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Tofino Restaurants: 12 Excellent Restaurants in Tofino

Tofino restaurants

On the western coast of Vancouver Island, there is a stunning and secluded city called Tofino.

Tofino has a variety of excellent eating establishments, relaxed coffee shops, and cutting-edge grab-and-go food trucks despite its tiny size.

The greatest Tofino restaurants blend the best elements of this seaside community’s offerings to create an unforgettable dining experience. They are also frequently cited as having stunning vistas, excellent food, or a welcoming atmosphere.

Hence, it’s not a surprise that visitors have chosen Tofino as their go-to location for a delectable lunch given that the majority of restaurants place a priority on fresh ingredients, wild-caught fish, and well-known taste profiles.

Here Are the 12 Excellent Tofino Restaurants:

1. The Pointe Restaurant

The Pointe is a must-visit if you want great dining in Tofino.

The Wickannish Inn is one of the top hotels in the world, so even if it’s expensive, you can anticipate excellent food from its upmarket, sophisticated menu.

Along with excellent service and 240-degree vistas of the Pacific Ocean, nearby islands, and fauna, you will find delicious West Coast food.

Pointe Restaurant
Screenshot from

The menu doesn’t have as many options as those at rival establishments, but it nevertheless reflects the restaurant’s emphasis on “quality above quantity.”

You’ll find crisp seafood, creative salads, and amazing meat meals that are consistently grilled to perfection among the modern selections.

Innovative but not overly bizarre recipes are made with ingredients from both the land and the ocean, such as fresh herbs and wild mushrooms, as well as a range of fresh seafood, including shrimps, oysters, salmon, and prawns.

The work is professionally done. The Grilled Sablefish with Miso and Mushroom sauce is among the most dynamic dishes in Tofino, while the Beef Tenderloin dissolves in the tongue.

They have a comprehensive wine list that is acknowledged annually by Wine Spectator magazine and features the best international and BC options.

The most recent gem in this grand dame’s crown is an amazing 11,000-bottle wine cellar. Make sure to hang around and enjoy a cocktail while admiring the stunning Pacific Coast vistas.

Keep in mind that they also have a smart-casual attire code. Go for breakfast rather than dinner during the winter months to enjoy the mesmerizing Pacific Ocean views from the octagonal-shaped dining room’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

Location: 500 Osprey Lane, Tofino, BC 

2. Wildside Grill

The best fish and chips in Tofino are served at this modest restaurant owned by business fisherman Jeff Mikus and renowned chef Jesse Blake. Visit Wildside Grill for superior takeout and recently caught wild fish.

You’ll be treated to a variety of regional cuisines depending on the season, with beef, hog, and elk commonly appearing to liven things up.

Although the Classic Poutine, Louisiana Gumbo, and Salmon Burger, are all sure to satisfy, the Panko Crusted Fish and Fish Tacos and Chips are the items that stand out.

When it pours or becomes too steamy outside, they have shaded places. During busy times, Wildside Grill frequently has lines out the door and is exhibiting no signs of stopping down.

Location: 1180a Pacific Rim Highway Tofino

3. Shelter Restaurant

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The Shelter is a family-friendly eatery that emphasizes traditional flavours and locally sourced products. It has a stunning dining area and stunning views of the inlet.

When it becomes chilly in Tofino, it’s a good idea to take cover by one of the inviting indoor lounging places and consume a steaming bowl of soup.

Because every meal at Shelter is made with Meares Island ingredients, it’s a great location to go to year-round for seasonal food. If that wasn’t alluring enough, they have worked with the Tofino Ucluelet Culinary Guild to reduce their carbon imprint.

The Shelter also has a garden behind the restaurant that provides fresh herbs for food and drinks.

The restaurant’s food is all top-notch, but the Farmhouse Chicken Burger, Mussel Fettucine, Char Grilled Tuna, and Salmon Surf Bowl are also unbeatable.

They use grass-fed, hormone-free beef as well as Fraser Valley bacon and hormone- and antibiotic-free pork.

Süze Crispy Calamari, Salt Spring Island Mussels, and a Meares Island Chowder made with house-smoked salmon, lingcod, clams, and Yukon gold potatoes are just a few of the tasty dishes available to visitors that stop by.

Complete your dinner with the luscious Dark Chocolate Truffle if you want to enhance your level of pleasure.

Due to its popularity, Shelter is the kind of venue where you may wish to reserve a spot in advance.

Location: 601 Campbell St

 4. The Hatch Waterfront Pub and 1909 Kitchen

Try out this communal place at the Tofino Resort and Marina if you’re seeking two outstanding options in one outstanding location.

The Hatch Waterfront Pub, which has a great pub atmosphere, is located on one side. The 1909 Kitchen is the elevated dining area on the other side.

This is the spot to go if you’re wanting to indulge in a relaxing Sunday or want to take a break from sightseeing because of its spectacular scenery of the Tofino Inlet, welcoming ambiance, and conventional delicious food.

From Banana Choc Chip Muffins to their superbly prepared West Coast Eggs Benedict, the morning buffet is exceptional. For a mid-morning pick-me-up, both meals go fantastically with a Classic Mimosa!

