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Will You Be My Girlfriend Ideas: 19 Romantic Ways


For most guys, it is a struggle to even communicate with any girl and it is a big deal to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, but you are not alone. It is a common problem in talking stage play. It can still be a little nerve-racking to ask someone to be official, even if you’ve been seeing them for a while. How to ask if will you be my girlfriend ideas? Keep reading to know!

When you ask her to marry you, planning a romantic gesture is a great way to make her say yes! After reading this list of sweet ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend, use your favorite to strengthen your bond with her.

It’s become even more complicated when you ask a friend to be your girlfriend but the key to success is the right timing and right place so plan it with careful consideration and write awards if you say it from your heart and behave genuinely then it would certainly be accepted so to express your feelings and ask a girl will you be my girlfriend ideas.

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1. Romantic Will You Be My Girlfriend Ideas

Here are some suggestions that will undoubtedly come in handy when you want to propose to a girl or ask her to be a part of your life. Upon discovering someone in your dreams. It is undoubtedly love if it appears in your writing, thoughts, and imagination as well as everything else you do. And you ought to ask her if she’ll be your girlfriend.

1.1. Directly Call Her Number

Calling someone is easy. Because you do not need to face that person and say what you want to say. So, if for example, you don’t want to get your heart broken in person or you fear any kind of anxiety, you can try calling her and say you want her to be your girlfriend. It is simple. If the answer is yes then yes, you can meet in person but if not then you should not bother her again.

1.2. Send a Musical Song

If you can’t say it directly then you can use any particular tune or make-up playlist for her music is the best method to express feelings from years and generations or you can send her a recorded message in your voice and say it directly you want her to be your girlfriend or you can sing for her in that audio message.

1.3. Do it like our dads Did It

We can all agree that the older generation is sweeter and more respectful in love, so you can try that way now. You can pick up some beautiful flowers and a gift box and send them to her with a note saying your feelings and that you like her and want her to go on a first date with her or you can even ask for Valentine’s Day gifts.

1.4. Say with Food

You must have seen in many music videos that the guy gives the girl good food, and she gets happy. So, you can try this on your girl by feeding her favorite food, the sweet and fresh treat that can reflect your inner mind, and then ask her the question if she wants to be your girlfriend.

1.5. Sing your Feelings

Do you know that Beatles song named “Happy Together” with the lyrics Imagine me and you? I think about you day and night only right? A beautiful way to express your feelings, right? You can try this method to sing for your girl and make her your girlfriend.

1.6. Crossword

It’s a bit of an off method but if you like to hang out together and play games you can make a riddle. And say that you need her help in finding something by solving that crossword riddle together. In the end, she will get the question from you and she will be surprised and she will see your efforts too.

1.7. Changing Vibes

Candles are the best way to change the mood and you can light up candles to create a vibe she will ask you what is happening in the right mood, and she will expect something by using your creativity and the hype you can ask her to be your official girlfriend in the end you can say it you did all that for her.

1.8. Put it on a Notepad

With lots of candy and fortune cookies, they come with a message note that you can try this creativity and dating method and add in her cookie the message Can she be your girlfriend?” your lady will see this as highly creative, and she won’t say no by seeing you do this much for her.

1.9. Write a Song About Her

Love has been the most effective means behind the music many singers write for their girlfriends with their direct names like Alison, Maria o Maria, Taylor Swift songs and many songs by almost all the singers. The thing behind this is when you are in love you become creative. So, if you are an artist or do not anything about music you can express your feelings by writing a song, she’ll see the value and importance and may say yes.

1.10. The Oldest Trick in History -The Letter

When you write a handwritten letter with your hand to your lady and ask her directly she wants to be your girlfriend and you are your heart out in that letter then she will see the value of it and will say yes to you and it is the best way to ask someone because generally people become very emotional after receiving a letter and you can try this in any relationship you can write a letter to your parents, friends or even you girlfriend.

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1.11. Buy Some Chocolates

Chocolate is a sweet treat as the relationship you are going to build with her, so many girls love chocolates. You can buy a box of her favorite chocolates and with that box, you can send her a handwritten note that you feel over and want her to be in your life as a girlfriend.

1.12. You Can Buy Her a Pet

This trick also works very well. When she is your friend, you can buy her a pet and both of you can become the pet parents of that pet you can become your dog’s mom and dad this is a great way to bring people closer.

