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25 Fun Things to Do in Echuca—You Must Explore

There are many small, charming communities in Australia that conjure images of a bygone period. And who wouldn’t want to travel to a place with so many interesting places to see?

Discovering places like Echuca that evoke strong memories of the past is fun because of this. Due to its historic significance, even a glance at its wharves and paddle steamers will leave an impression.

Recreational opportunities such as the Murray River, paddle steamers, Echuca’s moderate climate, and a variety of all attract tourists.

In Echuca, there are options for enjoyment around every corner. This city has lots to offer everyone. If you don’t know what to do in Echuca. here are some of the things to do in Echuca while you check out these places.

1. Enjoy The Murray Riverby 

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The Murray River spans a distance of more than 2,600 kilometers from Victoria’s Great Dividing Range to its mouth in Goolwa, South Australia.

One of the longest navigable rivers in the world and a significant water source for most of southeast Australia is the Murray River. Since the late nineteenth century, the river has been acknowledged as one of the greatest in the world.

The river offers an abundance of trees, birds, and watercraft creating a tranquil atmosphere that transports you back in time. If you have come to Echuca, this is a must on your list of things to do in Echuca.

2. Taste Great Aussie Beer Shed

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Looking for more things to do in Echuca? Look no more. Beers and Australia go hand-in-hand.

The Great Aussie Beer Shed is one of Australia’s most interesting and fun tourist destinations. It is only 3 kilometers distance from the bustling town of Echuca. This attraction will transport you back in time with an incredible collection of Australian icon memorabilia.

As you walk around the museums, you’ll also witness a wide range of recognizable Australian goods, brands, and equipment, a Coca-Cola collection, and even a restored World War One cannon available.

While you sip and get the buzz, Aussie bear Shed will leave you satisfied. So, visit Echuca for this experience.

3. Walk Around Murray Valley Regional Park

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Between the townships of Moama and Barooga, in Murray Valley Regional Park, come and enjoy river red gum country. There are plenty of riverside campgrounds, walking trails, and waterways to explore by kayak or boat, and it is dog friendly.

Many campers choose the well-equipped Edward River Bridge camping spot or Picnic Point in the Mathoura part of the park. Other options for setting up camp include long, remote stretches of the Murray River frontage. You can also choose smaller campgrounds and woodland clearings.

Such relaxing things to do in Echuca!

4. Wonders Of Echuca Historical Society Museum

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Satisfying curiosities can be one of the many things to do in Echuca that you’ve considered. To do that, come to this museum. The only place in town where you can truly go to locate “curiosities” is the museum run by the Echuca Historical Society.

Enter its enclosed rear veranda display to see a fascinating, humorous collection of vintage children’s toys, as well as period apparel, furniture, and false teeth.

The Museum has been in existence since 1960, gathering and preserving the history of the town and surrounding area.

5. The sweetness of Echuca Chocolate Factory

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Additionally, you can go to the Echuca Chocolate Factory and sample their lovely chocolates. To create distinctive and flavorful truffles and bars, they use delectable specialty ingredients. A highly skilled team makes its chocolates by hand on the premises.

You can choose from the many lovely gift hampers that are offered, or you can choose a few items and have a custom hamper made just for you.

Let’s add sweetness to your list of things to do in Echuca. You can also check out these posts about travel in Australia.

6. Curiosity Of National Holden Museum

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So many things to do in Echuca and visiting The National Holden Motor Museum is one of them. It is the oldest continually running Holden Museum. It was founded in July 1993. The 48-215 to the VF are among the approximately 50 cars that are on exhibit right now.

You may learn about the extraordinary history of the business that placed our nation on wheels at the Echuca National Holden Motor Museum.

You’ll find historical film clips, photographic exhibits, memorabilia, souvenirs, and car-related products on your tour of Australian driving history.

8. Pedal Boats Are The Way To Go

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First of all, checking out boat paddling is one of the many things to do in Echuca.

When hundreds of steamers raced along the Murray River, opening up wide areas of New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia, old station homesteads that face the river serve as continual reminders to river travelers of that era.

Many settlers relied solely on them for supplies and communication with the outside world.

Don a life preserver, untie your boat, and enjoy slowly paddling around the pedal boat dam. Invite your loved ones or close friends to races around the islands. A wonderful way to pass a hot day in Echuca.

9. Let’s Not Forget Horse Riding

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Dreams are created of horse experiences like this, which are natural and authentic. Experience true respect for and conversation with these lovely animals by feeling their affection and connection to you.

