The 8 Best Day Trading Platforms in Canada

Trading during the day can be a profitable and exciting career because it allows you to make quick choices according to market movements. Despite the fact that it takes discipline as well as sound judgment, a day trading app might assist you in becoming more effective in the markets.

savvy Canadian investors recognize the advantages of smartphone trading, the demand for the top stock trading applications in Canada grows. There are currently numerous platforms for trading that provide entry to the Canadian stock market. As a result, we’ve compiled a selection of the most effective mobile applications. Let us investigate the best day trading platforms in Canada

1. What Exactly is Day Trading?

A day trader is a trader who purchases and sells stocks along with other financial assets for an immediate return after holding them for an extremely brief amount of time, typically just over a day.

Day traders frequently trade the same asset multiple times per day, betting on fluctuations in prices and expecting to profit with each roundtrip.

Foreign currencies, choices, goods, futures, and cryptocurrencies are among the most frequently traded securities of the day.

2. Where in Canada Can I Day Trade?

To day trade, you must first establish a brokerage account that allows you to purchase as well as sell stocks, forex, commodities, and other securities. Because there are over a dozen broker websites in Canada, I’ve chosen some of the finest brokerage firms for day trading.

best day trading platforms in Canada
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There is no one platform that is superior to the others; it all relies on what kinds of investments you are interested in day trade. However, there are two factors to consider before selecting an online broker: prices (trading fees) as well as study tools.

Trading fees can have a significant effect on your profits because day traders buy and sell frequently. Keep in mind that most brokers provide favoured pricing to busy traders.

Keep in mind that money isn’t everything. Technical analysis, actual time quotes, and additional study tools are not provided by all brokers.

Ideally, you’ll select a broker who offers a competitive price as well as a robust trading tool.

3. What Every Canadian Needs to Know Regarding Day Trading?

Before you start day dealing, there are a few things you should think about.

3.1 Platform for Trading

Trading software is essential for every single trader. It provides real-time market info, allows you to make purchases, and manages your portfolio. The majority of online merchants provide their own customized marketing packages, but outside solutions are also accessible.

3.2 Transaction fees and conditions

Before you begin trading, it is critical that you grasp the Canadian legal environment. The Financial Services Authority of Canada must be notified of all activities. (IIROC)

This organization is in charge of overseeing all online brokerages as well as implementing stringent rules and regulations to protect investors.

While several free trading stock apps are accessible, some Canadian trading platforms might charge commissions or other fees for your trades. As a result, it is prudent to conduct a study and compare various options before settling on a single app for daily trading.

4. The Advantages of Day Trading in Canada

Day trading provides numerous benefits to buyers, including:

  • Low capital necessities: Day traders can begin with a small quantity of cash and leverage it to make bigger trades. Many trading apps have minimal or no minimum balance requirements.
  • Day traders are able to access different markets from any part of the globe to execute trades at any moment of day or night using the appropriate technology.
  • Faster profits: Because trading during the day is based on immediate price movements, investors can profit quickly without no waiting for long-term investments such as stocks or bonds to grow in value over time.

5. 8 Best Day Trading Platforms in Canada

Some of the best day trading platforms in Canada are listed below:-

5.1 Questrade

Questrade has been in business for over 20 years and is one of Canada’s oldest discount brokerage systems. Its cheap fees along with access to a wide range of assets as well as funds render it a popular option for day traders. You can also watch real-time price movements and market information while on the go with the QuestMobile app.

Questrade allows you to buy stocks, ETFs, choices, securities, and mutual funds. Margin accounts, Registered Retired Savings Plans (RRSPs), as well as Tax-Free Savings Accounts are also available on this Canadian day trading site. (TFSAs).

A separate platform is also offered for forex trading as well as contracts for difference (CFDs). Finally, this is a single of the few trading applications that allow you to buy IPOs and precious metals.

Questrade sticks out for its cheap charges on trades in stocks ($4.95) and options agreements ($9.95 + $1 per contract). This makes it an excellent venue for traders looking to reduce transaction costs.

It also has smart mobile software that allows for easy trading on the go. Users can use the Questrade mobile app to watch real-time quotations, control their portfolios, or set up price notifications. The app also contains a variety of lessons to assist traders in improving their abilities and becoming more profitable.

Questrade is a registered financial dealer and an affiliate of the IIROC as well as the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF), consequently, your money is safe.

5.2 Qtrade

Qtrade is also among the most highly suggested Canadian trading platforms, as it provides a wide range of services to both novice and experienced day traders. Qtrade offers low-cost trading, accessibility to tens of thousands of sectors, sophisticated types of orders and execution choices, and extensive study tools.

For those who are new to day trading, Qtrade has an easy-to-use interface that allows them to get started fast. Before joining the market, the trading app also provides useful educational tools such as webinars, papers, as well as tutorials.

If you require assistance or have concerns about how to navigate the trading platform or initiate trades, a helpful customer service team is available to assist you.

