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10 Best Calgary Neighbourhoods

Considering relocating to Calgary? Not that we blame you! It is lovely and spotless, while there is plenty to observe and enjoy. And despite playing host to renowned annual events on a national scale, such as the Calgary Stampede as well as the Calgary International Film Festival, it still retains its distinctive small-town appeal.

Why Calgary used to be referred to as the heartland of Canada’s New West is obvious. I will share the best Calgary neighbourhoods that you should consider.

Since Banff is just an hour as well as a half out, Calgary’s lifestyle is dominated by outdoor leisure. Everything is available, including horseback riding, mountain biking, and fishing. The climate of Calgary features comfortable summers and chilly, snowy winters, but temperatures rarely dip below -10°C or rise over 30°C.

Year-round sunshine is to be expected, and the wonderful skiing in the surrounding Rockies makes even the coldest months more bearable.

Calgary’s property industry has significantly recovered despite a rather prolonged depression. At the end of October 2021, there was an all-time high of home sales in the area, reported the Calgary Herald, and the total sales for the year are currently 61% higher than what was typical over the previous five years.

Relocation of property purchasers from regions where the cost of housing might be significantly higher, per RE/MAX, was one factor in this. You can see what’s piquing interest in the region when you consider that Alberta has neither provincial income tax, payroll tax, or health insurance cost.

Yes, making the decision to live in Calgary is simple. But which neighborhood specifically desires your name? Choosing just one beautiful neighborhood in Calgary may be difficult because there are so many. Want to ease your own burden a little? Discover our top five selections for the most desirable Calgary communities by reading on.

1. Is Calgary a Reputable City to Live In?

best calgary neighbourhoods
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It all relies on what you’re searching for to determine what renders a city a decent place to live. The beautiful thing about Calgary is that it has everything, whether you want to live close to schools and parks or you want the bustle of the downtown area.

In Calgary, it’s easy to choose a hip place to live because every community offers a range of attractions to its residents. Some of Calgary’s top areas have a strong housing market with affordable average homes and flat rent prices.

There are many things to do in the city as well as in the natural world, and one thing that might be appealing to some is that there is no state sales tax. These are only a few of the city’s benefits.

2. Where in Calgary can One Live?

best calgary neighbourhoods
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Just a brief breakdown: typically, communities adjacent to the city center are more expensive. On the contrary hand, apartments located farther from the city center typically cost less to buy. When researching residences, this is frequently the case, but there are additionally a lot of other factors to take into account.

In our opinion, where you reside really depends on your needs. For you, getting around is essential. Then you may wish to stay away from areas without LRT or quick transit bus routes. adore being in nature?

The best exposure to the Rocky Mountains & the natural beauty of Alberta comes from homes in Calgary’s west. You can also choose to reside near the Great Fish Creek Provincial Park.

Most of this renowned city’s suburbs are more recent. There is a surge in the building of new residences, and the city is constantly growing. Residential property in Calgary’s remarkable inner-city communities holds its value rather well overall and even increases at a faster rate than that for homes in the surrounding suburbs.

3. 10 Best Calgary Neighbourhoods

Let’s see the list of the 10 best Calgary Neighbourhoods to look out for a living.

3.1 Altadore

Altadore, a neighborhood in southwest Calgary, is home to fantastic parks including Sandy Beach and River Park and borders the Elbow River. It’s a fusion of urban and countryside existence, particularly focused on family, and situated in Calgary’s prized Marda Loop neighborhood, one of the city’s busiest outdoor dining and shopping districts with more than 150 restaurants and shops.

Families can benefit from nearby facilities including the Giuffre Family Library, the South Calgary Outdoor Pool, skating rinks, and The Military Museums, which are devoted to preserving the memories of people who served with the Armed Forces, Navy, and Air Force of Canada.

Have we mentioned how much commuters like being so close to downtown Calgary?

3.2 Beltline

Southwest of Downtown is another booming inwards-city neighborhood, enabling commuting to work simply. Among Calgary’s trendiest (and most populated) neighborhoods is this one. It is located on 17th Ave, a vibrant nightlife, retail, and entertainment area full of stores, amenities, and yoga studios.

With its distinctive galleries and furniture stores, the design area allows you to express your inner interior decorator.

And Beltline offers a large number of condos which are flats for purchase or rent, together with a modest number of houses, and is brimming with the excitement young urbanites want. Families who are okay with sacrificing space for expediency find it appealing as well. Added benefit? Nearby schools include elementary, middle, as well as high schools.

3.3 Edgemont

If having lots of open space is essential, take a look at this distinctive hilltop community in northwest Calgary. In Edgemont, a system of ravines in northwest Calgary, there are paths suitable for walking as well as bicycling.

Additionally, it provides quick entry to Nose Hill Park, one of Canada’s biggest urban parks featuring panoramic city views. It is thought that it’s one of Calgary’s safest areas, and both primary and secondary schools are located there.

A brief journey will also take you to National Hills Village, a shopping mall with everything from cafés and salons to medical offices as well as repair shops for cars.

3.4 Bridgeland

Like the feel of a tiny town in a large city? This highly walkable neighborhood, located northeast of Downtown Calgary, has a charming main drag lined with amazing cafés, diners, and specialty stores (using food from local sources). You can discover it here if you’re inclined to a varied atmosphere.

The neighborhood, which is frequently referred to as “Little Italy” for its Italian eateries, is additionally filled with local establishments that serve a variety of foods.