Moreover, one day you can say you want her in your life, and you want her to be your girlfriend because you go well together, nothing can go wrong, and she can make your life wonderful. You become completely close to the pet and it’s a decent choice you can name that pet together and most people react to it beautifully.

1.13. Ask her Casually

Remember one thing about girls: whether she wants to be your girlfriend or not. She will never want to hurt you so if you put in so much effort, suggested above. And she’s not the attention-seeking type of girl. Then it won’t be a success. Some girls don’t like to make a big deal out of everything.

So, for that, if your friend is that girl, you can try asking her in a simple casual conversation with no plans, no pickup lines, the casual discussion, you can say that you want to go to the next level with her and if she doesn’t want to, she can simply say it and will be friends, no pressure.

1.14. Use Your Wittiness

The easiest way to become a friend and boyfriend to a girl is to be funny if you are too scared to ask her you can ask her in a joking way or pick-up lines how it will be if you and I will become girlfriend and boyfriend see her reaction you will have any idea if she likes you that way or not. In this way, you can save your heart from getting broken.

1.15. Ask Her Some Indirect Questions

You can start with, “Do you like me like that?” “What do you think about me as a person?”, What does she think about being a good boyfriend? Ask for her views on long-distance relationships. Listening patiently is the most important thing and gets the idea of her mindset on the matter. Then ask her for a romantic date and she’ll love the moment.

1.16. Going to a Music Concert with Her

You can try booking an advance ticket for the concert over your favorite music pop band or you can take her to a restaurant that contains music band night and when she is enjoying the concert you can propose to her, and she has a surprise reaction.

1.18. Plan a Date

You can plan a date and add good food, good lighting, and a good place then call your friend to come to that place. she will of course ask you what is happening and then ask the question if she wants to be her girlfriend. She will be surprised to see your efforts and how serious you are about this and how this can be in your favor.

1.19. You can Send Pictures

I understand writing a romantic song, planning a date, and asking directly all of this can be hard for some boys. You can try sending images related to yourself.

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2. How to Make Your Day Special with Your Girlfriend

These tips are really helpful in whether you will be my girlfriend’s ideas and take the next step. When you get to ask her the main question then you also need creative ways to first impress the girl by making a day more special. It is important to get the reply at the right moment you want. Here are some tips for making the day special when you are going to ask the girl to be your girlfriend.

2.1. You Must Have a Plan B

Nature doesn’t work the way we want sometimes things happen suddenly and rewind your plan and future so if you are going to ask her on an outdoor date then you must plan in case out through the date is not possible because of the weather any unforeseen happening you must have an indoor date as a backup plan that will work.

Always keep the mood light and ask the questions and token things that she likes so they want to a fight, prepare some flirty questions in advance to ask or even funny things and interesting questions so you have something to talk about to her.

2.2. Always Plan Ahead

Suppose the day you are going to ask her about the date you are stuck in traffic you get late you forgot the date you forgot anything at home you are not looking well that day under any situation you are going to lose yours to be with her so by keeping your plans in check you should check Google maps to avoid the being late situation. You can do the booking of the movie, hotel, or restaurant wherever you want to take her in advance, so it won’t hamper your date.

2.3. Try Your Unique Way

If you want to be in her mind all the time, then you have to make it memorable and make yourself memorable. Always use your real personality and don’t just give her high hopes, be yourself and ask deep questions and find out what she likes and what she doesn’t like about you. If you already know, try to show her respect and be the person she saw in her dreams.

2.4. Chivalry is Not Dead

When you are friends with someone your behavior doesn’t affect them that much. And you can be anything you want with them but when you want to change to the next level and be her boyfriend then there is a change in the behavior is required. Now you need to be more respectful and chivalrous towards your girl. She is not just any girlfriend now, she is special to you, and you have to express it with your actions.

2.5. Don’t Give Her an Ultimatum

It is common to have feelings for a friend and it is perfectly innocent and fine to love someone, but it is not the case for all people. The way you feel about her doesn’t have to be that she feels the same way about you. In that case, you should not throw any tantrums or any kind of ultimatum that you will leave her and not be her friend anymore.

This kind of behavior is pretty childish, and one should respect other people’s opinions and choices and if you do this you will be disrespectful.

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3. Tips to Express ‘I Love You’ to Your Dream Girl.”

