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Top 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Victoria

Look no further if you’re searching for some of the awesome places to visit in Victoria! Australia’s second-largest state, Victoria is nonetheless brimming with activities and stunning natural scenery in every area which has something special to offer. Victoria is a home state that has allowed everyone to spend many years visiting every nook and corner.

The state capital of Victoria had a reputation for being the world’s livable city for 6 consecutive years and was ranked as the 7th best city, having 4 million tourists flitted through Victoria in 2019.

Bring the camera! Here is the list of the best places to visit in Victoria!

1. Places to Visit in Victoria: Wilsons Promontory National Park

How to Get To Wilson’s Promontory?

Just over 220 kilometers separate the Wilsons Promontory village of Tidal River from the central business district of Melbourne.

Victoria’s biggest coastal wilderness area is loved and appreciated both by local visitors and tourists who visit Victoria with the opportunity to explore the vast array of native flora and fauna. Wilsons promontory national park offers incredible views and is one of the most diversified parks in Victoria The Prom as it is called is the home of numerous kangaroo species.

Wilsons Prom is surrounded by beautiful coasts with plenty of white sand beaches and has dense forests as well. Since Prom is well-touristed these native animals such as Koalas, kangaroos, and emus are well known in the community and are extremely welcoming if you have food! The prom’s walking pathways are lovely.

Due to its natural beauty, numerous hiking routes, and picturesque vistas, this is one of      Victoria’s nicest areas.

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The area is a popular camping spot which also performs as a romantic escape where you will find appropriate accommodation and you can also stay at one of their hotels. Availability of tours.

Wilsons Promontory does not have any lodging options since the national park wants to preserve its pristine beaches, woodlands, and wildlife. Wilsons Promontory National Park offers free daytime admission to visitors. However, overnight hikers must get a camping permit from the Tidal River Visitor Centre.

Hence, Wilsons promontory national park lands a priority spot for tourists in their list of the best places to visit in Victoria.

2. Places to Visit in Victoria: Daylesford

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How to Get to Daylesford?

Daylesford is 113 kilometers away from Daylesford by car. Driving from Melbourne to Daylesford takes about 1h 19m.

Daylesford is the type of place you go when you want to calm down and appreciate the finer things in life, this rural treasure has so much to offer! Daylesford has an elegant spa village about an hour and a half from Melbourne which is one of the popular destinations with locals as well as tourists. Daylesford has been a well-known spa resort over the past century.

The town is famous for its natural mineral waters springs that provide the largest proportion of the effervescent mineral waters in Australia and its surrounding regions. It is also famous for its wineries, museums, restaurants, and breathtaking views of the Lake. Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens are another wonderful attraction and the spectacular Hepburn Regional Reserve is just a stone’s throw from it.

One of Daylesford’s main attractions and something you absolutely must see while there is Lake Daylesford. The Lake House, Daylesford is a tranquil luxury hideaway on the banks of Lake Daylesford with an emphasis on elegance, good food, and wellbeing.

The lake is a haven for a variety of species and offers a 30-minute walking circle from which to take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding region. In addition to the refurbished Boathouse restaurant, there are paddle boats for rent, a playground, covered grills, and other amenities that make it a perfect weekend getaway!

3. Places to Visit in Victoria: Mornington Peninsula

How to Get to the Mornington Peninsula?

A mere two-hour journey from the center of Melbourne city will lead you to discover a new world!

It is bounded to the west by Port Phillip Bay, to the east by Western Port, and to the south by the Bass Strait, and it is connected to the mainland to the north. Several simple coastal walks pass by beaches, piers, arts paths, historical sites, and towns. It is a wonderful little day trip out of Melbourne which offers scenic places to visit in Victoria.

The peninsula is famed for its wineries, cherries, and berries as well as produce directly on the land and also tasty restaurants! Besides foraging for seaweed and mushrooms, there is also one popular mushroom tour company offering valuable advice on how to differentiate the toxins from the pleasant and the tasty! A favorite of all visitors to Victoria, the Great Ocean Highway is famous for the scenic coast drive, surf beaches, and countless spectacular scenery which you’ll never discover outside of Australia.