Examples include the Blue Star Diner, which serves Canadian and international comfort food, as well as IKUSA Izakaya & Tokyo Market, which serves ramen, sushi, as well as grilled Japanese specialties. The nearby Bridgeland Distillery, which was just named Alberta Distillery 2017 Distillery of the Year, crafts premium spirits.

3.5 Brentwood

It’s simple to understand why Brentwood was named Calgary’s greatest community for the second year in a row by Avenue magazine.

According to locals, Brentwood’s distinct spirit is influenced by the prevalence of family-owned companies and community volunteers. It’s adjacent to Nose Hill Park as well as the University of Calgary and situated just outside the downtown area.

Due to the nearby train station and the bus routes that pass through the region, it also provides convenient transportation alternatives. It’s perfect for families searching for an established and calm area, and there are many excellent educational institutions to pick from.

3.6 Arbour Lake

Arbour Lake is unquestionably among the best Calgary suburbs for kids thanks to its central lake as well as its proximity to neighboring facilities. During summer, locals and their visitors assemble around the center of the reservoir with unlimited access.

In the wintertime, the water’s surface is turned into an open-air ice rink for sports as well as skating on the ice. The neighborhood center in Arbour Lake also stays very busy, holding a lot of enjoyable yearly events for families.

Crowfoot Bridge is only a short drive from any site on Arbour Lake. One of the city’s biggest outdoors “strip malls” featuring a wide variety of activities, including Party the Club, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Visions, Chapters, Safeway, TD Bank, Co-op, Neighbourhood Foods, Lowe’s Home Improvement, and a lot more.

3.7 Aspen

Aspen Woods is regarded as being one of Calgary’s best areas for children for an array of reasons, including the large detached houses, pick-up truck-estate-sized lots, and paved walkway networks typical with all West District developments.

The Westside Leisure Centre, among the top indoor leisure facilities in the area, is only a short walk away along SW 85th Street. Since Aspen Landing is home to an abundance of necessary everyday services including restaurants, groceries, and healthcare, you’ll travel by it on your journey there.

Aspen’s “brim-of-the-city” location makes it the ideal vacation spot for families that enjoy exploring the mountain ranges that encircle the majestic Rocky Mountains. Spend more time on your preferred trails or picnic areas outside instead of getting stuck in the Calgary rush hour.

3.8 Evanston

Calgary’s north neighborhood is home to the winning neighborhood of Evanston. The picturesque rolling prairie landscape of Evanston, which is home to hundreds of thousands of dwellings that range from more modest townhouses to semi-estate single-family homes, is the ideal setting for families to grow together throughout time.

Evanston provides a lot of parks and connecting paths across the numerous neighborhoods of the city, making it simple for children of every age to engage with each other. All year long, these routes are great for outside leisure and entertainment.

Today, Evanston is home to three educational institutions, a bustling business sector, seven playgrounds, and 16 green spaces, as well as extra. It’s no surprise that Evanston is one of Calgary’s top communities for couples.

3.9 Cougar Ridge

Due to its luxury housing stock, a profusion of parks including greenbelts, and general ‘westside’ location, which places it close to some of the finest amenities and recreational options the city has to offer, Cougar Ridge is commonly renowned as one of the best neighborhoods in Calgary for families.

The Paskapoo subdivision, which is located below WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park, is a feature of Cougar Ridge. The area is host to single-family residences that are relatively new in construction. A vast network of asphalt pathways connects it to other areas of the town, making it easy for young people to get in touch with their friends as well as their families.

3.10 Discovery Ridge

When it pertains to Discovery Ridge, dog lovers, fans of exercise, and people who love the outdoors all have something in common. Of obviously, everyone seems to adore it for that reason!

The thick jungle that surrounds the flowing Elbow River has been transformed into this neighborhood, which is situated far southwest of the town’s center. Families at Discovery Ridge have year-round access to unparalleled outdoor leisure and enjoyment thanks to paved pathways installed across the forest and close to the Elbow River.

All the amenities people may possibly need are close by in Westhills, featuring a Cineplex Odeon ideal for a weekend home movie marathon. Discovery Ridge is not far from Bragg Creek, Kananaskis Country, the Rockies, or Chinook Mall.

The Takeaway!

This was all about the topic “Best Calgary neighborhoods”.

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Queries and Answers

Some of the most asked questions regarding the topic “Best Calgary Neighbourhoods” are listed below:

1. Which Calgary neighborhood is upscale?

Although it may be more accurate to refer to Springbank as a sizable rural area outside of the city, it is undoubtedly one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Calgary. The pinnacle of extravagant living in the Calgary area, Springbank is dedicated to exclusive estate developments and multi-million dollar homes.

2. Are Indians able to live in Calgary?

For Indian nationals with credentials in engineering, extraction, or related fields, Calgary is a top destination. Calgary is somewhat in the middle middle of the pack among Canadian cities in terms of the cost of living. It is priced higher than Montreal, between the two cities, as well as Winnipeg but less expensive than Toronto and Vancouver.

3. Is it secure to stroll across Calgary after dark?

Since Calgary is generally thought to be secure during the day, visitors are able to discover Downtown Calgary and all of its landmarks and attractions. However, because of the underprivileged and homeless residents, narcotics, and prostitution, it is best to avoid walking after nighttime in the East Village, Victoria Park, and especially Skid Row districts.

4. Where in Calgary do Indians reside?

My observations show that Indians are mainly confined to the NE area. Additionally, there are a lot of individuals from both Bangladesh and Pakistan in this region.

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