Highlights from the menu include the house-cut fries and crispy panko lingcod, the house-made bread organic burger, and the health-conscious crunchy kale salad and jicama summer rolls.

Unusual raw oysters, salmon seaweed crisps, calamari fritti, and other dishes are offered on small plates.

Try the seared tenderloin, herb-crusted halibut, or homemade gnocchi with confit basil pesto and gingerling potato for larger platters.

The wood-fired pizza there is also excellent, and the Cook Your Catch choice lets you customize your meal by choosing the sides, seafood, and condiments.

With a wide selection of drinks, seasonal brews, and wines, and simple supper can become an all-night party.

There is a fantastic kids menu for those travelling families seeking several kid-friendly choices including pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, and house-made pasta. Dessert options include Lemon Panna Cotta, Flourless Chocolate Cake, and Strawberry Rhubarb Crosata.

The horseshoe-shaped bar offers a setting ideal for mingling with friends and family while taking in the expansive views of the Tofino Inlet. 

Location: 634 Campbell St

5. The Schooner Restaurant

With more than 70 years of business, it would be difficult to omit Schooner Restaurant from a list of places in Tofino that are a must-see. The Schooner Restaurant is perfect if you want seafood, steak, and ghost stories.

This perennial restaurant, a family-run jewel that never ceases to amaze, is known both for its food and for having a resident ghost named Morris. The atmosphere is cozy, and if you want to extend your meal, you are invited to stay for a few drinks.

Pick up one of the restaurant’s well-liked seafood starters to fully enjoy Schooner. The Baked Oysters are a close contender, but the most popular choice is the Maple Smoked Salmon Platter.

Try a bite of the rich and delicate Second Street Steak Tenderloin with shredded cambozola cheese and a delightfully delicious blackberry port as the main course. The Tofino Blonde is frequently ordered at the bar among the many regional wines and beers that are on tap.

Since 1949, this iconic restaurant has been offering delicious seafood. It is most known for its admiral’s plate, and it also has an unbeatable steak menu.

Location: 331 Campbell St

6. Rhino Coffee House

Rhino Coffee is the place to go if you want coffee and doughnuts while you are in Tofino. Since it first opened its doors in 2013, this location has been roasting coffee and preparing fresh donuts every day.

Fresh donuts, roasted amazing egg sandwiches on donut or bagel bases, roasted coffee, and unique wraps are all on their small but delectable menu.

The proprietors take great delight in the fact that their Sumatran, Ethiopian, and Peruvian coffee beans offer a wide variety of flavors to coffee connoisseurs.

One of their most popular sandwiches is the “Bro Nut” sandwich. On a homemade savory doughnut, it is created with a fried egg, your selection of ham, bacon, or sausage, aged cheddar, tomato, and lettuce.

The Pastrami on Rye and the Breakfast Wrap are standby choices that never let you down. You can buy all of the beans if you can’t consume sufficient amounts of the Medium Roast or Organic Dark Roast and want to make a custom Rhino brew at home.

Donut flavours include apple fritter, sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, Boston cream, and more. Although the queue can be lengthy, it moves quickly. Locals and tourists both frequent this neighbourhood attraction.

Location: 430 Campbell St

7. Surfside Grill

The Surfside Grill is open to non-guests as well. Even when you are not a guest at the resort, you are welcome to pop by for dinner or lunch and unwind at one of the numerous outdoor tables or campfire tables.

It has a pleasant, laid-back vibe and provides a wonderful view of the resort’s layout and the beach directly outside the resort’s structures.

It should come as no surprise that this well-known local restaurant knows how to obtain the best fish sustainably with a merchant seaman on board as a part owner.

Customers adore this restaurant because it has a fast-food vibe without the annoying additions; anything you order will arrive at a speed, and no questions will be asked.

Additionally serving breakfast foods and coffee in the morning is Surfside Grill. This fast-casual restaurant is located in the heart of the well-liked beachside resort.

Fish & chips, burgers, fish tacos, catch-of-the-day specialties, fries, and even poutine are on the menu. You’ll be ordering a second order of what are rumoured to be Tofino’s greatest fries before you’ve finished the first.

Customers may eat these hearty comfort foods on the authorized terrace with fire pits, which is close to the resort’s suites and, of course, the beachfront.

Location: 1421 Pacific Rim Highway

8. Sobo Restaurant

restaurants tofino
Screenshot from

This location has gained popularity after beginning as a very well-known food truck. There is no better location to be for delectable seafood prepared using seasonal and foraged ingredients than Sobo Restaurant.

This restaurant, which calls itself Sophisticated Bohemian, considers that the west coast of British Columbia has sufficient fresh ingredients to make exquisite cuisine.

Head chef Lisa collaborates with local growers, harvesters, and fishermen to create delectable dishes that highlight the best flavours of the region.

On the menu, there is a variety of seafood that is divided into little and large dishes. Even today, lunch and dinner still feature some of their most beloved pizzas.