The HorseHand property, which is located on 112 acres and is home to a variety of species, has a river and billabong that meander through it. The 60 stunning horses who call this area home add to the calm atmosphere.

10. The Amazing Billabong Ranches

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Just a 2.5-hour journey from Melbourne, Billabong Ranch is situated outside of Echuca Moama, one of the Murray River’s historic country villages.

Located on 390 acres, a quick 10-minute drive will take you to a variety of entertaining activities and lodging choices.

Over the school break, Billabong Ranch is open every day. Open on Saturdays from 9 am to 5 pm and on a few other days of the week.

11. Campaspe River And Its Beauty

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Near the townships of Axedale and Heathcote, Lake Eppalock receives natural inflows from the upper Campaspe River watershed. After traveling 105 kilometers, it continues past Elmore and eventually enters the Murray River close to Echuca (170 km).

In the Campaspe River, you can fish. Golden perch, Murray cod, and common carp are the species that are most frequently caught here. When deciding where to fish, use your best judgment and make sure to abide by local laws.

12. Port of Echuca

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One of Australia’s best historical icons is the thriving Port of Echuca.

The Port of Echuca Wharf, constructed in 1865 by the Victorian Railways, was essential to the growth of Echuca. Echuca served as the primary shipbuilding hub for the river transportation sector for a long time.

Rich River Golf Club, Chanter Estate Winery and Military Museum, and Cape Horn Vineyard are all nearby Port of Echuca attractions if you’re looking for more exciting things to do.

13. Taste And Sip Wine

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You are visiting Echuca and aren’t tasting wines? How atrocious! Don’t be shy and add this wine wonder to your things to do in Echuca.

Morrisons Riverview Winery offers breathtaking views of the Murray River and vineyard from every seat in the house.

The 15-acre site has a vineyard, café, brewery, and family-friendly areas where you can unwind while letting the kids run about. The cellar door, which focuses on seasonal drops, is open every day for tastings and sales.

Sip wine while in Echuca!

14. Check Out Chanter Estate Winery

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Enjoy the ambiance of this century-old church, which has a tiny cellar door and was painstakingly transferred to the center of Moama.

This expansive tourist complex includes a tasting room and a vineyard. Semillon, Chardonnay, Taminga, Shiraz, Mataro, and genache are among the wines.

Tick Chanter Estate Winery off your list of things to do in Echuca.

15. Military Museum Is The Drill

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While surfing so many things to do in Echuca, you possibly can’t forget about the Military Museum.

With the historical Commercial and Military Vehicle show, relive a bygone age. military with amphibious vehicles, horse-drawn equipment, and classic and vintage motorcycles. 40+ shows spanning the 1900s–1940s.

Movies like Death of a Soldier, Mission Impossible, Rose Against the Odds, My Brother Tom, and Postcards with Coxy have all made use of many of their vehicles.

16. Murray River And Its Paddle Steamers

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When at Echuca, you must take a journey on a paddle steamer along the Murray River.

A one-hour ride on the PS Canberra, which was built in 1912 at Goolwa, at the mouth of the Murray, as part of a fishing fleet before becoming a tourist vessel in 1944, is included in the standard package. In addition to watching the engineer stoke the steam engine using red gum wood, all of the children will get the opportunity to steer the boat.

The skipper will provide you with insightful commentary about the ancient port and its paddle steamers throughout the voyage.

You can reserve a lunch or supper cruise on the PS Emmylou if you want to spend a little extra time on the water. These are among the many things to do in Echuca.

17. NRMA Echuca Holiday Park

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The NRMA Echuca Holiday Park offers a wide variety of on-site activities in addition to easy access to the region’s worth of adventure. Now, we can’t forget to add this to things to do in Echuca.

This park is a fantastic place to spend your vacation, whether you want to explore the Murray on a private boat, take a paddle steamer tour of the river, or simply rest on the bank and watch the world go by.

The vacation park is located beside the river in a peaceful area, close to the town’s attractions, restaurants, and shopping. There are numerous amenities on-site to keep you busy.

A heated pool, tennis court, basketball hoop, activity room, and free wi-fi are all available. Canoes may be rented close by, and there is a public boat ramp, walking/cycling trails, and easy access to the Murray.

Tick off your list of things to do in Echuca!

