What if The Universe Ended Today!

The end of the world seems like something out of a cheesy horror film, but in actuality, it’s pretty fundamental. The concept of the end of the world has captured our attention for thousands of years. Today we will explore what happens when everything ends and how this will impact life on Earth.

What if the Universe Ends Today?

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If the universe ended today, the end of the universe would be instantaneous; there would be no separation between yesterday and today. We would all expire along with the universe, but that is not the end of everything.

There could be another universe that we just haven’t discovered yet. If there is another universe, we could cross paths with it in the distant future. In that case, we would postpone the end of the universe indefinitely. It might be hundreds of thousands of years before we reach the end of the universe, or it might happen in seconds. Either way, it’s hard to guess.

Black Holes Will Absorb the Light

Black holes are theoretical regions of space with so much gravity that nothing can escape from them. Black holes can absorb light, which is why they’re often black. If the universe ended today, it would be absorbed by a black hole. Black holes aren’t holes but regions of space with such incredible amounts of gravity that nothing can escape them.

If the universe ended today, the black hole would absorb the light and make everything invisible. Everything would disappear, and we could sit in the darkness forever. It wouldn’t happen immediately, though. Black holes don’t eat the universe in one mouthful; they digest it slowly over time. Everything would slowly absorb and disappear, getting smaller and smaller until the universe was gone entirely.

Earth Will Collapse Into a Black Hole

Black holes aren’t the only threat to the fate of the universe. If the universe ended today, the Earth would collapse into a black hole. It might sound like a ridiculous idea, but it’s not a concept without reality. The Earth is constantly shrinking as it gets older, and it will one day collapse into a black hole.

The black hole at the Earth’s centre is called the “solitary core.” It’s made of a dense, sticky material that causes the Earth to stick to it. Scientists think the solitary core will collapse into the black hole around 2113. If the universe ended today, the Earth would collapse into a black hole, and the world would be swallowed up by darkness forever.

Image by Alexander Antropov from Pixabay

There Will Be No More Stars and Galaxies

When hydrogen atoms (the basic building blocks of stars) are compressed under incredible pressure, they fuse. That fusion releases light, which makes it possible for stars to form. If the universe ended today, there would be no more stars and galaxies.

That pressure would disappear, and the hydrogen would become normal again, making stars disappear, and there would be no more galaxies. Everything would be gone, and the world would be in darkness.

The Sun Would Drop to Its Core and Become White Hot

If the universe ended today, the sun, composed of hydrogen, would drop to its core and become white-hot. When it is young, the sun is made of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is a colourless and odourless substance. As the sun ages, it converts hydrogen atoms into helium atoms using the process of fusion.

Equally important is that the sun is the primary source of heat and light for life on Earth. The sun is essential for many reasons, but if the universe ended today, one of those reasons would go away. The sun would drop to its core and become white-hot. When hydrogen gas is heated, it becomes helium gas, stopping the sun’s nuclear fusion. The sun would then lose its heat and go completely dark. The sun would become a dead, black rock, and the Earth would be in darkness.

A Massive Superstorm Would Form

If the universe ended today, a massive superstorm would form from the colliding storms of the galaxy. When galaxies collide, they send out enormous amounts of energy that travel through space at the speed of light. It might seem like a rather abstract concept, but it’s real. The energy would spread out throughout space, causing massive storms all over the galaxy.

If the universe ended today, it would hit people with a massive storm that would disrupt communication and satellites, causing chaos and destruction. This energy storm would cause electricity to build up in clouds, creating a massive electrical storm. These storms would be so powerful that they would even interfere with satellites. The massive storms would ruin many satellites and even harm people on Earth. A superstorm this powerful might even be able to harm the sun, causing it to go dark.

The Final Act – Everything Stops Moving, Including People and Things

If the universe ended today, the final act would be the end of time itself. If the universe ended today, everything would stop moving, and time itself would come to an end. There would no longer be an endless flow of time. Everything would stop, and there would be no more movement or change; there would be a complete and final state of stillness.

