What Are the Qualities of a Good Person

If you are reading this that means you are one of the good people or on the path to becoming one. But probably having a dilemma, like, what is it that differentiates a good person from a bad person? What it is to be a good person? It’s not possible to good person in the eyes of all people, I may be a hero in my story but there is a chance that I’m a villain in someone else story. It’s just perspective that makes people good or bad.

You are right! But heed my advice, you don’t have to be a good person for, other people. Just ask yourself what I’m doing is it right or wrong? Is it good for others or not? Defining the characteristics of a person as a good person might be difficult in today’s society because the distinction between right and wrong is sometimes blurred.  

Nevertheless. A good person is aware that one’s character is made up of characteristics that influence their actions, attitudes, and personality traits.

In this article, we will explore what are the qualities of a good person, and what it is that makes a good person with some real-life examples.

1. What It Is to Be a Good Person?

Many people aspire to be good people, but it can be challenging to define what that exactly means. What makes us good people? In this world, the dilemma between right or wrong, good or bad, had always existed and will exist. It’s up to us what path we take.

While everyone has faults and makes mistakes, a good person accepts responsibility for them and moves on. I say this because simply recalling the Covid 19 pandemic will provide us with a wealth of examples that will alter the way we view the world. The amount of goodness in the world will astound you.

Many people have demonstrated exceptional good qualities and resilience during the COVID-19 epidemic, including leadership qualities and abilities brimming with courage, compassion, and teamwork.

For instance, Sonu Sood, an Indian actor, has become a real-life hero during the pandemic. He helped thousands of migrant workers stranded in cities by arranging buses and trains to take them back to their hometowns. He also set up a help desk to assist people in need and donated oxygen concentrators to hospitals.

It’s just one example, but there are countless examples of good character traits that respect individuals that came forward to help all human beings around the world no matter the creed, rich or poor.

2. What Are the Qualities of A Good Person?

what are the qualities of a good person
Image by Tumisu from Pixabay, copyright 2020

you are likely wondering about what qualities make a good person, and what is it that makes them a better person. Is it their good behaviour or modest opinion about others? I have everything that can make me happy, but I don’t feel satisfaction, that is true happiness. There is always an empty feeling inside of me. If you’ve come so long to find your answer, then you will find it, just try till you get it.

2.1 Understand Others

Those with strong character traits naturally possess the ability to connect with people on a deeper level, display compassion, and offer support through tough times. For Example, During the COVID-19 pandemic, India and the world saw many examples of empathy where good people came together to help those in need. From providing food to stranded migrant workers to donating plasma to COVID-19 patients, there were countless acts of kindness and empathy.

2.2 Kindness

The act of being kind is demonstrating concern for other people’s welfare. A truly decent person is not just courteous, but also friendly to strangers and those who may be in need in addition to being kind to their loved ones, friends, and family. A smile, praise, or a modest act of assistance are all examples of kindness.

Jadav Payeng, a Mishing tribe member from Assam, India, also known as the “Forest Man of India”planted trees on a barren sandbar and transformed it into a lush forest, providing habitat for animals and preventing soil erosion. His story has inspired people to protect the environment and make a positive impact. Often people are reluctant to assist those in need since there is no reward, but in this case, Jadav has provided a service to nature without expecting anything in return. It is one of the important character traits that a good person has.

2.3 Honesty

One of the key characteristics of a good person is honesty. Honest folks tell the truth and don’t lie to get what they want. They do not trick or deceive others and are open and honest in their communication.

Being honest and sincere in all aspects of one’s life is a must for being a good person, and doing so enables one to establish solid bonds of trust and respect with others. It is especially crucial in workplace contexts because it encourages accountability, openness, and fairness. 

2.4 Humility

A good person is modest and without an exaggerated sense of their significance, simply put, their self-importance. They are content to stay in the back and do not seek out attention or recognition.

For instance, Mother Teresa, an Albanian Catholic nun devoted her entire life to helping the ill and needy in India. Such humility, compassion, and understanding of other people’s emotions not everyone has, but at least we can try!

