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Where Was Shang Chi filmed in Sydney? 4 Best Guide

Marvel Studios’ Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is a superhero movie which was directed by director Destin Daniel Cretton and produced by Jonathan Schwartz and Kevin Feige, with Charles Newirth, D’Esposito, and Victoria Alonso taking part as executive producers. It was filmed in Sydney. Do you know ‘where was Shang Chi filmed in Sydney’?

So let me give you a brief description of where Shang Chi was filmed, apart from Sydney, where else the filming was done and other filming locations which were taken into consideration. Destin Daniel Cretton, Andrew Lanham, and David Callaham wrote the screenplay for this movie. 

The Shang Chi, the Legend of the Ten Rings, was filmed in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales. Many parts or scenes in Shang Chi’s journey were shot at an Australian production house. A famous production house called Fox Studios Australia, which is a television and film production studio located in Moore Park.

About Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Where was Shang Chi filmed in Sydney
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Simu Liu stars as the main hero in the Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings movies, which are basically based on the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters. This is the 25th film in the Marvel cinematic universe. The Asian superhero hero in the Shang Chi movie inherited the ten-rings organization from his father, and now he must deal with demons from his past life.

The Marvel Studios movie Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings was filmed in Sydney along with popular studios. The film’s shooting begins in San Francisco, set in the fictional town of Ta Lo. The majority of the parts of the movie were filmed in Australia, some parts were shot in Macau, and afterward, small reshoots were taken in May 2021 in Los Angeles locations.

Behind the scenes of Shang Chi in Sydney
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The team also travelled to some exterior locations like the Prospect Reservoir, White Bay, nearby Sydney harbor, and Centennial Park suburb. The filming took place in the location of San Francisco. Most of the places taken in the movie are popular tourist attractions like Noe Valley, Russian Hill, and Nob Hill neighborhoods.

The photography or filming of the legend of the ten rings started in February 2020. But because of the rising COVID-19 pandemic all over the world, the filming of the movie was put on hold after March 12th, 2020. After a few months from late July 2020, Fox Studios Australia production resumed their project, building sets at filming locations, and the shooting started in August.

1. Filming Locations of Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang Chi’s journey started with filming locations. First, it was filmed in Australia, and some minor reshoots of it were done in Macau and San Francisco. Simu Liu starred as the main character in the movie. Awkwafina played Shang chi’s friend role as Katy, and Michelle Yeoh played Jiang Nan’s role; Tony Leung as Shang chi’s father, Wenwu; Florian Munteanu, Ronny Chieng, Meng’er Zhang, and Fala Chen.

1.1. Where was Shang Chi filmed in Sydney?

Not only Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings were filmed in Sydney, but so were other well-known films such as The Matrix, The Great Gatsby, Mad Max, and Fury Road. This marvel studio provides production-related services, nine sound systems, and other exterior locations.

Where was Shang Chi filmed in Sydney? The crew of the Shang Chi film and cast filmed some scenes at filming locations in Sydney, like the Centennial Park Suburb, Prospect Reservoir in the Prospect suburbs, and White Bay. The places where Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings were filmed in Sydney Harbour include the metropolitan skyline and exterior shots of the city. Some famous spots in the city are Euclid Avenue all the way to Fairmont Stockton Street.

The setting of Ta Lo in the movie Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings filmed describes the jungle spanning 75 square kilometers. It is located in Southeast Asia, which provides a location that may seem real in the movie to the audiences, but it is not a real site. The landscape was designed by visual effects supervisor Malte Sarnes. The landscape featured mountains, lakes, other plants, and a plethora of details shot at the Marvel Studios in Sydney.

1.2. Other Locations

1.2.1. San Francisco, California.

Fisherman’s Wharf is the city’s most important and popular tourist attraction and the most interesting location for filming locations. The scenes filmed for the movie Legend of the Ten Rings were shot in Sydney and parts of San Francisco, California. Various sections of the Shang Chi movie were filmed all over San Francisco. The primary spots for the filming in San Francisco were Noe Valley and Russian Hill.

Other places or tourist spots, such as the San Francisco skyline, California Street, Fairmont, Ghirardelli Square, and Euclid Avenue, could be seen in some of the shots in the movie. Some parts of the movie were also shot in Macau, “the Las Vegas of Asia.”

1.2.2. New South Wales

Isn’t the movie exciting? Have you watched it or not? The Shang Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings will give you a whole new experience and more fun than any of the movies you have ever watched in the MCU. Kevin Feige, the producer of the movie Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, was interviewed by Vogue Australia.

Shang Chi was directed and produced by the world’s best filmmakers and filmed locations covering most of Australia in the movie. This movie is the first Marvel Studios movie to be shot in New South Wales.

The world’s best fox studios in Australia came for the production of the film. Apart from where was Shang Chi filmed in Sydney, there were other filming locations also, but New South Wales was a bit risky for the movie. On the sets of Marvel Studios, casting extras was not a problem at all.

To your knowledge, the Chinese, in terms of ethnic group and cultural knowledge, share the majority of Australia with the exception of the British and Irish, so this part of Australia provided a large number of extra cast members required by Marvel Studios for the film.