For more experienced traders, Qtrade provides a link to Canadian as well as US marketplaces, as well as different kinds of orders that may be utilized to capitalize on market movements. This includes options like limit purchases, stop orders, as well as trailing stops, which allow you to automate the way you trade or rapidly enter and exit positions as required.

Qtrade also has a comprehensive research center with tools for technical analysis as well as basic information about various asset classes, making it simple for users to make educated trading decisions. Furthermore, Qtrade enables you to establish watchlists and configure price alerts to easily remain on top of the markets.

5.3 TD direct investing

On the list of the top Canadian day trading platforms, TD Direct Investing ranks as one of the more expensive choices. Yet it is owned by a single of the country’s most trusted institutions, Toronto-Dominion Bank.

This trading software offers a comprehensive set of investment services. This stock trading app allows you to exchange stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and additional investments such as futures and bonds.

The fees charged by TD Direct Investing are among the highest of any online trading site. The commissions for online equity trades are $9.99 ($7 for active trading pricing), with an additional cost of as much as $1.25 per choice contract. Furthermore, if you do not make at least one transaction every quarter, they charge a $25 quarterly inactivity fee, so it is critical to be busy with your trades or the costs can quickly add up.

The platform allows traders to diversify their investment portfolios by providing access to both Canadian and foreign stocks. Major stock exchanges such as the NYSE, NASDAQ, as well as TSX Venture Exchange, are included, as are foreign indices such as the S& P 500, Dow Jones, as well as FTSE 100.

TD Direct Trading ranks as one of the most effective trading tools because it was designed to be quick and dependable. Order execution times can be as brief as 0.05 seconds, which is ideal for traders on weekends who need to act rapidly on market opportunities.

5.4 Forex Trading

A trading tool called links users to foreign exchange (Forex) markets. For traders of all experience levels looking to enter the Forex market, it offers a full range of conveniences.

The company’s broad toolkit, which includes sophisticated charting, real-time news and information feeds, studies, automated trading systems, and other features, is its main competitive advantage. It utilizes platforms that were created with simplicity in mind, making it easy for beginners to use them.

Comparing’s trading costs to those of other Canadian online brokers, they are incredibly low. It has minimal commissions and spreads and doesn’t require a minimum deposit to open an account. provides a variety of tools, such as high leverage levels in tight spreads, advanced charting capabilities, and a range of order types, for day traders who want to profit from short-term market movements.

Numerous risk management tools are also included in the platform, such as delayed stops, guaranteed stop loss purchases, and automated trading systems, which can help traders control their positions more effectively.

5.5 Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers (IB) is the sole online brokerage that offers nearly all of its functions in both its browser and mobile apps. It provides a variety of financial services, such as trading during the day, trading options, mutual funds, fixed-income expenditures, as well as more. It is better suitable for seasoned day traders.

IB provides a variety of tools that assist traders to make informed investment choices. Their Trader Workstation platform offers current news and market information, as well as potent analytical tools like backtesting and charting.

They also provide an API through which customers can create bespoke trading platforms that can be incorporated into their accounts. This allows seasoned traders to create intricate strategies with minimal effort.

Furthermore, Interactive Brokers possesses one of the industry’s best customer support teams. They are accessible by email or telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are always ready to answer any inquiries that traders may have.

5.6 Wealthsimple Trade

Wealthsimple, a well-known supplier of online financial services, developed Wealthsimple Trade, a selling app for smartphones. Currently, users can purchase and sell stocks, ETFs, and futures without paying any commissions.

Users of Wealthsimple Trade are given valuable resources like research tools to help them make wise decisions in addition to an efficient and simple way to manage their investments.

This stock trading website’s user-friendly layout, which enables even novice investors to get started quickly, is one of its most attractive features. Users can find markets of interest and trade quickly thanks to the app’s straightforward navigation. Additionally, it has a search function that users can use to search for specific stocks and ETFs as well as apply filters to their results.

Wealthsimple Trade is the finest day trading website overall because it does not charge any fees or commissions when trading on its platform.

This makes it ideal for those who are new to the business and want to commence in a low-risk, low-cost market. In daily activities, you can use both quick-timing and extensive analysis tools. The trading app offers real-time market information, allowing users to respond quickly to changing conditions.

Investors can identify key market trends with the aid of sophisticated charting tools, allowing them to make more informed decisions about how and when to spend their money.

5.7 CIBc Investor’s Edge

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce CIBC Investor’s Edge is another popular online trading platform in Canada available. It enables buyers to make trades in stocks, mutual funds, and options, and gain entry to worldwide markets.

For day traders, the stock trading software includes live quotes as well as graphs, advanced order types, portfolio monitoring tools, as well as integrated studies from CIBC Capital Markets.

CIBC Investor’s Edge has a number of characteristics that make it appealing to day traders. For starters, it has some of the industry’s lowest trading fees, with no required minimum balance or yearly charge for active accounts. This makes it perfect for people who seek to maximize their profits while spending as little as possible.