2.5 Courage

Courage is not something that you can buy with money, it comes from within yourself. In life, you will have faced many situations where you want to give up, but in these tough times and circumstances standing up to the adversity, and uncertainty of your life, and facing your problems face to face is what we call courage. It’s not something extraordinary, it is the ability of one to stand up for yourself or others when the time demands.

One outstanding example of courage is Malala Yousafzai. After being shot by militants, she continued to stand up to the Taliban in Pakistan and advocate for girls’ education.

 2.6 Respect

A good person respects himself/herself as well as others. They show everyone reverence.  An individual who upholds high moral principles does not treat people act differently because of race, gender, religion, or any other criteria.

An excellent example of strong moral principles of treating people properly and with respect is Nelson Mandela, In South Africa, he strove to promote racial equality and fight against apartheid. He worked with the same people to promote equality, who oppressed them.

2.7 Selflessness

The quality of selflessness involves putting the wants and desires of others before one’s own. It is highly regarded in interpersonal interactions on both a personal and professional level, and it inspires people to be more giving and generous, which results in a richer life experience and a stronger sense of self-importance, meaning, and fulfilment. We can have a beneficial impact on the world if we pay attention to other people’s needs.

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have shown an astounding degree of selflessness, frequently placing themselves in danger. Regular individuals have also demonstrated a remarkable level of altruism by giving their time and resources to help those in need.

3. Why You Should Become a Good Person?

What are the qualities of good people 2
Image by Bessi from Pixabay, copyright 2015

It is up to us to decide whether to follow the good or evil paths that are available to us as humans. Being a good person may seem like a simple concept, but it holds immeasurable value in our personal lives and the world around us. Why, I’m saying this? Just read and you’ll know.

3.1 Goodness Attracts Goodness

Have you ever observed how performing a tiny act of kindness makes you feel relaxed and content? Your entire body feels almost like it is tingling warmly, which uplifts your spirits and keeps you happy. It serves as a reminder that having a positive outlook and carrying out kind gestures can have a beneficial impact. The saying “You are what you think” serves as a reminder that we can mould our lives and manifest the reality we desire via our thoughts and deeds.

3.2 Purpose and Fulfillment

To lead a happy and meaningful life, one needs to have a purpose in life. Good individuals work to improve the world, and by their deeds, they can create positive change in their surroundings.

Living morally might make us feel more like a part of the community and society. Others nearby can benefit from our happiness, and those we interact with can be motivated. When we do something good that benefits others without anything in return, it is most likely the other person is going to do the same.

3.3 Personal Growth

To become a nice person, one must undergo personal development. To better ourselves and have a satisfying life, it is essential. If we at least try to be nice to others, we’ll see some change in our lives, from living a chaotic life to living a content life. It also helps us to become a better version of ourselves leading to personal growth overall.

Needless to mention, nice people frequently draw more uplifting and meaningful connections as well as more fruitful and happy experiences.

3.4 Greater Good

As practising what is morally correct or “good” would ultimately result in the greater good, we should attempt to be good people. For a society to be healthy and harmonious and to ensure the welfare of its members, good deeds and behaviours are necessary. Doing good can increase one’s chances of success since persons who exhibit these traits are more likely to be trusted, respected, and admired.

Furthermore, when we do good, we frequently experience positive self-esteem benefits because it is difficult to feel bad about helping others. Developing into a decent person involves more than simply what we gain from it; it also involves what we can do to make the world a better place.

3.5 Meaningful Life

You have every means to satisfy your want like wealth, a good job, and a beautiful house. What more a person can demand? But have you ever asked yourself, am I happy? the answer to that may be you don’t know, or just not sure how to respond. If you’re not happy, not feeling satisfied, that content feeling that means you have to stop yourself, Introspect yourself, and think about setting your priorities, don’t go just for money.

There are greater things than money. Becoming a good person, taking responsibility for our action, and helping those in need is just one of the many things that you can apply to live a meaningful life.

