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8 Amazing Things To Do In Cuyahoga National Park Ohio

Cuyahoga National Park Ohio is a national park in Ohio, USA, located between Cleveland and Akron. Around 33,000 acres of outdoor recreation are available in the Cuyahoga National Park Ohio including hiking, biking, bird viewing, fishing, and more.

Brandywine Falls, a 65-foot waterfall, and the Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail, which follows the old canal route through the park, are two of the park’s prominent attractions.

The park’s several historic sites, including the Stanford House and the Boston Store Visitor Center, are also open for exploration by visitors.

The park is accessible all year, notwithstanding the possibility that some facilities might be closed in the winter. 

The Cuyahoga National Park Ohio is home to a number of visitor centers where guests may pick up trail maps and other information in addition to learning more about the park’s history and fauna.

Cuyahoga National Park Ohio
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1. About the park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio is not less urban than any other national park despite being thirty minutes south of Cleveland’s downtown.

The 50 square mile national parks are nearby to Ohio citizens’ homes, and they visit them occasionally. They can use it for morning workouts or dog runs, as well as a driving alternative from east to west. Visits to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ohio are hence delightfully easy.

There are no entry gates, long lines, or license requirements in the valley. A number of entrance roads that cross park boundaries make it simple for tourists to enter and exit.

Every day, including holidays, the park is open, and entry is free. The only places that are closed down every day from sunset till dawn are Octagon, Brandywine Falls, Kendall Lake,  and Virginia Kendall Ledges.

2. Best Time to Visit

Autumn is the ideal season to explore the Cuyahoga National Park Ohio. September delivers a stunning display of fall leaves, elevating the park’s scenery to a new level.

3. 8 Amazing things to do in Cuyahoga National Park Ohio:

3.1 Hiking

Ohio is not simply a flyover state, as seen by the 125 miles of remote and heavily forested trekking trails in Cuyahoga National Park Ohio. From moderate to difficult, a network of hills, wetlands, and wooded trails can be found. The short hikes can be completed in under 15 minutes. 

3.1.1 Buckeye Trail

The Buckeye Trail which is a 1,444-mile loop across Ohio, goes across the most difficult terrain of the park, on longer hikes of up to 37 miles.

And over 110 miles of routes accept leashed pets. At trailhead kiosks, learn about pet restrictions as well as information about the local flora, animals, and history.

Though the majority of trails are clearly labeled with instructions and mileage, bring a map with you as a portable reference.

3.1.2 Ledges Trail

A gentle 2.2-mile puzzle among sandstone rocks and fascinating tunnels, the Ledges Trail is not to be missed. 

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3.1.3 Brandywine Gorge Trail

And over 100 waterfalls can be seen in the valley; the Brandywine Falls, sixty feet tall, which may be seen from a walkway, or perhaps the Brandywine Gorge Trail, which is 1.5 miles, is the most well-known in the park. 

3.1.4 Spring Creek

A 1.2-mile stroll down Spring Creek will take you to the less busy and flowing Blue Hen Falls. Cross the knee-deep creek from there to the flowing Buttermilk Falls for breathtaking scenery. This waterfall trip takes about 2 hours in total.

3.1.5 Towpath

There are numerous entry sites to the 20-mile Towpath track that go to well-known trailheads including Ira, Red Lock, Hunt House, and others.

Due to its compact limestone route, which is appropriate for strollers, cyclists, and other equipment, it is also the most accessible trail.

When pulling boats alongside them in the canal, the park’s cherished mules trod. Moreover, Towpath is the only pathway where visitors can hire bicycles, kayaks, and other gear for their convenience.

A pathway like Towpath is a wonderful choice for your Cuyahoga National Park Ohio itinerary because it serves as the park’s main transportation route.

Cuyahoga National Park
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 3.1.6 Wetmore trail

Riding horses on the paths is one of the coolest things to do in Cuyahoga National Park Ohio, albeit not all national parks permit it. But the staff at Cuyahoga appears to be a little more relaxed back and accustomed to country living, and the Wetmore trail is a favorite with riders.

Once you ride a horse on the trails like the original explorers of Ohio did, you get a remarkable sense. You get to experience the landscape exactly as they did, before the industrial revolution and before the development of the canals.

3.2 Explore Brandywine Falls

The Cuyahoga Valley is home to about 100 waterfalls, the most well-known of which is Brandywine Falls, which is 20 meters tall and is the tallest waterfall in Northeast Ohio. 

The Brandywine trek is quite simple, however, it might become more difficult in the event of rain or snow. Thankfully, there is a wheelchair-accessible paved trail that leads to the overlook.

Have a watch out for any notices regarding construction projects or bad weather; in rare instances, entry may be restricted. Otherwise, make an effort to include this stunning waterfall in your agenda. Without it, you cannot claim to have visited Cuyahoga.

As you get to the falls, you will be able to witness the water tumbling over the sandstone rock in an awe-inspiring fashion. There are various viewing points along the walk as well as an observation deck where you may take in the scenery.

Brandywine Falls
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You should surely spend some time at Brandywine to appreciate the breathtaking scenery. Do not allow the weather to limit your time. To ensure that you can have a pleasant experience outdoors, bring a sturdy raincoat and waterproof trekking shoes.

Overall, Brandywine Falls is a must-see attraction in Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ohio. Whether you’re an avid hiker or just looking for a scenic spot to take in the beauty of nature, this waterfall is definitely worth a visit.

