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Top 10 Amazing Things To Do In Charleston SC

Things To Do In Charleston SC

There are several tourist attractions in Charleston, South Carolina, which is a lively cultural hub with a long history that may keep visitors busy for days. Charleston, South Carolina offers a wide variety of entertaining activities, from the busy city center to the marine life in the harbour.

Here are the Top 10 Things to do in Charleston SC

1. Park Waterfront

The Waterfront Park is the ideal place if you’re seeking a beautiful area to unwind and enjoy the scenery. This park, situated lies on Charleston Harbor, offers beautiful water views in addition to a number of fountains and gardens to explore.

Several well-known sights could be found at Waterfront Park, including a well Pineapple Fountain, a popular location for pictures. In addition, the park has a sizable lawn space for picnics and activities, a beach for fishing and viewing, and a number of seats and swings for tourists to unwind and take in the scenery.

At year calendar of festivities and events at Waterfront Park includes live music performances, art exhibits, and culinary festivals, in addition to its breathtaking views and attractions. Waterfront Park in Charleston is undoubtedly worth a visit, whether you’re searching for a serene location to have a picnic or a busy meeting place and celebrate with friends.

2. South Carolina Aquarium

Photo by Tim B Motivv from unsplash

Its famous attraction is called the South Carolina Aquarium. Around 5,000 life forms, including sea turtles, sharks, river otters, and other fish species, called the aquarium home. The Great Ocean Tank, which contains more than 385,000 gallons of saltwater and therefore is home to several fish species, including barracudas, tarpon, and sea turtles, is one of the aquarium’s primary draws. Via an underwater tube, guests can walk while engaging in marine life.

The South Carolina Aquarium is a must-see if you’re seeking things to do in Charleston, South Carolina. A variety of exhibits that highlight the marine life found in Charleston Harbor and the seas off South Carolina’s coast are available for visitors to explore at the aquarium, which is situated in downtown Charleston.

Visitors may also explore Charleston Harbor, which is home to a wide variety of marine life, from May 5 to May 18. Also, if you’re shopping for souvenirs, the downtown Charleston City Market is a terrific spot to purchase regional handicrafts and other interesting products.

The South Carolina Aquarium also provides a range of educational events and programs for guests of all ages, such as yoga lessons in front of the Sea Tank, adventure summer camps, and behind-the-scenes tours.

3. City Market of Charleston

Visitors engaged in shopping frequently visit the Charleston City Market. Around 100 vendors may be found at this historic market in downtown Charleston, which sells anything from handmade jewels and crafts to local antiques.

A number of eateries and cafes in The City Market provide delectable Lowcountry fares like grits and shrimp, fried green tomatoes, and she-crab soup. The City Market provides a lot more than places to buy and dine; it also has a vibrant history and culture.

The market was once the hub of the slave trade in Charleston and had a big effect on the local economy. Via guided tours and engaging exhibitions, visitors now can learn about the industry’s past and present.

The Charleston City Market, which is situated in the center of downtown Charleston, is a well-liked hangout for both tourists and residents. More than 100 merchants sell a range of things at the market, including locally produced foods, souvenirs, and handcrafted crafts. Visitors may also observe local artists at work, such as blacksmiths and sweetgrass basket weavers.

Overall, anybody who is interested in the heritage, culture, and food of this charming Southern city must visit the Market Square of Charleston.

4. Golf Resort on Kiawah Island

The Kiawah Island Golf Resort should not be missed by golf fans. Located just outside of Charleston, this resort offers five championship golf courses, a selection of eating establishments, and elegant lodging.

Tennis, cycling, kayaking, and nature excursions are just a few of the things to do that Kiawah Island Golf Resort provides its visitors in addition to golf.

The resort also offers a sumptuous spa, many water parks, and a range of eating establishments, including elegant restaurants and a quaint coastal cafe. The exquisite guest rooms, suites, villas, and private residences at Kiawah Island Golf Resort provide breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, the marsh, or the golf courses.

For golfers and tourists exploring the finest of the South Carolina Coastal in a posh and relaxed environment, Kiawah Island Golf Resort is a top choice.

5. Charleston SC Culinary Tours

One of the best ways to experience Charleston’s wonderful cuisine is on a culinary tour. These excursions offer tourists the chance to experience some of the greatest foods the town has to offer while also learning more about Charleston’s history and culture.

The tour takes visitors to some of the city’s very well restaurants in addition to undiscovered jewels and neighbourhood hotspots that only locals are aware of. Along the way, guests sample a range of delectable foods and beverages, learn the background and culture of Charleston’s culinary scene, and get to know some of the best chefs and culinary authorities in the area.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or just curious about the city’s cuisine, Charleston Culinary Tours is a fantastic opportunity to experience the flavours and culture of Charles in a fun and educational way.

6. The National Monument at Fort Sumter

The Fort Sumter National Monument, which was important in the American Civil War, will attract historical lovers. To understand more about the fort’s history, visitors can enjoy a boat journey there and then explore the museum.

Early in the 19th century, Fort Sumter was built as a stronghold for coastal protection. It is one of a number of forts constructed to defend the South Carolina coast from foreign invasion and is situated on a tiny island near the entrance to Charleston Harbor.

