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Where is Surfside Florida? 8 Best Fun Things to Do

Miami-Dade County, Florida, contains the small hamlet of Surfside. Near Surfside Beach on the Atlantic Ocean, Surfside is mostly a residential coastal community with numerous multi-story condominium buildings.

Surfside falls among some of the most mesmerizing destinations. This location offers something enjoyable for visitors of all ages. With innumerable things to do out here, Surfside never disappoints a soul.

As of April 1, 2020, the United States Census Bureau estimates that there are 5689 residents in Surfside, Florida.

1. Where Is Surfside Florida? 8 Fun Things at Surfside

Where is Surfside Florida? Is it a friendly holiday destination? One of the oceanfront communities in greater Miami, Surfside has a lovely residential area with an apartment and multi-family condominium buildings, a quaint business district, public art, award-winning restaurants, resorts, spas, and recreational facilities that are open all year for residents and guests to enjoy.

Surfside, Miami’s Uptown Beach town, has made a name for itself as a wonderful family neighbourhood and a major travel destination. It includes a modern Community Center, aquatics facility, and a mile-long stretch of lovely public beaches, parks, tennis courts, playgrounds, and recreational facilities.

Here are the best things at Surfside Florida one should never miss:

1.1. Paddletopia

Where is Surfside Florida
Photo by Maridav from depositphotos/Copyright

Where is Surfside Florida? It is a beautiful location worth the hype. Amazing adventure sports like Paddletopia are waiting for you on this paradise beachfront. Even though Paddletopia has only been an annual event since 2018, it has become an immediate favourite among active locals looking to get outside, have a good time, and burn a few extra calories.

Paddletopia is a two-day free event that takes place in mid-May. It is a family-friendly event suitable for people of all ages and levels of athletic ability; paddleboards are provided free of charge to participants. Instruction is given to individuals who have never used one before, and a licensed guide leads excursions.

1.2. First Fridays

Where is Surfside Florida
Photo by gustavofrazao from Depositphotos/Copyright

From June to September, Surfside hosts First Fridays, an event that features outdoor activities, art, culture, and contact with the local community. Though it has long been a popular event among residents, it is also gaining popularity among visitors.

Surfside is a great location for outdoor activities due to its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Where is Surfside Florida, and why haven’t you added this destination to your bucket list? Trust me, and you won’t be disappointed.

The monthly event features excellent art, live entertainment, and films, as well as delectable food and beverages and several opportunities to mingle with friends, family, and strangers. First Fridays are held on 93rd Street, close inland from the public beach.

1.3. Bootcamp & Brews

Where is Surfside Florida
Photo by Wavebreakmedia from depositphotos/Copyright

Where is Surfside Florida? Haven’t you discovered the location yet? If you have, what are you waiting for!!! Get into one of those boot camps and enjoy the most happening day.

Though combining a vigorous, calorie-burning workout with beer may appear counterproductive, almost everyone believes that the two go along as they were meant to be.

The concept behind Bootcamp & Brews is threefold; first, gain motivation, push yourself physically under the guidance of an experienced trainer, and finally, reward yourself with socializing and delicious, locally brewed beer at a stylish hotel. The beautiful ocean views and cool sea breezes make Surfside the ideal location for such an event.

1.4. Third Thursday

For more than a decade, Surfside has played home to an event known as Third Thursday. This gathering takes place between the months of February and April when the climate along the Florida coast is almost ideal. Every third Thursday of the month, Surfside hosts a free event in the form of a block party, complete with food, drink, and live music.

They frequently have a total wellness concept and offer guided yoga and other activities to residents and visitors who are health conscious. Third Thursdays on 95th Street between Harding and Collins Avenues will spice up your day. Young singles and families with children are frequently seen interacting freely, giving the gathering a distinct small-town air.

1.5. Shopping at Surfside Florida

Where is Surfside Florida
Photo by Ivanko1980 from depositphotos/Copyright

Many of the town’s neighbourhood mom-and-pop shops have lasted decades, which is unusual in Miami-Dade. The three-block commercial strip is home to many bakers and optometrists that are all still run by their original owners or families and have been in operation for at least 50 years or longer. Surfside, though, is anything but rural in terms of fashion.

The area also has world-class upscale boutiques, such as Asmaa Benkirane’s Le Beau Maroc, which debuted in 2014. In the style of silky kaftans, Moroccan-born Benkirane provides exclusive fashion from Morocco’s leading designers to Surfside.

