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What are Hooded Eyes: An Attractive Eye Shape

Eyes are incredibly varied, with a vast range of sizes, colors, and shapes. There are six basic eye shapes that you should take into account when figuring out which one you might have: monolids, almond-shaped eyes, round eyes, downturned eyes, upturned eyes, and hooded eyes. The way the upper eyelid and inner corner of the eye connect determines the shape of the eyes the most.

This article will cover some brief information about hooded eyes.

What are Hooded Eyes

Excess skin that folds down from the brow bone and can even extend to the lash line is referred to as having hooded eyes. Hooded eyes are a perfectly common and normal hereditary trait. Hooded eyes can sometimes develop as people age. Your eyes’ look and shape can change as you age. They might appear slack, for instance.

Hooded vs Droopy Eyes

Hooded eye shape is a common inherited characteristic that rarely impairs vision. Droopy eyelids may be a sign of getting older, an injury, or an underlying medical issue.

When one or both eyelids droop, it frequently indicates a condition known as ptosis. Ptosis differs from hooded eyes in that the eyeball’s covering skin droops rather than the skin next to the brow. Droopy eyelids might also be caused by specific illnesses. The eyelids can change as a result of eye infections, Horner syndrome, diabetes, stroke, tumors, or other medical conditions.

As a person matures, hooded eyelids may have an impact on their vision. Over time, the extra skin that forms the hooded eyelid may lose its flexibility and start to sag. The name of this condition is dermatochalasis.

Celebrities With Hooded Eyes

Many celebrities have hooded eyes such as Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Blake Lively, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Megan Fox, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston,

Hooded Eye Makeup

From almond eyes to round eyes to downturned eyes, every eye shape has a unique set of requirements to achieve various makeup styles. When you have hooded eyes, you quickly discover that some makeup looks, such as the traditional smoky eye or winged eyeliner, may be extremely challenging to perfect and that not all makeup styles work well with your hooded lids.

Certain eye makeup styles are harder to see when you have hooded eyes since your eyelid appears to be hidden while your eye is open. While some eye makeup looks are more difficult to achieve, others, like a cut crease, can significantly improve the appearance of hooded lids.

Here are some makeup tips for hooded eyes-

  1. Apply Makeup While Keeping Your Eyes Open

It may seem strange, and it is, but having hooded eyes leaves little room for the lids. If you want your eyeshadow to show up on the visible lid when your eyes are open, apply it above your natural crease. Try a cut crease to simulate a higher eye fold to take it a step further.

  1. Keep to The Thin Line

Keep the lines on your hooded eyes narrow when applying eyeliner. Heavy lines, especially when applied with eyeliner, can draw attention to your hooded eyes and make them appear even smaller.

  1. Eyeshadow On The Upper Lid

Apply eyeshadow on the lid’s tip using a broad brush. Because it might be challenging to locate your natural crease with your eyes closed, it is preferable to apply makeup while keeping them open. Applying makeup over the hooded area should be avoided because it might give the eyes a puffy appearance. More eyeshadow can be blended to intensify the color.

  1. Try a Cut Crease

According to celebrity makeup artist AJ Crimson, “If you have a hooded eye, you can create the appearance that you have more of a lid and a separate brow bone.” the bold, dramatic cut crease was virtually built for hooded eyes. This is so that you may define your crease and produce a strong contrast that practically carves its crease utilizing shadow. “It adds more of a crease where they wouldn’t have had it previously,” he continues.

  1. Use Mascara That is Waterproof

Due to the lesser lid space, many people with hooded eyes discover that by the end of the day, their mascara has transferred to their brow bone. If you identify with this, a decent waterproof mascara is a need.

  1. Only Apply Highlighter Beneath the Brow Arch

Makeup artists advise against highlighting the entire brow bone. That makes it appear sagging and bloated. Typically, you would use a highlighter to draw attention to the areas you wanted to emphasize. Because of this, highlighter can enlarge an already prominent brow bone when applied straight to it.

  1. Concealer

Applying concealer under your eyes will sharpen up your eye look, according to Jaikaran, but be careful not to smudge your eyeliner or eyeshadow. After blending into the dark under-eye areas, set your concealer with your preferred setting powder.