General Thomas Sumter, a hero of the Revolutionary War and a significant figure in South Carolina history, was honored with the fort’s name. Fortification work started in 1829 and was finished in 1861, only months before the Civil world War ii officially began.

Together with its historical significance, Fort Sumter is a well-liked location for wildlife and bird watching. Many bird species, such as albatrosses, seagulls, and pelicans, as well as dolphins and other marine life, may be found on the island.

7. Historic City Market in Charleston

Anybody interested in the history of the city and historic buildings must go to the Old Charleston City Market. Since the 1790s, a wide range of vendors has operated in this market, offering anything from trinkets to sweetgrass baskets.

The market, which has been there since the early 1800s, is still a hive of activity with over 100 sellers selling a range of things like handcrafted crafts, regional delicacies, souvenirs, and more.

The three buildings that make up the market are open for visitors to explore; each has its own vibe and selection of goods. The Gullah people of the Lowcountry’s Great Hall are known for their traditional sweetgrass baskets, which are sold by sellers in the market’s Great Hall, which is its oldest and most traditional area.

On the second level of the Great Hall, the Daughters of the Confederacy Museum provides a fascinating insight into Charleston’s past and its involvement in the Civil War.

The North and South Markets, which house the market’s other two structures, provide a more modern shopping experience with stalls offering anything from local delicacies and snacks to jewelry and apparel.

The Historic City Market should not be missed, whether you are interested in history, shopping, or simply taking in the ambiance of one of Charleston’s most well-known attractions.

8. Angel Oak

The Angel Oak on Johns Island is a must-see for a wholly outstanding experience. This enormous tree, which is over 60 feet in height and over 400 years old, is said to be. From Charleston, visitors can travel not far to see this incredible natural treasure.

A must-see location when visiting Charleston is Angel Oak, which is situated on Johns Island nearby. This old tree is a representation of Charleston’s rich history and natural beauty because of its astounding size and historical significance.

The Old City Market in downtown Charleston, Fort Sumter National Monument, and the Boone Hall Plantation, which date to the 17th century and give tourists a look into plantation life, are a few of the other prominent tourist sites in the region.

Also, visitors may partake in a number of entertaining activities including playing golf at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, enjoying a lavish dinner cruise, or discovering Charleston’s thriving music culture at places like the Charleston Music Hall. Don’t pass up the opportunity to visit Angle Oak.

9. Boone Hall

One of the numerous historic places in the Charleston region is Boone Hall Plantation, which has a long history that dates back to the World War II era. It is a well-liked tourist destination that provides an interesting history of the region.

The estate offers guests a tone of entertainment and things to do in Charleston, South Carolina, and is only a short drive from the city. Boone Hall is a national historic site whose scenic gardens and old buildings provide tourists with an insight into the past.

The Charleston Harbor and the lovely gardens of the plantation are among its most notable features. It also has the well-known Avenue of Oaks, a stunning series of oak trees that guard the entrance to the plantation.

Visiting Boone Hall in Charleston, South Carolina, and taking a tour of the plantation are both worthwhile activities. Guests may stroll around the property and view the plantation’s several historic structures.

Also, they can go to the gift store and buy travel mementos. Boone Hall provides a distinctive viewpoint on Charleston’s history, particularly with regard to the American Civil War and the function of the slaves on the farm.

Visitors may learn about the slave quarters and how slavery affected the history of the plantation. The plantation serves as a thriving center of culture and offers several events all year long. The Boone Hall Farms Farmers Market is one of the most well-liked occasions when guests may try local goods and mingle.

10. Folly Beach

Anybody seeking exciting things to do in Charleston, South Carolina, can definitely visit Folly Beach, a picturesque barrier island nearby. Visitors may easily tour downtown Charleston and its historic structures, like the Aiken-Rhett House Museum and the Old Slave Market Museum, because of its close proximity to the city’s core.

A trip to Charleston Harbor and Fort Sumter National Monument is essential for anybody interested in learning more about the city’s nautical past. Learn about the region’s significance in the American Civil War by taking a boat trip, or choose a sunset cruise for a special evening on the lake.

A well-liked tourist destination, Folly Beach is renowned for its laid-back atmosphere and kilometers of sandy beaches. Guests have the option of resting in the sun for a while or learning to kayak or surf.

Charleston, South Carolina, is one of the most haunted towns in the US due to its unique attractions and extensive history, and the Lost Dog Cafe is a favorite hangout for skeptics of the paranormal.

Ultimately, Folly Beach and Charleston, South Carolina, have so much to offer in terms of entertainment and historical interest that it’s difficult to see it all in one trip. Yet, travellers may plan a wonderful trip that is full of adventure, leisure, and loads of southern charm with a little forward planning.


Charleston South Carolina, there is a ton of things to do. Historic structures may be explored by visitors, including the Historic Charleston City Market and the Aiken Rhett House Museum.

Fort Sumter National Monument and other historical sites like Boone Hall Plantation and the Old Slave Market Museum are further resources for anyone interested in learning more about the city’s involvement in the Civil War.

Nature enthusiasts may take a boat tour of Charleston Harbor or experience aquatic life at the South Carolina Aquarium. The city also has a bustling cultural district with local artists, shops, offices, and a farmers market. Guests may take part in exciting activities like Charleston Culinary Tours and opulent dinner cruises, as well as relax on Sullivan’s Island Beach and soak up the sun.

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