Bridal clothing, cocktail gowns, and beach coverups are among the other collections available. Benkirane enjoys running a fancy boutique in a friendly neighbourhood.

1.6. Seaside Walking in Surfside Florida

Where is Surfside Florida
Photo by Maridav from Depositphotos/Copyright

Walk away from your troubles. The Surfside part benefits from Zen-like simplicity thanks to its empty beaches, dune walks, and firmer, wider path separating the dunes from seaside properties.

There are numerous boardwalks, seaside walking paths, and jogging trails. Surfside is the ideal location if you like to walk. Walk across Bal Harbour from 88th Street to Haulover Inlet for one of Miami’s best Dade beach vistas at the rock jetty.

You and your partner can actively enjoy the magnificent sunset after a romantic date near the beach. The beauty of the sea and sky facing each out, absorbing the vibrant colors of the setting sun will leave you speechless

1.7. Magnificent Art of Surfside Florida

Where is Surfside Florida
Photo by czany from Depositphotos/Copyright

Art is everywhere. Surfside is the only beachside town in Miami-Dade with a big citywide exhibit honouring marine life.Tales of the Surfside Turtles features five-foot-tall resin and fibreglass sculptures with a four-foot flipper span.

The loggerhead turtles, one of the most significant seasonal visitors to the area, come to lay eggs in the sand every year between May and October. The colourful sculptures draw attention to them. Since the species is endangered, Surfside collaborates with Miami Sea Dade’s Turtle Conservation Program to guarantee that nests are not harmed.

Local artists made colourful fibreglass turtle sculptures for the public exhibition “Turtle Walk” to raise awareness of loggerhead sea turtles, which return yearly during the breeding season.

The city also contains a mural by Miami muralist Douglas Hoekzema, alias Hoxxoh, near 96th Street Park, and a sculpture by Pablo Atchugarry that was given as a gift by the upscale boutique building Fendi Chateau on 94th Street’s beach end.

1.8. Cafe Ragazzi: Surfside Florida

Where is Surfside Florida
Photo by martinm303 from Depositphotos/Copyright

Surfside and the surrounding vicinity have no shortage of delicious restaurants. Though seafood takes center stage, there are many internationally inspired options, with Cafe Ragazzi being one of the most popular.

Cafe Ragazzi is typically described as small, homey, and traditional. Still, it’s also fashionable and moderately priced, making it a popular eating spot for budget-conscious foodies trying to get the most bang for their buck.

Their menu is full of delicious and exquisite alternatives, from pasta and parmesan to soup and salad will completely blow up your taste buds.

2. Where Is Surfside Florida? The 35 Signature Tale

Where is Surfside Florida
Photo by tiloligo from Depositphotos/Copyright

Where is Surfside Florida? On May 18, 1935, 35 members of the Surf Organization, a social club for the affluent and famous, signed a document establishing Surfside, a predominantly residential coastal town.

Among the many famous people that attended were Dean Martin, Winston Churchill, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and Ava Gardner. The Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club was constructed using the original historic structure.

After the Second World War, Surfside began to grow, and by 1957, its previous Town Hall was no longer sufficient. The community built the 93rd Street Community Center in 1962, which was later demolished and rebuilt into a world-class recreation facility.

This multi-purpose facility includes a pool with lap lanes, a plunge pool and slide, a children’s activity pool, a jacuzzi, and the Surf-n-Sides poolside cafe, a popular gathering spot for Surfside locals.

While retaining a pleasant and lovely beach town neighbourhood atmosphere, old and modern houses mingle. Surfside sets a commitment to the standard of life. With gushing winds and calming murmur of the waves, this location can make you feel as good as in heaven.

The Surfside Community Center also hosts a variety of activities and programs for adults, the elderly, youth, and children. There are also many other additional communities and recreational facilities that you can find to enjoy your heart out.

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3. Final Note

Where is Surfside Florida? Surfside is a walkable downtown district with several multi-story condominium buildings. It is a unique and friendly holiday destination among other oceanfront neighbourhoods and a must-visit vacation site.

With beaches, adventure sports, and other cool spots, Surfside makes one of the most desirable vacation destinations. Every person, irrespective of age, can find something or the other to do. You should consider visiting Surfside.

Hopefully, this article was able to ease your confusion and aid in your decision-making concerning Surfside.

Stay safe and wholesome!

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