On the outside of the universe, there would be no change and no movement. There would be no more time or seasons; there would be no more rain. Everything would come to rest, including the people and things inside.

The Final Hour Will Come and Go

If the universe ended today, the final hour would come and go. The end of time itself would come and go. 

Life Will Still Exist, But It Will Be Different

The end of the universe won’t stop life from continuing. But the conditions on Earth would have to change drastically for humans to survive.

How long before the end of the universe is uncertain, but it’s thought to occur due to a massive repositioning of galaxies. When this happens, the amount of light reaching Earth will decrease, plunging us into a “Dark Age” where we’ll be unable to see the sun or stars.

The Earth may continue to experience a few weeks of sunlight after the rest of the universe’s lights go out. However, without the sun’s warmth, humans would be severely limited. If we were the only species left, we could live inside specially designed structures that keep us warm and sheltered.

Our Solar System Will Become Instantly Hotter

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

If the universe ends tomorrow, the Earth will not immediately become an uninhabitable Venus-like planet. Instead, the Earth’s atmosphere will burn off almost immediately. The Earth will then become a very inhospitable place to live.

Scientists think that the Earth’s atmosphere will start to burn off within a few weeks. Even after the atmosphere burns off, the Earth will continue to absorb much of the heat from the sun. It means that the Earth will quickly become a scorching planet. By the end of a few months, the Earth’s atmosphere will be gone, and it will become a Venus-like planet with a scorching temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Earth Will Eventually Become a Venus-like Planet

The Earth will become a hot planet within days of the universe ending. However, it won’t stay that way; eventually, the Earth will cool down and become a Venus-like planet. When the Earth becomes a Venus-like planet, it will be 590 million years later. The world will be different, but some dinosaurs and other species may still be around.

Stars Will Collapse

The death of the universe will cause the collapse of many stars.

When the universe dies, it won’t just stop existing. Instead, it will continue expanding. However, thanks to the laws of physics, the universe will start to contract. As it shrinks, the universe’s density will increase, causing the light from the stars to become redder. It will cause many of them to collapse into black holes.

Black holes are the remains of stars that have collapsed to such a small size that nothing can escape their gravity. Anything that falls into one of these holes is lost and has no chance of coming out.

From our vantage point, it will look like the universe is ending, but it will just be the universe dying. The universe will still be here.

What Happens to People?

Life on Earth will be low following the universe’s death. Humans will have no electricity, food, or water.

Before the universe ends, though, humanity will have a chance to change. It’s possible that during the apocalypse, an advanced civilization will come to save us or that aliens will land on Earth.

Once life has started again, people may build better robots that help them survive. It’s also possible that people will discover a new way to exist. Maybe they’ll decide that living in space is the best option. Whatever the case, these people or aliens will help us rebuild our world.

Theoretical Worlds and How They Differ From Reality

The end of the universe is a fascinating and scary idea, but what exactly happens when it happens? We’ve considered all possible outcomes, both in theory and in reality. These are just a few of the many changes that the end of the universe could cause.

We’ve also explored how these changes could differ from reality since many theories have never been tested. There are many possibilities for a final day. It’s important to remember that the end of the universe is just one of many possible futures for the universe. While we can predict some of the outcomes, there are many possibilities that we can’t predict. It is why it’s essential to keep an open mind and explore all of the possibilities.

The Aftermath: A New Beginning?

Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay

The destruction of the universe and the end of life on Earth would mark the end of human existence. However, it would also mark a new beginning. The destruction and regeneration of the universe could create a new, expansive universe.

The destruction of the universe would mark the end of life but also the end of death. As humans, we can’t know if we’ll continue to exist after the destruction, but even if we do, we won’t be the same people we are now.

The universe’s destruction would also mark the beginning of a new era. Humanity would have one last chance to change the world for the better and create a better future for themselves and others.


If the universe ended today, it would be over forever. Or would it? We probably won’t definitively know what will happen when the universe ends until it ends! The truth is, we know frighteningly little about the universe and its mystical workings.




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