The coastline extends from Torquay to Warrnambool along the shoreline with 243 km to explore that takes you across breathtaking rainforests to the ocean and then back to Victoria’s best beaches which offer incredible views of twelve apostles.

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Its many attractions range from impressive rock formations to spectacular coastline views. What makes the region fantastic is the vast variety and experiences available which are a boon for nature lovers. If you’d like some relaxation, you could just chill and explore your village. Or if you want to go wild, you might go skywalking and find glowing insects on the tunnel floor. It’s hard to skip Mornington Peninsula in the list of the best places to visit in Victoria.

The most vivid places to visit in Victoria can all be found in one place: The Mornington Peninsula.

4. Places to Visit in Victoria: Alpine National Park

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How to Get to Alpine National Park?

The fastest method to reach Geelong to Alpine National Park is by car, which takes 5h 37m.

Alpine National Park is one of the National Parks and Reserves of the Australian Alps. It is located on the boundary between Victoria and New South Wales, next to Kosciuszko National Park. It is home to two of Victoria’s most well-known mountains, Mount Buller and Mount Hotham, which both have Alpine resorts that are well-known across Australia as Winter Sports Resorts.

Spring and summer in the Alpine National Park are also very different, and everybody who has the opportunity should take advantage of them. The terrain is stunning, as is the flora, especially during the wildflower season. For a good holiday, the hiking route may be employed on the outdoor trails. Alpine National Park is believed to be the Adventure-Lovers Playground. Hiking, historical cabins, mountain biking, 4WDing, and fishing are all popular activities. Paradise Falls, located outside of Cheshunt, cascade an unbroken 31 meters and are best observed in the spring, early summer, or after rain.

Mount Beauty and the Bogong High Plains, located in the heart of the Alpine National Park, provide a wealth of activities for adrenaline seekers. Explore the Bogong High Plains for ancient huts that were once home to famed cattlemen, or get your adrenaline racing on a white-water rafting adventure down the Mitta Mitta River. Skiing, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing are available near resorts such as Mount Hotham and Falls Creek.

The Falls to Hotham Crossing is a beautiful three-day hike from Falls Creek to Mt Hotham through the Bogong High Plains. There are also proposals to extend and reroute the Crossing, transforming it into a five-day “serviced hiking adventure” in the Alpine National Park.

5. Places to Visit in Victoria: Murray River

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How to Get to Murray River?

The Murray River journey from Albury might take up to four days.

The Murray River is the major river of Australia and the key stream of the Murray-Darling Basin. The Murray River, Australia’s longest river, offers a wealth of sporting opportunities. This River has everything, whether you want an adrenaline thrill or a calm afternoon on the water. It forms a border between Victoria and New South Wales and extends practically the whole length of Victoria.

You’ll undoubtedly receive a lot of sunlight no matter what time of year you arrive! It’s ideal for your first camping vacation since it allows you to get out and discover nature.  There are several fantastic sites to camp along the Murray River, making it an ideal option for overnight vacation. Watersports aficionados will like the Murray, which provides a variety of activities.

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are popular activities on the river, and instruction and rental equipment are available. People interested in Victoria’s history and the gold rush should visit here. The rush to Murray is considered the last big gold rush. The discovery of placer gold on Pritchard Creek drew thousands of men to the little valley.

If you want something new, Murray Valley National Park can help you, home to the world’s biggest red gum forest, This is a spectacular example of natural Australian bushland that becomes more intriguing the further you go into it. The park is home to around 60 vulnerable native animal species and 40 threatened plant species. The Park is one of Victoria’s unique attractions and its name Pink Lakes is very popular. Make sure you plan your vacation for early summer so you can enjoy the lake in all its Fuchsia hues.