  1. Get Pigmented

When applying eyeshadow for hooded eyes, you should face forward because if you look down or do anything else, you won’t be able to see the result when the eyes are open. So make an effort to do so constantly. Finish the look off the lid by using a flat brush to apply color over the entire lid (not just the crease), and then a fluffy, dome-shaped eyeshadow brush to soften any hard lines of identification.

  1. Pay Attention to Your Brows

Because of the way hooded eye sockets are shaped, it’s crucial to style your brows just as much as you would your eyelids, if not more. “Create an arch with light brushstrokes and use a light color underneath to emphasize the brow bone,” advises Cummings. Due to the current brow craze, a vast range of products, including palettes and contouring pencils, are available and can transform even sparse brows into works of art.

  1. White Eyeliner

Use white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger. This technique enlarges your eyes if you feel that the hooded portion of your eyes makes them appear small.

  1. Apply an Eye Primer

The hooded portion of the eye may overlap with your eyeliner and induce transfer, creating a second black line on your brow bone, as if you needed another excuse to keep your eyeliner thin. In addition to applying a setting powder or spray, Cummings advises using an eye primer designed exclusively for eyes, such as blinc Eye Shadow Primer.

  1. Don’t be Hesitant to Try New Things

We frequently rely on our tried-and-true procedures when dealing with challenging aesthetic traits. But according to Cummings, “depending on the size of the eye, more dramatic appearances like halo and cut crease may be obtained.” The center of the lid is highlighted strongly in the halo style, which is popular on social media. The cut crease is a little trickier because it aggressively contours the eye shape with precise dark shadows. Give these trends a try to see if they work for you because makeup should be enjoyable.

Treatment for Hooded Eyes

Most people with hooded eyes do not require medical attention. Some people, though, could believe that their eyes make them appear older and more exhausted than usual, and they might want to change how they look.

The impression vanishes when makeup is removed, however, makeup techniques can open up the eyes and make someone appear more awake.

  • Nonsurgical Treatments
  1. Botox Injections

These injections raise the eyebrow just a little bit by going into the outer edge of the brow. However, poorly placed injections can make the brows droop even more, particularly if they disrupt the nerves that regulate the brow muscles.

  1. Laser Therapy

By removing the top layers of skin, this procedure minimizes wrinkles.

  1. Thread Lifts

A technique whereby short-term stitches or sutures pull the eyebrows back into position. However, the ASPS advises that due to the stitches typically only lifting the eyebrows by a few millimeters, this procedure is better suited for those with mild to moderate hooding.

  1. Brow and Temple Filler

According to Shirazi, the drooping of the eyebrows might be brought on by the loss of structure surrounding the eyes. A dermal filler placed there helps elevate the brows and lessen the appearance of hooded eyelids.

  1. Tightening of Plasma Fibroblast Skin

With the help of a high-frequency electric current, hundreds of tiny holes or controlled micro-injuries are made on the upper eyelid during plasma fibroblast skin tightening procedures. The tiny holes immediately close, pulling the skin back and creating a tightening and lifting effect. Although it may sound a little scary, this technique is thought to be low-risk. It’s possible for some swelling to develop after this operation because the eyelid area is thin and sensitive.

  • Surgical TreatmentBlepharoplasty

The best treatment for hooded eyes is blepharoplasty, which involves surgically removing extra skin from the eyelid. At the Cadogan Clinic, it is also one of the procedures that people most frequently ask for.

Typically, this surgery is performed for cosmetic reasons. It’s also a successful method for helping older adults whose drooping upper eyelids impair eyesight.

Tired-looking eyes are revitalized by this technique. In about 45 minutes, the eyelids can be tightened and the skin around them can be reduced, reshaped, and lifted.

The healing period following blepharoplasty is mostly painless because the procedure is essentially skin-deep. Any discomfort is minimal and manageable with eye ointments and basic painkillers.

Final Note

Hooded eyelids may not always be cause for alarm. Many individuals find hooded eyes attractive. However, surgery can be helpful if you feel that having hooded eyelids is harming your physical or mental health.

Eyelid surgery can boost your confidence by making you look better. It might not, however, give you the ideal appearance or change the way your face looks. Consider your objectives and talk about them with your surgeon before deciding whether to get surgery.


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