3.3 Visit the Historic Buildings

The Cuyahoga National Park Ohio was a center for mercantile and agricultural activity prior to being recognized as a national park. Many well-known people passed by this tiny intersection as the Erie and Ohio canal offered a fresh world of opportunities for the state.

Many antique cabins, farms, barns and other intriguing and rustic buildings may be seen all across the area. Every one of these things helps to give the park as well as its pathways a weathered appeal that is much more noticeable in the fall as they are decorated in stunning reds, golds and yellows.

The Hunt House is a trailhead as well as a museum that contains information, images, and artifacts from the neighborhood, which incorporates the settlement of Everett. It is a nice area to set up a camp and take a break because of its convenient placement at the trailhead.

Because it is so close to Beaver Marsh and Townpath, it also serves as a convenient starting point for exploring other Cuyahoga National Park Ohio attractions.

Cuyahoga National Park
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3.4 Wander on the Farms

Cuyahoga Valley was farmland long before it was designated as a national park. Farmers rent land as part of the National Park Service’s Countryside Program to protect the valley’s productive landscapes.

The 1999-founded nonprofit Countryside organization organizes annual events like the Countryside Farmers’ Market.

Enjoy Ohio-fresh vegetables like sweet corn and luscious tomatoes from the plethora of stands near Old Trail School as well as the surrounding Howe Meadow with in southwest corner of the park.

In late summer, Purple brown Farmstead, which is 2 miles to the south of Brandywine Falls, offers tours where participants can cut their sunflowers. Come visit Greenfield Berry Farm in Peninsula to harvest blueberries while the sun shines.

The Hale Farm and Village, a 90-acre land located in the southwest section of the park close to the Beaver Marsh, provides an insight into the agricultural past of Ohio. Explore historic gardens, observe blacksmithing as well as glassblowing displays, and observe farm livestock.

3.5 Train Ride

Take a ride on the Cuyahoga Valley historic train to get the greatest views of Cuyahoga Valley National Park Ohio. Preferred park tour rushes along old, rusted-out freight lines that follow the roiling Cuyahoga River.

Train rides last an average of 2 to 3 hours and run in both directions in the afternoons and mornings. You might encounter some wildlife. When the train travels in the spring, bald eagles can frequently be seen at their nests.

The Scenic Railroad fully embraces each season, from the Fall Flyer excursion to take in the beautiful scenery to the Polar Express, a vacation excursion based on the best-selling children’s book and complete with a Santa gathering.

Although the Canal Exploration Center was first brought to light in 2014, the structure itself was constructed in the nineteenth century. This structure, which was once a pub, served as a rest area for travelers on the walk, by rail, and by sea.

You can go to the center now to find out everything regarding Ohio’s history and old canals. Also, be prepared to include a picturesque train journey if you add something to your Cuyahoga Valley agenda.

A train that travels around the numerous lock systems on the canal can be boarded there.

3.6 Try Skiing

Cuyahoga National Park
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Unexpectedly, Cuyahoga National Park Ohio features 18 routes spread over 88 skiable acres. In the center of the park, Brandywine and Boston Mills are adjacent ski resorts with interchangeable season passes and lift tickets.

With a summit sheer drop of 264 feet, slopes range in difficulty from easy bunny hills to challenging black diamonds. Although they sell beverages and food and rent out equipment, ski resorts do not provide overnight lodging.

Cross-country skiing pathways range in difficulty from the easy Cycle and Walk Trail to the challenging Boston Run Trail, a 3.5-mile circuit over challenging terrain and dense forest.

Cross-country skiers are drawn to the 20-mile Towpath Trail’s smooth terrain, low elevation, and picturesque trees powdered in snow. From December to February, you can lease snowshoes and cross-country skis at Kendall Lake’s Winter Sports Center.

3.7  Biking

The beauty and history of Cuyahoga National Park Ohio can be specially experienced through biking. Also, it’s a wonderful way to be active while enjoying the great outdoors.

Cuyahoga National Park Ohio has almost 20 miles of paved bike tracks that wind through the park’s breathtaking scenery, making biking a popular activity there.

The Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail, which follows the old canal path through the park, is one of the most well-liked bicycle routes. Most bikers can easily access this trail because it is reasonably level and simple.

There are a number of additional bike trails throughout the park that range in difficulty from straightforward rides to more tough ones.

If you don’t have a bike of your own, you may borrow one from one of the park’s many bike rental shops. Additionally, there are guided bike trips available if you’d prefer a more organized experience.

There are many bike paths in the park to select from, and the landscape will leave you breathless whether you’re an experienced rider or just seeking a casual ride.

3.8 Beaver’s Marsh

An enjoyable side trip from Ira Trailhead is Beaver’s Marsh. This place is autism-friendly, which is a cool aspect. Both adults and children will flock to engaging and sensorimotor exhibitions. There is a big painted turtle monument and a tactile guide of the region, in particular.

While the bullfrogs, beavers, and other bountiful animals are active all year long, you may visit the Countryside Farmer’s Market directly across the street in the fall.

You should think about including this location on your schedule for Cuyahoga National Park Ohio because it’s a terrific place to expose the youthful population to national parks.


Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities at the stunning and distinctive Cuyahoga National Park Ohio. Everyone may find something to enjoy in this park, from biking and hiking to watching birds and waterfalls.

This park offers lots to offer whether you prefer nature, and history, or are just looking to spend some time outside. Cuyahoga National Park Ohio is a true gem of the national park system thanks to its gorgeous environment, varied species, and a wide choice of activities.

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