The Winchester Mystery House: 8 Interesting Facts About it

The Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester Mystery House is a unique and fascinating architectural marvel located in San Jose, California. This Victorian-style mansion, designed by Sarah Winchester, the widow of gun magnate William Wirt Winchester, has become a popular tourist attraction due to its strange and mysterious history.

1. Who is Sarah Winchester?

William Wirt Winchester, the Winchester Repeating Guns Company’s heir, left Sarah Winchester as his widow. She was born Sarah Lockwood Pardee in 1839 in New Haven, Connecticut, and was the daughter of a prominent carriage maker. She had a good education and could speak various languages.

In 1862, she married William Winchester, and the couple had one child, a daughter named Annie. However, in 1866, Annie died at the age of six weeks, and this was followed by the death of William from tuberculosis in 1881. Sarah inherited a vast fortune from her husband’s estate, as well as a controlling interest in the Winchester Repeating Arms Fortune.

Sarah Winchester
Sarah Winchester/ Winchester mystery mansion

2. Story Behind the Construction of Winchester Mansion

The story began when Sarah’s husband passed away. Sarah was deeply affected by the death of her husband and her infant daughter, and she believed that the family was cursed by the spirits of people who had been killed by Winchester rifles.

To ward off the spirits, she consulted a medium who advised her to move west and build a house for herself and the spirits tour. The medium also suggested that Sarah should keep building the house to appease the spirits and that as long as the construction continued, she would not be harmed.

William Winchester
William Winchester/ Winchester mystery mansion

Sarah followed the medium’s advice and moved to San Jose in 1884, where she purchased an eight-room farmhouse and began a decades-long construction project that continued until her death in 1922. The house was built in a haphazard and bizarre fashion, with staircases leading to nowhere, doors opening onto blank walls, and rooms with strange features such as skylights built into the floor.

The mansion includes 161 rooms in all, including 40 bedrooms, two ballrooms, and 47 fireplaces. It is also full with enigmatic architectural details, hidden corridors, and hidden rooms. The interior decor is also quite varied, with a blend of designs and influences from various societies and eras.

The home is now a well-liked tourist destination, and ghosts of those who were killed with Winchester rifles are reported to haunt it. The assertions that Sarah Winchester built the house to placate the ghosts or that the mansion is genuinely haunted, however, are unsupported by any evidence.

According to legend, Sarah Winchester had the house constructed in such a peculiar manner to trap and confound the ghosts, preventing them from harming her. She also conducted nightly séances in a particular chamber to speak with the dead.

Shortly after Sarah Winchester passed away, the mansion was made available to the public as a tourist attraction, and it has been a well-liked spot ever since. It is regarded as one of the most haunted mansions in the world and has appeared in several TV shows, films, and books.

3. Features of the Winchester House

The Winchester Mystery House is known for its unique and unusual features, which include:

3.1. Size and Layout:

The house has over 160 rooms, including 40 bedrooms, 2 ballrooms, 47 fireplaces, 10,000 windows, 17 chimneys, and 3 elevators. It is spread across 24,000 square feet and has several hidden rooms, secret passageways, and staircases that lead to nowhere.

The Grand Ballroom
The Grand Ballroom /Winchester mystery mansion

3.2. Architecture:

Victorian, Queen Anne, and Chateauesque architectural styles are all present in the home. It has a number of odd architectural features, including oddly placed windows, doors and staircases, as well as variously sized and shaped rooms.

3.3. Number 13:

The number 13 is a recurring motif in the entire home. Numerous rooms have 13 windows, 13 steps, or 13 ceiling panels. This is thought to be a result of Sarah Winchester’s adherence to numerological superstition.

Staircase to the Ceiling
Staircase to the CeilingWinchester mystery mansion

3.4. Seance Room:

The house features a small, windowless room on the second floor that is used for seances. This space is thought to have been utilised by Sarah Winchester to speak with the souls of victims murdered by Winchester guns.

3.5. Interior Design:

The house features ornate and intricate interior design, with hand-carved woodwork, stained glass windows, and Victorian-era furnishings.

3.6. Gardens:

The Winchester Mystery House has beautiful gardens, which include a hedge maze, a rose garden, and a greenhouse.

Gardens/ Winchester mystery mansion

3.7. Haunted History:

The house has a reputation for being haunted, with many visitors reporting strange experiences, such as feeling cold spots, hearing footsteps, and seeing apparitions.

Haloween Night
Halloween Night/ Winchester mystery mansion

4. The Story of the 1906 Earthquake

The tale of the 1906 earthquake is among the most interesting legends connected to the Winchester riddle House.

The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco was a disastrous circumstance that left a trail of destruction and losses throughout the region. The Winchester riddle House was one of numerous structures in the vicinity that sustained damage, and the earthquake was reported as far south as San Jose.

The eccentric widow who built the mansion, Sarah Winchester, is said to have thought the earthquake was a sign from the dead telling her to keep working on the house. According to reports, she saw the damage as a sign that she needed to add more rooms in order to placate the ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles, the brand name of her late husband’s company.

Damage from 1906 earthquake
Damage from the 1906 earthquake /Winchester mystery mansion

According to the legend, Sarah Winchester started mending the house’s damage right away while also constructing new rooms, staircases, and other architectural elements.She is said to have worked tirelessly, day and night, for the next 38 years, until her death in 1922, constantly adding and modifying the house in an attempt to appease the spirits and avoid the curse that she believed was upon her family.