6. Places to Visit in Victoria: The High Country Towns

How to Get to High Country Towns?

The Hume Highway and the all-weather sealed Great Alpine Road connect Melbourne to the High Country.

The High Country is home to some of Victoria’s top snowfields, including Mount Buller, Mount Hotham, and Falls Creek, all of which provide excellent skiing, snowboarding, and lodging choices. The spectacular mountains, valleys, rivers, and lakes of the High Country are ideal for adventure and leisure all year. In High Country, you will see for yourself what beautiful scenery is. In the northeast of Victoria, you will find the High Country.

This little town is surrounded by national parks, the highest mountain, the highest mountain lakes, Snow resorts, and the best wineries. In the High Country, there are countless opportunities to explore – snow fields at night and countryside towns surrounded by waterfalls and crystal clear river systems.

Whenever possible, visit the high country during the summers. You can pick what way you want to explore it: drive through a vineyard, cycle around the rich landscape or take a hike down the slope at the end of Winter. It truly is Australia’s mountain bike capital, with the first trails developed in Mount Beauty in the mid-1980s.

Mt Stirling is a year-round High Country attraction, providing a real alpine experience from its camping cabins nestled in sheltering snow gum forests. Mt Stirling, located about half an hour from its sister peak Mount Buller, is a popular cross-country skiing destination. Anyone looking to have an adventure would like these relaxing places.

7. Places to Visit in Victoria: Phillip Island

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How to Get to Phillip Island?

Located just 90 minutes from Melbourne,

Phillip Island is also a haven for individuals who enjoy water sports, notably scuba diving and snorkeling, with underwater ecosystems teeming with fish and other aquatic life. The Phillip Islands are a popular destination for Melbournites and tourists for days on the road.

The island’s fame is its cute little Penguins colony, one of Australia’s scenic places. Each day at night the penguins return to shore, There is also an option for the ultimate penguin tour, which offers a more private experience and a more personalized encounter. The visitor’s center is equally fascinating.

Have you seen the footage of Little Penguins waddling on the beach that has gone viral? Phillip Island is home to the world’s biggest colony of Little Penguins, which waddle home in unison.

The Penguin Parade on Phillip Island is only one of many activities to do on the island, but it is unquestionably the most stunning. Phillip Island Nature Park hosts the Penguin Parade.

This trek around the Cape Woolamai Circuit provides breathtaking views of Phillip Island and the surrounding coastline. It takes an average of 2 hours and 4 minutes to finish. Although this is a popular route for birding, hiking, and strolling, you may still find privacy during quieter times of the day.

All of Phillip Island’s surf beaches are located on the island’s southwest and south coasts. Surfing is popular here. Woolamai Surf Beach is an extremely popular surfing location. The views south down Cape Woolamai are breathtaking.

The views from above the beach on the walking pathway are also magnificent. The short-tailed shearwater’s nesting area is incredible.

8. Places to Visit in Victoria: Melbourne

How to Reach Melbourne?

It can be reached by bus, train, car, or flight.

The capital city of Victoria has long been known as one of the Australian cities of a very different character. There is so much here that can get busy.

There are graffiti-filled alleyways, unique stores at every corner, underground dining, and stocked rooftop cocktails gardens. Melbourne is proving that Instagram is an art: It’s like learning about a city’s hidden secrets.

Melbourne is Australia’s main cultural hub and has been named one of the world’s most liveable cities. Melbourne usually draws a large number of visitors from all around the world. This wonderful city’s splendor changes with the seasons.

This city is known as the “City of Four Seasons in a Day” because you could experience the weather of four seasons in one day: spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Melbourne offers many things to visitors. The town is filled with many attractions, from beaches to nightlife to the famous Esplanades Market, the finest restaurant of any place in the world.

The suburbs are also quite ethnically diverse. Aclan Street is renowned for its Greek and Jewish bakery and cake shop. So it is a perfect place to get your sweet tooth. There are several vegan restaurants in this area too. St Kilda’s renowned shops feature vintage finds, as well as iconic colorful beach shacks.