Come with a big appetite to fully appreciate their fresh fish, burgers, pasta, wraps, tacos, and international fare because the portions are substantial.

Save space for dessert, particularly the fabled Key Lime Pie from SoBo’s renowned dessert menu. Actually, with this thoughtfully prepared menu, it’s difficult to make a mistake.

If you’re in town looking to chow down on food created with straightforward, fresh, and locally sourced ingredients, this award-winning full-service restaurant is a must-try.

Location: 311 Neil Street 

9. Redcan Gourmet

Screenshot from

A business named RedCan Gourmet specializes in serving handcrafted, fresh takeout cuisine. You can choose your favourite pizza or pasta to take home with you from the daily-changing menu.

Although RedCan Gourmet isn’t a true pizzeria, it does serve some of Tofino’s most delicious pizzas. This is the place to go if you’re wanting pizza but like the concept of customizing your pie and devouring your delicious creation.

There are approximately 20 topping options on the menu, and the first four are free before you must pay an extra $2 for each topping.

The choice is entirely up to you, whether you wish to prepare a meat lover’s meal or choose to keep everything earthy with a fully loaded vegetable pizza.

Don’t be hesitant to experiment with topping combinations or to ask staff for suggestions; you might just discover a new favourite. 

Location: 700 Industrial Way

10. Basic Goodness Pizzeria

Contrary to its name, Basic Goodness Pizzeria serves you great Italian cuisine that is anything but basic. It is a Naples-style pizza establishment.

This dependable restaurant accommodates patrons till the dough practically runs out by combining traditional Italian ingredients with tried-and-true preparation techniques.

Aside from being fully family-owned, the restaurant has a charming, homey atmosphere that makes it seem like a house away from home. The straightforward cuisine highlights regional products, like charcuterie and fresh vegetables.

The most well-liked pizzas on the menu are the Ortolana and Polpette varieties, both of which are loaded with regional ingredients and topped with Fior Di Latte Mozzarella for a real Italian taste.

At Basic Goodness, where even the food is served till the dough runs out, the star of the show is a wood-fired pizza created by a Naples native who moved to Tofino.

You can choose from a wide variety of Italian drinks and mild wines to go with your carb-heavy meal if you’re seeking something to drink.

Don’t forget to reserve the room for their handcrafted Tiramisu or decadent Nutella Pizza before you finish, regardless of the entrée you choose.

Location: 551 Campbell Street

11. The Great Room

The Great Room, one of Tofino’s finest eateries, is housed inside the opulent Long Beach Lodge Resort and takes pride in serving only fresh fish that has been harvested that day.

In order to receive the best selections, this restaurant places daily orders with nearby fishermen. The warm fireplace, gorgeous wooden beams, and luxurious décor create a welcome ambiance.

The breathtaking vistas of the Pacific Oceans and the coastline of Vancouver Island are also not to be dismissed.

The restaurant has unobstructed views of the beach and a comfortable, homey atmosphere similar to a living room thanks to the modern furniture, interior decorations, and fireplace elements.

Before exploring their large menu, set rolling off with a specialty drink. You may have everything from their loaded Surf’s Up Breakfast which includes their delicious chicken-apple sausage to Coconut Curry Chowder and Crispy Pork Belly at this restaurant, which is open for brunch and supper.

The Great Room provides everything you need, whether you want a quick snack after surfing Long Beach or want to settle in for a latte by the fireplace. You can eat and drink amidst timber frames while immersing yourself in the amazing scenery of the Pacific Ocean.

Location: 1441 Pacific Rim Highway 

12. Roar

Screenshot from

The newest property of the BC-owned hotel brand with a major retro flair and endless photo opportunities, Hotel Zed Tofino, houses Roar.

The restaurant’s live-fire and charcoal-fueled cooking are run by Executive Chef Kaelhub Cudmore, while the bar is run by award-winning mixologist Dinah Kisil.

The restaurant launched at the end of May 2021. Roar Tofino is that go eatery for beachgoers looking for premium meats thanks to its outside barbeque pits and excellent charcoal grill.

The idea behind Roar is straightforward: for a down-to-earth dining experience that doesn’t skimp on flavour, local foods are grilled over a roaring fire and delivered fresh off the grill.

If you arrive at Roar for breakfast, you may choose between their Pan-Fried Eggs & Hash or a Chia Pudding to maintain a light breakfast.

Visit them for dinner and enjoy their renowned Dry-Aged Steak Tomahawk. It’s a unique dining experience when drenched in an exotic mushroom pan sauce and topped with creamy salad.

Enjoy one of their specialty drinks or a draught beer as you unwind while viewing the sunset.

Location: 1258 Pacific Rim Highway

Final Thoughts

These were the 12 excellent restaurants in Tofino. These finest Tofino restaurants are frequently cited as having stunning vistas, excellent food, and a welcoming atmosphere. However, you can also check out the Wolf in the Fog in 150 Fourth St. Tofino, which is yet another excellent eatery. 

The restaurants blend the best elements of this seaside community’s offerings to create an unforgettable dining experience. Dine in there for a wonderful and relaxing experience.

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