By now you will have some confidence to ask her out and you will know which method you will try when you ask her. But here are some tips to say I love you to her when you dream girl, not for sure that you feel yes.

3.1. The Most Classic Way

The simplest, the cutest, and the most charming way is to take a flower in your hands and play the lovely song in the background don’t make it complicated, make it natural and look into your eyes and just say it by giving her the flowers. she will say yes when you are being this cheesy.

3.2. Play Her a Song

Music is the universal love language and moves people with their hearts. find her favorite artist and use her favorite song to say what you can’t say by yourself. Once you hit that song, use its advantage and say the same sweet things to her. The lyrics will speak up for you and you know that she already likes that song. Maybe she will like you too.

3.3. Involve Her Special Person as Well

If you want to become memorable you can try to be in her circle and let the other people close to her join the fun. You can call her mom and dad a friend and also bling at that place where you are going to ask her on the date, and they will stay in the background and help for future reference.

It is a good way to let your thoughts be expressed to her friends and family and she will see it as a big gesture. By seeing this much backing from all the special people in her life she will not say no.

3.4 . Use the Movie Screen

You can take her to a movie and try using the tricks we see in the films. You can take her to the movie and ask the person to hold a message at the end of the movie and his sitting beside you says you and when the movie and he will see it on the big screen, and it is then very hard to say no.

3.5. Read the Letter to Her

Most people try to send a letter to their special ones. Maybe she reads it and sometimes maybe not. And she doesn’t call, or she doesn’t come to meet you after that so to avoid that possibility you can take her on a date.

You can say to her I would like to read you something and read your letter in front of that later contains all your special feelings and what you think about her she will see it as a big gesture and if she is happy she will cry and say yes if you not then she will leave but in both cases, you will know what she thinks about you.

3.6. Her Painting

I know you are not the artist type, or you are not Leonardo da Vinci, but you can try making her painting or you can ask someone to make a painting. but this will seem like a very unique idea and she will keep that piece of paper with her for the rest of her life.

3.7. Wear her T-Shirt

It is seen on the Internet and is a very creative date idea. You can use a picture and customize a t-shirt on the front with words and a picture of both of you in the back. The question is, would you want to be my girlfriend? This will put you in a cute boyfriend category and hopefully, she will see it as your effort and will say yes and always remember you.

3.8. Go to the Top of the Mountain with Her

This is as beautiful as those landscape posters on our computers you can use beautiful scenery as your background and the place in your favor you can take her hiking or a nice scenic place and when you reach the top you can ask her to be your girlfriend and you love her this will be a music memorable things together and this moment will stay with you forever you can take a picture as well and remember it forever.

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3.9. In an Amusement Park or Space Center

Many girls find the amusement park and the space centers, and the stars very romantic and it increases their adrenaline and romantic feelings. So after a day full of hanging out together and excitement you can take her to this place and why show her the star you can tell her will you be my moon? Oh sorry, will you be my girlfriend and how much do you want to take things to the next level?

3.10. Take Her on a Boat Ride

Yes, we cannot cruise up or take our partners to Greece. But you can try a simple boating experience… And this is simply cute and romantic. Being in a boat with your girlfriend is quality time. And when it comes to spending time together even friends feel happy. During boating when you suddenly express your feelings she will be surprised and will remember it forever.

Will You Be My Girlfriend Ideas
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4. Conclusion

In conclusion, proposing to someone is an exciting and big moment in your relationship steps. It is the chance to express your feelings romantically, build a deep connection with your girl, and create memories forever. By following the above article, you can do this scary talk with confidence, and you can get a yes in the end if you execute it well.

Remember, communication is key when it comes to dating, and takes time to understand your girlfriend’s priorities and preferences. The main thing is if you build a strong foundation of trust and communication with her even if you guys don’t work out as a girlfriend and boyfriend. This isn’t the right time or person for you. Both of you can always be friends and which is a much better and healthy relationship of all time.

Keep in mind you can try any method to express your feelings to someone but there is a chance of rejection and how you handle it shows your real strengths and smile. In life, rejection does not mean that the relationship has ended, or that you have any fault in your dating.

It’s simply a matter of time and personal choice when you handle rejection with maturity and respect, you still have friends and maybe with time, this friendship will become the thing you want it to be or maybe not. but this is not the end you need to remember.

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