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What is a Rebound Relationship? 6 Important Facts

what is a rebound relationship

Want to figure out whether your relationship falls under the “rebound” category or not? What is a rebound relationship? What sentiments come to mind after you acknowledge this term?

For answers, read the whole piece; information about other aspects of a rebound relationship is also mentioned below.

1. What Is a Rebound Relationship?

Not every relationship is romantic, as there are many variations, one of which is a rebound relationship. To define a rebound relationship, you should know that it is based on the previous relationship’s past experiences.

A rebound relationship is one in which both parties have not moved on.

A rebound relationship is defined as an escape from a previous relationship in which one person becomes involved with someone else in a new relationship.

However, one of the partners in a new relationship who recently had a breakup is still stuck in their previous relationship. And we’re all aware that it’s very easy to get into a relationship, but it’s much more difficult to get out of one.

1.1. Why Do Rebound Relationships Take Place?

Rebound relationships are also concerned with reactionary relationships that occur solely as a result of non-healing pain, wounds, and emotional issues from a previous relationship.

It is not incorrect to state that the hurt or broken person chooses to enter into the next relationship with someone else right away to use them as a band-aid for their pain and grief.

2. 8 Early Signs of a Rebound Relationship

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2.1. Ex

They are constantly talking about their ex-partners, and sometimes they even compare you to them, which is not a bad thing in a relationship because partners have the right to know each other’s past at the start of any new relationship.

There is, however, a limit, and if your partner only talks about their ex’s favourites or every little detail about them, you should be aware that your relationship with them is merely a rebound.

In some cases, your partner may completely avoid discussing their ex due to intense pain, implying that they are still stuck in their previous relationships.

2.2. Recent Breakup

Your partner may have recently cut ties with their previous partner. Heartbreaks are a difficult phase in everyone’s life, and it takes time to recover completely from them.

Some people require more time, and some need less, so it entirely depends on the individual. How emotionally connected they are, how much time and effort they put in, and a variety of other factors all influence how they handle a breakup.

Nobody needs a one-day or one-week break from a previous relationship because everyone needs to work on themselves after a breakup. As a result, if your partner recently broke up, you are most likely in a rebound partnership.

2.3. No Emotional Connection

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Your partner will not form an emotional connection with you, which can quickly lead to pain for you.

They will make you feel lonely in a relationship because they will never be there when you need them the most, and don’t you think that’s the worst feeling ever?

2.4. Fastness in a Relationship

If you notice your partner moving your relationship along quickly, you might be in a rebound relationship. They are uninterested in your conversations, and they are uninterested in your past life or childhood narratives.

When you feel rushed in a relationship, the other person only wants your attention.

2.5. No Commitments

They don’t treat it as a serious relationship because they don’t want to commit to anything. Furthermore, your rebound partner does not want you to meet with any of their close ones.

2.6. Physical Relation

Most of the time, rebound relationships are only about making physical contact, and their only focus is sex and nothing else. So, you can easily feel that you’re being used by your partner.

2.7. Moody

They are such moody people, and they treat you as such. If they are happy, they’ll treat you like you mean everything to them, but if they are sad, they’ll treat you like a piece of shit. It’s like you are just a toy.

Whenever they want, they’ll play with you, and then they’ll throw you out.

2.8. Flex

Sharing something on social media isn’t necessarily wrong nowadays, but if you notice that your partner is constantly sharing your relationship status on social media, you should assume that they are doing so to make their ex jealous or to attract their attention.

3. Is a Rebound Relationship Healthy?

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Not all rebound relationships are toxic or unhealthy because no one is perfect, and starting a relationship with someone right after a breakup is difficult because we need time to move on.

It is advised that if your partner is not moving on or does not even attempt to do so, you should not enter into a relationship with them.

Physical attachments or talking about their ex can help them to lighten their mood, but you should not be the one who is being used.

You can help them as a friend, and when they get over their ex, you can approach them about starting a relationship, which will also be a healthy one.