18. Five Mile picnic area: Family Adventure

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By now your list of things to do in Echuca must be increasing. No worries! The more, the merrier. Five Mile picnic area is just the place to relax and sightsee.

The Murray Valley Regional Park’s Five Mile picnic area is the ideal location for a riverside lunch, offering a variety of fishing sites and places to launch your boat, kayak, or canoe.

The five Mile Picnic area is a terrific place to unwind, connect with nature, and fit in some exercise. A wonderful location for biking, walking, picnicking, enjoying the river, and viewing the abundant birdlife.

19. Let’s Walk The Scenic Trail Walk

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Take in the tranquility of two rivers in one stroll! The Scenic Trail loop will lead you past numerous historic indigenous sites, including scarred trees, oven mounds, and shell middens, as well as through bushland along the edges of the Murray River and Campaspe Rivers to the confluence where they meet.

You can access the riverfront bush walking track by parking on Crofton Street and then making your way down along Scenic Drive. Follow the river on the well-made dirt paths until you reach the confluence location where the two rivers converge.

Among the adventure things to do in Echuca, trail hiking can be the most adventurous out of them all. Hike away!

20. Discover The Echuca Discovery center

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With an exciting and educational Discovery center, you won’t be dissatisfied. Fun things to in Echuca, right? A journey of discovery begins at the Discovery Center in the Port of Echuca Discovery Center.

Several audiovisual models and exhibits explain the history of paddle steamers and, Australia’s inland river system. They also explain how they linked a young colony to its expanding cities and the outside world.

21. Drop Your Children At The Penny Arcade

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Looking for things to do in Echuca for your kids so you can enjoy your free day? Look no further.

With 40 various machines dating from 1900 to 1950, the Olde Penny Arcade is the only running penny arcade in Australia. Real coins are provided as part of the admission price, and a tour describing the intriguing histories of each game is also included.

Try some homemade fudge and nougat or luxuriate in the smoothest ice cream produced on the premises. There are also gifts, toys, and local mementos available.

22. Visit The Famous Torrumbarry weir

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The tranquil oasis of Torrumbarry, conveniently situated between Echuca and Gunbower, is renowned for its large, gorgeous canals, which are steeped in historic significance. 35 kilometers northwest of Echuca, on the Murray River, is where you’ll find Torrumbarry Weir.

To provide for flood passage, the original Torrumbarry Weir employed 14 detachable steel trestles that could be winched out of the river. In June 1923, the weir pool saw its first diversions. This weir now serves its place among educational and exhilarating things to do in Echuca.

23. Play The Mini golf

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The Mini Golf Creations team created and constructed the exquisite mini-golf course at the Rich River Golf Club, which is situated in the lovely Echuca/Moama region just a few hours from Melbourne, Victoria.

Rich River is a golfer’s heaven. With daily hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and lights installed at the complex, the mini-golf course launched in 2019 and caters to players from all walks of life.

Such fun things to do in Echuca!

24. Mornings Are For Cycling Trails

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Running out of things to do in Echuca? Don’t fret! Add cycling at dirt trails to your bucket list.

Echuca Moama is the ideal location for bicycle riding! Echuca Moama is a great place for cyclists of all ages to go around thanks to its pleasant environment, low amount of rainfall, and usually level geography.

Enjoy the views and sounds of the historic Port of Echuca as you pedal down the shared walkway that leads to the Murray Esplanade. Consider a time when riding a bicycle was a prevalent form of transportation.

25. City’s Art: Silo Art Trail

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Silo art has become increasingly popular in Australia over the past six years because it is large, bold, and gorgeous.

The largest outdoor gallery in Australia is the Silo Art Trail. The trail connects Brim with the nearby cities of Lascelles, Patchewollock, Rosebery, Rupanyup, and Sheep Hills across a distance of more than 200 kilometers.

If you can’t think of this among the amazing and fun things to do in Echuca, then you might have to question the universal definition of art.

Wrapping up

Those looking to get away from the big city will love Echuca’s small-town atmosphere, fantastic weather, and riverfront lifestyle. You can look through this guide of things to do in Echuca and make the most out of your trip.

Most visitors shouldn’t have any trouble getting around because key locations are conveniently situated. Visitors who enjoy learning about historical events should be inspired by the town’s rich heritage.

Great amenities are also available in its hotels and cabin rentals. Finally, the area is home to several renowned breweries and a superb vineyard that serves beverages that are distinctive to the area.

And with these fun things to do in Echuca, you can gift yourself an amazing trip!



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