This city will provide you with traveling service to all the tourist places to visit in Victoria

Melbourne Highlights: During your free time, make sure you leave Melbourne CBD and explore a few nearby areas. South Yarra, Prahran St Kilda, Richmond Collingwood, and North Yarra offer their unique atmosphere and plenty of trendy hotspots for visitors.

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Tourist places to visit in Victoria’s capital city: Flinders Square station, Melbourne Zoo, Puffed Billy Railways, Victoria Island, Victoria Park, Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Museum, and many more.

9. Places to Visit in Victoria: Grampians National Park

How to Reach Grampians National Park?

Grampians National Park is located in Western Victoria, 260 kilometers (three hours) from Melbourne airport.

The breathtaking National Park offers exceptional scenery and a rich range of attractions ranging from rugged sandstone ridges to lush falls and brightly colored spring wildflowers.

It’s an excellent spot for fauna-spotting while you enjoy the many walking trails in the local region and there are also interesting artifacts of an early Aboriginal tradition in the Grampians.

View from the Balconies Formerly known as the Jaws of Death, it provides breathtaking panoramic views of Victoria Valley. The Balconies trail begins at Reed’s Lookout and winds through rocky outcrops and stringybark woodland. The finest times to visit are in the morning or around dusk.

Historically known as Gariwerd, The Grampians are one of Victoria’s most beautiful landscapes. The location is popular with hikers since it includes a plethora of walking routes and gorgeous lookouts, with stunning hiking trails as well as spectacular viewpoints.

It rises out of nothing in Victorian farmlands and has plenty of interesting sights for tourists. Set yourself down near Hall Gap and soak up all the wildlife in the vicinity, Aboriginal culture, tumbling waterfalls, and the winding hiking trails of the Grampians.

There are several lakes here for Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and sailing are all available in Lake Wartook, Lake Bellfield, and Moora Reservoir. The Grampians is a great area for nature enthusiasts, with plenty to view at all times of the year, and a must for adventure seekers looking for some breathtaking places to visit in Victoria

10. Places to Visit in Victoria: St Kilda

How to Reach St. Kilda?

St Kilda can only be reached by boat.

St Kilda is an isolated archipelago of volcanic islands located 40 miles west of the main archipelago chain. It is located off the coast of the Hebrides and includes the islands of Hirta, Dun, Soay, and Boreray.

This twin World Heritage Site is home to the world’s largest guillemot colony, the oldest and largest fulmar colony, and Britain’s largest puffin colony. St Kilda is available to the public while the boats are running, which is usually from May to September depending on the weather. This Heritage Site cannot be skipped from the list of places to visit in Victoria.

St Kilda is a lovely and picturesque destination that may provide an unforgettable experience, but the culture and history of these collections of islands can be found across the Hebridean community.

It is notable not just for its spectacular terrain and one-of-a-kind human narrative. A museum, situated in one of the rebuilt homes, is also available. This describes the tale of St Kilda, including its history, flora and animals, and the lives of humans who formerly lived there.

With many things to do and activities to keep in mind, St Kilda is arguably the most sought-after location around Melbourne. Its colorful bathhouses are popular Instagram staples.

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Some More Places to Visit in Victoria

  1. Great Otway National Park
  2. Koala Conservation Centre
  3. Golden Dragon Museum
  4. Maroondah Reservoir Park
  5. Ballarat Wildlife Park


Something interesting is there for anyone who wishes to cherish and explore the best places to visit in Victoria. Despite being the smallest state there are some incredibly breathtaking views.

There are things to do for everyone year-round. Laid-back visitors who are looking for some of nature’s beauty have the option of a variety of beautiful beaches or national forests. Daredevils can take on challenging challenges by climbing a mountain and experiencing uninterrupted views from above and below.

There are lots of exciting activities and a plethora of places to visit in Victoria for the entire family or if you’re travelling solo, whether you have one day or a full week.

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