Losing someone is not an easy thing, but entering a new relationship with pain, grief, or baggage from the past is not a sign of a healthy relationship. In a new relationship, both of you need to restart a fresh life.

4. Is Rebounding a Long-Term Relationship?

According to, most rebound relationships are considered short-term. But never give up hope because some rebound relationships have been proven to be long-term.

It is considered short-term because people choose to rebound from relationships when they are devastated, unable to endure pain, or want to escape their past.

Heartbreaks are difficult to deal with because people always need someone during these times, and they find them in a rebound relationship.

They realize after a while that they don’t want this relationship, which is due to a lack of compassion and empathy because they never tried to connect emotionally with you, so they don’t have feelings for you.

Your partner made no commitments, so it’s very easy for them to get out of rebound relationships. They do not make any promises, and except for their ex, they do not have any topic to discuss with you. Once they get over their ex, they’ll get over you as well.

5. How to Deal with Your Partner in a Rebound Relationship?

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If while dating someone you found out that you were being used by your partner as a rebound, you’d be hurt for sure, but the attachment to that person wouldn’t be that deep, so it’s not that difficult to get over that person.

It’s better to end a relationship that doesn’t have any emotional connection, but of course, it’s not easy to get out of it quickly, so you need to keep some things in mind to not get hurt in a rebound relationship, as mentioned below.

5.1. Zero Expectation

Do not set unrealistic expectations in a relationship because, in the end, every expectation leads to suffering and pain.

Also, because they are still stuck in their previous relationship, don’t expect your partner to meet your emotional needs.

5.2. No Physical Contact

Don’t make physical contact with your partner right away; first, both of you need to talk to each other about things other than your exes.

Make an effort to connect by talking and learning about your partner’s interests, such as movies, colors, activities, dreams, and so on. Also, try to learn about their perspectives on various issues.

5.3. Don’t Be a Victim

Don’t let your partner use you; that is, don’t become overly attached to them because it can cause pain. You should also refrain from connecting with them for emotional reasons until you see any progression in them.

5.4. Try to Get Off

It’s best to get out of such relationships as soon as possible because you already know it’s a passing phase in your life and your partner hasn’t made any promises.

Such relationships must be ended to prevent suffering.

5.5. Don’t Make Your Relationship Public

Don’t post or allow your partner to post anything on your social media until you feel your relationship is working or you two are compatible.

If your partner is working hard to get over their ex and you are assisting them, then you two are a good match because, in every relationship, both partners must put in the effort to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

6. Where to Say No in a Rebound Relationship?

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Everything in this world has limitations, and people are no exception. We all have a pain tolerance limit, and when it is exceeded, it is difficult to bear.

There is a boundary in rebound relationships as well, and when your partner crosses it, you should be alert that it is the endpoint.

Love is something that we all want, but when you love someone immensely and do not get loved back by that person, it feels like your world is over or even worse than this.

Slowly, it starts affecting your mental health and causes anxiety, stress, and depression.

Physical problems have solutions, but when it comes to mental health, no medicines will help; only love and care for your loved ones and the person whom you love badly will.

Because feelings are not always under your control, you should avoid rebound relationships before it’s too late. Because once you become attached to someone, you will be unable to leave the relationship until they leave you.

6.1. What Kind of Person Can Have Rebound Relationships?

Avoid it if you are easily hurt but if you want to try being in a relationship with no commitments, rebound relationships are a good option.

It will benefit both parties because your partner needs someone to talk to about their heartbreak and you don’t want any commitments, so no one will be hurt.


What is a rebound relationship? You should now have your answers, and the article includes not only the definition but also all of the pertinent information. Rebound relationships have multiple facets.

So, decide calmly whether you can handle it or not, and if you can’t, back out immediately because heartbreaks are not easy stuff to deal with. Doing things for your mental health isn’t wrong; don’t think much about it. I hope this has allayed your concerns.

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