4. How To Build Good Character?

Now we know about the qualities that make a person good and the reason why we should follow the path to become good. But the question arises, what I can do to build good character, how to set the priorities that are beneficial for me as well s the people around me? Let’s look at some of the steps that you will need to build good character.

4.1 Identify Your Values

Finding your values is the first step in developing positive character qualities. Your values are the precepts and ideas that direct your actions and choices. They shape your personality and define who you are as a person. Decide which of your values are most important to you after giving them some thought. This will assist you in developing strong and important character traits and leading a life that is consistent with your ideals.

4.2 Set Goals

It provides you with a sense of direction and purpose. Make sure your goals are hard but attainable, and that they are in line with your values. This will assist you in gaining self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment, both of which are crucial character characteristics to achieve success. You’re probably wondering, “Setting goals?” how will assist me in being good.

A goal is necessary if you want to do anything in life; without one, you would merely keep travelling in circles. Decide on the priorities, principles, and values you wish to embody, then strive towards them.

4.3 Practice Self-Reflection

Developing positive character traits requires a lot of self-reflection. It enables you to evaluate your ideas, emotions, and actions and spot areas that might want improvement. Spend some time every day thinking about your behaviour and assessing how well it fits with your ideals. This will aid in your self-awareness growth and character development.

4.4 Practice Empathy

Understanding and sharing other people’s emotions is called empathy. It is an essential quality that promotes the development of solid bonds and a sense of belonging. Try to put yourself in other people’s shoes and view things from their perspective to develop empathy.

4.5 Be Accountable

Being responsible for your actions is a necessary and important quality in a good person. It entails accepting responsibility for your errors and putting forth an effort to make amends. Admit your error, offer an apology, and take precautions to avoid it happening again. Developing these crucial character attributes of credibility and trust will be made easier with this.

4.6 Practice Self-Discipline

Self-control is the capacity to maintain your actions and emotions in the face of temptation or adversity. It is a vital personality quality that promotes resilience and self-control. to develop self-discipline, establish boundaries, and abide by them. This will assist in your character development and self-confidence growth.

4.7 Surround Yourself With Positive Influences

We are greatly influenced by the friends and individuals we choose to be in our lives. Surrounding yourself with supportive people and friends who value the same things as you do will help you develop strong character characteristics and inspire you to be your best. This will not only help in your character building but also help in becoming a whole new version of yourself.

It might be simple to feel discouraged about the state of humanity in a world where pessimism and cynicism frequently seem to rule. Nonetheless, the traits of a nice person serve as a guiding light and source of motivation, showing us that compassion and kindness are still very much present and thriving in the world.

Good individuals try to understand and help others around them, no matter whether it’s through listening, giving counsel, or just being there for someone when they need it. Recognizing that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their background or circumstances, they behave with generosity and empathy.

Good people also have a strong sense of integrity and honesty in addition to compassion and empathy. They place a high value on honesty and openness in their interactions and relationships because they understand the importance of trust in any strong and fulfilling relationship. Also, they value personal development and work hard to improve both their own lives and the world around them.

In the end, being a good person is not simply admirable; it is also needed. Good people offer a ray of hope and inspiration in a world that can be harsh and cruel, reminding us that there is still beauty and goodness to be found in the world. By exhibiting these qualities in ourselves, we may have a positive impact on the world.

Be honest with yourself if you did something you shouldn’t have done and make an effort to rectify the wrong.

Good people realize the significance of constructive criticism or humble opinion as it leaves a lasting impression and ensures beneficial outcomes, rather than criticizing them and trying to offer constructive criticism.

You only need to make an effort to improve yourself; you don’t need to become a decent person. All of these qualities call for an extraordinary number of skills that no one possesses. Everybody has flaws and makes mistakes, but how we respond to them reveals our character. This is what distinguishes us.

It requires fortitude to embrace one person’s positives and shortcomings and make them a part of oneself to become a better version of oneself, something not everyone can accomplish. Be certain that you are one of them.

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