Second, it provides a diverse range of investment choices, such as stocks, ETFs, mutual fund investments, as well as bonds. This allows day traders to select the best assets for their trading methods.

5.8 Centerpoint Securities Canada

Despite having a very expensive monthly fee for a digital broker ($100), we enjoyed including CenterPoint Trade on the list because it provides cutting-edge research tools and real-time level II market data to Canadian investors.

Centerpoint also has the most adaptable and user-friendly trading platform in Canada for handling your trading activity. You can create custom alerts and trade from anywhere with the mobile app.

Centerpoint Securities is an experienced trading platform, as well as most traders will struggle to find a more comprehensive dealing platform: additionally, Centerpoint Securities can waive the $100 monthly charge if you trade over 200 thousand shares per month.

9. Additional Platforms

best day trading platforms in Canada
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Some of the additional platforms apart from the 8 best-day trading platforms in Canada which are fantastic are listed below:-

9.1 CI Direct Trading

The CI Direct Trading platform is a division of CI Investment Services Inc. and a famous stock trading platform. Traders who make in excess of 150 trades per quarter receive a $3.00 flat fee per exchange. If you sell an ETF, the price you must pay is $0.01 per unit or at least $1.99 per transaction, with a maximum of $7.99 per trade. CI Direct Investing is recommended for experienced as well as active traders who are familiar with the Toronto Stock Exchange in addition to foreign trading.

9.2 Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is one of Canada’s finest trading platforms. It provides low-fee stock trading, no requirement for deposits or balances, as well as exposure to foreign stocks.

Day traders can access 150 exchanges in 35 nations and trade in 25 currencies through Interactive Brokers. Furthermore, Interactive Brokers is Canada’s only online exchange that allows for fractional share dealing.

There is no initial deposit requirement with Interactive Brokers, and account administration fees are based on your account balance. The charge for balances over $2,000 is $10, and the fee for balances under $2,000 is $20. The charge is only $3 for traders aged 25 and under.

Interactive Brokers offers both fixed and tiered rates for numerous of its services. The fee per unit decreases as transaction volumes rise with tiered pricing.

A payment of $2,000 is required for margin accounts. Deposits for market info subscriptions are also required. Interactive Brokers also offers a robust stock study center as well as research tools such as APIs and a mobile app.

10. Prior to Beginning Day Trading

Day trading ought to come with a disclaimer that the chances of success are slim and the risk of speculating on specific companies is extremely high. Before you start day trading, we suggest doing a lot of research. To begin, here are two fundamental ideas with which you should become acquainted:

  • Trading Volume: The trading volume of a stock indicates how active it is or how frequently it changes hands. A high volume suggests more interest in the shares along with elevated liquidity, as well as the possibility of price fluctuations.
  • Price Momentum: This approach is employed to find stocks that have excellent price momentum, which means that their price has risen in recent days. As a shareholder, you would begin your search for trading companies with strong momentum.

As a day trader, you seek out stocks that have high trading volumes as well as positive momentum. That is equities that are traded frequently (so you aren’t trapped with them as well) and are increasing in trade value. (at least in the very short term). It is best to acquire several strategies before beginning, but you now have access to the most effective online brokerage platforms.

The Takeaway!

Day trading platforms allow investors to lock in gains for the moment before their trading day concludes. They’re built to be quick and simple to use, but powerful enough to handle more complicated trades and capitalize on shifts in markets in real time.

We suggest Qtrade as the finest broker for traders with experience after evaluating hundreds of day trading platforms. With $0 minimums, a connection to over 150 stock exchanges worldwide, and a highly rated app, I am sure that Qtrade is one of the most efficient day trading platforms in Canada today.

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Queries and Answers

Some of the most asked questions regarding the topic “Best day trading platforms in Canada” are listed below:-

1. Is day trading legal in Canada?

Day trading, as well as investing, are both allowed in Canada, and several brokers facilitate this. WealthSimple, TD Ameritrade, as well as Interactive Brokers, are among these companies. In addition, the Pattern Day Trader (PDT) regulation does not apply in Canada.

2. Is day buying in Canada taxable?

Profits from day dealing are fully taxable at the rate of your marginal tax rate. This is as it is considered business revenue. Your day trading losses, as well as certain related expenses, are completely tax deductible toward employment income.

3. What is the most common platform in Canada?

According to the Social Media Lab, 51% of Internet Canadian adults had an Instagram account. 45 percent use the internet a minimum of once per month. According to a CIRA study, 40% of Canadians use Instagram. Every month, 58.2 percent of Canadian online users browse Instagram.

4. Is it possible for day dealers to earn 1% per day?

No, you cannot earn 1% per day trading for two reasons. For starters, 1% per day would rapidly add up to enormous profits that are simply unattainable. Second, your earnings will not be equally distributed across all days. Instead, you will have both successful and losing days.



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