2. Shang Chi Movie: Behind the Scenes in Sydney

The screenplay of the movie Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings was compiled by Dave Callaham along with Andrew Lanham. Shang Chi is the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s 25th movie, directed by director Destin Daniel Cretton.

The Shang Chi movie seems to have dominated the Marvel cinematic universe after the Iron Man movie. The movie seems interesting as it outlines a story of a boy who has inherited the leadership of his father Wenwu (Leung), head of the Ten Rings organization, where Shang Chi must look into his past and confront it. The movie starts in the U.S. and moves all the way to the east.

The film stars some important characters: Simu Liu (as Shang Chi), Xue Yuu, Xi Jinping, and Awkwafina.

behind the scene of Shang chi
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3.  Australian Screen Vendors

ASC cinematographer, Bill Pope for lenses and camera Panavision, was hired in Sydney for the filming of Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings. A total of 7934 products were provided by Panavision during the whole production process of the film, whether for the VFX, main, drone projects, or secondary projects.

Bill Pope’s work mainly focuses on the Matrix Revolutions, and Matrix Reloaded in Sydney, Australia, and is associated with the Panavision community. The production was given rental cameras with prime lenses, and Panavision Sydney provided 35mm cameras. With Panavision Pope, they share a long-lasting relationship.

For the movie Shang Chi, Panavision Sydney provided various parts and products for cinematography, like Panavised Arri Alexa LF and mini digital cameras, which were paired with Sphero 65 LF lenses. These large format lenses offered a classic visual on the screen with pleasing and realistic skin tones and subtle and out-focused properties.

4. Contribution and Assistance

Be it Las Vegas, Macau, Sydney, or California Street, filming the film was a difficult task for the director and the producer after the pandemic when production resumed.

4.1.  Additional Australian State Government Support

Victoria Cinema contributed greatly to supporting Melbourne Luma Studio Pictures in developing their VFX package by offering the studio funding. The competitive funding was provided through a program called the Victorian Screen Incentive Program. These visual effects studio has significantly contributed to many award-winning films worldwide, including Far from Home, The Spider-Man, Black Panther, and The Incredibles. This studio contributed to having created the VFX work sequence for the Marvel Studios movie Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

4.2.  Australian VFX & Post Vendors

The FIN design team, along with the Marvel studios, teamed up together, along with VFX supervisor Chris Townsend and VFX Producer Damien Carr, to deliver an extraordinary sequence in Mandarin’s home courtyard.

Known for its extremely good job of combining VFX with storytelling, the film it includes one of the most sophisticated sequences and works of fin design work where Wenwu (Tony Leung) can be seen placing pendants in the eyes of Fin Fang Foom (the carved dragon). As a result, water can seep from the walls and explode into the shrine room, covering Shang chi, Xialing (Meng’er Zhang), and Katy.

Another notable scene that can be seen in the movie is when Shang Chi is interacting with the frozen water. The frozen waterfalls on the floor formed bioluminescent trails of a liquid forest, opening the path of the Moon Gate, which is the location of ten rings. Fin design has been known to deliver incredible visuals for Marvel studios.

4.3. Rising Sun Pictures

Rising Sun Pictures recently completed nearly 300 VFX shots for the film Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings for Marvel Studios. This movie is the first Marvel film to cast an Asian superhero in the movie and is also the Marvel Studios’ first film to feature in the theatres consecutively for more than 2 years.

A total of 135 Rising Sun Pictures production crew and staff artists contributed to the film’s principal photography. RSP’s work was centered all around the Ta Lo village and its synchronized cinematic jungle environment and mythical town.



The movie Shang Chi, from Marvel Studios, featured an extremely great job. The film begins in a mythical town and tells the story of a boy named Shang-Chi, who is drawn into the mysterious journey of ten rings, the organization founded by his father. The whole of Shang Chi’s journey is told with awesome visuals supported by Fox Studios Australia. Fox Studios has done an incredible job of featuring the cast and its production and outlaying the film.

This movie is exhilarating with some amazing fight scenes like bus fights and stunts, slow motion cinematic with a talented crew and cast members. Why and where was Shang Chi filmed in Sydney? It was shot in a beautiful city on the southern coast of Australia, which is known for its rich cultural diversity and has the world’s best cast members.

The film was shot in different parts of the city and in different locations. From this being the prime location to have shot maximum shots in filming arose the question of where Shang Chi was filmed in Sydney. The film’s photography started in February, but because of rising pandemic cases worldwide, the production of the film was suspended after minor reshoots. 

After the post-production, the film was resumed with sets built, and the filming restarted. Certain parts of the movie were shot in San Francisco in locations like Prospect Suburbs, Nob Hill Neighborhoods, Ghirardelli Square, and Fisherman’s Wharf, which are some of the known places where the film was shot after filming restarted.

Fox Studios Australia played a great role in the production of this marvel studio film. This film is worth watching, and I would suggest you must watch it for a whole new experience to enjoy in the film.

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