While it is difficult to separate fact from fiction when it comes to the Winchester Mystery House, there is no doubt that the 1906 earthquake played a significant role in the house’s construction and evolution. Today, visitors can tour the house and see for themselves the many strange and intriguing features that Sarah Winchester incorporated into the structure, including staircases that lead nowhere doors that open onto walls, and other architectural oddities.

5. What can Tourists Explore in this Mansion?

Here are some of the top tourist attractions you can enjoy at the Winchester Mystery House:

5.1. Mansion Tour:

The Attic showing Original Pieces from the 7-story tower
Winchester mansion/ Winchester mystery mansion

The 160-room mansion, which has various unusual features like hidden tunnels, staircases that lead nowhere, doors that open into walls, and windows that view into other rooms, is available for guided tours. The mansion, which has been named a California Historical Landmark, is an architectural marvel.

5.2. Gardens:

Beautiful auditoriums compass the Winchester riddle House and include vibrant flowers, well- kept lawn, and cradles. You can appreciate the peaceful surroundings by taking a tardy perambulation through the grounds.

5.3. Sarah Winchester’s Bedroom:

The mansion contains a lovely bedroom that served as Sarah Winchester’s private retreat. Antique furniture, paintings, and other items wonderfully embellish the space.

5.4. The Winchester Firearms Museum:

The manse has an on- point gallery that showcases the history of the Winchester arms company. The gallery has a collection of antique ordnance, security, and other affiliated vestiges.

5.5. The Ghost Tour:

Guests on Tour
Tour of Winchester mansion/Winchester mystery mansion

A spooky ghost tour through the mansion at night is available at the Winchester Mystery House. The tour guides relate tales of ghostly encounters that have been reported by guests and workers over the years.

5.6. The Gift Shop:

The Winchester Mystery House has a gift shop that sells unique souvenirs, books, and other items related to the mansion and its history.

6. Tour Around  The Winchester Mansion?

There are several tours available which the tourists can choose according to their time and budget-

6.1. Guided Mansion Tour-

This is the most popular and comprehensive tour of the Winchester Mystery House. Visitors can explore 110 of the mansion’s 160 rooms, including the bizarre and intriguing features that make the house famous.

The tour also includes historical and architectural insights, as well as stories about Sarah Winchester and her life, and also a tour guide is also provided as the name suggests. The Guests can see the beautiful but bizarre mansions’ attributes that give the mysterious its name.

6.2. Walk with Spirits Tour-

With the tragic tale of Sarah Winchester and her strangely beautiful mansion, the Winchester Mystery House has been enthralling visitors from all over the world for more than 100 years. Now, visitors are invited to travel back in time and follow the widow who was grieving.

You will learn about the intricate Victorian mourning customs, participate in a seance, and establish contact with people “beyond the veil” during this guided experience. For a brief period, the brand-new Walk with Spirits Tour will disprove conventional wisdom, explore the supernatural, and attempt to solve the enigma.

6.3. ADA Tour Guide-

It is possible to use a wheelchair during the ADA Tour. During this tour, visitors have a one-of-a-kind chance to explore the history and length of the Winchester Mansion without having to climb its numerous stairs.

This 45-minute walk will show you Sarah Winchester’s stunning but peculiar mansion as well as the eerie occurrences that gave the place its name, including the infamous door to nowhere, a staircase to the ceiling, and doors that open onto empty walls.

With a tour guide on hand to answer any questions, you’ll discover Mrs. Winchester’s intriguing tale in addition to other historical details about the older way of life and the elegance of a long-gone yet polite age.

6.4. The Sarah Winchester Garden Tour-

This tour includes 20 stops spread out over the lovely Victorian Gardens and is all conducted outside. With the aid of an audio tour and a computerized map, visitors can enjoy this self-guided adventure.

6.5. Flashlight Tour-

These self-guided tours give guests the chance to wander the Victorian mansion’s hallways while learning about its former and (perhaps present!) occupants. The mansion, which is renowned for its confusing floorplan and lack of formal blueprints, will be explored by visitors on their own.

To prevent visitors from getting lost, tour hosts will be placed all about the property.

6.6. Axe Throwing-

The Winchester Mystery House provides an experience of throwing axes at targets (stables).

One of the many interesting attractions of Winchester mansion is axe throwing. You are required to sign a waiver and after a short training, you can have fun competing in this old sport.

Only People who are above 18 are able to participate.

Axe Throwing
Axe throwing/ Winchester mystery mansion

7. “Winchester”: A movie

The Spierig brothers’ (Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig) supernatural horror movie “Winchester” was released in 2018. The film is loosely based on the life of Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, who believed that she was haunted by the spirits of those killed by the company’s firearms.

In the movie, Sarah Winchester, played by Helen Mirren, is portrayed as a troubled widow who is building a never-ending mansion in San Jose, California. A skeptical psychiatrist named Eric Price, played by Jason Clarke, is sent to evaluate her mental state and determine whether she is fit to continue running the company.

As Eric begins to explore the sprawling mansion, he discovers that it is a labyrinthine structure with many secret rooms and passages. He also starts to experience the supernatural events that Sarah claims are caused by the vengeful ghosts of those killed by Winchester rifles.

The film received mixed reviews, with some critics praising its atmosphere and performances while others criticized its storytelling and historical accuracy. Despite this, it was a modest commercial success, grossing over $40 million worldwide.

8. Parking-

Visitors can park for free at Winchester Mystery House. Parking is scarce around Santana Row because of the neighboring construction. There is parking in the front lot, and there is also another lot across the street (Olsen).


The Winchester Mystery House has become a historic landmark. Today, the Winchester Mystery House is a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world. It is a unique piece of architectural history, and the legend and mystery surrounding the house continue to captivate and intrigue visitors.

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