing tourists to the area to walk somewhere along National Trail and take in the attractions around the village.

19. Turville

Chiltern Hills’ highest village? Turville, one of the more beautiful settlements in the Chilterns, is home to some well-known features. One of the only reasons some tourists travel to the area continues to be the Cobstone mill in the village, which was depicted in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Turville, though, is home to more than just an antique windmill. The Vicar of Dibley and Pride & Prejudice all featured this tiny village. It has a significant cinematic history, and the village is full of information about its media heritage.

Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay

Turville is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in the Chiltern Hills and one of the nicest places to visit, close to London.

20. Cuddington

The Chiltern Hills’ top attractions? Cuddington must be a pleasant place to visit because of its endearing name, right? You would be right. Despite its small size, this Chiltern village features several amenities.

The historic railway station in Cuddington, which still has a number of its original components, is arguably the most fascinating feature of the town. Train and railroad aficionados will love this location. If you’re interested in local history, you might find it interesting to learn how Cuddington and Sandiway became one hamlet in 1935.

21. Ponde Hill

Where in the Chilterns can you go on a round walk? A walking path that circles and offers views of Aylesbury Vale, Chequers, as well as the Chiltern Hills. A nice walk for novices is Coombe Hill.

Coombe Hill Walk is one of the best Chiltern Hills treks, and summer is the perfect season to finish it because of the number of wildflowers and butterflies.

22. Woods of Wendover

Searching for the greatest Chilterns hills hikes? The Wendover Woods has several trails. The easy-rated Wendover Woods Circular Walk is our chosen route for this guide.

Even in the rain, the circular path is fantastic for views of the woodland and nearby wildlife. This location is renowned for being one of the nicest woods close to London and is ideal for day trips from the city.

23. The Valley of Chess

Where in the Chiltern Hills may one go hiking? An extended stroll of 10 miles along the Chess River. By using this path, you can go from Rickmansworth toward Chesham while admiring the valley’s beautiful scenery. In reality, this trek across the Chiltern hills offers some of the greatest vistas in the Chilterns Hills.

24. The Estate of Ashridge

The Ashridge Estate trek is a 17-mile route that travels through the countryside and is unquestionably the longest of the four walks we’ve mentioned here.

You can choose from a variety of footpaths totaling 80 miles, but the 17-mile one is one of the most well-liked options.

How to Travel to the Chiltern Hills from London

  • From central London to the Chilterns Hills, a pleasant 40-mile drive in a car or other road vehicle should take around an hour (give or take a few minutes), thus, it is an easy path from London to Chiltern Hills.
  • Now, if you’re going the other way, your trip will be a little bit longer. The simplest path for using public transportation begins at London Marylebone. It will take between one hour and forty minutes and roughly two hours to travel using this method. Everything is heavily reliant on the public transportation options you select.
Image by Kev from Pixabay
  • Although one trip operates at an odd hour just before 6 am for the early risers, these services depart London Marylebone as early as 7 am. You’ll board a train at London Marylebone and travel through Chiltern Hills to High Wycombe.
  • Before traveling, give yourself plenty of time and make sure to follow your timetable. Take the number 300 bus (heading in the direction of Aylesbury) from Oxford Street, and get off at Peters Lane. Then, it will take you slightly over 20 minutes to walk to the Chiltern hills center.
  • The walking aspects of the trip are significantly easier and far less complicated if you take a car, but for our readers who don’t have that luxury, make sure you have Google Maps or even a printed map with you.

Final Note

Rolling hills, valleys, and downland make up the Chiltern Hills of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), which spans the counties of Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Hertfordshire. It is brimming with breathtaking scenery, hiking and biking routes, picnic areas, wildlife to spot, and charming villages & market towns to discover.

It’s not surprising that it has such a fantastic reputation because of its greenery as well as the towns & villages that are in & around the Hills since it is one of approximately forty areas of exceptional natural beauty that are recognized in England and Wales.



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